Season 7 Episode 3

The Girl Next Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2011 on The CW

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  • Bum bum bum...

    You killed Kaylee! I can't forgive Dean for that one! I know you're an ass but come on! Lol enjoyed the episode anyway.
  • With a bit of patience, a wtf ending...

    I love Supernatural. And I loved following the characters through losing the house, getting a leg broken (Dean!), and in recovery (Sam, what are you seeing? 'cause we see none of it). This episode was good cool down for the non-extreme episodes of the seasons, and I liked a lot of it. Sam's first kiss (I'm assuming), some of Dean's quirks (pie, soap operas), and progress, however small, with the leviathans. Was it just me or did the cheese scene remind anyone else of when Khal Drogo killed Viserys on Game of Thrones? Anyway.

    The sticker was the ending. At first I was insanely upset, and I've done that before, I've gotten over it. But I will NOT accept that sort of emotionally tortuous and angsty ending if it's not practical!! And unfortunately, it wasn't. How is the kid supposed to feed without killing people? Oh, Amy did it, you say. Yeah, we don't know how. The only superpower they have is pretty lame, getting spiky claws. Can't sneak in anywhere. I guess they'd learn to find corpses? hang around places where dead bodies get dumped? Did Dean think that through? If he killed the mother, he just gave the kid a huge reason to go out of control murderer. He had to kill the boy. But we all know he didn't... Anyway, I understand the point of that, but that loose end is going to bug me forever.

    That said, I love the Doctor Who and (maybe?) Game of Thrones references, I loved the parallel between Sam and yet another of his monster lovers, and I enjoyed getting back on my feet with the gang for the rest of the season.
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • Compelling moral dilemma wrapped up in a flashback episode.


    I usually like to focus on the fun stuff, but I read some great thinky thoughts about this episode. It sparked a lot of very interesting meta discussion. I really like it when the lines between good and evil are blurred. Amy saved Sam's life by killing her own mother, but once she is a mother herself she kills people to save her own son. You can't really blame her for that, but can you let her keep doing it? What happens next time her son gets sick, or she loses her job as a mortician, or something else compels her to kill again? But what if she saved your life once and is doing everything in her power to survive with her son without hurting anyone? Do you owe it to her to give her another chance? What is really interesting is that all the positions in this moral dilemma, Sam's, Dean's and Amy's, all seem equally defendable to me.

    Great guest stars this episode. I ADORE Jewel Staite, and Colin Ford is such a talented young actor.

  • Happy to see my youngsters

    I'm glad to see the younger Winchester boys again, since I haven't seen them in a while. I wish there was a bit more of the young Winchesters around. I like the plot a lot this time and defiantly miss the sad Sammy.
  • Sam hunts a woman he met nearly fifteen years ago.


    Flashbacks are hit or miss. Sometimes, they can be a great way to reveal things about characters that enhance our knowledge of them. Sometimes, however, flashbacks don't do anything but drag us away from the narrative, making us wish we were in the present instead of the past. This episode of Supernatural uses flashbacks for the first time in awhile and I think it falls somewhere in between the two.

    The problem with this one is the actors in the flashbacks. The people playing Sam and Amy seem incredibly stiff. Every time we jumped back to them, I was surprised at how little I was invested in their troubles. It seemed like every cliche in the book, from the way they met to the way they kissed. It was interesting how she ended up being a kitsune, which is some sort of creature that needs brains to survive (I feel like that was an X-Files episode or something). The story itself was pretty good. It was just the flashbacks and the way they awkwardly jumped back and forth.

    And how about that ending? I know Dean is serious about hunting but what he did seemed a step WAY over the line. I sort of wish he didn't do that in one way because it makes him look vicious, but at the same time, it says a lot about what he think of Sam and his situation.

    This wasn't a bad episode by any means, but it certainly wasn't great. There was just too many flashbacks for my liking and not enough good writing.

  • The Girl Next Door


    The Girl Next Door was a perfect episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it blended the current and past story lines perfectly, the acting was excellent and there was lots of plot and character development. It was interesting to see Dean do what he did, and the Leviathan in the last scene did something shockingly fun and kinda twisted and I thank the writers. This episode feels like the Supernatural of the first few seasons yet fresh, current, and full of action, new drama and intrigue. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Love me some teen!chesters!


    I love it when they explore the boys' weird and dysfunctional childhood. It had been hinted at before that John had a drinking problem, but the throwaway line in the pilot "he probably has Jack, Johnny and Jose with him" could well have been a smoke screen to hide from Jess what the real problem was. But this episode confirmed it when young Sam says: "My dad has a temper too. You wouldn't want to see him when he's been drinking." Colin Ford is so great as Sam it's always a joy to have him back. I really loved the scene when he and young Amy are sharing their troubles with their parents, and always being the new kid, and different from everyone else. The emotional continuity in this was perfect. Sam has been an inveterate hunter for so long I had almost forgotten the earlier Sam who hated hunting and longed to be normal above all else.

    It is the story of Sam's life that his effort to be normal instead lands him smackdab in the supernatural bull's eye. Sam is forced to research kitsunes for his father, but his interest lies with a more normal 15-year-old pursuit: the cute blonde at the other table. After a touching moment when he asks Dean how to talk to girls, Sam gathers his courage to approach Amy--who is of course the daughter of the very kitsune his father and brother are hunting. This sets up a conflict that will come back to haunt him many years later when he's a much different person--who in the end makes exactly the same choice: to let her go.

  • When I first heard about the episode, I couldn't wait to see it. A story seemed very promising from Sam's past and directed by Jensen.. What's not to like!That said, now I will - not criticizingly - go through the episode with you...


    I just have few points to comment on story-wise..

    I wished this episode would take place in the hospital and continue from where things were left last time. However, the episode was three weeks later. I was kind of disappointed because things were very hectic and cliffhanger- like and those couple of scenes in the beginning didn't quench my thirst. Things were solved shallowly.

    I know that Dean is worried about Sam but he's treating his brother's condition wrong. I'm sensing impatience and mistrust and it's still only "the paint pealing off of the wall", that's not good plus what's he going to do later if it's like this now?!
    As for killing Amy behind Sam's back.. The first thing comes to me besides being angry with Dean, is the scene from last week episode when he begged Sam to believe and trust him. Now he wouldn't do the same for his brother! They have been through this trust issue before.. Didn't they (or he) learn yet?!

    Killing Amy is a double-faced moral issue but the first thing comes to my mind is Leonore the vampire from S2 and how Dean let her go - not knowing if she'd stay "vegetarian" or not; moreover he felt guilty for all the nonviolent creatures he might have killed in the past.
    NOW he created a monster he could've avoided. Seeing his mother and food supporter die in front of his eyes, Jacob now might start killing people for survival (If not him, it would be the one who would raise him) or out of anger; and seek revenge on Dean for his mother.

    This whole thing, the mistrust issue and killing Amy, will backfire on Dean.. If not Jacob himself it will something bigger. What if Sam knew? This could be a problem!.. And things could escalate if they bury their arguments as usual.

    One last thing, I felt sad because Sam still sees himself as a freak. He WAS when he had demon blood in him, but now he's 'just' suffering much more than Dean did when he got back from hell. And if it is the way they live, then it's not just Sam who is a freak. How the writers keep pushing Sam into this plot, it just make me feel sad for him.

    Can't wait to see what will happen with the Leviathans, they seem "wicked" smart.

    As whole, I loved the episode. There were great and funny moments; and I loved how the flashbacks were, colored, cut and timed; and I just have to say how I loved the guest stars: Amy, young Amy and young Sammy - it's always good to see young Sammy in action.. They all were great!

    Extra thanks to Jensen for giving this great episode beside his amazing acting; There were scenes I'd replay over and over. And thanks to Jared as well, and all the cast and crew.

  • Great episode directed by Jensen!


    I really liked how he handled the flashbacks. The present-day scenes were all grey-blue tones, whereas the past scenes were all sepia toned. The brilliant part was how he transioned between the two: by dissolving on the close-up of a face, the screen was filled by warmer beige tones, which merged seamlessly with the sepia filter on the past scenes.

    I'm also really impressed that he did some great acting while directing for only his second time. I could keep rewatching the scene where he wakes up in the hospital all morphined-up and unaware of his leg cast. Jensen has always been great with even the little things--you really feel he's drowsy and disoriented and doped up.

    Jared also did a great job with Sam's moral quandary. They really painted in the grey areas. The "monster" was sympathetic, but she was killing people, even if she was picking low-lifes and it was to save her son. And this leads to an interesting examination of Sam and Dean's respective chinks in their armour. Sam empathizes with others who, like him, are "freaks" through no choice of their own, but are trying to do the best they can with the hand they were dealt. Especially one with whom he had bonded over their shared freakiness when he was young. Dean, on the other hand, was much more brainwashed by his father's "If it's supernatural, it's evil and we kill it" edict than Sam. But he has his chinks as well. The first and biggest is of course Sam: "if you can't save him, then you have to kill him" to Dean means "never stop trying to save him." Also children, especially since he has been a father to Ben. Amy's son is also a kitsune, and presumably now that he no longer has a mother who is a mortician and can supply him with pituitary glands, will have to kill to survive. And yet Dean makes sure he has someone to go to and lets him go. This ending opens the door to lots of questions about where Dean is at right now. Killing Amy behind Sam's back seems more ruthless than Dean usually is. I hope there are answers.

  • Sam and Dean and Bobby are on the run, taking time to recuperate from their encounter with Leviathan when Sam runs across some old, unfinished business.


    What wasn't there to love about this ep!

    Sam and Dean heading for Sioux Falls General (current Leviathan Headquarters), both grievously wounded. We get some stoned Dean, unconscious Sam and 'to the rescue' Bobby. Alas, we don't get our beloved boys tracking this season's baddie through undead flooded corridors, which is fine considering how FUBAR'd last seasons 'big confrontations' were once they were executed.

    What we do get instead is largely wonderful,.(I say largely because although there was evidence of Sam's new 'tic' [the stroking of his palm scar whenever Lucifer's around or bugging him] I'm worried that they're going to whitewash Sam's fragmenting psyche leaving us wholly disappointed by once more ignoring the incredible potential this psychological stewpot could produce.)

    Hiding at Rufus' old cabin, and while on a snack run, a striking headline draws Sam's attention, throwing his memory back to his early teen years, operating as 'professor peabody' while dad and Dean worked the hunt for a rare creature called a Kitsune*.

    At the library, searching up whatever information would be available Sam runs across a cute young teenage girl, who obviously lights one of his first fires. The problem is that she won't talk with him, even after he tries to use whatever advice he could get from Dean.

    The young damsel falls into distress, accosted by two young bullies who bring to mind all sorts of possibly 'pack' related danger.

    Natch, our brave young idealist dashes in to the fair maiden's rescue and all is well, the ice is broken and now a friendship can begin to bloom.

    Meanwhile in the non-flashback world of the base ep, people are dying, well scumbags are dying, parts of their mid-brains (*the pituitary glands) are being stolen.

    Dean has realized that once again, Sam has ditched him, and stolen the car. I have to say that I enjoyed the boys being separated, each man working their own case; well Sam working his case, and Dean working on finding Sam. (Even viceversa it's a fan-ficcer's dream.)

    Back to flash-back land - Sam and Amy? bond over familial angst and the sense of freakish helplessness they both bear while living under the thumb of totalitarian dictators that are their parents. Sam is brought to terms with his 'freakishness' by his new friend's gentle assertion that they're both freaks and that's what makes them special. I hope that what we got to see was Sam's first kiss...Then of course the moment is spoiled when Amy's controlling, dictatorial mother comes home.

    Amy tries to hide Sam, knowing her mother will kill the boy if he's discovered. Inevitably young Sam IS discovered, and to save her new friend Amy does the unthinkable, killing her own mother, the very monster Sam realizes his dad and brother have been hunting.

    Unwilling to make his first kill on the girl who just saved his life, Sam urges her to run, she asks him to come with, but he knows and we know, he can't. (We also know John would never stop hunting him if he did.)

    Back to present - Sam returns to his motel room, opening the door just in time for Dean's fist to explode into his eye. "New rule, you take my car I get to punch you!" Dean growls. (That was awesome and true brotherhood.)

    Sam comes clean, explaining the whole story and pleading with his brother to understand that he believes Amy will never kill again. She's found a way to cope with the travails of her existence without hurting others (The murders she'd committed were to protect and heal her child). Dean, to his credit seems to capitulate and trust Sam's judgement, of course we know he can't. And we're right. And a new cycle of vengeance is begun when he's caught killing Amy, by her son.

    The ep wraps up with Leviathan's kindred hot on the Winchester boys' heels, using their known alias's to track them down.

    Personally, I felt a very deep resonance with this episode, Sam's companionship with a young girl who turns out to be a young Kitsune... something about that just strikes a chord in me, thanks guys!

    *(The writers' take on what a Kitsune is, was interesting to say the least, I'm a little surprised that Bobby didn't know what one was given his proficiency with things Japanese - but then again, maybe the writers didn't want to go too far into things...)

    So, for very personal reasons I must now count this ep as one of my favorites (strange since when I first learned about it over the past summer I wasn't sure about the concept).

    Here's hoping this season will be better than last. So far, so good.

    To Kast and Krew, thanks as always for your hard work.

    As always, special love to Jensen and Jared, and yes Jim, You too.

  • so next...


    the 1st time I saw what we thought Jensen was thinking when he directed the eps, but now I understand: the end of a myth. Dean is not a superhero; dean is human and therefore can not be on thegoodness we put it. And the ending shows that Dean knows that Sam will be p. ... of life with him, but as a hunter knows that tb has its tud cosequencias and pay to see is not his. And kill the girl was cruel, but to see that it kills him no pleasure but a painful task to be fulfilled, since sam was too involved for this. But going back to see more eps monster is even a review of a temp and that's good. In more eps was good but I must say that the Jensen shone in eps especially for Bobby than this. But did their homework properly.

    Waiting for thenext stand that will be a heart, miss jo!

    kiss cau.

  • Another great episode!!

    To be honest when i first heard about this episode i thought that it would be boring.And i still think that the case sounds a bit boring but i believe that what saved this episode was Jensen Ackles awesome directing.He directed another episode of spn last year and it was awesome but this year it was even more awesome.I believe that he is very talented and i cant wait to see him direct another episode o spn!!
  • Good story. But so many things were "off" about this episode! It really felt written by amateurs. Not up to the usual great standard!


    One of the most impressive things about Supernatural is how tightly paced and witty it is. This episode completely let go of pacing. The tension & timing setting up the scenes were badly off.

    The payoffs kept missing the mark too. One example of many: Another writer might've been able to make this non-payoff for the cliffhanger of Bobby's presumed death work, but not these writers. Having him just shrug it off and say he lived, without explanation, seemed lame without more of a set up. Since the episode was about shape-shifters and the writers on this show normally never miss a beat, this seemed odd & left a gaping hole. It made you wonder if Bobby wasn't Bobby (especially when he showed up in a new haircut and tailored suit). But it wasn't used as a red herring or even addressed--because the writers clearly weren't aware of that hole! Amateurish.

    Much of the dialogue was unconvincing & strange too. If I'd seen the show for the first time, I would've thought the actors were to blame. But they're normally great.

    It wasn't the acting or even the directing. It felt like two new writers had been brought in & they weren't up to par. There are too few shows left in this series to allow that to happen! It's such a great show. Usually flawless & exciting. Please don't waste these last episodes on amateurs!!

  • Childhood romance, really?


    I have to say that it's a very disapointing episode after a great start of this season.

    Some childhood romance Sam has, with a monster, that Dean finaly kills. That's really stupid storyline that doesn't make any sense.

    Where's Lucifer, anyway? He decides to cut Sam some loose? And the Leviathan chaser, that slow??

    It bugs me to watch an episode like this. Come on, it's only the third episode and already a filler?

    Hope the next one's going to be better.

  • The Bore Next Door


    The Girl Next Door-Sam abandons Dean to investigate a case from his childhood that he thought he had solved: a demon that kills criminals and eats their brains.

    After two heavy hitting arc episodes to start out Season 7, we get...uhh....this. Now, I understand the writers not wanting to overload on the main story arc so soon, but considering the first two episodes were a stellar opener to the season, especially after Season 6 had such a sluggish start, "The Girl Next Door" feels...well...anti-climatic..... in every sense of the word. After last week's chilling conclusion with Sam and Dean pretty mush left at the mercy of the Leviathans as they were being brought to the hospital, "The Girl Next Door" pretty much brushes that all off for a rushed escape sequence where Bobby pops out of no where, alive and well, leading both Sam and Dean to safety. Talk about leaving the audience cut and dry! It not only ruins a pretty intense cliffhanger but goes as far as disrupting a solid narrative up to this point. Don't get me wrong, this episode has some good moments, most of them being the humor, like Sam sneaking out to go on a case while a promo for "My Bloodiest Valentine" comes on TV as Dean is past out. The irony of that scene is just priceless. But honestly, when it comes to the actual monster of the week plot, it's that rare generic, run-of-the-mill plot that in the end doesn't produce anything new or worth talking about.

    We get an look into Sam's past and see that a demon his dad and brother once hunted has returned in the present. We soon find out one of Sam's childhood crushes was a monster and she killed her own mom to protect Sam. It's all pretty straight forward stuff at this point. I can't help feeling if this was an episode in Season 1 or 2, this would have been more effective. The pace is slow, the twists were average, the action is almost none-existent and the some of the characters' actions/dialogue is predictable. It's Season 7, Sam's "I'm a freak" revelation and Dean's secretly killing Amy all felt like things we've seen before, actually,we've seen Sam and Dean do much worse to each other. It was hardly surprising seeing Dean go behind Sam's back and betray his trust, what is more surprising is that Sam didn't see it coming. Well, I guess since Sam is technically losing him mind at the moment, he wasn't thinking clearly at all throughout this episode. As for Amy, there's nothing really interesting about her or the Kitsune monsters. All we see of them is they have really long nails and that's about it. The only real Kitsune that makes a lasting impression is Amy's son, who vows to kill Dean after killing his mother. It's only real chilling moment in the episode that actually works. Even the Leviathan ending feels a little tacked on. The boiling hot nacho cheese scene was brutal but unfortunately that awful CGI with the Leviathan's mouth just take away from the moment. Did the budget get severely slashed this season? I know Supernatural has never been a SFX heavy series but when it counted, the effects were pretty cool, this season so far, kinda lackluster in that department. All and All, hate to give an episode such a low score, but "The Girl Next Door" is one of those fillers than came at the worst possible time. Nothing bad but nothing really good either, it's just well...there.

  • Nice episode, not as good as last week's, but I had expected that much. Sometimes you just need a few episodes of relative rest before the action and drama can spike again. This episode had much good things in it!


    I can understand that people rate this episode a bit lower than the first two, because it revered back into a monster of the week episode. But I don't think that is a bad thing per se. Sometimes you need episodes like this in between, to appreciate episodes like last week that much more.

    The reason that I still rate is high is because it had a lot of good things. Btw: I gave it a ten to level out the many people who obviously gave it a 0 ora 1 or something. I think the episode deserves a leveled score of about 8.5-9.

    Good things:

    -I liked the beginning, it kept up with the tension of last week.

    -I also liked the story of the week, although I think they got their facts wrong with the Kitsune eating brain parts...

    -What was a good sign was that the overall mythology-arc didn't get ignored. There was still some good Leviathan action in this one and there was talk about the mental state of Sam. Interesting difference in point of view between Bobby and Dean.

    -Nice humor: 3D trip to Hell (commercial), Dean's sarcasm, pie/cake, the soap opera.

    -I loved the 1998 scenes and that storyline. It was very in-character for Sam to be irritated that he couldn't live a normal life, and that he would let Amy live.

    -Dean's concern was understandible and well-acted (the look on Dean's face the moment where Bobby said to him that he should wait a few days!). Punching Sam in the face was unnecessary though, especially when it turned out that Sam was right about his reluctancy to tell Dean about Amy.

    -Well-directed by Jensen Ackles! This was a difficult episode with lots of short scenes and time-twists. He handled it well.

    Things I missed/ thought were not so good:

    -I would have loved to see the three weeks that were skipped. It's understandible that the writers want the boys alive and kicking again, but it felt too abrupt. I think they could have easily spend an episode with the escape, recovery and living on a lowdown of the Winchester boys and Bobby. Now we missed how Sam's injury apparently wasn't that bad (which I found a surprise) and how Bobby reacted to his burned down house. And where was he at the end of last episode, why didn't he pick up his phone? (maibe that will come up in an upcoming episode?). Also, I would have liked to see the talk Bobby must have had with Dean about the voicemail...

    -No talk about Castiel? Bummer. I bet Dean is trying to not think about him. No Crowley either...

    -And no Lucifer/Mark Pellegrino!! All we got was a whisper :( The continuity of Sam touching his wound was a nice touch btw.

    -I found it a bit unbelievable that Dean's leg would be healed in three weeks. Normally a cast must stay on for like 6 weeks, right? And this looked like a serious, non-clean break.

    -More of a personal opinion: I don't agree with Dean at all about killing Amy. And the way that he treated her son. I mean, they are kind of human! How would he feel, he of all people should know that it's terrible to lose a parent when you're so young? And like Sam said: if they were in Amy's shoes they would probably have done the same. It's not all black and white you know... like the Heinz dilemma of the guy who steals medicine for his dying child. Then again, I understand where Dean is coming from, also. It doesn't make me hate him or anything, it's just that I agree with Sam more in this situation. Dean is just being Dean, and it looked like he was regretting what he had to do.

    (sorry for my English/grammar, it's not my native language)

  • It was a good episode but it did disappoint me a little.


    The episode started off interesting and ending in an interesting way but the middle partwasn'tas good a the last 2 episodedon'tget me wrong it was a good episode but not so great ididn'tlike Dean not trusting Sam because Sam is not lying about him being fine because he is much better than before I hated the scene where Dean went and killed Samsfriendjust because she was a monster he didnt do that in the past infact he let a vampire live because she doesnt want to kill but not her why did you do that Dean and now he has made an enemy who wants to kill him when he grows up in the future. I still want to see what the Levaithans are planning and i want to know if Sam will know what Dean did to his friends and will he forgive him or not. I hope the next episode Bring the level ofentertainmentas the first 2 episodes and from the promo it looks promising.

  • Are you ok Sam? For the 100th time yes, yes im fine.


    Ever since sam's soul shattered, every other sentence Dean asks sam is are are you ok? Then again every 4 minutes of the show. Really getting annoying.

    This episode was really slow paced and I was so bored. Sam and dean are injured and go to the hospital where leviathans have taken over, but the leviathans decide to let sam and dean go. or what else could you call it when they arrive at night, the next morning they are still fine. and only as dean and sam are leaving do the leviathans finally realize that sam and dean are at the hospital.

    Another thing thats annoying is they keep repeating the word leviathans.

    Its like did u see that leviathingy dean says. Sam replies the leviathan?

    then bobby responds "those levian things...." grrr....just shut up. Ok well that about sums um this episode. nothing else happens that is important or good.

  • This episode was awesome. I mean, last episode was great, but this one was even better. Let's hear it for flashback episodes, people!


    This episode felt like the Supernatural of the olden days.

    I loved the kid who played younger Sam, he did a really good job. He had a cool "I'm all grown up" air about him. It was nice to see that even as a kid, Sam was the researcher of the group, while Dean (and his dad) was doing the killing.

    The whole episode was really sweet and heartfelt and you just know Sam is the only on who can get away with making a creepy, disturbing and freakish scenario heartwrenching and relatable.

    I liked how Sam identified with Amy. The timing of this episode was perfect, with everything that Sam's going through right now.

    Sam is trying to deal withwhat's going on with him since he can't change it and Dean isn't making it any easier. And I get it. Dean has been through all of the previous stuff along with Sam, all of Sam's bad moments, and now he's second guessing himself and Sam.But Dean needs to stop trying to change Sam and help him deal, because they've been down this road before. And if they don't watch out they'll end up in the same bad place.

    Sam his been trying to deal with stuff before and Dean's been hard on him, pushing him away andit has always ended up with Sam giving into thebad stuff. How about you try a more supportive approach this time, Dean...or not.

    Because then there's that thing at the end that Dean did that'sjust unforgivable. If Sam finds out, their brotherly love is over. I mean tell the guy right to his face what you think of him and what you're planning to do. It was just a special kind of backstabbing and I know he was trying to protect his "fragile" brother but that's not the way Sam will see it when he finds out and I'm betting he will. I don't want to be around when that argument goes down. Wait, scratch that. I do, with a tub of butter coveredpopcorn, a bag of chips and a coke.Watching other people's misery should NOT be this fun. Oh well,see you next week Supernatural.

  • Back to the Monster of the Week


    Going away from the heavy serialization of the past two episodes Supernatural decided to get away from it all back to the monster of the week, in this case a Kitsune. Following last week's cliffhanger, Bobby's still alive (obviously) and comes to help Dean and Sam get out of the hospital. In a rather suspenseful scene, the Leviathans there in the hospital inexplicably are unaware of the Winchesters being there until it's too late. But they get away and jump ahead three weeks to give Dean's broken leg time to heal. While Sam is still dealing with the stuff in his head while out getting supplies he sees a newspaper in a store that sends him into flashbacks of a childhood case of a girl named Amy Pond (yeah Doctor Who reference) who he met while instructing Dean and his dad how to kill one. Little did he know in a totally expected twist that Amy's mother and her were both the Kitsune's but before Amy's mom can kill her Amy kills her mom to save Sam. In the present Sam finds several victims of Amy's and when he catches up with her she apparently has a son and works as a mortician feeding on the dead and she only killed to save her sick son. When Dean catches up with him and punches him for stealing his car Sam tells him everything and Dean says he'll trust his judgment not killing her. Meanwhile the Leviathans track the Winchesters through their credit cards (somehow they know which ones to check) and begin their hunt for them which won't happen until next week obviously. What was characteristic and somewhat surprising was Dean going back to kill Amy (Firefly hottie Jewel Staite) because he's not willing to let monsters go free anymore. A good formula episode that had some good laughs and the Supernatural charm to it, Bobby and Dean oogling over a telenovela. Sam relating to Amy in that way is well written and Jensen Ackles did a great job at his second directing project of the series. Having Sam be somewhat stable enough to hunt again was a nice touch as well. Hopefully we get more of the case of the week distance from the main storyline otherwise the Leviathans will drag this out over the next 20 episodes and that could get old really fast.

  • Awesome episode again and this one is directed by Jenson Ackles himself which made it even better!


    I can understand the disappointment in some people who're probably taking their anger on the show by giving it low rating, Yes it does not have the old theme where the two brothers hunt down a wendigo or a vampire or whatever, but if you really are a supernatural fan like me you'll accept the fact that it's changed, everything changes and change is good, PLEASE don't give low rating to this show just cuz it can't give you what it used to before, PLUS the new stuff is awesome you should be thankful that they didnt stick to the regular routine of other tv shows where the brothers just solve cases and drive away with their impala in the end, awesome episode! can't wait for next week :D

  • another fantastic episode can't wait for next week to see dean on trail and sam as his brothers lawyer this will test both brothers is dean gonna tell sam what he did to amy probably not but sam will eventually find out when and if he does its all on dean


    wow another aweome episode gotta love this show what will happen next will sam find out about amy and when or if he does will he be angry at dean for not trusting him sam's never gonna forgive his brother we shall see what will happen with that. thank goodness bobby is alright was a little worried about him go supernatural you rock

  • Awesome episode, way to go Jensen Ackles for directing!


    This was a truly awesome episode, it rekindled the spirit of the earlier seasons I think with several laugh out loud moments as there were moments that make you cringe and hang onto the edge of your seat to keep up with the action. I wont spoil the fun for those who havent seen this episode yet, but what a treat, it was great to see Jensen get anotheropportunityto direct a episode. Well done, may there be many more. Although after this episode, I dont think I'll be getting nacho cheese anytime soon.