Season 2 Episode 15

Tall Tales

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on The CW

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  • How each brother saw the other!

    Sam and Dean flash back their own versions of events to Bobby. Brilliant acting from Jared as a prissy know it all and Jensen is amazing as the drunken lecher. Makes me love the brother relationship even more, as it becomes more and more believable, true love/hate.
  • What do a ghost, an alien abduction and an alligator in the sewer have in common? Only the Winchester brothers could know.

    I don't know what I liked more - the silly sibling rivalry moments or the Trickster's sense of humor. Dean as a drunken letch, Sam as a slightly gay tight- um, backside. It's about time we had some lighthearted moments on this often edge-of-your-seat show. Sure, the Trickster killed a couple of people, but he did it with such STYLE. Bringing in Bobby as the adult role model was great, too. You could tell he just wanted to slap both boys in the back of the head and tell them to snap out of it! My only complaint? We didn't get to see enough of the Sam/Dean wrestling match. That could have gone on for a few more minutes if you ask me...
  • If this was supposed to be comedy relief, it failed to make me laugh.

    I mean; here, I thought it was going to be an episode spoofing the tabloid industry. Perhaps, with some over-the-hill newspaper hack using tulpas to boost his sagging career in journalism. But, no! We get a flashback episode where all the suspense, generated by the different deaths, is cancelled out by the contrasting p.o.v.'s of the Winchester brothers. With Dean's overly-macho one not even getting a chuckle from me! The only reason I did not rate this episode an abysmal number one is due to the pair of gorgeous female extras dreamed up by the Trickster. They, at least, were hot!!
  • The first Trickster episode!

    I must admit that the Trickster is an awesome choice for a monster of the week: he's witty and saucy, stylish and biting, with a deadly sense of humor and smart-ass attitude that is really charming. Plus, its power is both subtle and awe-inspiring (bending and creating reality out of thin air), and it offers endless story possibilities.

    Richard Speight Jr. is unbelievably good as this demigod and it's perhaps safe to say that, thanks to him, the Trickster turned out to be one of the two really lovable monsters of this show (the other one being, at least in my opinion, the Shapeshifter of "Monster Movie", 4x05).

    "Tall Tales" has also the most hilarious scene of Season Two (the slow dance with the aliens on the notes of "The Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh) and its storytelling technique (the alternate versions of Sam and Dean, and Bobby's constant recollection of the story) is both effective and brilliantly funny (the editing of this episode was really top-notch).

    Great performance by all the cast and professional direction by Bradford May. The script by John Shiban is really good, even if Jeremy Carver outdid it with the second Trickster episode, "Mystery Spot" (3x11).
  • Another filler episode, but one that lays on the humor.

    I've gotten used to the idea of Supernatural following big plot revealing episodes with some filler ones, and this one didn't seem to really do anything except bring some humor and hilarious Sam and Dean pranks.

    The episode, whether or not it was a filler, was certainly creative. It involved Sam and Dean telling the story of what happened on their hunt to Bobby. However, they both believe they've done something to each other's possessions, so their stories don't exactly match up. Watching Sam hug the frat guy and try to console him was hilarious, and watching Dean tell the story as if he were the most attractive man on Earth was even more priceless.

    The one thing I liked a lot about the episode was the inclusion of Bobby. If there's one character I can see sticking around with the Winchester brothers, it's definitely Bobby. He has the same amount, if not more, knowledge as Sam and Dean and seems to be an all around good character

    I'm hoping for the next episode to be a little better. Not that this one wasn't, it just felt a little too filler to me.
  • This episode was hilarious.

    This episode was hilarious especially with all the flashbacks, telling the story from the past. My favorite part is when Sam is acting gay "We have a special investigation here' That was hilarious. Sam's flashbacks sounded more realistic. I also like the part when Sam is helping the guy cope with the guy's abduction. That was another hilarious scene. looks like all the fighting they have been having was caused by the Trickster. When he turns out alive in the episode at the end, it is worth watching. Foreshadowing he might come back in the future er.. hurmph.. "Mystery Spot"... cough cough.
  • Purple Nurples and a trickster.

    In this episode Sam and Dean are investigating what look like three cases at once, first a ghost, then an allagator and then an alien abduction. The boys are really confused and start to argue with each other. They call Bobby for help but he has no idea either and gets annoyed with the arguments.

    Dean accuses Sam of letting the air out of the Impala's tyres and Sam accuses Dean of getting his computer frozen on porn. It is a funny episode in places, especially when Bobby shows up. The ending was boring because you know the trickster is going to come back in another episode.
  •, purple nurple, dancing aliens, what's not to love here?

    An episode that is half comedy and half supernatural? Despite a slight detour in style, the quality of this episode doesn't falter a bit. It was just hilarious with too many memorable moments. The bickering between Sam and Dean, Dean's childish way of giving the cold shoulder, the dancing alien, the different stories being told under Sam and Dean's point of view, etc. Just too many hilarious moments and despite the focus being on comedy, the acting has not faltered a single bit. Now although it pulled off the comedy well, it still feels weird that an episode would abruptly change its style, even for just a single episode, but then the role the trickster plays does a fantastic job of stringing together the comedy and seriousness. Nicely executed episode.
  • The only MotW you gotta love! The Trickster's definitely got style. And our boys are cuter than ever.

    The ultimate SPN guilty pleasure, great concept, tons of fun, and the cutest brotherly brawl EVER … oh and we got to see Bobby again, always a bonus.

    The Trickster lies uncontended on the top of my MotW top 10 list. The idea is very creative, as well as innately hilarious, can't imagine a more enjoyable monster than this guy, and he's got style. Chris De Burgh's "Lady in Red" and the song by Barry White were the last think I thought I'd hear on this show.

    The Winchesters have never looked so childishly adorable, it's unbelievable. The bickering was immensely funny, what was even better … the brotherly scuffle, I was LOLing so hard my stomach hurt! The only MotW I can honestly say I didn't want dead, and I'm really glad he's still out there … something tells me we might run into him again! xD
  • This episode is amazingly funny! I've watched it so many times!

    Sam and Dean call on fellow hunter Bobby for help with violent occurrences on a college campus, but Bobby has suspicions about both the culprit and the brothers' escalating feud, telling them to resolve it straight away. This episode is hilarious!!!! Dean, what so you think you're doing? I love it!!!! Sam looks so gay at that point! I feel for you. You're to precious for this world!!!! Love it! This episode was hilarious! Slow dancing aliens? Classic, classic, classic. We're are just like an old married couple, but they can get divorced, me and him, we're like siamese twins. conjoined twins..
  • A real fun episode!

    This episode is a personal favorite of mine.

    I love the big dose of brotherly love we get through out it. It's nice to see that the brother's miss the obvious from time to time.

    I liked the telling of the tale from their perspectives. Dean really took Sam to task when he portrayed him as overly sympathetic character. It was so funny to see Sam comfort the guy and call him a brave little soldier. It's interesting how people see other people, and how the truth changes based on the person telling the tale.

    In the end the trickster wins. He survives and the boys think they have succeeded in getting rid of him.
  • One of the best episodes ever

    Supernatural can be pretty dark. Not only the look of the show but the emotional content as well. I love that. I'm more in to dark and twisted than light and funny. And the boys pull that off perfectly. One look at Dean's 'I'm sad but I won't admit it' look and Sam's lost puppy face and I am just putty, but this episode caught my by complete surprise. I have never seen anything so hilarious in my life.

    The basic idea of the story and the fact that it has the boys arguing like school children is hilarious. But my favourite thing on top of that was the fact that, as they were explaining things to Bobby in retrospect, it gave us a chance to see how the boys view each other (even if it was slightly exaggerated by the Trickster's influence). Sam's idea of a drunken Dean and the kind of girl he would hit on in contrast to Dean's idea of the same event is hilarious! My favourite part by far though has got to be when Dean is describing Sam comforting someone who has been through something. 'You brave little're too precious for this world!' Jared's performance and the look on his face as he hugs the guy is the best moment in Supernatural. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a Dean girl through and through, but when Jared is allowed, he really steals the show and I think it's because it doesn't really happen that often. I know it is a show about the two brothers, but I honestly believe that the show is mostly Dean-centric. Even when the episode is a 'Sam based episode' (like Born Under a Bad Sign) it is shot from Dean's point of view), even the 'is Sam evil' storyline seemed to deal more with Dean's reaction to this news and his ability to save Sam. So I think this has something to do with the fact that when an episode really does focus almost entirely on Sam (Mystery Spot and Heart are perfect examples of this) you are really allowed to see how incredible an actor Jared is, and fully appreciate that maybe Sam's character isn't as straight up and down as first assumed.

    Basically, what I'm saying is, that while I love the dark and twisted side of Sam and Dean and the show in general, I was amazed at the boys abilities to make me physically laugh out loud. I swear I had to watch that scene with Sam and the hug about 5 times before I could do it without crying it was so hilarious!). I honestly think that this was my favourite episode of all time. Possibly only challenged by 'The Mystery Spot', but I'm not sure.
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  • Sam and Dean call Bobby for help with some strange events.

    This is a great episode, absolutely hilarious. I loved how the trickster was punishing bad people. Sam and Dean should not have tried to stop him though, he wasn't harming innocent people so I didn't see a problem with what he was doing. I loved the bickering between Dean and Sam it was very funny and how tow brothers who had been on the road together for so long would behave. It was another great Bobby epsiode. This was not a scary episode of Supernatural but it was still a very good episode. One that I could watch again and again and one that was so funny that even people who don't watch the show could enjoy.
  • A hilarious episode lightens the atmosphere of the past few heavy episodes. Reminiscent of a hilarious X-files episode, but with the Supernatural take on things.

    This story is told first from Sam's perspective, where Dean is an obnoxious boor with serious bad taste in women. Then from Dean's perspective where Sam is a prissy, over emotive killjoy. Dean with the huge mouthful of candy? His cheeks are so full of candy and he just keeps stuffing more candy into his mouth – all while trying to look earnestly interested!

    Next, the probing alien? Forced slow dancing? This storyline is so funny. I love dean's assertion that the main thing the victims have in common is the fact that they are "dicks".

    Bobby's ability to put together what is really going from Sam and Dean's stories and their animosity towards each other makes him an even more likable character.

    I like the trickster – truly, as Dean said, he had style. I also like that the trickster liked them enough to only mess with them a little bit. He even gave them an ending they would believe without killing them. Not saying that the trickster was a good guy, just saying that for him being a bad guy he was a lot of fun.

    This entire episode was a lot of fun. I love that the show is able to make fun of itself like this. Also, there needed to be an emotionally light episode after so many really hard episodes.
  • Sam and Dean investigate weird happenings at a local college campus.

    This episode is probably the funniest episode that I have seen. It had me laughing the whole time. The way that Jared and Jensen kept their faces straight during all the jokes really surprised me. Even though I would have heard it a million times if I was in their place, I still would have laughed my butt off everytime. The acting was great, I loved it at the end when the girls were fighting with Jensen. Jensen could have taken them instantly if they hadn't cheap shotted him. Lol. Everyone's acting was absolutely wonderful and on key with each character's emotions. Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • Dean and Sams bickering made me laugh so hard!! They are funny

    I read other peoples reviews of this episode and all said the same thing. That this was one of the funniest episodes they had ever seen. So you know i had to watch it. And everyone was right. There was a Trickster out there playing games on everyone and thats what made the bicker so much and that was one of the best moments of the series. There was one sequence was a guy was abducted by aliens; Another was eaten alive by an alligator and these were all tall tales and myths of the past. Bobby comes and makes them realize who the killer really is. One of the night janitors. They stab him through the stomach and they think he is dead. At the end of the episode you see that he walks up to his body and makes it disappear. This Trickster isn't really dead.
  • The Boys and Bobby fight against tricksy, sneaky hobbitses.

    The instant I saw the preview for this episode I knew I would like it. The beauty of Supernatural is that it can take episodes like “Tall Tales,” but still take itself moderately seriously. The episode can be funny and mock itself, but the things that are occurring aren’t out of character; in fact, every single occurrence in this episode is the extreme form of the crime. Thus Sam and Dean’s prized possessions are those that get attacked; the amorous professor is killed because of a vision of a horrific seductress; the Pledgemaster is Probity Probed, and Dean mocks Sam’s “Captain Empathy.” It’s quite Dantean to me. Now that’s a scary thought, Hell being personally tailored to fit your worst sin. I don’t know what that would classify for my life, but I’m sure...I wouldn’t like it. That’s probably why they call it Hell. I think that, although I’m sure they both exaggerated in their re-tellings, I much preferred Dean’s memories because in addition to laughing at the gargantuan-ness of Sam hugging the frat boy, Dean doesn’t seem to understand that pretending he speaks the way he thought he did in the bar makes him sound like some bodice-ripping supermarket novel.

    I particularly enjoyed the fact that the “theme” of this episode extended throughout the episode – was more prevalent, in fact, in the scenes following the teaser, once the Boys have started telling their stories. The first time we reached a freeze frame, before one had interjected over the other, I feared my cable had busted and I was ANGRY. But no need to be.

    Let’s talk just a little about college. (I’m not going to touch the lecherous professor thing because I fear that’s more true than I would ever care to know or admit.) The suite in which the Boys are living was absolutely putrid. This is true. Thankfully in my apartment I have a roommate named Kyle who may have been born into this world carrying a sponge and detergent. Beautiful. Dean, in same apartment, was downing what looked like delicious French fries. Also true. We have on campus this place called Kurt’s Lunchbox, and it can’t even really be called a place. It’s a trailer that appears in a parking lot weekend nights, and the greasy grease McGrease Pants you can buy there is awesome. A real world thought I had was wondering how many French fries Jensen had to eat while doing different takes; in the commentary to Phantom Traveler Sam says he had to eat roughly a thousand doughnuts (although this did not make the final cut). Final verdict: I will miss my metabolism and my mess in that future that seems perilously close, and we should all eat as much grease as we can right now. Go team.

    During the final commercial break I scribbled “WHAT IS REALITY” in messy and large caps, thinking primarily of the disco ball and big bed that seems to have come straight out of a 70s porno, which didn’t disappear when the Trickster died, but of course that whole attempt at metaphysical discourse fled stage left following the stinger. (Speaking of metaphysical, apparently one of my uncles practices that type of meditation in which you feel like you’re flying...I don’t know anything about meditation so that could be true about all or only one of them, take your pick...but I just found that out. Cool, huh?)

    What does come to play now, though, is the important message that this episode imparted to us. Every time someone references Loki all I can remember is the end of a myth we learned in middle school – I can’t even remember the main body of the myth – but at the end of it Odin or Thor has won a bet over Loki in which the prize was Loki’s head. The god is just about to reap his reward when Loki says “You can have my head, but not an inch of my neck.” Tricksy, sneaky hobbitses. The moral of course is that a Trickster can always find a way out of a situation; the Trickster here easily out-tricked the Boys and Bobby. What this means to me is that there are Things that Go Bump that are smarter than the Boys – things greater in number than just one Yellow-Eyed Demon. A Trickster does seem to be more on the harmless side of the el que no es humano spectrum, but I have the feeling that now we’ve seen two types of el que’s that can outwit the Boys, the floodgates are going to open.
  • the funniets epi..

    Sam winchester(Jared Padalecki) and his older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) call upon their family friend and fellow hunter Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) for help after they are stumped by violent and unexplainable happenings on a local college campus. i think this is the funniest eppi... made me laugh a lot!! jej je j eje jeej ej je Bobby arrives with a suspicion as to the culprit behind the killing spree and the brothers' escalating feud.

    John Shiban wrote the episode directed by Brad May.

    .... sorry for my poor english... i´m not from an anglosaxon country ! ! !
  • The funniest episode of the entire show.

    This has got to be one of the most memorable episodes for me because it was such a change of atmosphere for the show to go from slightly scary and exciting to absolutely hilarious!
    I loved it when Dean was over exaggerating the stories about Sam being sensative. I thought the story line about the the Trickster was really good aswell, and I loved, Bobby's reaction to Sam and Dean arguing like little children. Also Dean's reacion when he thought Sam let the air out of his tires was also really funny. To me, this is one of the best episodes of this Season.
  • By far the most hilarious episode of the season! It is about time they had a funny episode.

    Jokes, Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes. omg i love this episode. It is just so plain funny. My favourite part is when Dean suspects Sam of letting the out of his tires, and they have that little fight. They are acting like little children! I killed myself laughing...
    I think it is so great how Sam gets really frustrated really easy, they are "bickering like an old married couple". Its so funny to watch!!!
    I think that the trickster was pretty creepy though. He is like the biggest sleeze ever! Its pretty scary at the end where it wasnt actually him that got stabbed, it was really an image of him...
    Anyway, I cant wait for the season 3 funny episode, i hope it will be just like "Hell House" and "Tall Tales". Every season has to have its funny episode! It adds light to the series.
  • THE BEST EPISOD EVER!!! sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    well wut can i say i just about peed myself from laughing so hard! there was a trixter that was causeing trouble and dean and sam were right in the middle of it. alina abduction, aligator in the sewers, and a professer killed.
    but when they thought that they had killed it.... turns out it was one of his tricks and he is actually still alive
  • This was a really funny episode, and a great break from the darkness that we all do love on Supernatural. I liked how at the end, it did get serious. Really good!

    This episode was a great break from the darkness and mysyery that we all love on Supernatural. It's great, and that's the reason that we all watch the show, but one episode out of 44 is nice, you know... So, I loved moments like when Sam was just going, "bla, bla, bla, blablabla, bla, blabla!". It was a really funny episode. But then at the end, it did get serious. I did really like that. Man, Dean getting thrown around by those hookers was great! It was really well written and had a pretty good score, as well. Some episosdes hardly even have any music. This one at least had some original music besides the rock that they always play, (which I love!!!) but I do like the classical as well. It really added to the mystery and weirdness of the episode. Well, cleverly written, REALLY funny, and quite original!
  • A hilarious break from darkness.

    Tall Tales is out of character, but not in a bad way. Taking a long awaited break from recent dark story lines depicted in Born under a bad sign and houses of the Holy. It delivered wall to wall laughs between the tricksters smart ass comments and Sam and Deans different versions of what happened. A very well plotted storyline with a pinch more humor than usual, keeping the mystery and darkness to a minimum but still having it in Supernatural style. Since I still need more words I am going to say that this is a personal favourite but certainly not the best- the best being Asylum.
  • A Supernatural exaggeration

    This episode is hilarious and shows that Supernatural can make fun of itself for the absurd plots that appear by having a trickster turn the episode into almost a parody of itself.

    The different versions of their stories, exaggerating Dean and Sam's characters like Sam being obsessed with the investigation in a hilarious tone of voice and saying pansy stuff to the guy who's mate was "abducted".

    The twist at the end was quite well plotted as was the rest of this episode, even the "last time" clips.

    Overall, while this episode isn't the best in terms of supernatural creatures, it's certainly entertaining and a nice break from the regular stories.
  • Very funny.

    When this episode started i really was not expecting it to be this funny, but it really was. It starts like any normal episode, a murder by a deamon. Sam and Dean come to investigate and get seriously confussed when an alien abduction takes place and a murder by an aligator in the sewars. So with the help from Bobby a fellow hunter they realised they were dealing with a trickster. Who plays tricks on people. Anyway with Bobby's help they deal with the deamon or so they think. but at the end of the episode it is revealed he is still alive. So overall this was a fantastic episode. I think they should have more ones like this.
  • The funniest episode of the show.

    I think this episode was great, although it was a bit of a filler. However, I think it was greatly needed as there had been so much hardship and emotional torment for our favorite brothers in the episodes leading up to this one since John's death. The spirits/demons in this episode were not as scary as they normally are and it was just a nice change and a break that I think most viewers needed. The reappearance of Bobby was good too, as I think that Dean and Sam has realised that it's not just them against the demons but there are numerous people that can help them and provide support.
  • Probably the funniest episode of the season

    Tall tales was probably the funniest episode of the season, it certainly had me in stitches. :D

    It really played on the brothers' relationship together, showing the good old sibling bickering that is a part of life.

    A lot of the episode is the retelling of events by either Sam or Dean and as they are not exactly on speaking terms...
    you can imagine the bias and hilarity that arises from that.

    Not really plot advancing but a really enjoyable, humourous episode.

    Probably a better episode if you like watching Jensen and Jared than if you just watch Supernatural for the show or plot.
  • i don't know why this episode is hated by so many people...

    This episode shows perfectly one of the things that made supernatural a different series....

    His "black humor" really works, at least for me, in this episode, even when it isn't a comedy series...

    I really like how they managed the brothers relationship in every single episode, but in this one is great and when in the promos seems to be a crappy episode it turns to be one of the greatest...

    And the end was unexpected, so i think we will hear more of this tricky man....
  • For a change, the brothers are so messed up and arguing about everything. They even needed Bobby for an intervention.

    "Tall Tales" gave us a chance to see Sam and Dean get on each other's nerves for something other than one of the brother's being possessed or a shapeshifter; another Bobby appearance; I just loved that the petty conflicts between the boys were simply because of a trickster. Their different POVs were also funny since we got a glimpse of how Sam and Dean really see each other. And you know what? It isn't pretty. And then, after all the hilarity ensued, there was that cute little moment at the Impala where the brothers Winchester wanted to say sorry to each other without actually having to say the words.

    There were little moments that made "Tall Tales" a little more adult than your average episode. Some things I can't even mention in this blog because they were a little too off-color. Something I never thought I'd hear on this show: Barry White. That's two weeks in a row Dean was on the business end of a beatdown. Instead of Sam, this time it was the trickster's femmebots that did the deed. And how cool is it that Sam and Dean think the trickster is dead and gone, but another one just popped up in his place, after they made their exit? That's kind of scary. How funny would it be if the trickster were now seeking revenge on Sam and Dean? They could add them to the list that's growing just about every week. Funny Moments: — Dean turning the music up when Sam asked him to turn it down.
    — Purple Nurples.
    — According to Sam, he's the one that's all business, meanwhile Dean's burping, downing shots and hitting on "classy" chicks. Dean also can't help but stuff his mouth with food and then interrogate the janitor/trickster at the same time.
    — In Dean's POV, Sammy's super uptight and Dean can't even be bothered to hear what he's saying. Meanwhile, the graduate student he's hitting on can't think about anything but his good looks: "Sorry, I can't even concentrate. It's like staring into the sun."
    — Sam's computer froze on a porn site.
    — Dean envisions Sam as an "overly sensitive, touchy-feely, hugging-strangers Mr. Perfect" kind of guy: "You're too precious for this world." Favorite Lines:
    — "What are you drinking?" "I don't know man, I think they're called Purple Nurples."
    — "Starla, hey. This is my shuttle/co-pilot Major Tom. Major Tom, Starla." "Enchanté."
    — "I don't say things like feisty little wildcat. And her name wasn't Starla."
    — "You oughta give those Purple Nurples a shot."
    — "I don't sound like that, Dean." "That's what you sound like to me."
    — "You're bickering like an old married couple."
    — "They probed you?" "Yeah, they probed me. Again. And again. And again." [Drinks shot] "And again. And again. And then one more time."
    — "Looks like you lost it, Poindexter."
    — "Dude, you know something? I put up with a lot from you." "What are you talking about? I'm a joy to be around."
    — "How would you feel if I screwed with the Impala?" "It'd be the last thing you ever did."
    — "Consider it reparations for emotional trauma."
    — "If you two bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would have been pretty clear."
    — "You guys are breaking my heart, can we please just leave?"
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