Season 5 Episode 22

Swan Song

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • Those idjits did it!

    I've watched this episode dozens of times and it always makes me sigh. It is so well written, so what I wanted for the end of the series. It gives that "end of all things" kind of feeling, but I am more than happy that Supernatural is still on. So even if the series finale is awful, I will always have Swan Song to calm me down.
  • The show finale?

    I can't believe they made such a heart-wrenching, well-written, beautiful, awful episode--as a season finale. I just--I love, love, LOVE Supernatural, and of course I want to see more of the characters, get to the gifs I've seen on tumblr, etc. But--but--

    Shouldn't this have been the end?

    The brothers, and destiny. The sacrifice. The rolling onwards storylines of side characters. Lisa and Ben and promises. I just... I just... Can you tell I'm emotional?

    I think I will watch the rest of the series, but if they hadn't included that last shot of Sam, I don't think I would. I'll judge later, but right now I feel like that was the end of Supernatural.

    At least Version 1.
  • This episode was breathtaking and had in a fetal position sobbing which no movie/show has ever really done to me before. Maybe I was just moody, maybe not.


    This episode was amazing, definetly the season finale of this series. The writing was genius and the acting was breathtaking. And although some people may argue that it would've been better with music, the silence when all the flashbacks happened about the impala were so perfect to me. The whole story about it is just simply astounding. I never really write reviews but I just felt like I had to. Most of you probably don't even care about my opinion anyways. I especially loved Chuck's narration, don't ask me why. I give it a 9.5 because I didn't feel like it was perfect, but very close.

    Finally, in reply to the review "Like soap opera for teenagers", I have no idea what you would want the episode to be like. It sounds like you want Dean to lead a lonely, lonely life pretty much like how Sam was doing when Dean went to hell. He made a PROMISE to Sam, saying that he'll go back to Lisa and have that normal apple pie life. And boohoo Lisa doesn't seem like the right girl for Dean, your fingers don't belong on a keyboard. And you sir (or ma'am) are in WAY over your head if you think Dean of all people, would hook up with demon Casey. And no offense buddy, but Sam will not go back to being sweet and sensitive little Sammy after all of this.
  • Like soap opera for teenagers

    *****Contains spoilers*****
    I am very disappointed with the last episode. It did not have the
    spirit of the hole Supernatural series, e.g. Chuck's narration like in
    the fairy tale.... come on! The ending was the worst. I was hoping Sam
    & Dean would die (Dean always had a bad feelings about his future, and
    in the finale episode he says, he can't let Sam die alone). But instead
    what did happen? Dean is living a "norlmal life" with Lisa. This is
    stupid. If producers wanted Dean to grow up and evolve, they could have
    at least pick a better chick (like demon Casey: beautiful, hot, sexy,
    rock'n'roll girl). The Lisa girl does not suit Dean at all. And he is
    not the type who could live with such a desperate house wife! He was
    always saying he loved hunting and that it was in his blood. I know he
    was tired, but come on, after little rest Dean should go on a hunting
    again (after all the Apocalypse is over). Lisa's place is on Wisteria
    Lane making muffins, not in Supernatural. So guys, you screwed up this
    story. Sam... what can I say. It was strange that he appeared in the
    last scene. Is it 100% pure Sam? I do not know... I was hoping for a
    different ending: 1. Sam & Dean dieing or 2. Sam & Dean win the fight
    (go go "free will team") and they are back to family business, hunting
    monsters! The "old" Sam & Dean. I hope that in season 6 Dean is going to be very unhappy leading an "apple pie life" (he looks unhappy sitting by the table) and that he would leave Lisa and her kid. I would like to see him being the funny, joking man, who likes frisky women! I would like to see Sam becoming so sweet and sensitive as he used to be. What was served in the last episode, seems to be a prelude to a dull soap opera. So producers, change the title at least. "Supernatural" will not fit anymore, as nothing supernatural is going to happen.
  • What the Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    That's all I can say, I usually don't write reviews but on an episode so amazing, I just have to! I mean from beginning to end this episode was just art at its finest. I mean from the "Carry On Wayward Son" to Sam standing outside Lisa's window looking at the family, I mean it was just amazing, the acting from Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles was just phenomenal. I mean, long time fans will be pleased at how this episode concluded the main story as it tied up so many loose ends that I'm almost not looking forward to a sixth season due to the fact that this episode serves as a perfect conclusion. All in all 10/10
  • The best episode of the series, the writing and acting was superb. The ability to pull off these serious dramatic scenes shows how both writers and actors have matured over the five years and grown into their roles. Definitely deserves an award.

    This shows the best of drama as it exists today. There is no other series that has shown the depth of character and story building that Kripke has shown in this story arc. To have carefully built this story bit by bit episode by episode to this crescendo is an amazing achievement. Anyone who dismisses this series as "genre" is beyond stupid. All of the writers and directors and actors who have participated in this should feel very proud of the body of work that they have created. Even if next season does not measure up to the last five, this series will be studied in the future as the best example of series building we have seen so far. It has far outstripped the "buffyverse", "Mad Men", "House", "Lost", "Boston Legal", "Breaking Bad", "Grey's Anatomy" or any other story arc in creativity, depth, and consistency. The fact that this show isn't winning awards left and right for the writing and acting is just proof of the insular literary elitism of the established groups in Hollywood. History will prove them narrow minded. The most creative minds throughout history were recognized after their contributions. Think of the early Impressionists. As of today, eighty out of the top one hundred domestic box office grossing movies according to are all sci-fi or fantasy. And that's if you don't count Jaws as sci-fi. This series has been beyond excellent, and it is a criminal shame that it's not advertised and promoted and recognized for the quality it exhibits. Shame on The CW.
  • OMG! What the--?!? - That was exactly my reaction at the end of Swan Song. I don't know whether I should be happy it was just a season finale or sad because it was so well done, I'm worried they won't be able to duplicate the magic. *spoilers follow*

    From the start of the episode, with Chuck talking about the Impala, I knew it was gonna be a good episode. I guess I'm a sucker for the narrations. I loved the way their plan fell apart so completely (like most if not all of their Lucifer-related plans), only to have the car be the key to it all, though from Chuck's descriptions you can pretty much see where it's going. Castiel is always funny to me, and even here, facing Lucifer, I got to laugh, Bobby's shrug to Dean after he shoots Lucifer was also priceless. As for the surprises in the end, Chuck's was the one that had the yelling at the TV, hehe.
    As for Dean going to Lisa's, since it's only a season finale, it gives me a reeeally bad feeling about her future. Which was not helped by the look on Sam's face. I might put off watching the next season premiere like I did "Abandon all hope". Same problem, bad feeling about what comes next, have to make sure to be emotionally stable before watching, lol. All in all, great ep, though it did feel more like a series end than season... Hopefully, when the time comes, the final song will be just as good.
  • Sam and Dean begin their final showdown with Lucifer. And we finally get an appearance by God...Sam says yes to Lucifer, Adam returns as Michael and Dean has to accept that he will have to say goodbye to Sam forever...or will he?

    As finales go this definitely rates among one of the best for me. With so much action occurring in the episodes leading up to the finale, I expected this to be an EPIC battle between Lucifer and Michael, but that wasn't the case. And to be honest I didn't need it. Everything has been leading up to this moment and when it finally came I was not disappointed.
    I feel that the battle itself was more about the connection between brothers and how even if they love each other can end up on different sides of the field. The conversation between Lucifer (Sam) and Michael (Adam) was interesting, as neither brother really wanted to fight the other but as Michael said it needed to be done.
    I wasn't sure if Sam was going to be able to go through with it all, or if Dean was going to be able to let him. It was heartbreaking to see Dean's face when Sam told him not to try and save him from Hell. You know Dean would do anything for Sam, and the idea of not being able to save him and to continue living without him was torture. How could Dean possibly let Sam go when he knows what is waiting for him in Hell? Promising Sam that he would move on with his life was probably the hardest thing he had to do. The scenes between Jared and Jensen were great.
    Castiel and Bobby's roles in this episode were minimal, but significant. Castiel begins the episode as human, but ends it by being blown up by Lucifer. Luckily for us he is resurrected into an Angel by God. Bobby tries to help Dean fight Lucifer only to have his neck snapped. Must say I was shocked when that happened but again he was brought back by Castiel.
    I was both surprised and delighted to discover that Chuck was actually God. I was not expecting that at all. I think it makes perfect sense, he is a prophet who writes about the "life" of Sam and Dean.
    The final battle between Michael and Lucifer never occurs because Dean, Castiel and Bobby arrive to try and talk to Sam. (a part of him is still in Lucifer)
    Castiel throws something on Michael and he explodes, Lucifer blows up Castiel for attacking his brother, Bobby tries to help by shooting Lucifer but it proves a dire mistake as he gets his neck snapped.
    That leaves Dean, and we are left with brother vs. brother (albeit Lucifer vs. Dean as opposed to Lucifer vs. Michael, or Dean vs. Sam).
    Dean refuses to fight Lucifer because he knows Sam is still in there. Lucifer proceeds to beat the crap out of him with Dean not putting up much of a fight.
    While beating up Dean, Lucifer (Sam) notices a toy in the car and flashes back on life with his brother. Sam is not going to let Lucifer win and he begins to regain control of his body. Just as he is gaining control Michael (Adam) reappears and says that the fight is not over. Sam throws the four horseman rings onto the ground which opens up the portal to Hell. Michael tries to stop him but they both end up falling in with the hole closing up behind them. Dean watches helplessly as both of his brothers disappear. A few minutes later Castiel reappears, he resurrects Bobby and the three of them stand around without saying a word.
    The episode closes with Chuck (God) doing a voiceover about how Dean will do as he promised to Sam and go to Lisa and live a long happy life. Before the show ends we see Dean inside the house with Lisa and her son Ben. A light outside of the house flickers and before the scene goes dark we see Sam standing outside on the street looking in at them.
  • Perfect.

    This episode had me crying at least a half dozen times. Even my husband and teenaged sons were choking back tears.

    I don't even know where to begin or what to single out but for me, these were the highpoints:

    The narration by Chuck was a stroke of brilliance. His wry, calming voice struck the exact right note for this episode.

    Focusing on the car at the beginning and arcing back to it at Swan Song's pivotal moment was incredibly touching and powerful.

    The brief scenes portraying a couple of the brothers' downtime adventures personalized this episode more than any other. The shot of the two of them stargazing was so peaceful and in such contrast to their workaday lives.

    Misha Collins' Castiel: "Hey, a$$ butt!" Hysterically funny, out of place and inappropriate as it was, but those three words cemented Castiel firmly on humanity's side.

    Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles, though, provided the most heartwrenching scene between the brothers in the entire history of the show. Dean's "It's okay, Sam..." while Sam/Lucifer was beating him to within an inch of his life was at once incredibly sad and incredibly loving. I sobbed.

    Finally, I just wanted to add that had "Swan Song" been the series' finale, I would felt completely satisfied. The five-season arc ended seamlessly.

    I feel almost selfish for wanting (and receiving) a sixth season but there's no greater testament to a show, in my opinion, than fans who don't want it to ever end.
  • he wants Dean to be happy.

    great episode, a few catches though.with such a show Where it faces the tragics in life, the ending was surprisingly very untragic, as untragic as the end of the world could be.But at the end I noticed this with Sam:He appears as the street light goes off in a tense stance with darkened eyes and clenched fists.Hypothesies:1)Sam is a ghost, now haunting Dean , either because of Lucifer and Micheal or other.2)Sam is alive but brainwashed to get Dean(I imagine the 2 angels in hell don't like them)and qiute literally rolls up on a dark cloud of his energy..3)Sam is alive and is tense and conflicted because he doesn't know what to do, if he goes up to Dean he abandon or forsake his new life and he wants Dean to be happy and he turns out the light so he wont be spotted.
  • An extremely tear-jerking, super-violent, twist-filled, jaw-droppingly intense, insanely good episode of Supernatural ever. It pays off for 5 years of buildup and it does more than cover every base a series finale should, while not being a series finale.

    There are few words that I can say about this episode. Eric Kripke and his legion of writers, special FX teams, producers, etc. just completely brought me to my knees. This was an instant classic and possibly the best episode of the series. As it was originally intended to be a series finale, then later revised into a season finale, and because they had to continue the story for next season the end seems a little bit of a cop-out but only if you were wanting absolute depression and sadness for the ending. As it stands there will be at least one more season, however onto this episode: Dean dared not to stand by idly. He's been seemingly idle for a long time this season, and he finally took it upon himself to bring it to the self-righteous angelic bastards that are so high on themselves. I applaud that, and him never giving up on his brother even after Sam/Lucifer (graphically) blew up Castiel and murdered Bobby. I applaud Sam for having the power to take back control and shove both Michael AND Lucifer in their hole, solving the problem once and for all. (And Sorry to Adam for being the meatsuit that probably wasn't brought back) I applaud Castiel for doing his best, and Bobby for being so heartbroken but still ready to fight as Dean was. The montage scenes and Chuck narrating their storyline was almost as powerful as any of the happenings in this episode, and the finale reveal/twist was mind-blowing. All the actors in this show shined the brightest in this episode: Jared finally got his big episode to headline and show the determination in Sam's heart. Dean keeping his promises, and going to Lisa's was so powerful. The love that those people--that family, showed for each other, the values they put in each other, the lengths that they went for each other was always seen as their downfall, but it was ultimately their strongest and most noble way to rise above it all, and conquer. Seeing Sam watching Dean in the window was a powerful image as well. I almost wish this was the end, since it's so perfect, but after this finale, I can see the brothers going to new places and maybe getting some nostalgia in with some new hunts. Either way, I have so much faith in the team behind this show. Amazing job! AMAZING EPISODE! Can't wait for season six now!
  • When did Supernatural become Lois & Clark?

    Wow, talk about an awful ending to what potentially could have been a great season. Sam & Dean stop a plague by blindly charging into a warehouse. They stop the horsemen by chopping off a few fingers. And they stop the devil by weepy whiny emo manboy Wincest with big sad puppy eyes.

    Honestly, there hasn't been a scary moment for half a dozen episodes. Even worse, nothing feels fresh. The whole take on Heaven was ridiculous, the prostitute-loving "prophet" as God is an even bigger joke, and the constant emo whining between the brothers even worse.

    But hey, if someone had just told the brothers that saving the universe was this easy and cliché-filled, then I'm sure there would have been less whining. And if someone had just told me, too, then I could have stopped watching before seeing my favorite TV show turn into a more bloody but just as silly and cheap a version of Lois & Clark. Or, Heaven forbid, Smallville.

    And to add insult to injury? Everyone lived through it and stronger for it. It's like frikkin' World of Warcraft: just respawn and respawn and respawn.
  • Of course it was good -- but the upcoming 6th season ruined its impact. Well, that and the dumb voiceover.

    We've all known for awhile now that Supernatural was supposed to end after seaosn 5...and for awhile we thought it would. The 5-year storyline was set up for a long long time -- but then oh...there's gonna be a season 6. Okay, so let's ruin the end of season 5 and destroy the significance of everything leading up to that finale, just so we can have another season. I love the show, but come on.

    Anyways...Dean was smart to keep his promise to Death (who was awesome by the way) and let Sam do his thing with the Devil. The goodbyes were what I'd expect from Supernatural (almost too sappy though)...and when the Devil "won" it was kinda funny how he tricked Dean into thinking he was gonna enter his cage. Hah.

    Dean didn't give up though. And turns out Bobby and Castiel didn't either, which was great. But -- no Michael/Lucifer fight? Boo! That scene was intense though in other ways, especially when Castiel got blown up and then Bobby's neck was snapped. Not to mention Dean getting beaten to a pulp! And it's great that Sam took over and jumped in the hole. The closing Dean montage with him starting a normal life was touching too. Amazing episode and end of the show.

    Oh wait...I forgot sorry, it's coming back, nevermind. The end was ruined by Sam being not dead. Not to mention Bobby and Castiel were revived as well. Is this another Heroes? Everyone dies then comes back, no biggie, death means nothing. Ugh. And for a second, I thought that stupid prophet dude/God was gonna be the final moments of the show...thankfully it wasn't. Still, a voiceover? For the finale? Is this Sex and the City?

    Overall good stuff...tainted by the anticlimactic ending. Now season 6 just has to figure out how to emerge from season 5's shadow of world-ending epic proportions.
  • Swan Song

    I loved this episode. It was a great wrap up of the five year arc. Dean proves once again that he is truly the hero of the story. He finally realizes a few facts: Sam is all grown up and he does not need to protect him anymore, that no matter what he could never have won his father's approval, that Bobby loves him like a son, for the man that he is and nothing more or less, that his mother always loved him though his parents marriage was not the suger coated lie his father had fed him for so many years and that no matter what, he can make it on his own without his brother. It was great that in the end, Dean got what he always wanted, a home and a family though knowing Dean he will not know what to do. Bobby made it through and is no worse off than he was when the brothers came into his life. Sam made the jump this time and I was not suprised to see him in the end. I loved that the Impala got her own storyline, that she saved the day. It reminded me of the scene at the end of the last episode of Cheers when Sam realized that the one thing that never left him was the bar, she was always there for him. The Impala was always there for the boys. Castiel proved himself as an angel, as a fallen angel and as pretty much mortal. It was great that after all he suffered through that he got his wings back and enough power to return to Heaven and attempt to straighten it out. Chuck as God? Chuck is, from a certain point of view, the storyteller and that would actually be Eric Kripke and Kripke is the "god" of the Supernatural universe so yes, Chuck is God. I thought it was great when Chuck explained that beginning a story is easy, it is finishing it that is difficult. Can't tie up all the loose ends and not everybody will be happy. No, this wasn't the end of the Sopranoes, made perfect sense to me.
    I would love to see the story end here, Dean happy and everything finished but I will also be back for season six to see what will happen next. I do hope to see Bobby and Castiel back again. The characters are awesome! I've heard there will be a time frame break between season five and six, makes sense and that Sam and Dean will go back to the way they were at the beginning also makes sense. Do have questions? Are they ever gonna kill Meg? Where is Crowly and did he actually release Bobby's soul?
  • I don't know what show some of you were watching this season, many of you didn'tlike the ep because their was no Mike Lucifer fight. IF you had paid attention this year you would have realized that the whole point was Sam and Dean to NOT have them fight!

    First and foremost I would like you all to know that in an interview with upcoming showrunner Sera Gamble stated that eric kripke wrote this script and kept it long before the show was picked up, so what we saw was how it would have been anyway. Anyway I thought the finale was fantastic! from the first narration to the final image the episode was an emotional roller coaster ride. While yes this episode had little to no action, just some violence, it was really all about the characters, both good, evil, and a car.First the car: I thought the backstory and idea about the Impala "being the most important object in the universe" was brilliant. Plus the line when chuck says "Even though they never had four walls, they were never in fact homeless." Strange how we all now can think about how the car was strangely taken for granted. Second the brothers: Also in the narrative we got to see how the brothers have changed over the years. From Sam never wanting the life of a hunter, and Dean the ever faithful son always ready to do the hunting as their father wanted and also still thinking sam as his baby brother always thnking he had to look out for him, to now Sam wanting to go full on into battle, and Dean being the unsure one but finally trusting Sam and seeing him as an adult. Third Bobby: First I have to say in the previous episode I cheered when Bobby first got up and walked again. Then to top it all off to get to see him be back in action kicking but. Bobby has always been a second father to the brothers and it was partly because of him that Dean went along with sam's plan. Now Cas, who in the first ep of season 4 we thought he was a villain until the last 2 minutes. IN the beginning Cas was rather cardboard but still a likeable character, he did pull Dean out hell after all. Over season 4 Cas slowly began to see the error of his fellow angels, who many felt humans were expendable, like that one ep where another angel was going to destroy an entire town because one person was trying to break a seal. I think that was the moment Cas started to rebel, choosing to try to stop the apocalypse and save human life, while the other angels didn't give a damn how many people would die in the crossfire. When Zaccariah came around wanting to force Dean to let Lucifer free that was when Cas finally rebelled causing him to be cut off from heaven in season 5. They definitly developed his character a lot this season and he even had some comical moments, him talking on a cell phone to Dean, and of course assbutt. Fifth: Michael and Lucifer, who it seems in the end were reflections of Sam and dean. Michael the ever faithful son, and Lucifer the rebellious one, and despite the circumstances neither one of them really wanted to fight eachother, but they knew they had to, that is what separates them from sam and dean, they thought that there was no way to avoid destiny. So there you have it, this was intended to be the last ep so EK made it the biggest character based story rather then action which I think worked beautifully. I have also read that many people didn't like Cas and Bobby being brought back to life, I don't understand why.Besides the fact that I love both characters, If Cas and Bobby had stayed dead with everything else that happened it would have been way to depressing and I would not have liked it. Yes Dean ended up with Lisa, but it is better that he could see Cas and Bobby from time to time. And finally the most controversial subject, was chuck God? In my opinion yes. All the clues they gave us led us to believe that he was just a prophet writing what the brothers had done. In the finale it seemed he knew everything they were going to do. Then wearing the white shirt and smiling right before disappearing. The angel in heaven, I forget his name said that God did not want to be found and did not care about the apocalypse, but that was really just what he needed our heroes to think, to lead them down the path he needed them to go. Whether Chuck was God or not, God obviously did care by intervening and bringing Cas back fully restored again,and brought Sam out of hell, and I really think it is him, as as a reward for his sacrifice., and i think it is Sam, as a reward for his sacrifice. So what little I have heard about next season is this. Now heaven and hell are both without rulers, and both have been thrown into chaos. Hopefully Cas will be able to step up as an archangel in heaven to restore some order, but I don't know how what will happen in hell. So the roles will be reversed. Sam the hunter will have to come back to get Dean, the family man, to start hunting again. wow I wrote alot. anyway thank you Kripke for your five year vision, don't worry he will still be consulting. I have full faith that the new showrunners will do him and us proud. Now we gotta wait four maybe five months before SN comes back, damn you slow time!
  • Amazing Finale, but maybe better suited for a series finale, not a season one. Still, one of my favorite episodes yet. *Slight spoilers*

    As usual, Supernatural ended a season with cliffhangers and a dying curiosity to see what happens next. There were some complaints about several things, including Chuck's commentary throughout the episode. However, I liked it, and felt it went really well with the whole episode, including the impala and backround on the boys. The whole episode was both healing and heartbreaking, and definately felt like an ending and a new beginning. Honestly, while I'm superexcited for season 6, part of me feels the series should have just ended here. The loose ends would have been taken care of, and it might not have been a completely happy ending, but it would have been a good one. Either way, I felt this episode was touching and proof that the Winchesters can and do choose their own destiny and their own future. Well done.
  • I really love the show, but this season finale was anticlimatic, had a bad cliffhanger and some ridiculous moments.

    **Spoilers ahead**
    In my opinion it would have been better if the show ended here, giving us the series finale with all consequences that would fit the show. Like NOT reviving Bobby and Caz (as much as I love these two). It would have been darker and more fitting than this. Their death ment nothing and bringing someone from the dead is used for to often. Even it may be boring, but I really wish the cheesecake happiness for Dean. What the hell is the Sam-look-alike doing in front of his new home?
    Then the problems with the budget of a TV show. Not showing the apocalypse is bad, but the anticlimatic "fight" between Michael and Lucifer was ridiculous. The show could have ended in a blast, with a very satisfying ending. Instead the last minutes looked like they had to rewrite the planned ending without regards to logic, climax or fitting just to do a season 6.
    I so hope that someday the studios will learn when to end a series with a good, satisfying end instead of trying to get the last cent out of it, squeezing it to death.
  • anticlimactic

    Notwithstanding Chuck's big speech about plot holes being inevitable and disappointed fans unavoidable - - I found this episode to be a let down. Dean spent the whole season trying to prevent a big battle between Michael and Lucifer because of all the human lives that would supposedly be lost, and yet when Michael and Lucifer meet, there's merely a terse little chat, followed by Michael being easily dispensed for five minutes by a very ordinary little intervention on Castiel's part, followed by totally reversible deaths of Bobby and Castiel, then the roughing up of Dean, then the car of all things is the thing that saves Sam - metaphor or no metaphor that was pretty thin. and then pffft, into the pit. bring back Castiel (again). instantly heal dean. bring back Bobby. and even Sam appears to be back at the very very end. And Chuck was always an obvious guess to be God so that was no real thrill. I think the leads and core characters have had their ill fortunes and deaths and whatnot magically reversed so many times that it's all become somewhat meaningless, and I guess I just expected the finale to rise above all that. Okay go ahead and give this a thumbs down. i don't mind.
  • Okay, so let me get this straight...

    ...God is that guy from "The End" episode who encouraged Dean to hoard toilet paper? The one who has a crush on a sick fan named Becky and, apparentely, no angel from Castiel to Zachariah could recognize even if their life depended on it? And I'm supposed to be okay with it?!

    This ridiculous excuse for a season finale couldn't be more pathetic if it were logical: Dean lets Sam say yes to Lucifer all of sudden, don't even ask me how Michael got there but the show proceeds to rip off the bible until the brothers defeat the archangels for reason and by the time they steal the end of "Paradise Lost" - this time with Michael and Lucifer trapped in Hell - everyone who died goes back to life and the only thing more painful than Dean's manofactured "happily ever after" is the fact that this nonesense of a show will go on another season despite this was "the ending the writers envisioned" all along.
  • OMG another fantastic finale

    Oh my god i cant believe that sam said yes after 20 episode of saying no he said yes and after dean was about to say to michel sam said it first even if it was just to jump with lucifer to the pit but i was really pumbed when bobby got his neck snapped because i loved his charecter as the boys mentor and castiel was blown up i hope he would go back next season and the car got its own storyline but i dont know if supernatural's sixth season would be as good as the last seasons because the show creator eric is not going to continue with supernatural
  • Satisfying ending but could have been directed better.

    Supernatural has more often than not kept me amused. I loved the earlier seasons opening with horrific scenes. Around season 3-4 the character builds were better. This series has archs and surprises, but its nothing too deep. To have an ending with a dumb ass voice-over, rather than styling the strong characters with close ups of facial and hand movements to signify distress is pure lazy direction. To get crucified here, plus no pun intended, cursor your mouse over the BOOOO button: The series end had a Blade Runner USA style directors cut. That means a stupid and pointless voice-over, explaining stuff that was for anyone who wasn't in the room, but rather heard the episode to understand what was going on. Oh.. so you were watching... so 20 x 6 episodes later you couldn't figure out that sometimes the good comes out in the darkest of moments. We needed a cue, a plastic soldier and a car to carry this?

    I think the script writers underestimated you the viewer. Supernatural although isn't rocket science, makes a LOT of references to the occult and had attracted followers of Weadon's work. We are not dumb asses.... get on and direct, involve and not explain word for word the blatantly obvious. We've been building to a tension and face-off between the main protagonists for ages. Let it roll with some really great visual tension. It's not buffy nor angel with innuendo, sexual tension. It's some substantial. It's family, it's blood conquerors all. Even as an only child I get that fact! Voiceover needed? If bobby and casiel had died, it would have been better. We'd have peril and maybe a better if less cheesy ending to this series. Resurrected.. sure but do it later. We needed tension and perhaps sadness to have greater impact.

    I'm quite glad we didn't have an Alanis Morisette as God kinda revelation. Let's hope it keeps it this way. Sometimes less is more! Althought I would love to see the character's come back, they really need to think more Contantine. American Gods would have been a better card to have played for the Satan idea. Pity they didn't play that had before :(
  • The Lord Returns!!! Perhaps the best episode possible. So much answered and such an intense cliffhanger. I CANT WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER!!!

    Swan Song was set up to be the end of the show, no doubt. The way it was written, all the backstory for Sam and Dean, I wish we got to see Lucifer kick some more ass before the end but slaughtering the ones closest to the brothers was a nice touch. The last couple of reveals almost killed me i couldn't breathe. My "Who Is God?" thread is about to get some serious heat, or follow Sam into the abyss...

    Overall an amazing episode, an episode that would be a proud way to end this God of a show... no pun intended.
  • Apocalypse.

    A great finale that did have it's flaws, but still was an amazing episode. The writing in this episode was kind of weird, I think it was trying to be too dramatic and ended up being unintentionally funny. This episode also seemed too final, it was like the series finale. Now I can't imagine this show continuing since all the loose ends are tied. A cliffhanger is managed to be put in there, for season 6. Watching the memories of the brothers was heartwarming, I didn't like Chuck narrating the episode with the the impala until the end when it all tied together. I don't see what direction they will take this show now, with Kripke leaving, and the Apocalypse pretty much being over, I can't imagine any more plots. Castiel & Bobby die in this episode, they get brought back to life though. Dean goes back to Lisa when everything is said & done, but it looks like Sam is out of the pit soon enough, or is it Lucifer? Good cliffhanger, this should have been the series finale though. Great finale.
  • The end of an era... albeit very anti-climactic.

    And so the saga that was Lucifer ends on somewhat of an anti-climactic note. I mean, in comparison to past finales this was a letdown. The first two seasons of Azazel were epic. The next two seasons with Lilith, even more so. Then you get to the biggest, baddest evil of all and it races along throughout 21 episodes only to fizzle out at the final one.

    I honestly had high hopes for this episode and it did have some memorable moments, but all in all it was a bit slow and ended with a lull.

    The interactions between Sam and Dean were great and as far as individual character performances the episode was great. But, to see such a colossal smackdown that Lucifer and Michael should have provided end without a single fist thrown at each other was kind of annoying.

    Don't get me wrong, watching Castiel explode into a crimson rain cloud was great. And seeing such an important character like Bobby have his neck snapped in an instance was great and daring. But then they ruined it all by bringing Castiel back just as swiftly as he left and the same with Bobby. I love the characters and never wanted to see them gone, but to shock the audience with something like that and then take that brave risk away was kind of a downer. It's like one moment I'm open-mouthed thinking OMG! they're dead. Then a few minutes later I'm like "oh, okay... no they're not."

    But seriously, there should've at least been a brief brawl between Michael and Lucifer after all that build up and warning that it would be a smackdown of apocalyptic proportions. But alas, they exchanged words and that was it.

    And the end, Dean going to live that apple-pie life only to have Sam on the outside looking in... or is it Sam? I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

    Overall, Supernatural is an epic show... possibly one of the best of its generation. But a disappointing ending really and probably the weakest finale of the lot.
  • hmmmm....

    ok, it was ok, some of it was funny and interesting and I understand what Erik Kripke was trying to do with the whole freedom/paradise thing BUT it just seems a little all over the place. Maybe something to do with the fact that this was supposed to be the last episode and it had to be altered slightly to accomodate another season but it just didn't flow well. Lastly, the whole lucifer/michael show down came down to then both falling into hell. I mean, 5 seasons leading upto a showdown between michael and lucifer, the last 2 seasons directly relating to that story and this is what it came to.... seriously kripke could not have come up with something more shocking and original?
    I mean the whole thing was just unspectacular, the supposedly shocking bits with castiel and bobby being killed looked more like comedy than drama and then them being brought back... ok I like them being in the show but this thing where god just brings castiel back every time he dies is silly makes the whole concept of deaths in the show pointless. When ellen and daughter died it was shocking and brilliant but when castiel died and then bobby it had no impact because they were just brought back.... seems pointless.
  • Great Episode possibly if not the best one EVER. I hope we get another season :) (SPOILER ALERT)

    To start this episode was amazing in every way from the directing to the writing to the acting, this episode bested every other episode created in every way. The episode started just like every other season finale of Supernatural with 24 words everyone wants to hear "Carry on my wayward son there will be peace when you are down lay your weary head to rest don't you cry no more." It then jumped ship and gave us a nice back story on the Impala with Chuck narrating. It ended with him saying 'neither of them knew how important it would be.'So quick overview Sam says yes Lucifer takes control and then shows Sam how Azazel had him watched at all times. Bobby and Cas gave up and Dean went to do the stupidest thing he has ever done get in between Michael and Lucifer when they are about to have there battle royal, and just when it seemed like fire and brimstone were about to rain down Cas showed up and molotoved Michael with holy oil which was funny but it pissed off Lucifer who then killed Cas and Bobby and beat Dean half to death. While beating Dean Lucifer looked up and saw the little toy solider Sam stuck in the ash tray in the back a long time ago. Seeing this triggered a lot of flashbacks and ended with Sam regaining control of his body and opening the gate of the cage. As he jumped in Michael caught him saying the He and Lucifer had to fight it was destiny. Sam then finished jumping in and pulled Michael in with him. The gate shut and Cas came back assumably by god's hand and then healed Dean and brought Bobby back. Cas left and went back to heaven and Chuck began narrating again talking about how Bobby and Dean wouldn't see each other for a long time and how Bobby would be hunting something next week, but Dean kept his promise and went back to Lisa and had his apple pie life. As he was narrating Chuck disappeared leaving us to wonder who he really was and at the very end we saw a light go out outside and Sam was standing under it. Which leaves us with a few questions: Was Sam really back, Who is Chuck, and Will there be another season? Well i hope so I'm not sure what they will do but here's hoping it comes back. So here I will wait with baited breath for the announcement on with the list of renewed shows for the fall. Once again top notch episode I Love You Supernatural :D
  • This is the weakest link in a once impenetrable chain. As far as anti-climactic apocalypse goes this is the winner.

    Supernatural season 5 could have been done so much better, I had really high hopes for this I was gearing up for it to be a big cryfest like Buffy Season 5 or Angel Season 5. I was expecting them to blow the world apart and do some cool special effects with Michal/Adam and Lucifer/Sam duking it out. I really didn't like that they brought Bobby back to life. When he died I was actually emotional, to resuscitate him was cheesy they should have left well enough alone.Having Bobby die for real would have really made the boys think about taking steps to be independent.
  • the end and a new beginning *Warning: If you have not seen this episode, please do not read until you do. Massive, massive spoilers are contained below.

    With Swansong, Supernatural closes a big chapter in its story. While it doesn't wrap up as much loose ends as you would like, it all but folds its curtains down, just a little bit. Since a season six is a given, I wonder where Supernatural will go next. For a devoted fan for five years of this beautiful, underrated show, this finale was every bit as frustrating and rewarding as you could hope. Kripke is not one to sugarcoat his endings; he doesn't take the easy way out, often to the discontentment of his own fans, and in here, his swansong as showrunner (Sera Gamble will take the reins in September), he proves no different. He gives us a happy ending but a bittersweet one, an inconclusive one, but it feels deserved. It ended the way Supernatural needed to end, no cowboys riding into the sunset, no parades of cheerful kids throwing confetti into the air, no mass applause from a crowd as the boys receive their ribbons with big grins and big hugs. Life just goes on as normal. Life just is. I wouldn't have it any other way. That said, Kripke gives us a few last twists that will irritate more than a few but that is Kripke for you. No matter what, the ending was bound to irritate a few fans either way and he knows this. Once again, I wouldn't have it any other way. As with all finales, Carry on my Wayward Son plays alongside a montage of the boys' adventures and I'm already beginning to tear up. :}. Chuck's narration weaves throughout the episode, chronicling small little details about the brothers' lives, from the very beginnings of the Impala and how much it changed hands, to how much the boys spent and marked their own in the Impala, to how much the Impala symbolizes the bond of the Winchesters, to how much time the Winchesters spent together just looking at the stars and enjoying each other's company (a little Wincest-winking perhaps in Chuck's ornery descriptions), and how much the brothers love each other. Dean gives Sam his blessing on the big plan and finally lets Sam off the leash. Dean has finally accepted Sam as a true hero, an equal, a partner;}, and he believes Sam will pull through. Sam gives his own blessing in disguise. Sam knows whatever will happen, he's not going to make it out. He makes Dean promise that Dean will let him go. That when the time is right, Dean will let go and live his life, go back to Lisa, start his own life, the life he couldn't have before. Do it for the both of them. Dean acquiesces to his wishes. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel waste several demons in a warehouse and store blood for Sam to consume. They then ride to Detroit, the place where everything will end. Sam consumes blood in preparation, Dean looking away. Sam and Dean let themselves be taken in to see Lucifer and Lucifer is happy to see them. He knows Sam came here to say yes. He also knows about the ring-contraption. He gives Sam a "deal": if Sam can beat him in Sam's body, Lucifer will give up. If Lucifer wins, everything's over. Seeing no other choice, Sam agrees. A flash of blinding light and Lucifer enters Sam's body, taking a few passerby demons out. "Sam" wakes up and Dean activates the ring. "Sam" looks to throw himself in until Lucifer decides to drop the charade. He deactivates the ring, smearing into Dean's face that he lost. Sam is gone. The Apocalypse will happen. Everything Dean fought for was in vain. Lucifer vanishes, leaving Dean broken. Outside, Dean tells the bad news to Castiel and Bobby. Things get worst from there. Earthquakes and other signs of the Apocalypse show up on the news. Everything is breaking apart. The world will end soon. Lucifer stops at an empty storage area, Sam still resisting his control. They have a dark, intimate one-on-one with other where Lucifer reveals some dark truths about Sam. The reason Sam kept on leaving his family, the reason he felt incomplete around them, is because he was looking for Lucifer. Because the two are two parts of the whole. Sam was looking to connect to his other half. The anger he felt all his life, his own struggle against his dark side, Lucifer knows all this because he went through it himself. Because who better to know Sam than his other half? The sooner Sam accepts this, the sooner he can be at peace. Further screwing him, Lucifer has also brought along possessed people Sam was close to at one point in his life. Lucifer goads him that wouldn't want some revenge. Just give in. The demons are slaughtered so it looks like Sam gave up. Back in Detroit, Dean pages Chuck, catching up and looking for answers. In smaller news, Chuck broke up with Becky and is on to a porn star for a new crush. Chuck knew Sam would give. He also knows where the final battle between Michael and Lucifer will take place. Kansas, back where everything started. Dean asks if Chuck knows how the battle will end. Chuck hasn't seen that far but probably knows what Dean's going to do anyway. Dean plans on going to Kansas for a last-ditch effort to save Sam. Castiel and Bobby both see this as pointless, everything's over, but Dean won't give up. He still has a part to play with destiny. And his own destiny is decided by him to stay by his brother until the end. Lucifer appears in a cemetery in Kansas, awaiting the arrival of his brother. Sure enough Michael sans-Adam shows up. The two brothers who indirectly shaped the destinies of Sam and Dean have an intimate moment. Lucifer laments on how Michael and he always destroy each other, that they're unable to change their own fates, despite how much they care for each other, how their views on their father keep them apart. Ultimately, it becomes the clear the reason why Lucifer and Michael cannot change their fate is not because they can't but because they won't. Because they refuse to sway from their stances. Lucifer sees himself as the black-sheep of the family. He curses God, claiming God made him the way he is. God knew he would fall because of the way Lucifer was made and he let it happen anyway. Michael, the ever-devoted, ever-loyal, will kill Lucifer because God commanded it. Because he is a good son. Both won't ever back down, both will always seek to destroy the other. It's not fate at all, it's choice. They are Sam and Dean all right but lack the ability to decide and make their own fates. Dean breaks up the festivities, blaring a rock song, and smirking that he interrupted the lovefest. Yeah. Go Dean. :}. Michael demands Dean leave. Dean backed down on his destiny. He no longer has a part to play. Not true. Dean demands that he have five minutes alone with his brother. Both Lucifer and Michael aren't having it. Michael goes to wipe Dean but Castiel, who's tagged along with Bobby, vanishes Michael out of the cemetery for five minutes, Castiel uttering a funny curse word. Go Castiel. Lucifer gets pissed. Only he is allowed to hurt Michael. He crushes Castiel into a pulp of skin and blood. Cas. No. Cas. Lucifer goes for Dean next. Bobby intervenes, shooting at Lucifer for all it's worth. Bobby has his head snapped for his efforts. Bobby. No. Bobby. Left completely alone, Dean tries to reach Sam. Lucifer repeatedly punches him, savoring every moment, a surrogate target in place of his brother, Sam's brother. Dean's eye bruised, his face coated in blood, Lucifer goads that Sam wants this too. Lucifer enjoys this. He'll enjoy ending Dean, the both of them. Dean doesn't give up. He lets Sam know he's not going anywhere. Sam will always have him. All he does is get Lucifer pissed, seeing a brother who stands by his younger brother, and finally goes to kill Dean. All seems lost, everything Sam and Dean fought for all for naught, Dean's last moment will be seeing his "brother" kill him. Until, somewhere deep inside his body, Sam sees a toy he stashed in the Impala. He flashes back on all his memories with Dean, everything they went through, every time they came through for each other, and Sam finally severs Lucifer's hold. He smiles at his brother, knowing Dean's always there for him, knowing Dean loves him. Sam knows what he has to do. He tells Dean it's okay. He activates the ring and withstands Lucifer's pull, looking to throw himself into the trap. Michael reappears, demanding he kill his brother. He has to. It's his destiny to do it. Sam, or is it Lucifer?, surrenders and Sam/Lucifer, Adam/Michael, two sets of brothers fall into the void together. It's over. Michael and Lucifer are done. Michael and Lucifer, so much like Sam and Dean in almost every way except they never had the bond the Winchesters shared, they would never give their lives for each other, in the end underestimated the true love of true brothers and that was their downfall. It's over. Dean kneels to the ground, weeping, until he sees Castiel. Yes, Castiel. Castiel heals Dean's wounds and resurrects Bobby. Castiel has his powers once again. Dean asks if Castiel's God and Castiel responds that it's a nice compliment:} but no. God intervened and restored Castiel to full strength. I assume Bobby has his soul in tact as well. Dean, Castiel, and Bobby ride in the Impala, wondering what to do next. Castiel muses he might return to Heaven. With Michael gone, Heaven will be left in chaos, angels pitted against each other to fill the power void. Maybe Castiel will take up Michael's position. Maybe he'll actually guide the angels to be more compassionate and empathetic towards humans. But that is a story for another day. Castiel sings God's praises but Dean's not in the mood. He lost his brother and for what? All that happened was that the world was restored exactly the way it always has been. Castiel responds that this is exactly what Dean wanted to happen. No Paradise, no Hell, just the world restored to how it is, how it will always be, people free to do whatever they want. God gave Dean what he wanted. Castiel theorizes that God has been helping Dean without Dean knowing it and before Dean can respond, Castiel vanishes. Dean obeys Sam's request. He will live his own life. He will find a way to live without his brother. He goes to Lisa's and they finally take that date they always wanted to have. Chuck puts the finishing touches on his manuscript, closing the narration, when the twist that undoubtedly will piss several people off happens. Chuck is God. You can take what you want with what is on screen but Chuck is God. How, why, when, how long. . .I don't even how to begin comprehending all the 'red herrings' put in place, all the times Chuck was. . .and how he. . .and why he. . .Let the fan furor begin. As if that wasn't enough, the episode closes outside of Lisa's house, where she and Dean share coffee. A streetlight flickers and Sam reappears, observing them. Or is it Sam? I think God pulled one last favor for the brothers. It will have to wait for next season to be confirmed but I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is Sam. A more perfect ending I could not ask for. Supernatural 'ended' the way it needed to, exactly how it should have been, making fans simultaneously happy and pissed off. As Chuck/God:} said, it's not easy to wrap a story because not everything is beautifully wrapped up in a bow. The end of one story is the beginning of another. It's heartwarming, heartbreaking, beautiful, complicated, but that's how it is: the story of two brothers holding together no matter what in a world of magic, monsters, angels, demons, and gods. That is Supernatural for you, one of the best shows on television. I don't know yet if I'm going to stick around for next season but if this is the end for the me, I don't regret it one bit. Thank you. Thank you Kripke. Thank you Singer. Thank you Gamble. Thank you Englund. Thank you McG. Thank you Jared. Thank you Jensen. Thank you Misha, thank you Jim, thank you to all the wonderful and talented cast and crew. Thank you for five great years.
  • After a strong season with only a few hiccups, I'm pleased to say that Supernatural ended on a high note. Supernatural always has a knack for over-delivering on their season enders, and this was no different.

    After a strong season with only a few hiccups, I'm pleased to say that Supernatural ended on a high note. As already mentioned by many, this would have been considered a fantastic series finale but instead we were treated to a more than respectable season finale. Supernatural always has a knack for over-delivering on their season enders, and this was no different. We never learn anything more about God, but why should we? Chalk it up to another case of the mystery being more fun than the answer. Will we ever get an explanation of Chuck's vanishing act? I hope not. I will however, be tuning in next year to find out what the deal is with Sam's return to Dean's doorstep. Let's just hope there's more to it than a 6th season renewal. One thing I really enjoyed about this was the montage sequences. Normally these can be considered cliché and unnecessary, but it really felt fitting. Over the past 5 years we've watched this unique duo go through everything together and the montages really served as a homage to everything we've experienced with the Winchesters. The bond they share was especially shown when Dean went to the cemetery to wish his brother off. Even though he knew only a piece of his brother still remained, they lived together, and he was not about to let him die alone. In the end, it wasn't a fancy weapon that trapped the devil. There wasn't a huge fight of epic proportions between angel's and demons. No, the thing that did in Lucifer and Michael was the bond between brothers. Knowing that, I don't think I could have asked for a more fitting ending. Another classic example of why Supernatural is the most under-rated, under-watched show on tv.
  • Good Finale

    I thought the episode was good, Sam saying yes to Lucifer sucked and he and Michael/Adam went to hell I'm curious as to wondering if that was Sam at the end or Lucifer I don't know and its going to bug me until season 6 in September. At least Castiel and Bobby are alright and hopefully the come back next season. Seeing Dean crying was sad he usually doesn't do that I think this is the second time he's cried once when Sam died at the end of season 1 and when Sam went to hell so he could stop Lucifer. All in all good episode I wonder if Chuck is God they way he dissapeared like that I just hope that is Sam and how did he get out after he went to hell thats confusing God must have done it at least I hope,
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