Season 8 Episode 19

Taxi Driver

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on The CW

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  • taxi driver

    okay first of all kevin seriously?! kevin i understand was thrust into the middle of all of this heaven vs hell at this point he understands the risks, he knows exactly what is at stake, and he was willing to live like a hermit in a protected boat for months. The guy spent every waking moment decoding and then as the end is in sight he decides to go and put the tablet god knows where and out of his sight?? c'mon! i've gotta beleive that if kevin was chosen to keep the tablet then he was chosen because he was strong willed and smart. I think that if sam can put up with lucifer in his head for months then kevin could've put up with crowley a little longer than a few just gave up sort of...

    secondly i was so excited at the beginning of this episode because sam was going into hell! and then we find out he has to go through pergatory should've been way harder for sam then they portrayed it. There was like 1 fight and suddenly he found the "rabbit hole" into hell. it was so was the way sam found bobby.

    a redeeming quality of this episode was the very emotional scene between dean and benny. I've never been one to cry while watching supernatural but this just did it. the way dean was so emotional about sam being in pergatory and the way he was willing to beg benny was heart wrenching to me. And then to see how willing benny was to help was just vampire helping the winchesters. Benny was probably my favorite monsters for that loyalty alone.

    basically i think the idea behind this episode was fantastic but the way they televised it could've been so much better.