Season 7 Episode 23

Survival of the Fittest

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2012 on The CW

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  • Just a bit off.. but I think I have hope

    Admittingly Season 7 was better then 6 but its still off... Dont get me wrong their some episode that I really enjoyed .. The girl next door, The Slice Girl, Party on Garth, and others but the Leviathan storyline was just not that intersting and just messy storyline. what did interst me though were some of the hints they made for season 8, I'm having high hopes... final battle with the Alphas, hopefully an epic battle with Crowley, some sort of involvement in the disarray of Heaven and the angels. Anyway I think or I hope Season 8 is were they get their footing..
  • The best serie

    Supernatural is the best serie!
  • supernatural

    It's good

  • Haven't we seen this before

    Ok I did like season finale but really now Dean in Purgatory. Come on if it's not Dean in Hell or Sam in a pit or Sam and Dean in Heaven what next Sam and Dean in space. Come on we seen this before on this show. Come up with something new. I all ready know how the season premier will go Sam is going to try to get Dean back and he comes back and they are off again trying to stop the end of the world.

    There was a part of me that was really hoping this was the last season only because I really like this show but it may start to repeat it self and I don't really want to see that. I like the cast of characters too much. I was happy that Bobby move on but sad at the same time. I really like the character he was the only one to being the brother back to reality.

    But for Castiel I think it time for him to go. I just don't see anything left for him other than to help Dean to get out of purgatory.

    I don't know how season 8 will go but I just hope it get fresh idea's.

    Don't get me wrong I can't wait tell the season premier but I just have to ask myself what in the world could you do next with the brothers.
  • An angel, a demon, and a ghost,

    Sounds like the begining of a bad joke, but this ep was rather amazing. I love Cas' obssesion with insects, and Crowley's irratation with his craziness. I love how Bobby was laid to rest, I mean I love him but I'm glad they didn't try to keep him going pretending that the Winchesters actually have good luck when it comes to family. Oh and I think Dean is the only human being that can say, I've been to hell, I've been to heaven and now I'm in freakin' purgatory. Poor Dean. Who else is thinking Deans about to go Crazy Bushman and talking to a soccerball, in the next season?
  • not expected even better

    Now this one is really not expected , no more Bob, Den in purgatory, new opening for Season 8, fantastic season finale , I'm surely going to wait Season 8 and 9 and 10 if they are planning for them,

    Note : can we make Den father in action again?

    what about Sam ask Lucifer for help?

    Death Arc dies in battle with Lucifer ?

    Sam control Lucifer?

    Den returns to find Sam King of hell and Haven ?

  • Ive been too harsh

    I have been expecting too much. Without any expecations, I was able to watch and enjoy this episode. It wasnt amazing, but it closed some loops, opened some up, threw some surprises at me and gave me a good feeling. This season makes sense only if you know the story from the end... But this has always been one of the "things" about supernatural. Its like why the heck did they do that? Then to find out ten episodes later what that was really about. The same can be said about season 6. Season 6 was the season of souls it seems and season 7 was leviathan season i guess, sorta. Sometimes you have to know the end to understand the arc. Season 8 woohoo. Dean is the reincarnation of jesus.
  • Better than expected!

    It went along like I thought, however,I wanted Castiel to " Snap out of it" and be CASS! Then, it became twisted, and BOOM...I expected to hear the song "Ding Dong, Dick is dead, from munchkins...."now THAT was good. Next season? Sam getting Dean out of Pergatory. Somehow, Cass will be up to some of his old tricks again.

    I, personally, think he's the Almighty himself, in a meatsuit, disguised as Castiel. Just my guess. Makes for an exciting and addicting season 8! Can't wait!
  • FInally Its Over!!

    Ok, so don't get me wrong, I love supernatural, always have, always will. But this season was really just awful. It started out very promising, I mean Leviathans? Sounds like an awesome monster! But the way they ate people, the crummy graphics that made their heads turn into giant mouths, and their all around not scary-ness was really disappointing. And the black goo? Just...weird. And Dick Roman was the worst big bad guy EVER. I mean, did he make me want to run out of the room from terror? Nope. Maybe run out of the room from irritation cause he really was, as Dean never let us forget, a dick.

    The season finale wrapped everything up nicely, I will give it that. It included Crowley, who is my favorite demon, and Meg, who is a little too deadpan in her new body for my taste. And of course Castiel, who is absolutely, hilariously charming in his crazy state.

    Oh BTW what the heck is up with the prophet Kevin? I feel like the writers just added him to read that weird tablet, and that's it. Just a random asian kid who literally had no purpose.

    The one thing I liked about the finale was the ending. I think that having Dean stuck in purgatory is a really interesting twist - maybe this time we will actually get to see some footage of him in purgatory, unlike when he was stuck in Hell and we only saw tiny flashbacks.

    Looking forward to season 8 and hopefully a better storyline!
  • I don't know

    It was a mediocre season. Although there were good episodes. The season finale was ok but it could have been better. Picked up the pace right out at the end and left us hanging and clamoring for more. I hope season 8 would be much better. The time for sleeping is over. I hope the writers are awake now. The next season hold a lot of potential... Smell the coffee and bring out the green apples. Pray to the muses for inspiration and I will pray for all the creative juices to start flowing again... :D Supernatural forever!
  • Awesome

    In my opinion, one of the best episodes of the series. I liked how Dean and Cass got Dick Roman. That was classic. With Dean and Cass in purgatory, I had a flash back to the season finale when Dean was in Hell. I can't wait for next season.
  • There goes my favourite show down the drain.

    This to me was the most disappointing finale ever after only a mediocre season.

    I just can't find myself to care anymore. Did I like Crawley, yes but this has been played out by now. Find a goddamned new angle writers.

    Castiel is funny like always. Meg, I appreciated, she's actually being portrayed by a better actress now.

    Sam and Dean. I don't know guys just quit while you're ahead. You've been so disappointing and mediocre lately that I have almost forgotten the real Sam and Dean. These characters are used up and there's no new angle to this show.

    That scene where they watched Bobby go up in flames was so freaking awkward that I didn't know where to look. Did Crawley double cross'em or not, I didn't even care. This was all so boring.

    I feel the loss of Kripke severely and I also think they lost the storyline completely.

    I hate my favourite show to go downhill like this.
  • Sun Tsu anyone?

    The writing this season has been uneven to say the least, however the point and the main thread that keeps SPN what it's supposed to be has been well kept!

    There have been some incredible eps this season, incredibly well written and incredibly well written, and of course since our boys can do no wrong... well not much anyway... incredibly well acted.

    Thanks to trouble with the CW as it airs here in Texas I've had to find other means of watching SPN and frankly I've marathoned the last 5 eps over the last 2 days. and WOW! What an awesome Marathon it's been!

    I will say when I cam across the ep with Kevin as the new prophet I was both delighted and frustrated since the tablet he interpreted was a mix of derivatives of babylonian, akkadian and sumerian cuneiform. Sam at least should've been able to recognize the script if not read it, of course that's just me... also, my guess is it was one of the over 50 tablets called "ME" that the goddess Inanna stole from Enki... but then again... Mesopotamian history is a bit of my thing, so we'll let the creative license slide a bit...

    Anyway, I have to say, everything from Bobby falling to his anger, to the boys putting him to rest for real this time (maybe), to Dick's back door deal with Crowley (whom I have to say I finally can find a wee bit of respect for. Now don't get me wrong, I love Mark Sheppard, but Crowley hasnt' been written very well for the most part, at least till now) who may or may not have bent over Dick or the Winchesters depending on who he thought was the bigger threat, (Thanks for reading my mind there Dean)... to the last moment of the ep...

    WOW! I gotta say... well done and definitely looking forward to seeing AlphaVamp and perhaps many other monster's of the week straining to pick up the pieces of Dick Roman's empire ... season 8 holds an incredible potential! I can't wait to find out what they do with the 'monsters' gaining bits and pieces of the Roman empire and how they intend to clean up the craptastic mess Castiel started by unleashing it all... well okay, if we wanna get really fair about it... the shit that God started and left us to clean up.

    Kudos and props to every one of the Supernatural Kast and Krew! Thank you all for all the hard work you do on behalf of your fans!

    Jensen, Jared, and Jim, thank you gentlemen for all you do for us! Blessings and joy to you all! Now... enjoy your time off. You've more than earned it.
  • BEST Episode EVER!

    This was the perfect episode. I got goosebumps!
  • Survival of the Fittest

    Survival of the Fittest was a perfect episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue. It was interesting to see the Winchesters work with Meg and Castiel. I liked how Dick Roman was on top of every aspect of his operation, so in essence he has truly been the most effective leader we've seen so far! I loved how every thing played out, especially in the end because it leaves a lot to the imagination and it really sucks for Dean, and I feel bad for him. I look forward to watching how everything works out!!!!!!!!!
  • Breathtaking, gutwrenching, heartbreaking finale! It gave me all the feels!

    --Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don't your cry no more. Oh man, that gives me chills!

    --Haha! Crowley and Dick having a Smug Off is so very entertaining. (Not sure who won, pretty sure it was a draw.)

    --Dick: "I don't kiss on the mouth." Crowley: "Your loss."

    --Love the King of Hell and the Head of the Leviathan negotiating like two cut-throat lawyers.

    --Dean: "I still say this was a bad idea."

    Sam: "Dean, it was your idea. And it was the best one we had."

    Dean: "I said it as a joke."

    Sam: "It was a bad joke. But a good idea."

    --Dean: "Well, let's bone this nun. Sorry."

    --Cas is right about the monkeys. Irrelevant to the topic at hand, but right nonetheless.

    --Cas: "They're the piranha that would eat the whole aquarium." Great description of the Chompers.

    --Solidarity sandwiches. Hahaha. Oh Cas, you are so cute.

    --Looks like they teach The Art and Philosophy of Lock Picking in Advanced Placement.

    --Dick: "Last time we were all in one room together it was inside that angel."

    --Dick: "Those creamer cups are just adorable." I'm gonna miss Dick. He's such a delicious baddie.

    --Dean: "Dick made more dicks."

    --Cas: "Does this place need a cat? Doesn't it feel like we're a species short?" Let's see: two humans, a ghost, an angel, a demon, and a cat. Yeah, that sounds about right.

    --I am very amused by Cas' obsession with bees and boardgames.

    --And I'm feeling for Meg. I know she's a bad girl, but she's kinda growing on me. She has lotsa 'tude. I don't want her to be made into jerky.

    --Sam: "He'll be able to spot the real fake Dick."

    --Bobby: "When it's your time, go. Here's to running into you guys on the other side, only not too soon."

    Oh man, are they trying to kill us!? How many times are they gonna break our hearts? Bobbyyyyyy!!!!

    --Here's the mark of a great writer: knowing when not to write. Sera just gets out of Jensen and Jared's way here. She doesn't clutter the scene up with dialogue, she just lets the boys say it all with the grief on their faces.

    --Also, thank you for the small mercy of not showing us Bobby burning up at least.

    --BABY!!!!!! Man, have I missed that rumble!

    --Open road, reckless driving, shiny chrome, sleek black lines, rumbling engine, all to the tune of Born to Be Wild!

    --Too bad it's not Sam and Dean in the car, but she plays her part in the plan to perfection. Baby is one badass diversionary tactic!

    --"We have to blow up the lab, Sam. Please." I really like Kevin Tran of Advanced Placement.

    --Dean was right about Crowley. He does double cross everybody. At the same time. He managed to screw everyone over in one fell swoop. He is such an awesome villain, I'm so glad he's still around.

    --Oh My Chuck! Dean has been blown to Purgatory and Sam is left ALL ALONE and doesn't even know where Dean was blown to! Poor Sammy looks like he's going to crap himself.

    --Okay, intense and heartbreaking and scary and all that, but you know what I LOVE about this ending?

    --It's that I was always a little sad it wasn't Sammy who saved Dean from Hell when he was so determined to save his big brother and so broken up about it that he had failed.


    --(You know, once he's done crapping himself.)

    --Cool hat trick from Dean: he has now been to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

    --Wow, Purgatory sure is a creepy and scary place. You know what makes Purgatory even more terrifying? The fact that everything Dean has ever killed is there, and they're gonna want payback. DEEEEEEEAN!!!!!!!

    --ARRRGCK! Sam you get your brother out of Purgatory right the Hell now! Or right the Purgatory now! Whatever! Just do it now!

    --I can't believe we have to wait until next October! However, it will be hella worth waiting for. Supernatural, being the second highest rated show on the CW, was moved off of the graveyard that is Fridays, and is moving to a much better night. And it will be paired with the very awesome-looking Arrow. Next year Wednesdays are going to be so badass!!!

    --This was Sera's last episode for Supernatural, and I'm glad she went out on such a high note. She has written the most brilliant dramatic episodes for the show and deserved to be remembered for her good work.

    --The good news is, Jeremy Carver will be our new showrunner, and he has written my very favourite episodes, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Mystery Spot and Changing Channels. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do! Can't wait for season 8!

  • in the next....

    best part: the triumphant return of the impala. Party without explanation: for the hell wants crowley the prophet? Soft Part: bobby going to light (hopefully not forever). Part comic: cas ahahhahaha and its games, will betray crowly meg. Party will end because love putting Dean in the worst places, 1 was hell, purgatory now, imagine the dean find, vampires he killed, golguns, ect and cas took off ahahahaha, you guys think the dean died, or dick left the dean it? prev next season to come quickly. And again sam alone, now you get the idea pq alpha vamp said he would see the boys in the prox temp, after all he knows where the purgatory and sam goes after him to save the obvious the bloond boy. The legacy of the sera was somewhat nebulous, but I hope the new director FCAS better. beatchs bjs! Ps: I loved the reference to Charlie, I hope he comes back in the next
  • Crossing Over: A Winchester Season Finale (Spoilers Ahead)

    Dick offers Crowley a deal in the form of Canada for the demons to have free range in exchange for giving Sam and Dean the wrong demon blood. After a lengthy contract negotiation the deal is sealed. Meanwhile in Nowhere Cabin, Sam and Dean call Crowley but he doesn't show. Meg and Cass show up and she says that she's done with him since she was halfway around the world when he found her. I did appreciate Dean describing Cass showing up naked and covered in bees on the hood of his car in between episodes, humorous yet disturbing. Anyway, when Meg finds out the boys were summoning Crowley she starts to flee but Crowley shows up and tells her not to leave even smokey way since he can stop her. He is angry that Cass is alive and that they've been hiding him. He knows Cass is off his rocker as he can see since he's still upset over being double-crossed last time. He tells them about his deal with Dick and he gives them his own blood, presumably, anyway. While staking out Sucracorp Bobby shows up in his maid suit and Sam tries to talk him out of blindly going after Dick. Bobby slams him up against a van and nearly kills him but sees his reflection of what he's become and zaps out of the maid suit. Sam takes the maid to safety. Dick makes copies of himself with an arm left over from the original Dick Roman so that Sam and Dean can't tell the real one spying on them. Cass is supposedly supposed to help and they figure out that since the Leviathans were in him he can see their true faces and thus the real Dick. Bobby shows up, having learned his lesson explaining he thought that he could outsmart the vengeful spirit thing. In a touching scene he tells the boys that when it's their time, go with their Reaper. He also promises to see them on the other side but hopefully not anytime soon. In Sucracorp all of the head Leviathans show up for a demonstration of how Dick plans on making America their slaughterhouse. He's even invented a creamer that can kill any of the genes he wants including high IQ, skinniness, whatnot. He tests it on a girl named Polly who was penned up with Kevin the Prophet and he hears it all. Cass agrees to help Sam and Dean and Dean unveils the Impala for the first time this season since the beginning saying that since Dick knows they're coming they're going to go in loud. Meg drives the Impala right through Sucracorp's security with borax and a machete and clears her way through a few Leviathans while Sam and Dean infiltrate the building. Sam finds Kevin who tells him that they have to destroy the lab and he complies. Dean and Cass look to find the real Dick and do so in the lab. After dispatching a Leviathan Dean stabs Dick with a bone but it doesn't work. When Dick laughs and clearly doesn't die from it Dean says that they'd thought they would have to outsmart him and so he pulls the real bone out and stabs it through his neck. Sam and Kevin enter the lab to see Dick pulsate and explode, disappearing and taking Dean and Cass with him. Crowley appears, takes Kevin, and tells Sam that all God-Weapons should have a warning with how much kick they normally have. Meg gets captured by two demons as promised by Crowley. Crowley says he has a small army of demons outside presumably to erase all evidence of the Leviathans. Crowley tells Sam that is now truly alone and Sam stands around the lab, not knowing what happened to Dean and really isolated with no one to help him anymore. Dean and Cass awaken in a dark forest and Cass tells him that they have to go. Dean asks where they are and Cass answers that they're where Dick would go when he died: Purgatory. He describes it as a place where monsters kill each other over and over till the end of days. When Dean sees many wolflike sets of red eyes in the forest around him Cass disappears, leaving him alone to die. Fade to black. Interesting choice of a season finale and now Dean will have been to Purgatory and Hell, what an afterlife. But the episode stealer was really Bobby passing over. Now Sam will have to get Dean and Cass out of Purgatory and hopefully Cass can help Dean figure out a way to escape. But I bet that Crowley will somehow be involved in opening up Purgatory next year when Jeremy Carver is at the helm. This can now give non-crazy Sam a way to figure out how to hoof-it on his own, maybe even trying to rescue Meg is in the cards. I like to think that they wouldn't just show her fight for them, get captured, and then never show up again. The Winchesters are separated, again, but them figuring out how to escape or get into places has been a part of what made this show its most interesting. Although the Leviathans were wholly unnecessary as season long villains in my opinion this episode did offer more interesting things to come beyond most of what made Season 7 a bit of a missed opportunity.
  • Brilliant roll on Season 8

    All the elements I know and love from Supernatural in a finale. Wow baby you look good after being under that dust cover for most of the season.
  • I like this ending

    It was not a very dramatic episode but Dean ending up in purgatory was really surprising for me. I like it a lot! Crowley pulling out the terms and conditions really got me laughing. So hilarious! 1 thing that bothers me was asking the girl to take off her dress. Was that really necessary to prove the point? They could have just asked her to do some weird stuff like bark like a dog etc. Anyways this is not a big issue and im willing to overlook cos overall the ep is really good.
  • Season 7 ending

    All I can say about season 7 ending {WOW}, can`t wait t`ill the next year and when Supernatural runs it`s course, bring on the movie and it`s sequels.
  • Here we go again


    Thank you for starting the episode with Carry on Our Wayward Son and bringing back the Impala. Classic Supernatural. Glad Dick's gone, Goodbye Bobby, poor Kevin, and Good Luck Dean. At one point, there were two humans, an angel, a ghost, a demon, and the King of Hell in one room. Sure looks like Crowley won out. The leviathans are gone. The Winchesters boys are separated. The garrison is empty, and he took the prophet. Crowley is super evil. Who saw that coming?

  • A disappointing season comes to an end...

    Season 7 of Supernatural. I suppose the main question is: what went wrong?

    That is probably unfair. I think it is easy to criticize this show. After all, season 5 remains THE best season of anything I have seen on television, especially the last 7 episodes. 2 seasons later and the writers prove they can still pull out some top episodes. But here is the problem with this season: the top episodes featured Bobby, Castiel, Crowley and Meg.

    Obviously, Supernatural is about Sam and Dean, but it has developed into being as much about its supporting cast as its main one, especially with the writer's love of killing them all off. It was like, behind the scenes of season 7, the writers wanted to make it a more personal story about Sam and Dean. The result: all of the other pretty awesome characters in the show had to go.

    Castiel I can kind of understand. While his character being beefed up for season 5 made sense at the time, he was just too powerful in season 6, and the writers clearly had no idea what to do with him most of the time. Killing him off at the start of the season, while it did annoy me, also seemed like a good way to end his story arc. But it was like someone stepped in and said, "Sara. You know the fans love Castiel right? You have made a HUGE mistake. Write him back in!!"

    Seriously. The past few episodes featuring Castiel smack of a hastily rewritten final because the writers regretted killing him off. You can just see that whatever crazy idea they had, about killing off all the supporting cast, was thrown out of the window for the season final. Yes, I was thrilled they brought him back. I kind of even like what they have done with the character. But I do believe they deeply regretted killing him off, and unfortunately this does smell of weak writing.

    Bobby. What the hell? If the show suffered without Castiel this season, the writers went one step further in killing Bobby. Probably the stand out episode of the season was Bobby's death, and although I thought they made a huge mistake killing off basically the 3rd main character since the beginning, they did a good job sending him off. Until, again, they realized what a mistake this was, and brought him back as a ghost.

    This was, actually, a SUPERB idea. Seeing our beloved Bobby fighting becoming an evil spirit was touching and interesting, and the stand out episode of this series again is when he's fighting that evil ghost in the mansion. But it all seemed to amount to nothing, when Bobby's story sort of fizzled out in the final and he was burned into the afterlife anyway.

    Crowley. He is awesome. Back in season 6 they killed him off, and probably the same mind that demanded Cas and Bobby's return in the final also told them to bring him back. He was easily the best thing about this final, stealing every scene he was in. But he was WOEFULLY underused this season. To quote him from last year, " I haven't seen you all season." Where has he been? What has he been doing? It says a lot that just the mere sight of a demon made what would otherwise be an average episode seem pretty stellar. The same can be said of Meg, although at least with her I think they got the balance right. Rachel Minor has made the part her own and I have no criticism of her at all, but it is a shame we can't have the original Meg working with the boys. Call me curious, but I reckon they would find it a lot harder to, erm, swallow.

    So what about the vilians of this season, the Leviathons? Well, after Azazel, Lillith, Lucifer and Castiel himself where do you go? The idea, of terrible creatures God himself was fearful of at the start who can even kill Angels, is a brilliant idea. So why was it executed so poorly?

    I don't really know what went wrong. If you are bringing new monsters into the show that can kill your most powerful beings (Angels) maybe you should have shown us that BEFORE the last three episodes? The character of Dick really did shine at the end, but all season all we've had are hints as to what they are doing. They had great potential, but it just shows that, once again, the writers must bring back Angels and Demons into the season final. Both woefully pushed aside this season, they are what made season 5 and earlier seasons so great. I'm all for moving the show on, but they dropped the ball with the Levis. And Dick's death at the end was a HUGE dissapointment. He took like 5 seconds to kill! Hardly worth the wait was it, really?

    So what about our stars of the show, Sam and Dean? Well, easily the best thing about season 7 was Lucifer. His appearances in Sam's head were awesome! Mark Pelligrino owned this role and should have been featured a lot more. Sam saw Lucifer for 10 episodes, yet we didn't get to see him? That's not fair!

    The Lucifer hallucinations made up for what was another big disappointment; Sam's condition. All through season 6, it was said again and again Sam cannot remember ONE SECOND of hell. So he gets his memory back... and then nothing. Lucifer aside, he's the same old Sam. No effect on his character, no nervous wreck... nothing. What about his need to atone for everything he did as soulless Sam? There is a lot of stuff we haven't seen still from his year with the Campbells. Are they going to ever address this?

    Dean didn't really do much this year. Yes, a dark path for him was hinted at with alcoholism and killing Amy, and his grief for Bobby and Cas (made completely obsolete when Cas returned). But, comparing to his struggles in previous seasons, he didn't really get much to do. Nothing against Jenson or Jared. The know these characters amazingly well, and still managed to hit some incredibly high notes this season.

    So, I suppose I should technically talk about the final. It was, easily, the worst one yet, Carry on my Weyward Son aside. The good guys talked. The bad guys talked. The good guys talked some more. The Impala!!! The good guys killed Dick! Dean and Cas are in purgatory. Sam's all alone. Crowley is now king of Leviathon.

    I admit, the ending was pretty good, and I am actually kind of excited for season 8. The alpha vamp promised he'd see the boys next season. So who is going to be the big bad? Crowley is becoming a big issue. I can't see Dean being in purgatory for long. Of course, remember there are a hell of a lot of things there that hate him, Eve and Dick included.

    So, overall, this final summed up what was a drop of the ball, and season 7 overall. Its best bits concerned Cas, Bobby and Crowley, its worst the Leviathon. The writers did not appreciate the cast they had this year, and the show suffered.

    Next season brings a new exec, and we'll see what he has planned for the show. If you read all of this, and props to you, you probably think I hated season 7. I didn't hate it at all, it just could have been so much better. When Supernatural wants to be good, nothing else can touch it. Unfortunately, those times came few and far between this year. I still love this show, and will still religiously watch it so season 8 and beyond...
  • So this was Season 7 Ho Hum

    Despite a mediocre yawn inducing comatose of a season I at least expected the season ender to be a high octane thriller like past seasons. On paper this episode certainly looks like a great ender, before I run down this newest entry in the SPN saga let's take a look at past finales. We've had possession of fathers, wrecked cars, several deaths, vindication, revenge, a start and end to an apocalypse, and a power hungry angel letting loose thousands of souls later revealed to be the biggest of the bad.

    This epsiode has the stuff of greatness on paper, a human breeding farm, processing plants, and a ghost of a great character with rage issues, demons wroking together with the boys to destroy a bigger menace and of course the traditional cliffhanger that pts our heroes between a rock and a hard place. Then why is it so bad then?

    Well it could be that Sera still cannot write male characters convincingly,Dean's humor is painfully awkward not as quirky, or innocent as it used to be, or it could be not enough attention was given to any of the others especially Bobby, who's revenge arc now comes about redundant since well he didnt do anything his arc added to nothing, and instead of giving him a proper sendoff we're instead focused on the boys and their sadness to see their father go how about focusing on Bobby maybe a smile, or looking up in relief as he burns away, NO we just got an off camera death! What a big F-You to the fans of this show. Maybe it could have been the less than boss fight being a bust. Two stabs and Dick is out and not even "This is for Bobby" from Dean. The pacing was off, the acting was drab, the characters really uninteresting especially that beraucratic BS contract scene that just ate needed time.

    There were some good things about the episode. Crowley is just as great as ever, Meg's character has actually developed into a sympathetic hero even if she is just staying with the boys because they can protect her, it's a long way from the cold calculating bitch she was in season 1. Cas although felt wasted in the past episodes dealing with his return finally has some substance as a broken man who cannot face the past wrongs. He's guilty and I especially love Dean's snap out of it dramtic sitcom monologue moment. The Impala is back as well, even if it's sole purpose was to ruin the car as it crashes needlessly into the Sucracorp sign. That car cannot catch a break in these finales I'm telling you.

    In the end though this felt more like a midseason finale as we prepare for winter break than it does a season ender. The cliffhanger I wont spoil it for you is something unexpected that even this Supernatural fan didn't count on, though I cant say I liked it. It was ok has potential but upon first viewing the episode I was almost bored with the majority of it I couldn't get excited or let out any emotion towards it's conclusion.
  • awesome season final

    wow what an ending to a season loved it can't wait for more what will happen for dean and sam GO SUPERNATURAL YOU ROCK AS USUALLY
  • OMG best EP this season