Season 8 Episode 19

Taxi Driver

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on The CW

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  • Hell and Back (Spoilers Ahead)

    Another trial, another episode, of Kevin freaking out. This week saw the return of two supporting characters one unexpected and one we knew would pop up eventually. Kevin decodes the second trial which is to deliver an innocent soul from Hell to Heaven so the brothers naturally pick Bobby (who had already had a great goodbye already last season), who is in Hell regrettably despite being a good guy. Sam and Dean make a deal with a Reaper who takes Sam to Purgatory and then tells him how to get to the back door portal to Hell while Dean stays on Earth. Crowley discovers the Reaper's involvement and kills him which leaves Sam stranded in Purgatory without a way out. Sam enters the portal into Hell, and I'm a little forgiving for budgetary reasons, that it was more like a haunted house attraction than the grim portrayal of Hell that we got in the end of Season 3 with Dean in chains yelling Sam's name that was so effective. Of course Sam finds Bobby in the first hallway near the supposedly secret portal and convinces Bobby that he's the real Sam in a rather funny way. Apparently demons visit you as people you know to mess with you, which is why Bobby didn't believe he was the real Sam at first. He gets him out the back door and back into Purgatory but at the rendezvous point the Reaper doesn't show. In the real world Dean is visited on Kevin's trusty boat by Naomi who points out that they're on the same side and that she wants to save the world via the Angel Tablet and doing away with Crowley forever. I really liked the point that Dean hadn't warded the place for angels in case Castiel did decide to come back which speaks to his loyalty to his wayward friend. I also hope more of the Angel Tablet is explored before the season ends since we're getting awful close to it now. But anyway, Dean reaches out to Benny with no other choice (except if he had found ya know another of a thousand Reapers in existence) but it made sense to go to Benny who seemed to not fit into the human world after his love had died and his whole coven after the events of "Blood Brother" so it makes a consistency of Benny resolved. Dean and his connection is one of my utmost favorite parts of this season and their war buddy bonding that they both seem to think they owe each other oh so much. Dean tearfully thanks Benny and then beheads him after telling him to find Sam and get him and Bobby out. Benny saves Bobby and Sam from a Leviathan attack in Purgatory and takes them to a portal to Earth. Since Sam is the only mortal Bobby has to get in him the same way Benny got into Dean so at least there're points for consistency there but Benny decides to stay which was kind of expected and hopefully not the last we ever see of him. But on that note it was nice to see Sam having changed his mind about Benny as a person after his sacrifice after almost a whole season although Bobby's right to be hesitant. When they arrive topside Crowley stops Bobby's soul from ascending to Heaven but Naomi puts a stop on him and sends Bobby's soul to Heaven after threatening Crowley after he calls her a bureaucrat. I like that Crowley had gotten into Kevin's head haven't mentioned this yet, and yet Crowley seems to be not behind it or else we might've had a scene where he was working some sort of magic on Kevin to get him out of hiding. But Kevin hid the tablet before he gets a visit from the not real Crowley (since the windows he supposedly broke were intact when Sam and Dean got back to the boat). Sam and Dean are right to think Kevin may be going off of the rails after all of the side effects they've seen him have working for so long on the monotony of decoding the tablet, which by the way Crowley says his half only has the footnotes amusingly. But while I bought Bobby's return for this one instance since I believe he deserves to be in Heaven doing away with Benny all in one episode was a little too convenient for me I would've liked for him to go at the end of the season fighting Crowley or something but this was noble enough of a way to go out for his character. Kevin's now gone, and the tablet is missing so I don't expect to see the third trial at least until the penultimate episode of the season. I also appreciate the effort to make Naomi a more nuanced character since she is interesting when she's not doing I don't know what to Castiel and other angels and has her own version of the story to tell. But whether she is a Winchester ally or not still remains to be seen. All we need now is for either Cass or Kevin to resurface to close the gates of Heaven and Hell are still way up in the air. I still would've liked to see more of Hell like in Season 3 than just the spooky hallway (although there were some great things there too) that just happened to have Bobby in it. Excited to see where this keeps going. Also Sam's whole "I'm good" despite the hand thing happening more severely now we should be a little worried about his well-being as Dean is).