Season 7 Episode 17

The Born-Again Identity

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on The CW

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  • perfect episode

    awsome episode great return for castiel and been a while since demons been back
  • Awesome show

    Really good episode I really enjoyed it
  • poor sam.....BUT OMG! Cas we missed you!.... spoiler

    This is what you get when you thriugh a soul in Lucifers dog bowl. Do you think there is just going to be cure out there?- Sam

    Sam goes through a troubling time pyschologically fighting off the devil,while Dean gets acquainted with the new version of Cas. whom we have missed terribly. although i cant help feeling like his arrival is a little bit down played and undercooked. Cas simply appears on the door step of his new house. Dean is shocked but sad to see him so lost. I loved Cas' kick ass come back scene. He burns all thoughs demons and at the same time gets his memories back. Now he realises what he is and what he is truely capable of (Cas is an odd name1 LOL). Now the secrets out they go off to rescue Sam, accompanied by.. you guessed it, Meg/?. What does she want from Dean,simply to come bine their forces, and what a great team they make. I think Meg brings a fantastic sense of cockiness and irony that is greatly missed from Bobby and the new guy ( can not remeber his nameand what happened to him any way).

    the epidoe was slightly depressing however when we learn of Sams confrontation with the devil. It has been too long since the devil played football with sams pyche. But lucky for Sam he has incredible alies, Cas comes to the rescue by switching places with him. there are still some unresolved issues at hand. like what happened to their new go between guy? I aM Guessing he his dead? sad he was fun. Plus latley i felt like the last two episodes has lost its pacing slightly.
  • No More Sera, please

    Sorry Sera Gamble and Sera Gamble followers, BUT, I was recently laid up after minor surgery and re-watched old episodes of Supernatural on DVD and Netflix. Watching them back to back in this manner makes you really appreciate the older episodes and see where exactly the series began taking a turn for 'not as great as it used to be'.

    While I understand that a series starts waning after about seasons 5-6, bringing in 'fresh blood', should have instead revitalized SN, and it didn't. At season 5, it started going downhill. Don't get me wrong -- we still love our boys, but the series really needs a dose of "interesting" again.
  • What happened Meg?

    Is it me or does Meg look a little different...just sayin
  • Cas is finally back, so grateful to see that

    "Poor Cas..." my only feedback for this episode

    Personally, I admit that Castiel should die at the begining of Season 7 accroding to the plot flow. However, same as many others, i love Castiel and love Misha Collins playing Castiel. I felt sad for a quite long period of time because of his disappearance in Supernatural. And I keep on waiting for his re-appearance. And here it comes!!!

    I just hope that the "coming back" of Cas is not for "curing" Sam only but he would return to the team with Dean and Sam as before. And they would make some new chemistry in future

    On the other hand, I think how the Daphne treat Cas is logical

    Love is sth cannot be explained

    Some girls are too hunger for man (see... "Emanuel"!)

    And I saw similar scences in different films too

    However, many other things still need explanations

    Just see how "old" Supernatural can be~
  • The Overcome Madness

    Sam finally gets overcome by his madness that lucifer is doing to him and was in the shrink place for the entire episode while lucifer constantly makes noices to keep him awake which he haven't slept in days. Dean finds some help but finds Cas which lost is memory, later he regains his memory and helps Sam out. The episode was pretty good I'm glad that Sam got the Lucifer thing taken care of but the price that was paid was that of a good friend. Meg returns and offers Dean a deal the plot thickens and see what is going to come next I haven't a clue and thats good. I hate when you can predict shows, all I know that it's going to be good.
  • Cas is back so you all can shut up now.

    This episode is typical Sera Gamble fare, write a character you obviously have no understanding of and give him a familiar hole ridden plot for him to fall through. Cas has never been my favorite character nor will I ever think of him as interesting. He's a dick in a trenchcoat.

    Although his death did anger me a little. Not for the "OMG HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO OUR FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!! LET'S JOIN A PETITION TO BRINK HIM BACK!" part no for the abrupt end of the angel civil war without a proper resolution! Sera killing his deserters and Raph's minions does not count. What's going on in heaven now. Without proper leadership the place is likely in dissarray. Raph may have returned as well. What about the weapons of heaven where do they tie into this? Did any of these question get answers before Cas' axe? NO!

    Well Cas did return last night in a fairly convienient way. His memory was cloroxed possibly when the Leviathan tore his body to pieces. Although that wasn't shown so his death is up to debate. Anyway, Cas washed up on shore in his birthday suit where a jogger happened to come upon him, name him, take him in love him, and marry him. First off how sick can someone be to marry a person with no memory, yet be a true believer in god and his divine work? THIS NEEDS EXPLAINING!

    Also when Cas does come back what does he do all the familiar Cas stuff. Heal the sick, smite demons, and heal Sam of his torturous pal Lucifer who might or might not be his essence who strapped himself to Sam's when Death rescused him from the pit. We will just see how this plot develops. Also Cas is in the looney bin after all visions of Luci this close after a memory recovery and ressurection has gotta take it's toll on the mind.
  • Favorite episode of season 7

    I loved how they reintroduce Cas. I'm not upset about the ending because I know that Misha will be back so I am not worried about Cas. Besides as Dean put it once, "he's tough for a little nerdy dude with wings"
  • Cant believe they dump Misha Collins character in a mental institution!!

    Since season 4 when Castiel had his frst appearance on the show i instantly loved the idea of a angel stepping into the mix, and as the show progressed ALOT of fans (including me lol) loved Misha Collins chararcter Castiel more and more......i mean who wouldnt like a kinda nerdy, virgin angel that can kick some ass?! Not to mention that Misha Collins in real life is pretty friggin hilarious when he does the supernatural conventions. Although Castiel went kinda "coo-coo for cocopuffs" in season 6 and all he was still such an important character and shouldnt of been takin off the show so soon. i mean COME ON Castiel "dies" in the season 7's FIRST episode, couldnt the network keep Castiel for atleast a FEW episodes?? And after all that they bring Castiel back only to dump him in a mental hospital??!
  • Good episode, enjoyed seeing cas back

    Overall this was a pretty good episode, I just really am unhappy with the cas ending, I like the character a lot and missed having him on the show. How can people say he is played out?

    happy for Sam
  • Time to Pay the Piper Sam

    Sam let the 'genie' out of the bottle and can't put him back. Of course we're talking about the 'ultimate' genie here, as in Lucifer himself.

    Gotta say I was really impressed with Jared in this ep, Kudos to you man! Way to go!

    Mark was, as usual fantastic as Lou, and yes, so friggin totally annoying you really wanted to just kill him. (I have a big brother... and I had flashbacks!... *shudder*)

    I'm not going to go into detail here, but I am going to say that not only do I love head-trip eps like this, but I really love this ep. It's going tobe one of my faves and there will undoubtedly be a hole in my DVD where this ep used to stand.

    Now... For Cas... I really wasn't wanting a Tommy-style "miracle cure" but... since the writers can only give us what hollywood wants us to have "the same but different" ... well I guess I've ficced enough mind-frelling to satisfy even my own tastes. I really understand on an intellectual level that the wall was so thoroughly destroyed it could not be reconstructed, and honestly, shifting Lou to Cas's own psyche was a nice touch. Perfect for the banality of TV. I hope it bears fruit. (course with the rumours going around that SPN has season 8 in the bag already I'm all atwitter... truly, and... will be literally once the news is official...) Still, I am once more disappointed by the hollywood machine and its edicts. However I will say that Sera and whoever wrote this ep (sorry I don't pay attention anymore) did a really good job with it.

    Of course all the truest Kudos go to Jared, Jensen and yes, ( just call me the devil's advocate here) Mark. Nicely done boys.

    Jensen and Jared, special love to you both. Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.

    Oh yeah... and by the way, though I really don't care, I'm hoping they can do something interesting with Meg's involvement... which was a total red-herring and honestly, a thoroughly unnecessary plot device.
  • Castiel was completely superfluous.

    An over- hyped episode with the return of a character who has done his time on the show and is completely superfluous.

    I did not want an instant heal for Sam, but for the two brothers together to overcome the problem in some way.

    I have always found Castiel to be dull, not too smart and completely ambiguous towards the brothers.

    The ratings for that episodeof SPN seem to agree as they went down, while the sister show Nikita's stayed steady.
  • Here's hoping next week is better...

    Even the fair rating might have been too much. This episode was too hyped up, only to be a complete letdown. The only good thing to come from this episode was Sam getting better and the writers getting rid of Castiel. Rachel Miner, due to her medical ailments, was barely even recognizable, the ghost sub-plot barely worked and the plot holes alone with Cas taking away Sam's crazy are just mind-boggling. Maybe next week, things will get back to being better and hopefully, when Castiel returns to finish off the rest of his three episode arc, he won't be as completely annoying as he was in this episode.
  • Best of the season!

    The season has been a bit of a let down for me, but this episode just brought me back to when the Winchesters dealt with demons we know and somewhat love... I'm all smiles and think that Supernatural finally digged down to its roots and that was the right thing to do! I'm so happy I held on to this show after I felt so disappointed with season 6's plot and the beginning of season 7.

  • Finally!! Bringing back classic supernatural!

    For the first time this season, I felt like I was actually watching an entertaining, dramatic and slightly scary tv show. This is the Supernatural I missed--- Cas, Lucifer, Sam, Dean and demons! This past season felt like a joke to me and I couldn't take any of it seriously (besides Bobby, of course). The leviathans are kind of silly, so it was good to have demons back to bring that suspenseful, dark theme back to the show. This wasn't the greatest Supernatural episode ever, but it had all the right elements to make it a really good episode compared to the rest of this season. I hope these are the kind of episodes we'll be getting for the rest of the season.
  • Definitely one of the best this season

    I first have to agree with a previous review, I love the Charger as a vehicle being driven in the episode. I love the Impala and miss seeing it, but this was a heck of a temporary replacement.

    On to the review. It was great to see Cass back. I didn't like how he just walked into the lake and disappeared. Cass kind of became a staple on the show, like Bobby. I'm hoping to see him pop back in. The question is, how did Cass come back? Was it God? Who some of us thought was the writer of the Supernatural books (I forgot his name). Thanks to the end of Season 4, I think, when he "poofed" at the end. We got the chance to see Mark Pelligrino showing up as Satan again. What a voice to have in your head. He has a creepy laugh that I wouldn't want to hear. I left out a lot of the juicy parts of the episode on purpose, but if you read reviews to decide if you should watch an episode you might have missed, you will want to watch this. If you've been away for a while, catch up on the ones missed first.
  • Uh oh..

    Lucifer is deliciously evil in this episode. Love the air horn hahah Poor Cas! I can't wait to see what Meg will do while at the hospital.
  • The Born-Again Identity

    The Born-Again Identity was a perfect episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character and plot development. Lucifer continued to taunt Sam, Dean stumbled upon Cass who had amnesia and a new life, and Meg returned to help in her own way but ultimately for herself. The story was well written and the acting was superb. Sam really had a lot of mental stuff to work through in this episode and it was maddening. I liked the return of Cass and how he laid down the law and smited the demons in the way. The ending was great and I liked how Lucifer transferred from Sam to Cass. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • one of the best episodes of the season-SPOILERS INSIDE

    Ha its finally good to see Castiel/Misha Collins back. How have i missed you Castiel.

    This was especially a good episode,though no leviathans now at least we got castle back.

    But the end of the episode meant we many not see castle again in the future episodes until Sam and Dean do some magic or trading in with crowley to see him back,.

    I think it would be Crawley who would make Castiel get back his own self. Will Crawley, Castiel, Sam and Dean team up to clear Leviathons or is there another twist since it does seem Leviathons are good or so does it seem.

    I like how we had demons in this episode. And your choice of soundtracks made the episode more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!!

    Make more hints of bobby!
  • awsome!!!!



    A demon taking care of an angel? this definitely is supernaturla: believe in is impossible, but in the end I liked the eps. I felt all the agony of sam, we will have a lucifer more than 24 hours! and of course had to have a touch of gohost. And the big time around the cas, I know that many people thought that bringing the cas and then puts it to a corner and it is grievous, but looking for a good side cas is not dead, but inherited the madness and lucifer sam but ta live cause he can always turn the series. View meg is always great, do not believe in saving it at all as we have already told Ruby (blonde) all demon and it has a purpose with the cas is a mystery. The ghost of bobby again next cd, and one thing made me sad the last speech of the Dean: "All our friends are dead," the reality didficil the fault of the directors
  • Castiel/Misha Deserves Better Wrinting

    I hate the Lucifer storyline. I love seeing Misha/Castiel again. Please give Misha an Emmy and his own show. He is such a versatile actor. I hate that Dean and Sam just brushed off Castiel. I blame this on bad writing. I thinks that I will just watch the episodes that Misha is in from now on.
  • Solid but not amazing

    It wasnt a bad episode, It was great to see Cas as second time Jimmy Novak essentially.

    It was still pretty Sam heavy though as this whole season has been.

    There were glimpses of the old lovable formulas and rapport between the main characters.

    Felt a little rusty, but a good solid episode that was well timed and paced and very well written.

    Good to see Meg back as well.

    Jared's absolutely best performance yet!

    Great way for Castiel to get redeemed...
  • Awesomest episode this season so far! **Trying to keep this spoiler free

    Whether you're a Supernatural fan or not, you just have to see this episode. Every moment of it is BREATHTAKING and I thank Sera Gamble and the rest of the casts and crews for it. You can't help but to worry A LOT for Sam, Dean, Emmanuel (watch the show!), and even Bobby who has been absent since Death Door. This episode is scary, poignant, thrilling and nostalgic simultaneously, and yet still manages to offer us with hints of humor which Supernatural did so well in the past. There's even a few wild twists at the end. Undeniably, this episode is a potpourri of awesomeness!!

    You want to know more?


    Look, I'm not going to stop typing here since we all know Misha Collin's returning (who wouldn't!). Misha's superb acting that has definitely redeemed the entire show! His ignorant humor is so much missed that I wish he could just do his thing for the entire hour. Wish to see him more soon. Don't lock him there! ><

    Fingers crossed, I wish for Bobby's shocking return to bring sense to the whole season! We'll see...
  • wow another great episode

    wow this week episode was awesome sam in a mental ward welcome back castiel can't wait for more only five more episodes left of the season what will happen will cas be okay get out of the mental ward will sam and dean find frank and beat dick roman we shall see