Season 7 Episode 20

The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sam and Dean set up at a cabin and try to figure out a pattern to Dick Roman's dig sites without success. The electricity around them flickers and Bobby appears and then flickers out momentarily. He warns them that he doesn't know how long they have until he fades out again and goes over the numbers in Wisconsin that he gave them. Bobby tells them that the Leviathans have broken ground already on the site and explains that they're building a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse. Dick plans to dumb everyone down using the contaminated meat, then cure humans of all the major disease. Once the Leviathans have created the perfect herd, they'll start wiping out humanity.

Dean and Sam receive an email from Frank that he prepared in case of his death or if someone hacked his hard drive, warning them that they have trouble. Frank's hard drive has compromising information on the Winchesters and has a tracking device in it. Sam tracks the signal to Richard Roman Enterprises's corporate headquarters.

Five Hours Earlier

A young woman named Charlie Bradbury arrives at Richard Roman Enterprises on her scooter and walks in past security. She goes to her desk and chats with her co-worker, Harry, while transferring funds away from a conservative super PAC. When Harry warns her against it, Charlie insists she can cover it. Her boss, Pete, calls Charlie to his office where Dick Roman is waiting. He says that he's close to victory and tells her that he knows all about her online hacking activities. However, Dick says that he's impressed and says that it's impossible to copy people like her. He then shows her Frank's hard drive, claims that he was hacking the company computers, and tells Charlie to crack it in the next three days or she's fired.

Charlie tells Harry what happened and goes to work at her desk. She gets past the first stage but determines that Frank anticipated her and the resulting virus wipes her computer.

As Dean and Sam prepare to head for the company HQ in Chicago, Bobby reminds them that the Leviathans know their faces and suggests that they mail in his flask instead. The brothers hesitate and then finally admit that their worried that Bobby will go berserk and attack Dick. They refuse to let him help, much to his surprise and shock, and head out for Chicago.

The next morning, Harry finds Charlie still working on the hard drive. She finally gets access but can't resist looking at the files that Frank put together on Dick and the Leviathans. Once she finishes reading everything, she checks to see where Pete is and Harry says that he went down to the parking garage for a smoke.

In the parking garage, Dick confronts Pete and tells him that he has no spark and has his fellow Leviathan take on Pete's form and then kills him. Charlie, just coming down in the elevator, sees the entire thing. She quickly gets out and goes home, and the fake Pete calls to see where she is. She claims that she's sick, hangs up, and heads for the door, and Dean and Sam arrive at her door. She grabs a prop sword and hits Sam, and they quickly disarm her and use borax to prove that they're not Leviathans.

The brothers bring her up to speed and demonstrate that they found her because Frank jacked her webcam. They explain that Dick is the Leviathan leader and ask her to hack his e-mails, and convince her that the Leviathans are a threat. Charlie goes to work but discovers that Dick's e-mail is on a personal server and they have to go to his office to access it. She hesitates to go in, but the brothers point out that she's on Dick's radar and he'll come after her eventually. Charlie agrees to help them and go back inside, but says that she'll need their help. Dean has her hack the security system and they put together a fake key card, while Bobby's ghost watches.

That night, Dean and Sam park outside and Sam puts the cameras on a repeating loop, giving her fifteen minutes. However, Dean spots her on the camera and realizes that Bobby has planted his flask in Charlie's bag. They call her and tell her not to lose the flask without telling her what it means. Charlie freezes up and Sam talks her through it, telling her to kick ass just like Hermoine in the Harry Potter books. She goes in past the guard and takes the elevator to the upper floors. There's another male guard on duty and Dean tells her to flirt with him, and Charlie points out that she isn't interested in men. Dean coaches her through flirting with the guard, Bill. It works, more or less, and Charlie asks to use the executive washroom before she goes.

Charlie gets into Dick's office and easily hacks his password. As she downloads the files, Bill wonders where she is and goes to check on her. Bobby manages to move a door behind the guard, distracting him long enough for Charlie to hide. As he starts to walk toward the computer, Charlie comes out of the bathroom and distracts him from seeing the fact that she's downloading Dick's files. Once the download is done, she secretly pulls out the flash drive and gets out.

At the van, Dean gets impatient at being stuck while Sam prepares borax Molotov cocktails. Charlie goes to her desk and sends them the files. The fake Pete comes in and Charlie tells her that she's working a deadline. He touches her briefly and wishes her well and then leaves. Charlie then checks the files and discovers that Dick stopped the digs days ago. They figure he found what he was looking for. Charlie discovers that Dick had an item shipped from Iran to the office and it will be arriving that night at a private airport in 42 minutes.

One of the Leviathans, Victor, is at the airport and calls to tell Dick that the package has arrived. Dick tells him that he's waiting... and then walks over to Charlie's desk as she gets up to go.

At the airport, Victor gets the suitcase and drives away while Sam and Dean look on. Victor takes it to Dick but they discover that it contains a borax bomb.

Two Hours Earlier

Charlie clears the Winchesters' information off of the computer and then sends an email telling Dick and Victor that the plane was delayed. At the airport, Dean and Sam disguise themselves as airport workers and substitute their suitcase for Dick's. Dick walks over to Charlie's desk and asks her to show him what they've got.

Sam and Dean check the suitcase and discover that it holds a hunk of red clay. They call Charlie, who is showing Dick the hard drive contents. Meanwhile, Bobby hovers over Dick, vowing vengeance, and tries to focus his willpower to do something. Charlie reports that there's nothing about the Winchesters on the drive and Dick tells her to send the information to him. He then has her walk through the procedure she used to hack the drive, complaining that he can't copy imagination. Dick gets a call about the suitcase and has Victor bring it up to his office, and tells Charlie to stay put. She heads out just as the borax bomb explodes. Dick survives the explosion and calls security to lock the building down.

Charlie is caught in the lobby as Dick and Pete arrive. Bobby shatters the glass and then knocks the two Leviathans back, while Sam and Dean break in through the glass. They take out Pete with Borax and Bobby shoves Dick back, inadvertently breaking Charlie's arm. The Leviathan calls on Bobby to show himself , laughing, and Sam and Dean carry the injured Charlie out. As they drive away, the brothers explain that they haven't figured out how to kill him yet. Back at the company, a furious Dick calls out a security alert on the Winchesters and then eats Victor for his failure.

Later, the brothers get Charlie to the hospital and get her arm fixed. As they take her to the bus depot, she tells them never to contact her again and explains that it isn't the first time she's disappeared. Once Charlie leaves, the brothers discuss whether Bobby is going insane with hatred now that he's a spirit. Sam wonders what to do but Dean says that they need to deal with the Leviathans and the clay piece first.