Season 5 Episode 4

The End

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on The CW

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  • love it!

    Surprised. very interesting twist!
  • It seems to be hard for the Supernatural writing staff to do any wrong these days. Even when they're operating outside of their comfort zones, they still knock classic after classic out of the park.

    It seems to be hard for the Supernatural writing staff to do any wrong these days. Even when they're operating outside of their comfort zones, they still knock classic after classic out of the park. Ben Edlund is known for his comedic streak ('Monster Movie', 'Hollywood Undead' et al are all his) but here he tries something fairly straight and it works an absolute treat. Okay, so he also wrote last season's 'On the Head of a Pin', which is probably the show's greatest and most horrifying episode ever, so perhaps 'The End''s success isn't such a big surprise. The concept is actually something of a bog-standard one: hero gets a glimpse of the future as a lesson from his benefactor (A Christmas Carol, anyone?) but Edlund makes it seem so much more original than that. The inclusion of future Dean is an inspired decision and Jensen does a fantastic job of illustrating the subtle differences between the characters. Misha Collins is ace as a humanised Castiel too, never making his transformation into new age hippy seem too absurd. It's also somewhat pleasing to see the Croatoan virus rear its ugly head again, as it seemed doomed to the scrapheap as a throwaway season two stand alone. Thankfully, its inclusion doesn't feel at all gimmicky and its effects are superbly depicted: the scene with the little girl is absolutely terrifying, while Dean's execution of his compatriot is completely shocking in its brutality.

    And then, of course, we have Sam as Lucifer. Well, if Jared is this good now, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future. Like Pellegrino, Padalecki plays it completely straight, without any bombast and it's so much eerier for it. It's the little things that make this scene so superb: Jensen's tears, Sam standing over Dean's dead body, the white suit... it's all thoroughly unnerving. Naturally, it's good to see the brothers reunited at hour's end and also for Dean to make the less expected decision by still rejecting Michael, but really, the best thing about this episode is the meat of its central narrative. This season just keeps getting better and better and continues to prove why Supernatural is the greatest thing on TV right now. The apocalypse never felt so darn good.
  • Fantastic, trully!

    It was the best episode so far in Supernatual. I couldnt believe in Sam dressed up like the devil, and Dean dead on the floor. Now we know that Sam has a chance of being saved from the final call, and it all depends on his old brother. I was sick of seeing Dean so tuff to his brother, after all it was not only his fault, the angels has too helped this new Armagedom. I'm dying to see all the season, it is getting so creepy and so interesting! Hope we have more seasons and good episodes like this one.
  • 5 Years Into The Future

    This episode starts out with Sam calling Dean to tell him that he is Lucifers chosen vessel and that he wants back in with Dean to help fight the devil. Dean disagrees and goes to slepp only to wake up 5 years later in the future.

    We find out that if Dean says no to becoming Michaels vessel this is what will happen. The town is full of zombies and the streets are destroyed. He goes searching and ends up being knocked unconscious by future Dean. Future Dean says that two years ago there was an outbreak of a virus and that Sam died in a showdown. Dean escapes and finds Castiel who we learn has become mortal since the other angels left the earth.

    Dean later finds out that Sam hasnt dies but instead said yes to becoming Lucifers vessel. Future Dean tells Dean that he must say yes to michael in order to save Sam and everyone else but Dean refuses and refuses to kill Sam. Dean, future Dean, and other members of the town go to fight Lucifer and his men and it ends with Lucifer in Sams body snapping Future Deans neck. Lucifer tells Dean that he knows he wont kill him and they'll always end up here so he'll see him in 5 years.

    Zachariah returns Dean to his time and dean still refuses to become Michaels Vvessel. He then calls Sam and tells him that he's changed his mind and they should start team back up again.

    In this episode it was great to see Dean taken to the future to find out what happens and then try to change it. There was lots of funny moments in this episode and seeing a hippy and mortal Castiel was hilarious.

    Great episode. 10.
  • Dean sees the future but how entertaining is it?

    Similarly to season 4's superb In the Beginning Dean is sent through time to have his eyes opened to the truth. However in In the Beginning we thought there was a chance Dean could change history and it wasn't until the end that it was revealed to have been used to prove to him that Sam was dangerous. Here however it is said right at the top of the episode that Dean has been sent forward simply to witness how things will play out. Obviously being the future even if he could affect anything it wouldn't matter to the present. This unfortunately meant there was a slight lack of engagement in the episode. It was almost like we were watching Dean watch an episode of Supernatural where he wasn't truly involved in the main plot. That combined with the fact the time travel thing was unoriginal did weaken this episode for me.

    Of course there was still loads to love here. While the time travelling felt like something that really should've been a one off on the show, getting to see the apocalyptic future was very cool. As presumably Dean and Sam will save the day, getting to see what could happen was very cool. It also looked awesome and it really felt like the end of the world. For a TV budget they managed to make everything look great and therefore feel very real. The Croatoan virus may have been a good idea as a plot point for how the world went to Hell, but I had a couple of issues with it. As it was ages ago the episode that had it in I can't remember what the initial cause of the outbreak was. Similarly it wasn't explained how it was passed from person to person. Maybe we were meant to have remembered from the earlier episode (if it was even explained there) but knowing the rules of this future world would've helped a bit.

    Supernatural has always been about the characters (like all great shows) and one of the most interesting things here was getting to see what our guys could be like in half a decade. Castiel was the best one as he'd changed the most. Obviously depressed at having become human he'd taken to drugs and lots of sex. That we weren't told that he'd lost his powers until a fair way into the episode worked well as at first it meant we could try to figure out why he'd changed. Then there was Chuck who was pretty much the same, except maybe a bit more confident. But of course he's always great to see so just that he was there was awesome! Then there was future Dean who I was a little bit disappointed with. Considering Dean is quite brooding and awesome anyway the difference between the two of them didn't appear to be that much. It was still fantastic getting two Jensen Ackles for the price of one, and he was at his usual acting best, but I felt they could've done more with the future character.

    Then there was Sam, here taken over by Lucifer. Not knowing how or why Sam said yes to him was a bit annoying here. You can't imagine any situation where Sam would've given in so it didn't help the immersion that you had to figure out for yourself what could've happened. Also Sam was nowhere near as good at playing Lucifer as Mark Pellegrino is. He still wasn't bad and the image of Sam as the ultimate evil was quite chilling. I guess considering Pellegrino has only had one scene as Lucifer so far it was maybe too early to have someone else take a shot at it. Having not seen much of him at all it made it difficult for someone else to have their take on the devil.

    My final complaint is the timeline. Future Dean said things didn't really start kicking off until two years earlier (three years in the future). While this future will now be significantly changed I still have a slight worry that the Apocalypse storyline could be dragged out for too long. This also leads into another issue of whether was even real or made up by Zachariah. Not knowing this leaves questions like why did Sam let Lucifer in and why did the Angels leave up in the air without the knowledge they're something that'll be expanded upon.

    So the point of the episode was Zach trying to get Dean to say yes to Michael, so the fact Dean turned it on its head and instead used it as the reason to team back up with Sam was nicely done. I still wish they'd stayed apart for a bit longer so that when they rejoined all of their issues could've been resolved, as here it feels a bit like Dean is just keeping an eye on Sam. Still despite a few issues with the main concept of the episode it was a thoroughly entertaining hour of television. Some great laughs and dialogue, as you'd expect from this show, and some very cool moments, as you'd also expect, like Cass' perfectly timed rescue at the end, meant it was still a good episode.
  • The future is a nasty place, at least in this episode it was.

    Back to the future, well not exactly. Another time travel episode, though this one for different purposes. I really liked this episode, it was a glimpse at the future that the Angles wanted Dean to see. It does make you wonder though, is it really what could happen, or just a ploy to get Dean to say yes to Michael? Guess I will just have to keep wondering. Either way, I imagine things could end up pretty bad if something is not done about Lucifer, I could never imagine Sam saying yes, but if Lucifer is so sure, he must know something no one else does. What does this season have in store for us? Only time will tell.
  • Dean is transported 5 years into the future to see how the apocalypse plays out when he doesn't say Yes to giving his body to Michael. He faces himself as the leader of a very small resistance against Lucifer - and to see how the world has fallen apart.

    Incredibly moving and heartbreaking all in one episode- easily one of the best and most memorable episodes of the season. It'll make you laugh and want to cry - in a span of 40 minutes showing exactly how Supernatural is one of the best shows on television. Season 5 seems to require handing over your heart to be bludgeoned with a hammer by the Supernatural crew on a weekly basis because Kripke and the writers honestly take you there. Jensen Ackles is fantastic in his portrayals of the current and future Dean Winchester - and Jared Padalecki is incredibly moving in his very short appearance. The cast works so well together in this episode and it's worth watching over and over again.
  • Two Dean's and hardly any Sam

    Dean and Castiel discuss the Colt, which of course is their best plan to kill the devil. Dean wakes up and finds himself 5 years into the future 2014 where he meets future Dean quite funny by the way. Dean discovers that the Croatoan virus is back the virus has hit the town and there aren't many survivors, Zachariah also around and still wants him to say yes to Michael.

    Castiel is there but he isn't an angel, he's actually enjoying life nowadays seeking Buddhism and enjoying orgies.

    Future! Dean kills an infected survivor, and Dean does not approve. But Future! Dean reasons that, Future! Dean reveals after five years he recovered the Colt, and finally he is going to kill Lucifer. Future! Dean begs Dean to say yes to Michael before it's too late, but we all know he isn't going to. Turns out that Sam said yes to becoming Lucifer's vessel he tells Dean why he was kicked down to hell. Lucifer is confident whatever Dean does, he will always end up in the same place "Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up here. I win... so I win." It seems pretty hopeless, and Lucifer seems pretty damn certain.

    Dean is saved by Cas at the last minute, tells him not to ever change and calls Sam. They meet, and Dean asks him to rejoin the fight, see it didn't take that long for them to stay apart.
  • Effortlessly the best episode of the series.

    I don't know how many times I've watched this episode now but I am in awe every single time. It is exceptional as a whole and also in the individual scenes themselves. The actors (noticeably Jensen and Misha) go above and beyond, with truly outstanding special effects.

    Cas with a cellphone – is there anything more cute?! "This isn't funny, Dean! The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!" I'm sorry, I had to pause it then, I was in hysterics! Cas is definitely showing more human traits, here we see sarcasm and irritation. "What stuff?!" Then he just stands at the side of the road?! Dean has got to find this boy a hobby! Something to do when he's not trying to stop the apocalypse! There are just not words for how adorable Cas is, he's just like this tiny kitten you just want to play with!

    So the Colt is back. It does make sense that they would have destroyed it but then again: it was the 'key' to opening the Devil's Gate and can kill anything. Who knows what uses it might have, both as a possible tool and as a weapon. The demons aren't stupid though, they keep moving it so it can't be intercepted.

    This episode introduces Sam's new leaf – absolute honesty. It's necessary if he wants Dean to trust him again, let's face it: Sam lies again and it will be over permanently with Dean (though this conversation turned out to be the last time they ever spoke anyway). Right after talking to Lucifer, Sam calls Dean with the latest earth-shattering revelation. Was Sam a little hurt that he phones Dean at 4am and Dean assumes he's Cas? I really love Sam's new attitude, not only wanting to make amends but actively trying to do so, starting with the person he's hurt the most. Dean's reaction is heartbreaking but totally understandable – they really are the 'fire and the oil' of the apocalypse and I was impressed how fast an exhausted Dean realized the brother-vs-brother implications of Sam's news. It's been the unfortunate truth since Sam first started traveling with Dean, they really are each other's weakness and every bad guy they run into exploits it. It's really a heart-wrenching scene, I feel for Dean. "… stay away from each other, for good." The tragedy is that they (probably) never spoke again.

    The opening with the super creepy Resident Evil street was cool. Then the soldiers opening fire on the Croats, music blaring. Just awesome. Nice that the Croatoan virus has finally resurfaced in the storyline and we find out the demonic end game and the reason why Sam being immune to the virus was so important. It's no accident that Lucifer released the virus only *after* he'd possessed Sam – Nick obviously isn't immune.

    I've got to give Zach credit – I am not sure if I would have thought to use human informants. It's actually genius, I didn't think Zach had that kind of ingenuity. His whole plan is great though – what better way to scare Dean into saying yes to Michael than to show Dean the consequences of saying no? As consequences go, they're pretty terrifying.

    Obviously Bobby's is the first stop and the first bad news too: Bobby's dead. I find it interesting that Dean left the journal at Bobby's and that it's still there five years later. Usually Dean doesn't let the journal out of his sight and now he just abandons it? I'm not entirely comfortable with that, think it was the writer's easy way out to let Dean know where the survivors ended up. It's a little odd that Bobby died at home yet was in the photo, why wasn't he at the camp and how did he get shot?! Demons usually don't use guns. Absolutely loved that photo – Cas looks so utterly native, but you can just see how out of his element he feels!

    The poor Impala!! What happened to her, she's literally in pieces! It's so Dean that he forgets about everything else and walks up to her when he should be paying attention to his environment. FDean must have thought that was pretty strange, before he saw who he knocked out. FDean is certainly scary, he's really grown into himself though, all confidence and authority, with everyone (except Cas) scared to death of him. All of Dean's natural charisma coalescing into the perfect leader. Dean's always been a superior Hunter and with John's exceptional training, Dean's definitely the guy you want in charge.

    Loved the pink satin panties bit – why am I not even remotely surprised?! I always suspected Dean was a kinky SOB! On the heels of that hilarity though is the news that Sam is dead and Dean hasn't spoken to him in five years. I doubt Zach's timing was a coincidence – right after Dean found out about Sam being Lucifer's vessel (before and Dean wouldn't have gotten the enormity of a lot of things without explanation) and right after Sam and Dean's probable final conversation. FDean's "Absolutely not." was hilarious and he really should have realized his younger self would immediately escape. Though, to be fair, even if Dean hadn't been handcuffed, he still would have gone outside to look around.

    Our first delight of this brave new world is the camp's provisions officer – Chuck! Always love him to pieces. Loved Chuck's expression at Dean's "I don't know.", obviously not something that comes out of FDean's mouth, I'm guessing he's really decisive. Chuck's knowledge about the Jane situation makes me wonder whether Dean is really indiscrete or he and Chuck are really close friends. Dean hiding behind Chuck was just hilarious!

    Chuck's snicker about Cas is our first clue about our favorite angel's metamorphosis. Seriously though, who wouldn't want to sit and just listen to that exquisite voice? The moment the word 'orgy' came out of his mouth, I started cursing Dean with language that would make a sailor blush – okay, I was hysterical with laughter at the time. I was already concerned about Dean's corruption of Cas last week but this was just it, how did Dean let this happen?! I don't deny how hilarious the whole thing is and I didn't think I could actually love Castiel more than I already did but I was really delighted at the end of the episode with Dean's "Don't ever change."

    Love Cas' complete irreverence toward Dean, 'Our fearless leader'. I see he's using that whole 'rebel angel' thing to the utmost and the women are just eating it up, seriously – what woman wouldn't?! I'd join in one of his orgies any day of the week! It's immediately obvious something is off with Cas just by listening to his voice – it's in between Jimmy and Cas'. Hippy Cas is just too funny and I could get used to his whole rough look, looks surprisingly good on him. My heart ached at his laugh at Dean's 'strap on your angel wings' comment, it was one of those 'If I don't laugh, I'll cry' type of laughs. Then there's the fact that Cas is high as a kite – angels can't get high or drunk - if Dean wasn't so distracted, he should have realized that!

    This episode has a filming style never used in the series before, raw and gritty, making the military sections all the more striking – Dean's return to camp after getting the Colt and at the end, walking through the hot zone. Dean's reaction to seeing himself execute someone was expected but Cas' reaction should have been the tip-off – not only was Cas not upset, he looked a little bored. Which backs up Dean's lecture minutes later about how killing Croats is 'common place'. I've always been impressed by SPN's special effects but the scene with the whisky glasses was superb.

    It's nice to see the Colt again, it provides a possible solution to Dean killing Lucifer. Also, finding out that it's really out there means that Dean can start looking for it in the present… not to mention apologize to Cas for doubting his info.

    Then comes my favorite scene, hands down. Cas drinking absinth, feet up on the table, making snarky comments and being more Dean than FDean is. It also highlights that Cas is without a doubt Dean's best friend… which just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. My favorite: Dean's betrayed look at Cas and Cas' "What? I *like* past you." just melted my heart. Followed up by Cas' brilliant 'reckless' comment – god, but I love this angel! It's not really a surprise to find out that FDean's gone back to his old torturing ways. The entire scene just rocks.

    In an episode full to the brim with powerful scenes, FDean telling Dean about Sam and Lucifer is way up there. Dean is understandably shocked by the revelation but I have no difficulty understanding why Sam would say yes – abandoned by Dean, worn down by years of war, so tired and just wanting it to be over. The conversation also reveals that the angels have bailed. This should give Dean some more reasons to hate them – they start the war then when they realize they're in over their heads, they run for the hills, leaving the humans to clean up their mess. "But you won't… because *I* didn't." which is possibly Jensen's finest moment in the episode, even though there are volumes to choose from.

    Another delightful Dean/Cas scene: Cas is on amphetamines! Which he apparently takes to counteract the absinth! When the angels left, they cut off Heaven leading to Cas losing his powers – can you imagine how terrifying that must have been?! Sounds like it didn't happen all at once, instead over a period of time so Cas had to feel it happen. Dean must have helped him through it, given how close they are now. Is it any wonder that Cas throws himself into drugs, booze and sex? It's probably the only way he gets through the day! He's not physically human though which is why he merely said 'mortal', putting it as 'practically human' – he took one look at Dean and could see he wasn't 'his' Dean. I'll bet it was Dean who taught him to drive too. I did get chills at his "It's just how I roll." – are we sure Dean's not dead because Cas was totally channeling Dean, it was freaky. How he's deteriorated is a tragedy and worse – Cas knows how far he's fallen.

    It's quite frightening how much they trust FDean, even Cas looked uneasy but everyone did exactly what they were told. It's a measure of how much faith they have in FDean, misguided as it turns out to be as FDean sacrifices them for nothing. I liked that Dean challenged him about it and I definitely had a twinge of warmth at how FDean hesitated at the thought of Cas dying. Dean can be ruthless but FDean has gone way beyond that, he's gotten to the 'end justifies the means' point. There was something truly chilling about Dean looking up at the gunfire inside the hospital, knowing that Cas is either dead or soon will be.

    Of all the important lessons Dean learned during his trip to the future, one of the top ones is that trying to kill Lucifer with the Colt is not going to work, which means that Dean needs a plan B. Jared does an great job as Sam-Lucifer and as before, Lucifer's arguments are compelling but it doesn't change what he is. I did enjoy his "Wouldn't that be redundant?" bit. I did agree with Lucifer's surprise at Dean's assumption that Lucifer will destroy the planet – that's never made sense to me, he just got out of an eternity in Hell, wouldn't Earth be just wonderful? Why does everyone assume that Lucifer wants to recreate Hell on Earth? Lucifer's most disturbing point is Dean: Dean won't kill Sam and won't say yes to Michael so is it truly inevitable that they will end up right here in five years?

    Dean isn't stupid and though Lucifer was right on both points, there's a third way to deal with this whole situation which neither Lucifer or Zachariah even consider: reconcile with Sam. Keep your enemies closer. By keeping Sam with him, Dean can probably remove Sam's reasons for saying yes in the first place. Dean reminds Sam why he never wants to fall again, he keeps Sam human… but it goes both ways, if Dean can work it better, then he remains human too and never has to say yes to Michael.

    Zach's plan backfired – Dean learned his lesson but not the one intended: there's a third route that actually is Dean's best option. Loved how Cas pulls Dean out with his sweet smile, "We had an appointment." Dean positively melted! I have never seen that mushy look on Dean's face ever, not even with Sam! "Don't ever change." Cas looked just as sappy which just proves these two are going to have a truly epic friendship, one the Winchester Gospel will chronicle. It's interesting – we always assumed the Gospel was about the Winchester *brothers*, at least up until 'Monster', when Sam was supposed to die by Lilith's hand. Dean changed it thus altering the future. Even though Sam is still here with all the consequences that came with it, the Gospel is obviously intended to be about Dean and his journey to stop Lucifer. After all the red herrings in the series about how important Sam supposedly was, it turns out that Sam is completely irrelevant, his only importance being that he is Lucifer's vessel. Dean is the one everything rests on, the one who will make or break the world depending on his decisions – no pressure, dude!

    The Impala was still at the hotel, why didn't Zach just wait till Dean came back for her? The reunion with Sam is bitter-sweet. While it is nice to have them together again, there's this painful distance between them, like they're complete strangers. Most of it is coming off Dean. I actually liked Dean on his own, think it was good for him, letting him figure out who he is without his father or brother constantly around telling him. However, I don't think it'll do any damage to have Sam back, Dean seems to be in a pretty good place, emotionally and psychologically. From Sam's POV, I would have been wary too – a very likely reason for Dean calling a meet could have been to kill Sam once and for all, though to Sam's credit, he didn't step back when Dean pulled the knife. I liked his gratitude that Dean is (apparently) giving him a second chance, though he won't be as happy when he hears the real reason why.

    I wonder what Dean is going to tell Sam about his journey to the future – the whole truth will make Sam realize that Dean's entire reason for calling him is only to keep Sam under close scrutiny, to stop Sam turning evil – not because Dean wanted him back. It's a profoundly disturbing shift in their relationship. Dean doesn't trust Sam and given the new revelations, has even less reason to ever do so again. I wonder how long it will take before Sam realizes that too. Unless Dean works very hard to dissuade Sam of that, it may drive Sam away anyway. Sam was still trying to figure things out and now doesn't have that opportunity, he's still very lost. The writers should have perhaps waited another couple of episodes before reuniting them.

    Favorite quote:
    Dean: "Are you saying my plan is reckless?" …
    Cas: "If you don't like 'reckless', I could use insouciant maybe..."

    There are just not words for the brilliance of this episode, both as a whole and it's parts. Exceptional character work by Jensen and Misha, both portraying different versions of the same characters and Jensen acting against himself. Kudos to Misha – I didn't know it was possible to love Castiel more but he actually managed it. Misha played the funny side to FCastiel beautifully but made him so achingly tragic too. Wasn't as thrilled with Jared's Lucifer but it totally wasn't his fault, the scene just felt a little awkward. A truly exceptional episode they will never ever be able to top.
  • Croatoan is back

    Sam tells Dean what Lucifer told him and tries to return hunting with Dean, but he says no. Dean then wakes up 5 years into the future where Lucifer's end game is the Croatoan virus and the hunters live in the woods.

    This one prooves that the 5th season will be the best! This episode shows the best of it! We even saw Sam turned into Lucifer and an army of hunters will attack Lucifer. We saw the whole apocaliptic future and the Croatoan virus is back! Croatoan was an awesome episode, but this one beat it! Supernatural season 5 will be the best!
  • The future is hellish. So is family. Better the Devil you know?

    And still they keep building it bigger and better and shinier and exponentially more exciting.

    This show truly has hit it's stride. When each action comes from a character acting logically and reveals consequences this great who can't not get involved?

    Dean is confronted once again by Zach regarding his destiny and is given a visceral reminder of what his rebuttals may cost him. And Sam's own denials, both of declaring his responsibility to other hunters, and his cravings for blood, are also put under the spotlight. Both brothers learn lessons, just not the lessons either of them expected.

    Spoilers Alert....

    What stays with me is the human action. Sam tries to wipe the slate clean only to learn that he can't. At least not by pretending to be someone else. Dean realises that his self-assumed isolationist stance doesn't always protect his loved ones sometimes, as with the future Cas, it destroys them. The Winchester boys are having to grow up fast yet again. Future survival comes with a price. The prophet of the Lord is reduced to fretting over toilet paper. There is no grand victory or even stand off to this war. Humanity has very few precious commodities, and is forced into scrabbling around in the rubble on heavily armed sorties, for food and basic supplies. Dean's previous Nihilistic lack of respect for Castiel's Angelic status has blunted one of the brothers' strongest weapons and, whilst I know this can never mean the end of the wisecracking sonofa (at least I hope it can't), it will be nice to see Dean tempered with yet more wisdom and purpose. And Bobby, seasoned hunter, who laughed at the boys more reckless behaviour, missing from the final showdown. Just another casualty the future Dean had no time to mourn. I thought this was such a sad beautiful footnote within the show. Bobby was just gone. Denied his final stand. Just gone.

    And at the end the Winchesters are reunited. Not necessarily stronger together, just reunited. The Devil is most definitely lurking in their shadow.

    Can't wait for next week. I shall quite happily welcome Paris to the fold. She and Padalecki were in House of Wax together. Plus she seems quite self aware. Surely the script will offer Dean some prize dialogue? Oh I do hope so.

    Thanks for popping by.
  • predestination, free will, two Deans, Sam as the Devil, the Croatoan virus, Castiel as a stoner hippy, Palin as President, what more can you ask for?

    I loooooooove this show so much, especially with episodes like these. In The End, we get treated to a glimpse of the deadly near future Sam and Dean face and has some nice little nods to seasons past. Dean finally stops at a motel, shaking off an annoying Jehovah's Witness asking if Dean's ready for Armageddon. He pages Castiel. Since Raphael's interrogation over God's whereabout turned up nothing, Dean wants to find the Colt, even though he believes the demons have melted it out of existence. Poor Castiel has to deal with the unreliablity of modern technology. Hilarious to see an angel of God be a cell phone's b-witch. Castiel plans to poof to Dean but Dean calls him off, saying he needs some rest. A few hours later, Dean gets a call from Sam, informing him of what Lucifer told him. Sam is ready and willing to hunt Lucifer down, to redeem himself to Dean. Dean refuses to let Sam back in. He feels that he and Sam are weaker when they're together and the demons are always willing to use their love against them. He wishes Sam the best and hangs up. Then, in the blink of an eye, he gets blasted in the future by Zachariah. Zachariah admits he is forced to use human help to track Dean, ie Jehovah's Witnesses and other Christian extremists. Zachariah wants to show Dean how his decision to curb Michael doomed the world and to change his mind in the present. Dean gets a taste of the final stages of the end-game. Welcome to Armageddon, 2014. Two years in the past, Lucifer unleashed the final blow: the Croatoan virus. Most of those who didn't die were twisted into deformed, zombie-like beings. The few survivors hole up in the few remaining "safe zones", where the virus won't touch. Most of the world has succumbed and the angels have fled. As if that's enough, Palin won office when Armageddon started. Can't we ever catch a break? :}. Dean meets up with his future self, a gravel-voiced butthole who due to the events of the future has been twisted into a single-minded, revenge-seeking monster, who will do whatever he needs to do in order to survive the end of the world. F-Dean's the leader of the resistance and while he's away on a mission, Dean gets to see what the future's done to his friends. Chuck shows up as possibly even more of a deadbeat. But the future hits Castiel the hardest as Dean figures out Castiel's turned into a flower child. Major stoner, doesn't bathe, and is willing to have a group orgy. Hilarious and kind of creepy. What's worst, he's almost human, since after the angels left, all of his powers were gone, making him useless and pathetic. F-Dean finally retrieve and he informs Dean he's going after the Devil. He admits to Dean at first that Sam died two years ago but that's what he wished happened. He informes Dean Sam succumbed. He said yes. F-Dean is so far gone, he is willing to kill what is left of his brother. He laments that he wishes he would said yes to Michael and begs Dean to right his mistake in the present. But realizing Dean is still him, F-Dean knows that Dean never will. Dean also gets more of a taste of the monster his future self has become. F-Dean kills one of the refugees infected by the virus, uses Alastair's torture methods in order to get what he wants, and is willing to sacrifice Castiel, Chuck, and the fighter refugees at Lucifer's hideout so F-Dean can have a shot to kill him. Dean refuses to cooperate with the plan, so he winds up getting knocked out. He wakes up to find the refugees hold up in a broken-down building, gunfire erupting and sees his future self be crushed by Lucifer, in Sam's body, pimped out in a freakishly white outfit. Dean somehow holds it together, seeing his brother in a state worst than death, to see the Devil disguised as his brother. Lucifer is curious to see Dean there, observing him like Dean's a moth with a broken wing crushed in between a lamp. Finally, Lucifer's motivation is revealed and even though he may not be a liar or a manipulator like the angels, he's still a d!ck, and very much an extreme species-ist. The reason he fell from grace was pride for a different reason. He loved God too much, so much that he couldn't accept it when God created Man and asked the angels to accept them. Lucifer refused, viewing humans an abomination, so God asked Michael to expel him from Heaven. Humans are worthless, violent, homicidal beings. He decided to teach human beings a lesson, to give them what they deserve, to prove to God his favoritism was ill-placed. Dean lays it straight-out to the Devil that just because he lays the sympathy for the devil on way thick, doesn't make him any less evil, no better than the angels. And he's not. Dean vows to kill him but Lucifer assures Dean that what has happened in the future will not change. Dean will make the same mistakes that will lead to Armageddon, to his own death. The future is set and there is nothing Dean can do. Lucifer wishes Dean goodbye, promising to see and kill him again in five years. Zachariah takes a distraught back to the present, sure that Dean has learned his lesson and will call on Michael. Once again, Dean refuses. He learned his lesson, just not the one Zachariah wanted him to learn. Zachariah tries to go for the jugular but Dean's saved in time by Castiel. Nice. Dean is happy to see Castiel as his cheerful Vulcany self and happily tells him not to change. And while seeing Castiel as a hippy was hilarious, I fully agree. Dean informs Castiel to stay away from Jehovah's Witnesses for now on:} and takes steps to change his destiny. He is finally willing to take Sam back into the group, offering him Ruby's knife. The reunion was uplifting, joyous, sad, tragic, just plain cathartic. The brothers are back and we can all be happy but everything is not all right with them. They will have to work hard, to give everything they have to pull together but both are willing to do it. Dean won't ever let Sam go again, he realizes he needs Sam as much as Sam needs him. Awwwwwww. I'm just lost for words on how good this episode is. I can't say how much I love this show but this season is turning out to be one of the best and this episode proves it. We get treated with a deadly in more ways than one Armageddon and Palin as President (gasp!). All the Dean-girls out there probably squealed into a coma seeing two Deans in the same room. Supernatural is wonderful enough to have that pulled off without it being self-indulgent or pretentious. However, once is enough. I don't think anyone could take it if two Sams were in the same room or Dean again or Bobby. One of our favorite boys are good enough. The vision of the Apocalypse was savagely brutal by making the humans turn into zombies. Really? How much evil can you get than zombies? Horrible, horrible, horrible. The issue of free will vs. predestination comes in full swing once again with this time, free will coming out the victor. Dean learns that he does have more free will than he thinks. The future is ours and our destinies are ours to control. It is the actions we make that determine our own future. And I know Sam and Dean will reunite again, stronger than ever, because as Dean said, they need each other and they're each other's support. They'll fight Lucifer and the angels with eveything they got, together. You can't ask for more than that. Be warned, next week the brothers are not out of the dangerous woods yet, as next week, they encounter a demon-possessed Paris Hilton. The Apocalypse is set to get even wilder and stranger.
  • Hell is the future....

    I have to say, this is my favorite episode so far. I admit, when I read the summary before the airing, I assumed it would be some kind of dumb story about killing zombies left and right, with a corny, supposedly meaningful message at the and. However after watching the episode, I was very very pleasantly surprised. The focus was on the characters, their development (if you can call it that), the action and hunting was just a filler between the important scenes, a thing that I'm really glad for, it left the actors much more time to show their brilliance.

    Jensen Ackles is truly brilliant in this episode. In the first two-Deans scene there is no real difference between the two, but then you start noticing the little nuances that set the two apart -the tone, the eyes, and later in the episode the behavior. In my opinion one needs some real skills to pull that off, to play two characters that are so similar, yet so different. The other shining star of the episode was Castiel. His downfall was humorous and incredibly tragic in the same time -it was startling to see the devoted angel become a bitter, cynical drug- and sex addict. But the performance of Mischa Collins was so strong and deep that I had no problem believing it. Kudos to the actor, who I believe is one of the best supporting actors on the TV shows today.

    And here comes the part that will have me tossed to the lions: I didn't like Jared Padalecki as Lucifer. I mean, the acting wasn't bad, but it was lacking. I don't know, I was expecting more from the Devil, his big speech that supposed to convince Dean about Lucifer not being the bad guy sounded a lot like complaining to me.

    Overall, the episode was excellent, and it raised some interesting question, and I'm really excited about the answers I'm hoping to get this season.

    Watch the episode and enjoy it!
  • The future is written in blood, but it belongs to us alone.

    Wow, what an episode! It completely blew me away...

    I won't get into the specifics of the storyline much here, since so many previous reviews have done that already. Suffice it to say that Dean is transported 5 years into the future after refusing Sam's offer to get back on track with him. Sam comes clean about him being Lucifer's vessel, and asks to get back into the team, obviously thinking of his brother as a safety valve against accepting Lucifer's demand. Sam doesn't trust himself with making the right choice, which showed in the previous episode when he had his little private tete-a-tete with Lucifer. Dean however refuses, and we can see his reasoning more clearly now. In the previous episode his rage and frustration over what he saw as his brother's betrayal were hiding his true, deeper emotions. Now we can see that behind the superficial reactions lies a well-founded sense of hopelessness and despair. Dean doesn't really believe anything can be done about the situation, and he feels hunting with Sam is only making things worse. Far from expecting to clean up the mess, he just wants to steer clear of any future implications. He feels that can be done by staying away from Sam. In the scene where he hangs up the phone on Sam we can see the main subject of the episode, being brave enough to make the correct choice even if it is personally painful. Dean believes personal feelings are to blame for not making the right choices before, and he tries to remedy that by sacrificing his love for his brother. Only what we believe to be the right choice might not always be so...

    Dean falls asleep in his motel bed and wakes up in 2014, in a burnt down building. As he steps out into the street debris and remains are all that is left. The population has been infected with the Croatoan virus, and the government is gunning people down and mass bombing cities. The scene where the soldiers play "Do You Love Me" while shooting people down is nothing if not memorable... And 5 years into the future is not such a long time... Humans are prone to violence and it is clear that they have driven themselves into such a state of mayhem that their problem is now unsolvable. All they can do is use violence and firepower against eachother, until everyone is dead. That is the course humanity is leading itself to. (Sara Palin is president of the US, I don't imagine it gets any worse than that... Oh wait, there's Paris Hilton coming up - I take that back!)

    While following leads Dean comes in contact with his future self, who has become ruthless and coldblooded. The world is a mess and the future Dean holds himself responsible, for not having accepted to be Michael's vessel. Sam has strayed from the path and accepted Lucifer, and now Lucifer rules the earth completely. The angels are nowhere to be found and Cas has lost his angelhood, turning into a desperate, self-loathing decadent. Misha Collins steps up to the challenge beautifully, seducing unsuspecting females with promises of enlightenment, if only they will submit to participating in orgies, and trying out any drug that comes in handy to numb the main. It's refreshing to see him crumple his impeccable image for a while, and the lines he delivers are hilarious, but I think the real point beneath his appearance in this episode is the condition of total abandonment, utter despair. The only angel left on earth is little more than a depressed junkie. Redemption is out of the question for angels and humans alike. Dean has two very significant conversations, the first of which is with himself. It is made crystal clear to him that making the right choice, no matter how painful, is the difference between perdition and redemption. He must cast his selfishness aside and accept to sacrifice millions, in order to save billions. As his future self says "better to have half the planet than no planet at all, which is what we got now."

    The second conversation is with Lucifer, who is now possessing Sam's body. I must say, I am being constantly surprised (pleasantly) by the writers' consistence in portraying Lucifer. Far from being the caricature devil that we usually see, the Lucifer of Supernatural is consistent with the magnificence of the one in Paradise Lost, the existential anguish of romantic art. It's refreshing to see a popular TV show straying so far from caricature without losing an inch of its fascination.
    The way the show balances everything is masterful.
    Lucifer explains to Dean his feelings once more. He has been cast down to hell for refusing to submit to the human race, which he considers base and unworthy. Having observed the people's previous behavior, and given the fact that they practically destroyed their own planet, one can't help but wonder if he is right. Do we deserve to claim the grace of God for ourselves, when our behavior is unworthy of it? Dean accuses Lucifer or arrogance and self-importance, but deep down he understands himself that humans are guilty of the same flaw. He is guilty of it himself, since he refused his brother's offer and turned him towards Lucifer. I think it is what hurts him the most from the whole conversation. Also, Lucifer's pain and difficulty to accept the ugliness and unfairness of things is real, and understandable to humans as well. God's and the angels' actions once again seem remote and irrelevant to the agonies of men and demons alike, and once again, they are absent, having abandoned the planet to the mercy of Lucifer. Sam and Dean are the uncompromising humans who refuse to be pushed around by the higher forces, and to have their future predetermined for them. Zachariah presents one version of the future, and Lucifer presents another. Sam and Dean stand in the middle, refusing to go either way, making their own choices and their own future. In this story they represent the free will of man, the unpredictability of human nature. With everything against them they will make the impossible choices, and they will fight. I for one hope they win.
  • Dean gets sent to the future by Zach and finds the world 5 years after Lucifer is released. He finds out that he regrets saying no to Micheal and ever worse, Sam has become a "prom suit" for Lucifer.

    There only a few things i did not like about his episode and i say these things just cuz this episode was so perfect that i must criticize this episode just so i don't get used to an episode this good on all the tv shows i watch. first, when dean finds the rebel camp, why doesn't he ask what happened to bobby. After all he did go to his house first so it seems only natural to ask about him. Second, they never really explained how Lucifer spreads the croatoan virus. Third, why aren't there other hunters helping dean like ellen, jo, rufus, or the one girl hunter from the magnificent seven. Fourth, what happened Chuck's visions. How come he didn't prophecize past-Dean going to the future. Other than that, this was one of the best episodes ever and i really really hope we see a episode like this again that really knocks our socks off. maybe they'll do dean and sam vs. all the four horsemen combined.
  • Due to Dean's stubbornness regarding his consent for Michael to take his body as a vessel, Zacchariah sends Dean 5 years in the future to scare him into saying yes to Michael.

    This episode is dark and chaotic, with a little bit of dark humor thrown in. Do I have to say first that the quality in terms of special effects is really great? I mean, the destroyed city, it was really well done. Dean finds himself chased by croatoan-infected people and thus we learn how Lucifer intended to destroy humanity, 28-days-later style. The scenes between present-Dean and future-Dean really were my favorites, Jensen Ackles' work here was truly stupendous. You could really tell the difference between the two Deans not only by their body language but also by their eyes, I mean, come on, it was just splendid.
    Future-Castiel was the fun part, only when you really thought about it, wasn't so fun. It had a bitter taste. His laughs weren't happy, they were dark and sometimes sarcastic, but mostly, he was just miserable. He did do drugs after all, and led a life of debauchery and as he said, felt hopeless and powerless. It was very awkward to see him like this at first sight, I really wasn't expecting this [as I avoid spoilers and promo videos] but when you let this sink in, you realize it's not so surprising Cas sank so low.
    The most important part. Lucifer-Sam. I was dreading this, I really was, so far, I've kind of liked Lucifer, how he played the Sympathy for the devil card but I'd never really felt...impressed. Here, Jared Padalecki really took my breath away. I'd never thought he could play Lucifer that well, I'd never thought Lucifer would seem just so...friendly. Really, I'd felt for him, and his argument was just so convincing. All in all, this episode just keeps rising up the peak of this show.
  • Back in the future

    One of the Supernatural episodes that gets better and better the more you watch it. First I was a little put off by the time travelling and the Dean - Dean again. But it was handled really nicely and when you watch it a second time you start to understand more and more how creepy it really is. Future Dean is a cold, obsessed and broken bastard, but those are traces he always had to some extent, he still is Dean. Nice acting. It's believable that he could turn into someone like that, given the things that happened to him and his dad's story. And now imagine facing off with such an unbecoming version of yourself… Get what I meant with creepy before?
    Plus there's an awesome crapsack world scenario, one for the first sight one a tiny bit more subtle (the army shooting at the croats… reminds you of something?), just the way I like my Supernatural. They also toned down the uber-wisecracking, Dean did in the episodes before (Zacharia: "it's enough Dean" *nods* so true, so true) and left most of the truly funny bits to Castiel. The "the voice tells me" part was hilarious. And on the other side the "I was in a much better club" was one of the most serious things we've ever heard from the angel. Made me think, liked that. Finally the "showdown" between LucySam and Dean was just beautiful. Kitschy yes, oh God, that suit, the rose and the tear drops of doom, but beautiful. This is what we're all expecting at least since season two and it's coming straight and fast. Dean defiant till the end, even sobbing and with his voice breaking, Lucifer cool, arrogant and knowing like hell (no pun intended) and Sam even more defiant and, in contrast to his brother, actually hopeful. My favourite episode of season five so far.
  • Another great episode for the season and bring on the "Parent Trap"

    This episode was just plain awsome. It starts out with Dean in yet another of his favorite places to be, hotels that should just be condemmed. There he talks with Cas who yet again can't understand that humans can not run around the world multiple times a days everyday without stopping. Also Cas appearently has issues with cell phones, the voice says I am running out of minutes, ha. By the way how did Cas ever get a cell phone? After Dean's banter with Cas, he gets to sleep for a while and then Sam calls and tells him what the Devil told him last episode. Kudos to Sam for telling Dean the truth and not hiding it or trying to dance around the truth. Then Dean goes to sleep after telling Sam that they should not be together hunting, after which the hotel turns into a real dump when he wakes up. Dean soon finds that the world has turned into a real dump and a demonic virus, from season 2 Croatoan, has taken over the world. From here things just get worse. If you like blood and gore this is difinately one of the episodes that you should not miss. After Dean runs for a while away from zombie people and army duds shotting large numbers of people with playing "Do you love me" Dean goes in search of fearless Bobby.

    While on the way to find him he runs across "angel", because let's admit that he is seeming more like an evil mastermind the further we get into the season, Zachariah. Zach tells him the fun story of how he is in the future and that he wants Dean to learn a lesson while there. Ah Zach you should be really careful about the way that you word things to Dean because he might take it the wrong way and learn mroe than one lesson at a time. So Zach goes away before Dean gets to Bobby's, just to find out or guess that Bobby has died and that Cas looks to be held up at some camp.

    So Dean heads to the camp to see the most horrible thing yet to happen in this episode, his baby the impala is in ruins. Before he has too much time to diliberate on this he gets knocked out by no other than himself. So Dean has a nice long conversation with himself about what is going on. And present Dean is not really liking future Dean that much. So after future Dean leaves to go get something, present Dean gets out of the cuffs and explores because why would you want to be cuffed to a room for a few days anyway? While exploring Dean meets up with Chuck who is a little confused by Dean's behavior and later meets up with Cas.

    Appearently the future has not been kind to our lovely angel friend. He is stoned and has orgies, but he can still tell that there is something different about Dean. By the way scruffy Cas is cute.

    So finally future Dean gets back, with low and behold the Colt, the magical gun that can kill anything. Future Dean decides that it is time to kill the Devil and plans a suicide mission to take him out. Cas and the rest of the camp kids think this is nuts but Dean is in charge. Cas also admits that he likes present Dean more which makes future Dean somewhat unhappy and that it would be silly to take present Dean along, but future Dean disagrees. The Dean's have another talk, which brigns us to the sad point, that if you watched the previews you would have already known, that Sam a few years back said yes to beign the Devil's meat suit and that they are going to have to kill Sam. He also admits that if he could do it all over again he would say yes to the Michael and that present Dean should when he goes back.

    On the car ride to the "final" hunt, Cas and Dean have a fun conversation about why Cas is so "useless" as he puts it. He became mortal when all the angels left and now he is powerless. So why wouldn't he just want to live life to the "fullest" by doing drugs and having sex all the time? At the hunt, the Dean's talk again which leads to present Dean realizing that it is all a trap and that future Dean is just going to far tries to undo the damage, but future Dean knocks him out, again. Present Dean wakes up and finally meets the Devil, just before he snaps future Dean's neck. You know Dean when you said back in season 1 episode 7, Skin, how many times am I going to be able to see my own funeral? you really did not how many times you were going to die on this show did you. So anyway, Dean has a conversation with Devil-Sam and he is just not buying his story at all. And then the Devil-Sam leaves and says that there is nothing that Dean can do to stop this from happening. Dean completely upset returns to the past with Zack's "help".

    Zack now wants Dean to say yes, but Dean took home a second message, taht Dean thinks is just as valuable, that Zack definately did not thinkt hat he would get, that Sam and Dean need each other to stay human which he later admits to Sam. Zack is really getting pissed, which seeing what he has done in past episodes is saying something, but before he can do anything, Dean is wisked away by our lovely, still powered-up, angel friend, Cas. Where Dean is very greatful and says that he wishes that Cas never change before he calls Sam to met him. Where they makeup somewhat and decide to hit the rode together is the trusty and still well maintained impala.

    Just an awsome episoe with very one playing great double roles. Definatley one of the best of the series.

    Lessons learned in this episode: angels when gloating make sure that your hostages can not get away, toilet paper is as good as gold, and Cas needs to find something to do with his down time.
  • Lucifer's Last Laugh

    The End-Dean refuses Sam's efforts to help him battle the Devil, and then wakes up to find himself five years in the future, in a wasteland where Lucifer has begun his endgame by unleashing a virus that transforms humans into zombies. You know, I'm starting to realize that the Dean centric episodes turn out to be some of the best episodes from the series and "The End" is no exception. When I read the description for "The End", I thought we were in for a "Resident Evil/Dawn of the Dead" rip-off but instead, in Supernatural style, we get an emotional hour of television full of dark as well as hilarious revelations the apocalypse and how it might turn out if Sam and Dean don't stop it together. The zombie plague is only a minor plot point as the hour is more focused on character development for Dean and who better to teach Dean a valuable lesson than his future self. Jensen Ackles does a fine job of playing both his present Dean and his future, even-more-of-a-doucheb@g self. It also helped that the special effects made it seem seamless. The scene between the two Deans are actually pretty intense, especially when future Dean reveals exactly what happened to Sam during past years and pleading with present Dean to accept his fate as Michael's vessel. There also great scenes like Dean killing one of other hunters in cold blood and sacrificing the rest of the hunters on the team just to kill Lucifer that effectively show just how heartless and darker Dean could become in this future.

    But this episode isn't all doom and gloom with the usually hilarious moments like Zachariah reading the newspaper with President Palin and Castiel as stoner which were priceless. I also loved Chuck's little advice about stocking up on toilet paper to Dean. But at the end of the day, you get a sense of how hopeless this future is, especially the chilling scene with present watching Lucifer kill his future self. Lucifer basically tells Dean that it is hopeless and no matter what he does, he will end up at that exact moment where he kills him. Jensen gives a great show of emotions here as he looks into the eyes of the devil who now wears his son's body. Now I know I'm gonna get a lot of crap for this, but I felt Jared's portrayal of Lucifer was a bit flat. I mean, here the moment where we finally find out what exactly made Lucifer the devil and makes a thought-provoking speech about his view on good and evil, but Jared's delivery just wasn't as compelling as it should have been. Sorry, I still think he's a good actor though. Anyway, after Zachariah brings Dean back to his time, he decides to bring Sam back along with him. It's a touching moment and I'm glad Dean came to the realization that they only have each other in these final days to the apocalypse. It's better they fight together than apart and it gives us hope that even if the world does end and the brothers least they'll be together like they should. "The End" is an insightful look into the future with some great performances, excellent dialogue and amazing developments. This could be the best episode thus far this season!
  • Another knock out of the park

    It's a fairly common storytelling device within the genre: take a character into the future, show how bad it will turn out to me, and then return the character back into normal time. Not only does it reveal something about the character in terms of his or her reaction to the revelation, but it increases the tension for the audience. Knowing how bad it could get gives the audience a reason to invest in the characters and their attempt to prevent it.

    In this case, we don't really know if this is a true vision of the future. Zachariah has been known to mess with Dean's head before, and manipulation is the order of the day. Zachariah doesn't seem sincere even when there's plenty of reason for him to be sincere. Dean catches on to that pretty quickly, and does his best to make a choice that might change things up a bit. Of course, because Future Dean said that Dean would do exactly that, the audience is left with that familiar tension. Has that future been avoided, or will this just be a much harder road to the same bitter end?

    A lot of people questioned whether or not the Brothers Winchester should work together before they resolve their serious individual issues. I also would have preferred that the separation last a bit longer. It would have given Dean time to find himself again, to get back a sense of self-reliance. That journey could have also given him perspective on his weaknesses, driving him to an internal resolution to those problems. As entertaining and dark as this episode was, it was really a way for the writers to cheat and get Dean to that self-realization a lot faster.

    Future Dean was a much harder and less humane individual, willing to sacrifice his friends and family to win the day. But at the same time, it was also a version of Dean that was all too easy to recognize. Dean has shown a capacity to set aside human compassion for the sake of the mission in the past, and Sam was an empathetic influence on Dean. It's enormous progress for Dean to recognize that flaw within himself and understand that Sam was the key to avoiding that loss of perspective.

    For all that this vision of a possible future was able to jump start Dean's self-awareness trip, it didn't do much for Sam's side of the coin, and that is probably the biggest downside. Sam needed to struggle on his own for a lot longer. He's still running from the devil, but I don't see that his personal issues have been addressed at all. Granted, it's not as if the character is now confident, as if that journey had taken place already. Sam is still conflicted and adrift, unsure what to do to make amends.

    It all comes down to one vital question: where are the writers going with Sam? Dean is fairly well-defined now; he has a vision of the future to inform his choices, and Castiel is there to help him. But what about Sam? Sam is running from the devil and himself. He's reacting, not acting. Something needs to break to get Sam back to his strengths.

    That uncertainty plays into the final scene of the episode, which felt incredibly awkward. Sam's lack of confidence is palpable, and he really doesn't seem like himself at all. For that reason, an alternative interpretation comes to mind. What if Sam has already given in to Lucifer? What if the oddness of the scene was intentional, meant to convey that Lucifer is still working out how to impersonate Sam to achieve some short-term endgame?

    It would be a shame to ignore the visions of the future, because there was some great continuity there. I'm sure that it was just a way to resolve a loose end from the second season, but the shout-out to the Croatoan virus was a nice touch. It further underscores the notion that all the twists and turns over the years have been leading to this, and that Sam really was being set up to be the Antichrist Superstar so he could unleash Lucifer and become his vessel.

    I thought the portrayal of Lucifer was very well done, and extremely consistent with what had been shown before. It's important that Lucifer have a recognizable motivation, and there's plenty of room in the classical interpretations of Lucifer to develop a consistent version for "Supernatural".

    I like the idea that Lucifer set the whole thing in motion out of his idea of love. All his actions against humanity, right down to the creation of demons from human souls, has been to prove just how right he was to deny humanity its appointed place as God's favorites. Demons, from his perspective, would simply be the true face of humanity laid bare. The scope of Lucifer's hatred for humanity rightfully informs the depth of his self-delusion.

    Some will still believe that the writers are framing Lucifer in a sympathetic way, but considering how quickly Dean calls him out on how twisted his logic is, that's clearly not the intent. Instead, indirectly, it demonstrates how the rest of the angels have fallen. They have been saying exactly the same things that Lucifer says in this episode. Only Castiel seems to be staying the course. That makes it very clear that the writers aren't trying to say that angels are inherently evil, but rather, that they have fallen without realizing that's what they've done.

    This is another strong episode for Misha Collins. Future Castiel was definitely played for chuckles at first, but it's not left there. Castiel is not praised for his change in lifestyle; he's painted as tragic for having lost himself. He's a total mess, and he knows it. Seen in contrast with everything that Lucifer says, it is a chilling reminder that there may be a reason why humanity deserves what it might get. The Brothers Winchester don't just have to save humanity; they need to show why humanity deserves to be saved in the first place.
  • What's the hell!!!!!

    I sure supernatural make me crazy!

    I love the eps like resident evil! crapy!

    First: the conversatcion in the benging betewen sam and dean so sad. Dean have to stop to blame sam for everything! sam needs another chance!

    Second: the future it' so crapy!dude! when dean run the croators so crapy! the music so rock Third: dean to face dean so awesome! really funny when said for the dean of future " dick" so hilarius.

    Four: dean realize the mistakes he did, and your confront with lucifer "sam" so great!

    Five: the brothers togther again! and sam is second the best hunter kkkkkk go dean! kkkkkkkk

    so guys, I can't wait fot the next!

    kiss cau!
  • Welcome to 5 years into the future of the apocalypse. Enjoy your stay!

    I loved the episode. Absolutely loved it. I have to say that as I watched Dean turn down Sam's request to rejoin him I started hyperventilate especially as the conversation came to an end. I couldn't help it. I knew they were going to end up together again but I just...Anyway, on to the rest of the episode.

    2014 Dean was cold. Simple as that, I saw it so did everyone else including 2009 Dean. Hence his comment about him being a d*ck. I probably shouldn't have been too surprised about future Dean torturing but I was. It saddened me a lot as did future Cas. I mean don't get me wrong the whole orgy thing was funny but I prefer Cas now. As for Sammy finally saying yes to Lucifer that was sad too. We may not have seen when he finally did but knowing that he did was sad. Chuck's bits were funny. Oh I haven't mentioned yet that 2014 Dean definitely not as funny as 2009 Dean. As for the scene between 2009 Dean and Lucifer it was sad and so hard to watch because here the guy is possessing Sam so it looks like him but it's not. I think Jared and Jensen did a phenomenal job in this episode. But they always do a wonderful job. When 2014 Dean told 2009 Dean to say yes to Michael I was all, "No" that's not the answer. Of course our present day Dean knew better. I was ecstatic at Sam and Dean's reunion. I swear it almost felt like it had been forever since Sam and Dean had last been together. It was great to hear Dean tell Sam he was wrong. Good boy Dean. And Sammy...well I know it made all the difference in the world that Dean called Sam back to hook-up again for hunting/fighting the apocalypse. If Sam has ever needed his big brother it's right now. But Dean needs his little brother too.

    Wonderful job on the writing and execution of the episode. Until another day everyone.
  • Dean refuses Sam's efforts to help him battle the Devil, and then wakes up to find himself five years in the future, in a wasteland where Lucifer has begun his endgame by unleashing a virus that transforms humans into zombies.

    The episode was absolutely fantastic and this show continues to impress me week after week. Again there was superb acting from the entire cast and great when you can see actors truly wanting their work to come through! The scenes with Cas again were hilarious and were put together very well. The writers and the actor are doing a wonderful job portraying his personal journey as he transitions from an unquestioning obedient angel to a rebellious outcast. The scene where he tells Dean, "This is serious Dean, the voice is telling me I'm running out of minutes!" as classical! They also did a good job with his full transformation in the future!

    Of course the tension, chemistry, and drama between the brothers has been outstanding and well acted. You could almost feel the pain in Dean when he encountered Lucifer incarnate just finishing the present Dean off so coldly. Sam does a good job of portraying a soul truly absent from its body.

    Supernatural you are truly the best thing on CW...why can't that network pick up more shows like this!
  • Zacharia transports Dean into the future to persuade Dean to yes to Michael's vessel.

    "I thought I smelled your stink in this Back To The Future crap!"

    "You horde toilet paper you understand me!"

    "Wash up for the orgy". LMAO

    An exceptional Supernatural episode. Then again they are exceptional episodes aren't they? This episode though was fun to see because of the plot about seeing the future.

    Dean gets transported five years into the future by Zacharia. Zacharia's plan is to present such a bleak, pessimistic universe that Dean will say yes to the archangel Michael.

    This episode was great especially to see Castiel out of character from Angel to hippe pervert. Misha Collins is a great actor. He really supports Jensen and Jared's characters very well with Castiel. Kurt Fuller has been terrific as Zacharia.

    This really is the best show on Television. I am never let down by Supernatural unlike other shows.

    Back to the episode it was interesting and entertaing to see two Deans going at it, and see how Dean deals with Zacharia's pressure to say yes.

    Great stuff. I can't really say anything more except that this show is the best.
  • 28 days later...Spoilers inside.

    The first minutes of Dean in the future reminded me of that movie and i have to say i loved it. I am not going to say it's the best episode ever, since i say that about a lot of episodes, but it ranks very high on my list of favorites. Dean meets Dean five years from now and gets a glimpse of a future altered and created by his own choices. Somewhat of a bitter pill courtesy of Zach, who hasn't yet learned that Dean, and most humans like the free choice, and dislike the whole road trip down guilt lane. I liked in this episode that they emphasised the differences between present and future Dean, the character wasn't linear, like it sometimes happens in other shows, and also the change was believable. Five years of horror changes everybody.
    The other thing I liked about this episode was that it tied some of the other episodes and storylines with the current action, like croatoan and the time Dean spend in hell. The change in Castiel, well he still reminded me of a little boy lost, and i liked when dean tells him at the end: Don't ever change! The fact that the brothers are back togheter is great, having them apart was strange, seeing Sammy as Lucifer snapping Dean's neck, was just creepy, though i must admit I did to my shame chuckled when he replyed to : are you going to kill me with, well that would be a little redundant.
    I have to say I am curios now how they will solve all this apocalyptic mess in the end.
    Until next week top grades from me.
  • I can just say WOW!

    I really love Supernatural and are abig fan of it. Every episode is so great, but this one. This on was so fantastic that showed Dean that whitout him Sam is lost and without Sam Dean is lost. It was a really good script and showed emotions and damn the did it so FANTASTIC! Woow. I don't think there is a better episode than this. Okay all SN episodes are so fantastics but like I said. This one was faboulus. I say thank you Eric for doing this fantastic show and thanks to all of the viwers around the world that keep watching this great show so we all can see it for many more seasons.
  • absolutely perfect in every way

    Character development was centre stage this episode, which was brilliantly acted, written, and shot. Dean's three day trip to 2014 showed him the consequences of cutting off Sam - not just for Sam's fate, not just for Dean's fate, and the fate of humanity, but for Dean's character/soul as well. 2009 Dean got a huge wake up call to see how callous his older self had become after five years of not forgiving sam, and not having sam in his life. Leaving Sam out in the cold had cut Dean off from his compassionate side, and not for the better. Yes, the apocalyptic circumstances played a huge role in turning Dean's heart to stone, but it seems that Dean concludes that the big cause, and the one that he can change, is how he deals with the rift with Sam. Dean's response to Zac after being brought back to the present was perfect: he says that yes he learned his lesson, just not the one Zac wanted him to. The final scene where Sam and Dean meet up at that dirt road with the big bridge in the background was really perfect - and the scene was great imagery for it. I love this ep for the usual reasons why Supernatural is the best show on tv, but also because it is true that forgiveness or lack of is a huge determinant of who we become in life, and this was a beaultiful exploration of that theme...
  • One of the top 5 episodes of the series up there with All Hell Breaks Lose II and Lucifer Rising...

    This episode finds Dean five years in the future which reminds me a lot of the episode "five years gone" from Heroes exactly like that episode there where some deep revelations that came with this trip 'Back to the Future' the thought that Dean in any time would say yes to Michael seems wrong some how. Though Cas of the future made me laugh. It was sad that Future Dean was so far gone that he sent his own people to die. Bobby being dead was also tragic, but some good came of it Sam and Dean are reunited, and finally we got an answer to a question that had been bugging me for a few seasons. "What part would the croatoan virus play in the war?" and with that answer i don't think there are any questions left from season two. All in all a great episode can't wait to see how the rest of the season progresses. :)
  • Sam reaches out to Dean to get back together. Dean refuses. Zachariah grabs Dean and moves him five years into the future to show him the results of his decisions. So Dean gets a first hand view of the destruction of man and the end of the Earth.

    Another terrific Supernatural episode. I don't generally enjoy the whole move around in time thing, but this was handled exceptionally well. With two Deans in the future Zachariah makes a real mistake. You really have to pay attention when the jerk that's talking is you!

    ***** Spoilers *****

    Wow, Sam as Lucifer was very cool. Just the way he acted differently than Jared as Sam. Jared as Lucifer was cool, calm, and collected. Just watch the facial expressions then versus the tormented Sam at the end of the episode.

    I don't think Dean was very happy with himself in the future. He doesn't believe he would ever get that way, but at least he understands the one thing that, as he put it to Sam, will keep them human. I guess that was what Sam was thinking as well. Cas in the future was sort of interesting. He loses his Angel powers and sort of goes native. At least he stuck with Dean till the end. Talk about loyalty. I loved when Dean returned and he told Cas never to change.

    So now Dean and Sam are going to have to watch out for Demons, Lucifer, Angels, and Jehovah Witness'. Boy talk about walking a mine field.

    Again a very powerful episode from Kripke and company. Things just keep getting worse and the episodes just keep on rolling along. I think this is going to be one Hell of a year literally. Thanks for reading...
  • Everybody has a crusade in Supernatural. Dean wants to defeat Lucifer without becoming Michael's vessel; Sam wants to defeat Lucifer without becoming his vessel; Cass wants to find God and Zachariah wants Dean to be Michael's vessel. 5 years later...

    This was definitely an episode I looked forward to. And when I finally got to see it, it wasn't entirely what I expected. However, I still enjoyed it. While some might find it hokey, I love these trips into the past and future. It certainly gives us, as an audience, a certain perspective. And really, perspective is what this episode is all about. Dean learns about a side of himself in two unique ways. The first is his future self, where he's lost a part of his soul. Future Dean doesn't give a rat's ass about others - it's all about killing Lucifer who just happens to inhabit Sam's meatsuit. Dean is disgusted by Future Dean and shocked at what the last five years has apparently driven him to do. The second lesson comes in for Present Dean. While he informs the smug Zachariah that he has indeed learned a lesson, it's not the one the Zachariah intended to teach him. What it comes down to for Dean is that, just as when the show first started, it's always been about family. And while family can be your Achilles' heel (Dean's words), it can also be your greatest strength. And family is not something the narcissistic Lucifer or the selfish angels can comprehend. At the start, Sam told Dean he was looking for redemption. By offering Sam forgiveness, Dean has already gotten his brother halfway there. Dean is constantly waging war against others who try to bar him from his chosen path. But Dean has also learned that there is no single path that he must walk along, that he must swallow his pride and have the courage to choose another way of doing things. Future Cass was very telling. While seemingly a carefree type hippie, the underlying current of despair was very evident. This Cass had been abandoned - by his angel "powers", by his angel brethren and ultimately by his Lord. The epitome of loneliness. He'd obviously failed in his mission to find God and had been unable to prevent Future Dean's own fall from moral grace. Cass even mentions how much he liked the "past Dean" - a nod to how much of his world has fallen by the wayside.

    Last weeks episode introduced a very Cain and Abel vibe with Sam and Dean. It didn't surprise me that future Sam had chosen to become Lucifer's vessel. Sam, like Cass, had been abandoned. His parents dead, his brother ashamed and angry, and the gnawing guilt of having brought forth the end of the world would not doubt drive Sam to despair. Most especially without the moral compass/centre provided by his brother, Sam became lost. I have to give major props to Jared Padalecki for his performance as Lucifer. I noticed a lot of range with the character of Dean in the last few years, but didn't feel enough attention being given to the character of Sam. Let's face it - Dean gets some of the best lines in each episode while Sam just hangs in for the ride. From Sam's "death" up till now, we moved past "Sensitive Sam" into "Screwed Up Sam." But the character growth has not been as strong as I thought it should be. So it was a joy to see Jared flex some major acting muscle in this episode and certainly demonstrates some serious range for him as an actor. I knew it was there (as I said, many hints of it in the last season of "Supernatural"), I was just waiting for the writer's to get really creative. Give the writers a raise.
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