Season 9 Episode 22

Stairway to Heaven

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2014 on The CW

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  • Nicely done!

    The war with the angels is finally making sense! It's started moving again, and now I can actually follow what's happening. I like the fact that they ended one of their season plots a few episodes ago, and tackled the other two in one episode!

    I really enjoyed the switching sides of the angels. Now the boys really have a problem on their hands, and they aren't just dumping a season plot onto one rarely seen Castiel. Team free will is reunited again. Things may end tragically, but that's what Supernatural is all about, right? Tearing our hearts out by killing our favorite characters off? Fingers crossed that all goes well in the next episode.

    I thought this episode had exceptionally wonderful acting from every corner. The angels were heavenly and mysterious, I could feel Dean's anger and violence in front of me, Castiel was a wonderful leader, but even I wanted to join Metatron's side. His underdog angle scheme is working on me! Although the boys always bring me back around.

    I absolutely love hating Dean. I can't stand his character, and I love it. I want to help him, but he infuriates me with his bursts of violence, and that's exactly what the writers and director are going for. Jensen makes Dean come alive, and the way they're taking the story has my mind wrapped around him. The mark of Cain is eating away at his soul, and it's such an intriguing transformation to see that I have to give the show props for it.

    This episode had me yelling at the screen and jumping up and down at the ending (because I called it about five seconds before it happened) and I thinks it's a great reflection of this not so great season. It's doing the whole season justice, and I'm glad it went where it did. I'm dreading the last episode until next fall, but I can't wait to watch it as soon as I possibly can!