Season 5 Episode 20

The Devil You Know

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on The CW

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  • The brothers try to hunt down Pestilence with the help of Crowley.

    The brothers hit a snag while hunting down Pestilence, they meet a person that can get them to Pestilence, and that person is Brady, Sam's old college buddy who is now possessed by a demon. Turns out Jess dying was all one big set up to get Sam back to his old way. Brady was possessed when he introduced Sam to Jess only to take her away so he can go back to hunting, another eventful episode definitely. This episode was too similar to what Ruby did to Sam. Sam believed Ruby more than Dean. In this case, Dean left Sam for Crowley. The same situation. So it was kind of out of character on Dean's part to trust a demon. When Sam finds out about Brady, he tries to get his revenge, only to be interrupted by the thought of getting information to get Pestilence. The rest of the episode, they are just interrogating Brady. A hell hound tracks down Crowley, you think Crowley is going to leave them, but he brings his own hell hound to fight the hell hound that tracked them down. Since they saved Brady's life, Brady gives the address where Pestilence is at. Sam ends up killing Brady after getting the information. In the end, Crowley gives Bobby an offer regarding the fourth horseman, that he cannot refuse. He has to sell his soul to get the location of the fourth horseman, before he answers, it cuts to black. A good episode, that was just another step of the way to the Apocalypse. Good episode.