Season 8 Episode 21

The Great Escapist

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 01, 2013 on The CW

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  • Mixing it up

    I loved how this episode had a little bit of everything and everyone and a new character!

    ... and it advanced the plot... with humour included.

    It's great to get things back on track and to see that the challenges are actually improving Sam (hell (pun intended) of a letters man now), rather than it all being negative.

    If anything it was a bit packed with explanations and subtext but I am happy to watch it again to catchup...
  • Of Angels and Casinos

    Another season of Supernatural, another great episode written by Ben Edlund. The Great Escapist brought back the season arc rather cleverly as Castiel, Naomi, and Crowley were brought back into the fold rather nicely. We finally find out what's happened to Kevin, he's been put inside a giant illusion bubble where demons are playing Sam and Dean to con him into leading them to the other half of the tablet. Kevin plays along and Crowley thinks him none the wiser although his bit about having Sam be less pop culture referency was great. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean get a message from Kevin saying that he's dead because he didn't send the safeword as he was supposed to every week. He sent them back up scans of the tablet for them to decipher presumably with another prophet. While going over them Sam recognizes a symbol from a humanities course he took at Stanford about American Indians (nice callback to Season 1) and it turns out to be the symbol of the Two Rivers nation of Colorado. The two hit the road and rent a room at a casino that is really really empty and the guy that works there isn't all too talkative. Apparently the place hasn't had guests in years but their hopes are to find someone or something that matches the symbol to decipher the rest of the tablet. Sam has a bit of angel tenitis after the second trial and it turns out that there is an angel there who collects stories much like a great one that had come to the Two Rivers people giving them knowledge in exchange for stories. It turns out to be Metatron, the archangel, who humorously has no idea who the Winchesters are and has been hiding his head in the sand since God went MIA. He was an old secretary apparently and doesn't know about Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, or any other of the past developments. He can tell that Sam is going through the trials because of his sensitivity to his angel aura. The guy they got to play Metatron is perfect for the unsuspecting normal guy who you'd never peg for an angel. In other news Castiel goes to Biggerson's (the restaurant with the Turduckin Burger from last season) and keeps flying from one to another hiding from Naomi's pursuers. The clever way that this was put in was great since all Biggerson's look exactly the same making Castiel very smart in how he runs from place to place. Also, Naomi doing that whole mass slaughter just to get him to stop running was kinda gross as they finally caught up with him. Castiel refuses to give up the angel tablet and then Crowley arrives with a great device of a Luger pistol with melted down angel sword bullets that he scares Naomi away with. Crowley had Ion, one of Naomi's close friends, as a double agent who turned his back on Heaven. Castiel getting the tablet ripped out of him was gross but made sense that he would keep it that close to cut off his connection with Naomi. The whole brainwash thing is really interesting and Ion's justification for Cass not being outside of his garrison to see the worst of it over the years really shows how crappy the post-God bureaucracy has been. Cass manages to turn the tables, kill Ion, and escape. Crowley returns to Kevin with the angel tablet, who now knows that it's all an illusion and stands up to Crowley rather brazenly unlike he has before. Gone is the timid Kevin from Season 7, he's really grown up some over the past year and some change. Metatron teleports Kevin to the casino as he had grabbed the angel tablet and the other half of the tablet and that he knows what the third trial is: to save a demon. Metatron agrees to help them out and as they drive off Cass appears in front of their car injured and asks for their help. Now we've converged into the final trial story as we have to figure out how to save a demon I guess. Naomi really is an intriguing villain. Her speech to Cass about having never followed rules and how "you can't even die right" really show how resilient the angel is and has been in regards to disobeying Heaven. The fact that she has been wiping minds of angels for so long is a very interesting idea more fully fleshed out by Mr. Edlund who continues to deliver a great portfolio of episodes as he remains on staff. But this was a very great episode to get us on track for the third trial and all its madness and with only two episodes to go I hope that whatever demon they save makes for some great storytelling.
  • The Great Escapist

    The Great Escapist was a great episode of Supernatural. I liked the crazy twist at the beginning as Crowley pulled a great stunt. Dean tries to help Sam and they have some good bonding scenes. I liked how Castiel was hiding from Naomi and the others. Naomi was awesome in a villainous way. Metatron was intriguing and I loved how he explained his fascination with our stories and how they create micro-dimensions or universes. I liked the various adventures and how they all came together. I liked how things played out and I can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Absolutely great episode

    While I am not a huge fan of the big story arc with the tablets I must say tonight's episode might change my mind. We have Sam being sick as he proceeds through the three tasks and Dean truly worried about his condition. Then Kevin is just plain cool in this episode confronting Crowley and figuring out Crowley's schemes with his Sam and Dean impersonators. And also there is Cas and his confrontation with Naomi and her flunkies. Of course the primary plot line is the tablets and everyone's desire to get their hands on them. And the ending with the guy's meeting with Metatron and then Metatron rescuing Kevin is a perfect denouement. Now I am really looking forward to where this is going so maybe big story arcs are good after all.
  • Wow, what an incredible episode

    Honestly, this episode just pushed season 8 into the upper echelons of the supernatural tv series. Everything, from the direction, acting, special effects, and narrative, was just downright fantastic. I had a really fun time watching Sam acting like a "little big man" and his comparison to the completion of the trials to his purification of the demon blood that was originally instilled in him was a nice twist. Rather than just all doom and gloom of all the negative effects that the trials are inflicting on Sam, it was finally nice to see Sam having a positive outlook on the whole thing.

    And let's not forget Castiel's and Crowley's superb performances, as usual. Naomi's attempts and eventual success to stopping Castiel's diner-hopping adventures were ruthless and dangerously effective. Watching Naomi finish off the waitress by snapping her neck, even after she had her eyes burnt out, was painfully brutal and cements Naomi's role as a villain in the series and shows the limits she is willing to cross to get what she wants. I was also horrified when Crowley literally ripped the tablet from Castiel's inner organs.

    And boy, now the Scribe of God has been introduced, much to the joy of the Winchester team. Kevin's rescue from Crowley by the Scribe was equally awesome. I just had a great time watching Crowley fall back, getting burned by angel dust, spitting and wailing.

    It will definitely be interesting now to watch the third trial, the curing of a demon, play out.

    I have to be honest here. This was possibly the best Supernatural episode I've had the pleasure to watch in quite a long time. Everything clicked so perfectly.
  • It is all in the Story Telling...

    What a brilliant episode. The best of season episode to date and there have already been some outstanding ones already.

    So Crowley did get Kevin. I misread that one, but it was great to see Kevin getting his own back. You just know he is that smart. It was great to see Naomi show her true nature as expected. I knew she was a "Governor" type as from TWD.

    Good to see Cas is still fighting the good fight. And Metatron! The story is developing nicely... The next episode should be stunning!
  • live recap... courtesy allie is wired..

    Kevin is alive. He's back at home when Dean comes knocking. After spraying the boys with Holy Water (to indentify them), the boys give him a piece of the tablet. Kevin so enthralled by the piece of rock he doesn't take notice when the boys leave. Maybe he should've because its wasn't Sam and Dean but instead Crowley's henchmen. Kevin is in a state of consciousness but still in Crowley's trap. Is it Crowley's special brand of purgatory?

    The real Sam and Dean are at their command center. Sam hasn't eaten on three days and Dean is worried. Sam tries to tell his brother everything is ok and they should focus on the third trial but Dean won't let him do anything dangerous while he's this weak. They get a message from Kevin. Kevin left a just in case message. Apparently Kevin's dead. However his message sent all of his research to the brothers.

    The boys , in particular Dean, are beating themselves up for Kevin's death.

    Castiel is at a diner when a tremor starts and makes him make a run for it. He's running from Naomi's men. Naomi is getting frustrated by her mens lack of success. They only way to catch Castiel is to make him stop running. So her men massacre everyone in a diner they know Castiel will visit. When Castiel does make it there, he does stop long enough to be caught.

    Sam and Dean are investigating. Sam is able to pick up a symbol that means messenger of god. Dean doesn't want him to go but nothing is going to stop Sam.

    Sam and Dean stop off at a hotel. There's something about the place and its not the unfriendly hospitality. Sam is hearing things. Later Dean comes back to their room only to find Sam acting weird. Dean makes his brother stay and rest while he goes out to investigate. He figures out that man, who checked them in, isn't just an average Joe.

    Sam left their room. His vision is blurry and yet he's still trying to investigate. Luckily he was able to call his brother before passing out.

    Naomi is confronting Castiel. She tells him how he has never done as he was told. Now she wants to know where the tablet is. Castiel can only tell her "Bite me". Her men are beating him without any results. Just when she thinks to take even more desperate measures her men are killed. By Crowley.

    Sam wakes up in tub of ice cold war. Dean had to bring down his temperature. Afterwards sam admits to hearing the man/being their looking for. Sam is connected to him/it. Crowley's had an angel on his payroll. He doesn't kill Naomi but he does make her run. In the meantime he's kidnapped Castiel. In grizzly and gore scene, Crowley was able to figure out where the tablet is. It was inside Castiel. Just when things are looking good for him, he finds out his men weren't able to fool Kevin.

    Sam tells his brother why he wants to continue with the trials. He was always worried that the demon blood had permanently dirtied him. The trials are a way to purify himself again. Searching the hotel the brothers walk into a room and are surprised to find someone pointing a gun at them. It's who they were searching for. Although the angel doesn't know who they are.

    Castiel tries to talk to Crowley's traitor but the guy refuses to listen. Still the guy doesn't notice when Castiel pulls something else from out of his gut. He uses it to get rid of the traitor.

    Crowley confronts Kevin and asks him how he knew about the guys. It seems the henchmen gave themselves when they were too polite.

    The angel isn't an archangel but someone on the lower level. He reveals what the archangels have been doing since God disappeared. They wanted to take over the world but they needed this guy's help. So he escaped instead and has been hiding out ever since. He has been enjoying the humans' books and stories. All of this ticks Sam of. Even Dean is upset that this guy didn't come out of hiding to protect the prophet.

    Kevin and Crowley are talking when Crowley realizes he doesn't need the kid anymore. But when he tries to kill, he's thrown across the room steaming. The angel was able to summon Kevin to him and the boys. The scribe of God is really powerful.

    Dean wants to know if the scribe is with them or not. All he gets in return is that it's the boys' choice. The third trial is revealed. The newly awakened Kevin had manage to bring the tablet with him. The scribe says the third trial is to cure a demon.

    As the boys are driving away, who do they find in the middle of the road but none other than a bloody Castiel.

    On next week's promo,Crowley is taking vengence. Who's going to fall in his trap? We'll find out next week.