Season 7 Episode 17

The Born-Again Identity

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on The CW
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    Supernatural: Return of the Angelic Son

    The walls have come tumblin' down in Sam's mind, but "Born-Again Identity" was all about the return of Castiel... and his unfortunate treatment at the hands of the Winchesters.

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    When Lucifer pays Sam another visit, he drives him to the brink, forcing Sam to enter a mental hospital. Fearing for his brother's life, Dean takes matters into his own hands, calling upon every hunter he knows. He receives the name of a healer from one hunter, only to find a familiar face waiting for him.


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    • perfect episode

      awsome episode great return for castiel and been a while since demons been back
    • Awesome show

      Really good episode I really enjoyed it
    • poor sam.....BUT OMG! Cas we missed you!.... spoiler

      This is what you get when you thriugh a soul in Lucifers dog bowl. Do you think there is just going to be cure out there?- Sam

      Sam goes through a troubling time pyschologically fighting off the devil,while Dean gets acquainted with the new version of Cas. whom we have missed terribly. although i cant help feeling like his arrival is a little bit down played and undercooked. Cas simply appears on the door step of his new house. Dean is shocked but sad to see him so lost. I loved Cas' kick ass come back scene. He burns all thoughs demons and at the same time gets his memories back. Now he realises what he is and what he is truely capable of (Cas is an odd name1 LOL). Now the secrets out they go off to rescue Sam, accompanied by.. you guessed it, Meg/?. What does she want from Dean,simply to come bine their forces, and what a great team they make. I think Meg brings a fantastic sense of cockiness and irony that is greatly missed from Bobby and the new guy ( can not remeber his nameand what happened to him any way).

      the epidoe was slightly depressing however when we learn of Sams confrontation with the devil. It has been too long since the devil played football with sams pyche. But lucky for Sam he has incredible alies, Cas comes to the rescue by switching places with him. there are still some unresolved issues at hand. like what happened to their new go between guy? I aM Guessing he his dead? sad he was fun. Plus latley i felt like the last two episodes has lost its pacing slightly.moreless
    • No More Sera, please

      Sorry Sera Gamble and Sera Gamble followers, BUT, I was recently laid up after minor surgery and re-watched old episodes of Supernatural on DVD and Netflix. Watching them back to back in this manner makes you really appreciate the older episodes and see where exactly the series began taking a turn for 'not as great as it used to be'.

      While I understand that a series starts waning after about seasons 5-6, bringing in 'fresh blood', should have instead revitalized SN, and it didn't. At season 5, it started going downhill. Don't get me wrong -- we still love our boys, but the series really needs a dose of "interesting" again.moreless
    • What happened Meg?

      Is it me or does Meg look a little different...just sayin
    Bill Dow

    Bill Dow

    Dr. Kadinsky

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    Kacey Rohl


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    Johanna Marlowe

    Johanna Marlowe

    Daphne Allen

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    Mark Pellegrino

    Mark Pellegrino


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    Misha Collins

    Misha Collins

    Emanuel Allen/Castiel

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    Rachel Miner


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      • Dean: How're you feeling?
        Sam: Maybe you should cancel my UFC fight.
        Lucifer: Yeah, keep that sense of humor, Sam. It should get you through this.

      • Meg: So, Dean, what's poor dead Castiel doing in that junker out there?
        Dean: Christmas caroling.

      • Meg: You're an angel.
        Emanuel: I'm sorry? Is that a flirtation?
        Meg: No, it's a species.

      • Meg: Look, you got the juice. You can smite every demon in that lot.
        Emanuel: But I don't remember how.
        Dean: It's in there. I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.
        Emanuel: I don't know how to do that, either.

      • Dean: Look, man, I get it. She's not our friend. We don't even have friends. All our friends are dead.

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      • Title:

        Referencing the 1980 novel The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. The first in a trilogy of books, the novel chronicles the adventures of Jason Bourne, who wakes up on a trawler in the Mediterranean and discovers that he has retrograde amnesia. Bourne soon discovers that several groups want him dead, including the CIA. It was adapted into a TV movie in 1988 and a theatrical film in 2002.

      • Dean: It's not like the guy is freakin' Norman Bates.

        Referencing the 1960 movie Psycho, which initially chronicles the exploits of a secretary embezzling money from her employer. She hides at an isolated motel owned by Norman Bates, who likes to stuff animals. He claims to have a mother who lives in the house at the top of the hill, but it is eventually revealed that she is a figment of Norman's delusional mind, and he dresses up like her to kill anyone who offends "Mother."

      • Dean: Quit bein' Dali frickin' Yoda about this, okay?
        Referencing the wise Jedi Knight of the Star Wars universe. Originally voiced by Frank Oz, Yoda was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back and went on to appear in the subsequent sequels and prequels. Although he has a tendency toward complacency, he is considered the wisest of the Jedi.

      • Meg: Dean, Dean, Dean, you got some 'splanin' to do.

        Referencing the line commonly associated with I Love Lucy (1951-57), when Ricky (Desi Arnaz) would supposedly say this to Lucy when he's discovered that she's up to something. In fact, the specific line "Lucy, you got some 'splanin' to do." was never spoken in any episode, although Ricky did say somewhat similar lines.

      • Meg: That was beautiful, Clarence.

        Referencing the 1946 movie It's a Wonderful Life, based on The Greatest Gift (1939) by Philip van Doren Stern. Clarence Odbody is the guardian angel assigned to George Bailey to show the man that his life is worth living. In return, Clarence receives his wings at the end of the movie. Meg used the same allusion in Season 6 in "Caged Heat."