Season 7 Episode 17

The Born-Again Identity

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on The CW

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  • Cant believe they dump Misha Collins character in a mental institution!!

    Since season 4 when Castiel had his frst appearance on the show i instantly loved the idea of a angel stepping into the mix, and as the show progressed ALOT of fans (including me lol) loved Misha Collins chararcter Castiel more and more......i mean who wouldnt like a kinda nerdy, virgin angel that can kick some ass?! Not to mention that Misha Collins in real life is pretty friggin hilarious when he does the supernatural conventions. Although Castiel went kinda "coo-coo for cocopuffs" in season 6 and all he was still such an important character and shouldnt of been takin off the show so soon. i mean COME ON Castiel "dies" in the season 7's FIRST episode, couldnt the network keep Castiel for atleast a FEW episodes?? And after all that they bring Castiel back only to dump him in a mental hospital??!