Season 7 Episode 23

Survival of the Fittest

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Crowley makes himself comfortable and figures that Dick knows about the fact that his blood is critical to killing the Leviathans. Dick figures that Crowley has a vial of blood stored for safekeeping with orders for it to go to Sam and Dean if he dies. The Leviathan offers the demons all of Canada while they take America. In return, Dick asks Crowley to give the Winchesters the blood of a minor demon and let them go after him. Crowley considers the offer and then agrees.

Sam and Dean are driving to find the bone of a righteous human based on an idea that Dean had that he dismisses as a joke. The listen to the radio and hear that Dick is holed up at SucroCorp.

Bobby in the maid's body is walking down the streets and sees a newscast about Dick.

Crowley goes over his contract with Dick and they argue the details.

Sam and Dean break into a crypt holding nuns to find one that was old enough and righteous enough to meet their standards.

Dick and Crowley finish their deal and have it notarized.

The Winchesters go back to Rufus' cabin and cast the ritual to summon Crowley now that they have all of the components. Dean figures that Crowley is trying to toy with them but Sam wonders if something is wrong. Someone knocks at the door and they carefully open it. It's Meg, who complains that Castiel has teleported her there against her wishes. Dean goes out to talk to the angel, who talks about testing on monkeys. Once they get Castiel inside, he recognizes the bone they've gathered, and finally tells them that he checked on Kevin's home and discovered that he was gone and his former garrison has been destroyed. Castiel insists that he doesn't want to fight but tells the Winchesters that Kevin is alive and the Leviathans have him.

Meg notices the summoning bowl and realizes that they tried to summon Crowley. Crowley comes in right then and stops Meg from leaving, and Castiel tells Crowley to leave her be. The demon wonders why Castiel is dead and complains that the Winchesters have lied to him by harboring his mortal enemy. When he suggests that he can destroy Castiel, Meg wonders how he has that much power and Castiel dismisses it as a figure of speech. Castiel offers Crowley some honey and Crowley realizes that he's insane. However, he apparently sets aside his grudge and gives them the blood. When Sam wonders where he was, Crowley admits that Dick had him trapped. He assures them that the blood is his and agrees to give it to them, and promises to destroy Meg eventually. For now, he figures they need Meg to keep Castiel happy, tosses Sam the blood, and disappears.

The possessed Louise walks down the street carrying a package. However, as she tries to steal a truck, she touches a cold iron chain, repelling Bobby out of her body. Louise begs him to let her go home, but he sees a newspaper article about Dick, insists that he need her, and takes her body back over.

Dick is meeting with his assistant Susan and figures that Crowley will screw him, and tells her to get an arm from the freezer.

Kevin is locked up and trying to find a way out of the office when a Leviathan scientist brings a girl, Polly, into the room and locks them up together. He wonders if she's a prophet but she doesn't appear interested in discussing anything because she's under the influence of the Leviathan additives.

Sam and Dean prepare the ritual and wonder if Crowley is double-crossing them. They realize that they don't have a choice and mix the three bloods, and then pour it over the nun's bone. Nothing happens and they're not sure if it works. Castiel arrives with ham sandwiches to give them strength, and they ask why Crowley thought they needed him. The angel says that he was wrong and insists that he won't fight.

Susan brings the arm of the original Dick Roman to Dick, who tells her to prepare the security detail as the Leviathan delegates arrive and then takes the arm out.

The Leviathan scientist comes back with a dress and tells Polly to put it on. She starts stripping while Kevin examines the jewelry that came with the dress.

Dick and Susan meet with the other Leviathans who have gathered for a meeting.

The Leviathan scientist brings Kevin some food and he points out that he's a Vegan. The creature then takes Polly away. As soon as they leave, Kevin uses a pin from Polly's dress to pick the lock on the door.

Dick and the other Leviathans go to a conference room and they discuss their plans to slaughter humanity. Polly is seated nearby, watching quietly. Kevin sneaks in and listens in to Dick's description of how they will divide up the United States. He then heads for the exit but Susan cuts him off.

In the conference room, Dick introduces Polly to the Leviathans and says he's excited to have her there.

Outside, Dick and Sam pull up and use a hack that Charlie has prepared for them to tap into the building security. However, they discover that there are several Dicks in the building in different locations.

The Dick in the conference room has Polly remove her dress and gives her an injection of his newest additive, 3.0. After a moment she starts vomiting a white substance and then collapses, convulsing. Dick explains that it targets the characteristics that they want to breed out such as low body weight and height, and also functions as a dairy creamer for Leviathans.

Sam and Dean cycle back through the cameras, and Sam spots Louise pull up. He remembers her from the motel and figures that Bobby has possessed her. Sam goes to take care of Bobby, leaving Dean in the car. He confronts Sam, who is wielding a machete. When Sam tries to warn him off, Billy attacks Sam and starts to choke him, lost in rage. When Bobby sees his reflection in a nearby glass, he screams in horror and leaves Louise's body, and Sam carries her away. The Winchesters drop her off at the hospital and go back to the cabin. Sam and Dean tell a disgusted Meg that the Leviathan Dick must have kept the arm of the original human Dick Roman, and had other Leviathans touch it and duplicate it. Castiel looks nervous but insists that there's nothing he can do, and Dean reminds him that it's his mess they're cleaning up. The angel suggests that they play Twister and teleports away, and Meg points out that Castiel had all of the Leviathans in him so he can spot the original Leviathan Dick.

That night, the brothers go over the footage and try to spot the original, while Castiel plays Twister. Bobby appears and says that they should have destroyed the flask because he can't control himself. Sam assures him it wasn't his fault but Bobby points out that all ghosts end up that way and he was fooling himself to think otherwise. He tells them to go get Dick, and advises them to let go when it's their time. They prepare a brazier to destroy the flask, and Bobby says that he hopes to see them on the other side... not too soon. The Winchesters destroy the flask and Bobby disappears in a burst of flame... while Castiel watches the entire exchange.

Later, Castiel continues to play board games by himself, and Dean asks him to back him up on a little errand. The angel agrees and teleports him to the boathouse where Dean stored the Impala. Castiel explains that he's not good luck and will probably get them all killed, but Dean says that he'd rather have him than not and they're all cursed. The angel stares at him and then points out that it sounds like Dean is forgiving him. He agrees to go with the Winchesters and do his best, and asks what the plan is. Dean tells him that since Dick knows that they're coming, they're going to announce themselves--big.

The next day, Meg drives the Impala through the front gate of SucroCorp and ram the main sign. Meg gets out, ignoring the security guards' bullets, and dozes them with Borax before decapitating them. Meanwhile Sam, Dean, and Castiel sneak into the building and find the conference room. Dick is inside but Castiel confirms that he's not the original.

Two demons arrive and attack Meg, and tell her that the King of Hell will see her now.

Sam finds Kevin, who tells him that they have to blow up the lab with the additive.

At the lab, Dick is examining the additive. When he turns back, he discovers that Dean and Castiel have decapitated his scientist. Dick thanks Castiel for the ride and congratulates Dean as he takes the bone fragment out. Dick tries to bluff, claiming he's one of the duplicates, but Dean points out that Castiel knows that he's the real one. Castiel holds him off long enough for Dean to stab him in the chest with the bone... and the Leviathan pulls it out. However, Castiel grabs Dick from behind, giving Dean the chance to stab him with the real fragment that he had hidden. As Sam and Kevin arrive, Dick explodes in a huge burst of black gore.

When the smoke fades away, Sam discovers that Castiel and Dean are gone. He wonders what has happened, and Crowley appears in and explains that he has an army of demons outside to take advantage of the confusion among the Leviathans now that their leader has been destroyed. Crowley admits that he doesn't know what happened to Dean and Castiel, but that the God weapon's backlash was dangerous. He summons demons to take Kevin with him, wishes Sam good luck in fighting the remaining Leviathans, and teleports away with the Prophet.

Castiel wakes Dean up and explains that they're trapped in Purgatory. The angel doesn't know how they can escape, and warns that they're likely to be ripped to shreds. As monsters close in, Dean discovers that Castiel has teleported away, leaving him alone with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.