Season 3 Episode 2

The Kids Are Alright

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on The CW

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  • The boys happen across a gated community being terrorized by evil Republican scared.

    A vast improvement over the season opener. Although the *ex starved broter is getting a bit tiresome the writers had their heart in the right place. Exciting in parts...and behold no fights between the brothers. I'm partnered with a realtor so I found the last part very amusing. The ending with more information coming out regarding the mother of our cute intrepid brothers is a welcome addition to the lore of the show. I like the character "guiding" them, she is malevolent and spritited at the same time. Writers: Please keep up this type of writing for the show and we could have a better season then I would have thought.
  • The kids may be alright, but this episode is looking a little weak

    The second episode from season three sees a considerable downturn in quality - there's a worrying sense that this season may be more standalone than last year, which would be a complete shame.

    Of course, there are a few interesting bits involving Ruby, but I'm finding this season's direction a tad on the boring side as of yet. Dean's blase attitude is definitely a defense mechanism, but it's already becoming increasingly annoying and as an anchor for this season, it pales when juxtaposed to last year's stroy arc.

    The main story involving the changling's had several creepy moments. Props to the creators for getting away with such a grisly demise in the pre-title sequence, it was very gory! And, again, with drowning the child - a haunting image made all the creepier by the scenes that follow. Very well done.

    So Ruby's a demon...too bad. It's a shame all of the hot chicks in this verse have to be evil. I'd like to see a romance blossom for one of the brothers.

    All in all, an episode that has its moments of creep-factor, but no overall impact. S3 isn't looking too good at the moment, I hope the writers can rectify this problem by bringing the driving arc of last year with Sam into the forefront, as well as Dean's ordeal, since the typically more interesting brother, as proven by this episode, cannot sustain an entire episode devoted entirely to his new situation.
  • A great example of character development.

    Every time I see Sera Gamble credited as the writer of an episode of "Supernatural", I know exactly what to expect from it: a brilliantly written and cleverly plotted script that delves into the depths of the characters; a morally challenging, philosophically intense episode that really keeps me thinking and wondering.

    And this is exactly what I got with "The Kids are Alright": Dean's reaction to his impending doom is believable and touching, and his relationship with Lisa and her son Ben so vividly portrayed that I really felt both sorry for him and caring. Sera Gamble showed (and she is the first to do so, in Season Three) a more heartfelt, warm side of Dean: his kindness and goodness of heart were never disputed, but from this episode we really start to see the depths of his character, his desires surface and his fears too, no matter how hard he tries to suppress them. And when he said to Lisa that he would have been proud to be Ben's father, a thing I could never picture the old Dean (pre-All Hell Breaks Loose) saying, I really understood how much the characters I started to know and care about in Season One were grown up and matured. And this script captures that spirit incredibly well, telling a disturbing story that is both frightening and fascinating.

    An honorable mention must be given to the Special Effects department and the Make-Up, because the Changelings are really, really scaring. This episode is definitely one of the most unsettling of the show and it's thus a pleasure to watch!
  • Dean finds his clone (a mini version) and the brothers find a town with the creepiest children ever.

    Two episodes into Season 3 and the quality remains solid. I thought that after the Yellow Eyed Demon died that it would be difficult for the pacing of the show to stay steady, but so far, I've been impressed. After the previous episode's "seven deadly sins," the changeling's in this one were very creepy. Every time one of the children spoke, it gave me goosebumps. Very strange indeed.

    Reading over some of the reviews, I saw some people complaining about Dean's seemingly nonchalant attitude towards dying and I absolutely agree. It's one thing for Dean to be using humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism (he seems to use it for everything else), but its used so much and has been used so much already that it's becoming old fast. I couldn't agree more with Sam in terms of being sick and tired of the way Dean acts.

    Other than that minor detail, I felt this episode was much creepier in tone and just as good as last week. Seems Supernatural has still got it, even three seasons in.
  • This episode was chilling.

    This episode was very horrific and it looks like Supernatural writers are not running out of ideas any time soon. Changelings is a story I did not expect. And the scene where the mother drives her daughter in to the lake. That was chilling in every aspect of the scene. Ruby gets a little more of a back-story here when she helps Sam & tells him about his mother's friends. She was hilarious in this episode! The whole scene wit the fries. I also like how Dean connected withe child. Of course they save the day. This episode was so perfect!
  • Another great episode.

    Sam and Dean track down changelings that are pursuing mothers and their children. A boy they protect bears a strange resemblance to Dean, which at first makes Dean uncomfortable because he once had a one-night stand with the boy's mother Lisa. Sam learns more about his familiy roots and is offered a possible way to save Dean (and himself) via a proposition from Ruby who appears again and shows Sam her true colors (of her eyes that is). This episode of Supernatural, was not as good as last weeks but it was still pretty decent, I like Ruby she is very mysterous and sinister, its cool that she is a demon, it was very funny when Dean was at the party and he fought he was the father, I cant wait to see next weeks episode.
  • Dean is faced with his mortality when meeting a young boy who he might have fathered.

    This was a great episode. It was the first time where it seems that Dean is actually dealing with the fact that he only has one year to go. He meets this young boy, Ben, who just is a perfect mini-copy of Dean, and he realises what could have been. He seems really sad that he is not the dad, and it is so heartbreaking...

    We finally get some more info on Ruby. She's a demon and she's helping the boys. She gets Sam on her side by stating that she can help him get Dean out of the deal. Be careful Sam, she is a demon...
  • Awesome episode

    This episode was fantastic, although it loses a point for not having enough Sam and Dean interaction.

    I loved Dean in this episode and his interaction with Ben. Although I do think they made it a little too obvious that Ben might be his son. My brother who rarely watches Supernatural said it was obvious.

    I loved the end where Dean said that this wasn't his life but you could see that he really wanted it to be. It just makes you feel so sad because He's going to hell.

    And I still like Ruby. I think she is a very interesting addition to the show. I want to see how she develops.

    And the bit about Mary's friends? I wonder where that's headed.

    This was another great episode. I've read people complaining about this season but I can honestly say that so far I love it
  • This episode was great...

    Sam and Dean track down changelings that are pursuing mothers and their children. A boy they protect bears a strange resemblance to Dean, which at first makes Dean uncomfortable because he once had a one-night stand with the boy's mother Lisa. Sam learns more about his familiy roots and is offered a possible way to save Dean (and himself) via a proposition from Ruby who appears again and shows Sam her true colors (of her eyes that is). This episode of Supernatural, was not as good as last weeks but it was still pretty decent, I like Ruby she is very mysterous and sinister, its cool that she is a demon, it was very funny when Dean was at the party and he fought he was the father, I cant wait to see next weeks episode.
  • Is Dean a dad

    I found this episode a real character development for Dean I could genuinly picture him being a dad and the look on his face when he found out he wasn't was just full of hurt and pain. In a way i think he's glad because given his job he would never be around to see ben. Is Sam about to join forces with a female demon who says that all she wants to do is help him after he finds out that all his mothers friends have been murdered because of him and the yellow eyed demons plans for him ... of course he will this is supernatural after all.
  • Dean decides to take a chance and visit an old flame in Cicero, Indiana. The brothers arrive there only to find that there may be more in the town than Dean's old conquest.

    The first time I watched this episode I wasn't too impressed to be honest, but in hindsight I have no idea why! On watching it again - I loved it! This type of episode is one of the many reasons why I love Supernatural. The dialogue between the brothers had me in hysterics ("Ok weirdy mcweirderton"), and the back story between Dean and Lisa - the old flame - adds interest to the whole episode too. The main focus of the storyline is the bad luck that had plagued the neighbourhood and the weird behaviour of the local children. The story is certainly gripping and captures the viewer's interest immediately, without losing momentum at all. The changelings are gruesome and creepy as hell! Overall I really really enjoyed this episode, it managed to progress the story without making it seem tedious or overdone - the story was fresh, interesting and fun to watch.
  • Dean surprises a former lover who now has a child he grows quickly attached to.

    Finally a The Who reference! I can see the album cover now! The boys snuggled up under the Union Jack... ahh good times... I apologize in advance for glaring omissions, only had a chance to watch it once so far and today promises to be a very very long day... but I wanted to get this done first thing. -- LOVED LOVED LOVED this ep! Don't know who wrote it (sorry I don't have time to check right now) but it was creepily and wonderfully done! and for the record... Yes Dean. That DOES make you Pokey. (but boy oh boy what a Pokey you are!) Despite MASSIVE trepidations about whether or not they'd throw us a curve at the end of the ep and say it really WAS Dean's kid... (the kid alone got me hooked... cute little bugger) I too ALMOST wanted it to be. (but am grateful that he wasn't). Here's where we toss in the side note to the writer, and Krip: *Thank You Thank You THANK YOU, for confirming that SOME part of Dean [like perhaps his whole heart] would have LOVED to have a kid or 10* And a practical Thank you for still allowing some of us the illusion that the boy IS smart enough to use protection at least SOMEtimes, (I've heard they DO break once in a while). You did an excellent job J, of showing just that tiniest hint of wistfulness without getting overly sentimental. Though I hope it does weigh on your character a litle through the season. Oh and the line from the realtor, "...Best night of my life... Semi-Legal..." Freakin' brilliant I knew he had some freak in him. On to the creeeeeepy cliiiiinnnnnggggty chiiiilllllldren.... EEEEEW! and YIKES! (I'll leave out the lack of physiologic research as to what those kids fed on...ahem... pet pet pet it's okay writer, it's okay) because the rest of it was awesome, though I have to admit, I really did just wanna bury that Katie kid's changeling in a Utah Salt Flat with all that whining.... Hmmm Changelings... gotta love it. And Dean... Way to Go! Kudo's for teaching the kid that sometimes you gotta knee knock the knuts and stand up for yourself! Gumby Girl apparently grew up quite a bit... (I'm figuring Dean woulda been about 19 or 20 when he and gumby girl contorted their way through the night... that's a little young to be a daddy... but it DOES happen). On to Sammy in Stealth Research Mode - dude you're in a restaurant! and you're a crap a$$ liar, especially when it comes to lying to Dean, (course that's how it's supposed to be so... YAY Jared!) And so Ruby IS a demon... AWESOME.... :D and hmmm I seem to recall some speculation going on that maybe one of these new girls being intro'd this year was going to maybe be a little important when it came to getting Dean out of his contract... huh (It also looks like Krip is going to KEEP Sammy's powers! THANK YOU KRIP! Perhaps just making them dormant for the time being [in which case it would make total sense that Sam thinks they're gone]). I'm actually extremely excited about the research Sam's doing, the digging and what exactly he's going to find out... I won't necessarily be wild about the idea of Mary being a witch if that's what it turns out tobe, but Krip and Krew have done many a thing I dind't think I'd like, and yet found myself enjoying... (Who does that make more, "sick"?) anyway... I'm bouncing in my seat here just dying to find out what's going to come of all that... AND WHY Ruby wants to help him, what she'll get out of it... Does she want to find out what Yed's plan was so she can then kill Sam and take his place as the leader of the demonic forces? or manipulate him into completing that plan, with the hopes of becoming his right hand? OOOOOORRRRR is she some kind of Demonic body guard whose job it is to Protect The Boy King and see to it that he DOES donn his demonic crown when all is said and done? OOOH Tons of questions and speculations abounding here and I can't wait to see where it all leads! Again, (and my apologies to the artisan who rendered this work) excellent job! On ALL accounts. If this is an indicator of what this season is going to be like... I'm strapping my seat belt on real snugly right now cause I got a feeling it's gonna be an awesome ride! Thank you all, Kast and Krew who work so hard to bring us such awesome moments of happiness. And of course, Love to Jared and J. and oh yeah... re: next week... WTF! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! and I gotta wait? AGAIN? Man....
  • One of those episodes with everything that makes it so great!

    I really liked the scare factor in this episode, I think season 2 was the real defining point in how scary it became, but this season seems to be upping the scare enough to make this actually scary. Season 1 was great for defining the tone of the series, but the scares felt laughable at times, season 2 changed that by making it actually scary at times, and I hope to see this trend continue, if not exceed what we saw in season 2. This episode was just downright creepy, the views from the mirrors were especially creepy, but one thing that kind of made me wonder was Ben, he looked and acted a lot like Dean. I mean I know that the point was to show this, but I really think that its Deans kid, even though we were told it wasn't. The biggest twist that got me really excited was the reviling of the new character being a demon that wants to help Sam. Now I am not sure exactly what her intensions are, but it's hard to trust a demon no matter if that demon is helping. I mean, she is a demon after all, and she wants something that she isn't telling anyone about, this something could be anything, and I just have a funny feeling about this character. I mean, I think she could possibly be of use to Sam, but I wouldn't count on her being 100% helpful. A great episode none the less, but the end is what really gave it that extra special story kick that I love so much with this show.
  • i loved it! =)

    Dean (Jensen Ackles) pressures Sam (Jared Padalecki) into visiting Cicero, Indiana, so he can visit an old flame named Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson), he had a tryst nine years ago. However, Dean is stunned when he meets not only Lisa again, but also her 8-year old son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elias), who bears a striking resemblance to him.

    However, Ben soon goes missing and Sam and Dean discover that a Changeling, a demonic parasite, is snatching kids from the small town and assuming their form. Meanwhile, Ruby (Katie Cassidy) makes contact with Sam and reveals some startling information about his mom.

    Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.
  • Dean and Sam head back east so Dean can hookup with "Gumby Girl" while Sam surreptitiously searches for a way to help Dean with his demonic pact. Ruby makes an appearence (again), and Dean's encounter with his old girlfriend yields unexpected results.

    I was lukewarm about this episode. If there is one plotline I really can't stand its 'the secret baby' plot. In this episode, Dean comes face to face with a boy which could be his son. I thought the kid was a great actor but the manner in which the boy was portrayed (exact haircut, same clothes, same manner) was irriataing to this reviewer and somewhat comical. Kids are not clones of their parents and I found the potrayal of the boy a little overdone and hammy.

    The changelings were cool monsters and I would've liked to have seen more, but instead we saw more scenes with Dean and the kid.

    Ruby irritated me less than she did the first episode, but I'm still not into her.

    Overall an average episode. Not my fav.
  • The boys face creepy changeling children and Dean wonders if he has a son.

    Despite Dean's insistence that Sam leave the deal alone, Sam going behind Dean's back, translating ancient texts to find a way to break it, even dragging Bobby into it. This is a unique episode where Sam and Dean are both doing their own thing without confiding in each other, Dean doesn't even mention Ben to Sam. Usually their lives are so entwined, it's weird to see them temporarily living separate lives.

    You can see why Dean would wonder if Ben's his son – the kid looks like him, acts like him, talks like him and has the same taste in music! He is just adorable! He really is a wonderful boy – when Dean rescues the kids, Ben follows Dean's lead and helps the others, comforting them and then uses paint cans so they can climb up to the window. Is Lisa sure he's not Dean's?!

    Here we see the more serious side to Dean's feelings about the deal, something tells me he's going to have a lot of regrets before his time's up. He's been sort of in denial, packing as much life as possible into every moment, maybe so he doesn't have to think about what he's done, or about Sam. This really forced him to stop and take a hard look at his life and realise that he's not leaving anything behind… except a car. Notice he never mentions he's going to be leaving Sam behind too? This is the really mature side to Dean, guess our boy's growing up. Ben would be lucky to have Dean as a dad. Slight problem with this – the writers were too casual about this, treating it more as if for the humour and ignoring the very serious side: Dean's got a year to live, what if Ben had been his son? Though they had that lovely moment between Lisa and Dean at the end, still felt lacking on the earlier scenes. Even without the deal, with what Dean's life is, Ben being Dean's would have been life-changing!

    Felt so sorry for Katie's mother, the changeling feeding off her, getting glimpses of its true form, forced to try to kill her own child – even if she knows it can't be Katie. The scene where she rolls the car into the water was heartbreaking. Must say the actress was excellent. That scene where she walks in to find Katie in the kitchen, dripping on the floor…

    Isn't it a little soon for Sam to be so sure the visions are gone? And I find it disturbing that Ruby refers to Sam as the Antichrist! What is going on with all Mary's friends being dead? Particularly her doctor – what was YED hiding? Brings the whole story back to how Mary knew the YED and there has to be something important here for so many to have died. What concerns me is that Sam is hiding this from Dean. Sam's always taken it hard that everything about the YED revolves around him but now he's actively keeping secrets from Dean. Dean's going to find out and then there's going to be drama. What is Sam afraid he's going to find?

    Now we know why Ruby's knife kills demons – she's a demon herself. The question is: what is her agenda?! What kind of demon sides with the enemy? Is she really trying to help Sam or just using him for something? At least my fears about her being a love interest are put to rest! Even if the writers intend to kindle something here, still maintains the status quo between Dean and Sam, but could be very interesting! Can't wait to see where they're going with this!

    Final notes:
    - Two very realistic, violent deaths in the first two episodes? Hope they're not going to make a habit of this! CSI isn't this graphic!
    - What's with Lisa's friends checking out Dean?! 'The Dean'!
    - When pretending to be the insurance guy, what did Sam do to his hair?! Made him look ten years older!

    This is an excellent non-canon episode from start to finish – from the personal Dean/Lisa/Ben stuff, to Sam's researching both the deal and now Mary's friends, to the very creepy changelings. Loved the entire episode!
  • Sam is trying to find a way to save Dean and Dean may have a son.

    I thought the storyline was predictable. Except for Ruby being a demon. It was scary though. I knew ben wasn't going to be Dean's son. If he was that would've been the last season of supernatural. I did like ben he seemed like a nice kid and the actor was good. I just never want to see him or his mother lisa again. Not that I have anything against them,but I see no use for them. Ruby was great. I really liked her. She and Sam had amazing chemistry and I was so surprised when she turned out to be a demon.
  • This is the reason why I love this show!

    Dean wants to visit one of his old flings from 8 years ago. But when he gets there he is surprised. His old fling has a 8 year old son, he looks and act a lot like Dean. It's almost freaky the similarity between the two of them. Dean oblivious notice this and is a little bit shocked. Dean really likes this kid and he shows it to, his parental skills really come out in this episode and that is a good thing to see. When at the end of the show he finds out that it isn't his kids he is clearly disappointment and that really showed a different side of him. We also figure out who the girl was that saved Sam the episode before. Her name is Ruby and she is a demon which I think is a nice twist in things, cause I didn't expect that. Of course Sam doesn't trust here because she is a demon, but when she says the she could help with Dean, Sam was willing to trust her. This just shows the brotherly love that we all like.

    I always love the interaction between the brothers. There wasn't much in it in this episode, but it fitted with this episode. One of my favorite scenes was this: Sam: (trying to cover up his phone call) Oh, I was just ordering pizza.
    Dean: Dude, you do realize that you're in a restaurant?
    Sam: Yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah... (lamely) I just felt like pizza, y'know?
    Dean: Okay... Weirdy McWeirderton.
    That was very funny. All in all was this an excellent episode.
  • Dean decides he wants to vistit an old fling from 8 years prior. Once he gets there, however, he meets a mini-Dean who's just a bit TOO much like himself...

    I really enjoyed this episode because it was creepy and you got to learn more about Dean. As you watch the show, you start to see the "what could have been but will never be" sort of thing. I really felt for Dean by the end and I admit that I teared up, but I always do that when Dean has his heart-wrenching moments... I love that man...hehehe...

    The actual show overall was really well made. Maybe it's because I find the creepy kids episodes scarier, but I was really enthralled by this episode. There was a nice balance of funny and scary, and I would definitely say that it was a huge jump forward from the last episode.
  • What a great episode! I Loved it!

    I wasn't sure about the whole supposed 'Children of the Corn' impression (not my favourite Stephen King story) that I got from the promos. So the truly creepy changelings were a pleasantly unpleasant surprise!

    I loved the first killing, that we saw,. Could see the father being pushed face first into the saw but the writers resisted the obvious and had him falling backwards onto the saw, which was shocking, gory and fantastic! I know I'm a little warped but this is classic Supernatural suspense and horror!

    Still in love with the new logo intro, love it!

    Then we see Sam, of course, still trying desperately to find a way to save Dean. Only now he has to make sure Dean doesn't find out because if he does he will try to stop him. I don't really like this secrecy between the brothers. Of course Dean had his secret last season and Sam has a few other secrets he is keeping from Dean. Like the fact their mother knew the YED somehow and now the information about Marys friends and family being systematically murdered and the biggest secret that his mysterious saviour is a demon! Wow! Didn't see that coming, what a great twist by the writers! It certainly blows my theory that Ruby was sent by God to protect Sam out of the water!lol! I'd read that she had a dark past, but this is really dark! Of course one of the themes being thrown around this season concerns the differences, and similarities between human behaviour when compared with demonic behaviour. How different are we? And I guess having this mysterious demon hunter further muddies the water? It will be interesting to uncover Rubys past, her connection to the YED, why she is so interested in Sam abd whether she can actually help him save Dean. Of course she knows that this last offer will be too tempting for Sam to resist. But what strings will be attached? And how much will Sam tell Dean about Ruby?

    All this going on behind Deans back is a little disconcerting. In fact the only thing that I wasn't all that keen on in this episode was that Dean and Sam didn't have as much interaction as they usually do. But I guess that just reinforces the different ways each of them are dealing with the pressures of the deal. At least it gave us a chance to see Ruby and Sam interact. Rubys character is developing nicely. I love her evil edge, her mysterious past and the questions about what could motivate a demon to want to help Sam. Although he does have demon blood and we haven't heard his Mums full story yet either. I wonder how Ruby will get on with Dean? And when he will get the chance to meet her. Will his hunter instincts let him know she is a demon? And if he finds out will he want to destroy her or will he be willing to accept her help? Dean still wants to kill demons but the thoughtful nod he gave when Envy was giving his 'human versus demons' speech last week in TMS shows that he acknowledges there are similarities there.

    Okay back to Dean. Yeah!! I loved him in this episode (surprise, surprise! I love him in every ep.!) First I love the continuity from TMS, he is still determined to kill as many 'evil sons of b!#ches' as possible but when the location of the hunt also includes the promise of seeing one of his more memorable one night stands (or 'one of his bendiest! Weekends' as the case may be) he jumps at the chance. Love the gumby girl line! 'Gumby girl, does that make me Pokey!' Poor Billy, I was standing behind him when Dean said this line. I laughed so suddenly and loudly I must have almost burst his eardrums! Deans charm was working overtime in this episode. Just loved every different expression, eyebrow lift, sweet smile, awkward look! His first meeting with Lisa after so many years was gorgeously awkward. And loved to hear via her friends what a lasting impression her encounter with Dean had had on her! Mmm... funny little moment. They would make a really cute couple (in a perfect world where Dean didn't have to fight supernatural evil that is!)!

    And absolutely loved Deans reaction when he met Ben and saw their obvious similarities. Very cute! Each little example was fun. His excitement over receiving an AC/DC cd, his attitude, his language, his appetite and mannerisms.

    The scene with the bullys was lovely and very telling as well. Little Ben with all his bravado, is still a little unsure and a bit of a loner. I know he has a wonderful Mum, but the fact that his dad is not on the scene makes me think of Dean missing his mum and growing up on the road, a bit of a loner with only his Dad and little Sammy.

    Deans advice to little Ben may have been a little unorthodox! But was totally well meaning and understandable when you consider his life experiences. Lisas reaction was also understandable and made me think that maybe she was not being totally honest about Dean not being Bens father. Because if Bens real father had just rocked up out of nowhere and started giving him that sort of advice you would expect the same sort of reaction. Of course it may just be that she is a strong independent woman used to looking after her son on her own.

    But there is also the way she reacted when Dean said he would be proud to be Bens dad, the way she rushed up to him and kissed him. Her knowing how he feels is good enough for her. She is too proud (and maybe a little afraid of being let down) to ask him too stay.

    Dean has always been protective of innocents, young or old, and seems to connect well with children too (e.g. Lucas in Dead in the Water S1) so his protectiveness towards Ben is no surprise. But the fact that he believes Ben could be his son brings a nice poignancy to the hunt and rescue and also to his final scene with Lisa. Meeting Ben has brought another aspect of his mortality to his attention and the thought of having a son to carry on his legacy is naturally very appealing. He must have felt very disappointed when Lisa told him the story about Bens real dad. It is another blow that he has to bare.
    As all these painful truths build up I wonder how long it will be before Dean admits to himself (and probably much later to Sam) that he does want to live, that he hasn't done everything he wants to in his lifetime?

    The makeup and special effects for the changelings was very effective. They were gross and creepy and I loved the suspense of this episode. The performance of the main little girl/changelings mother was a compelling (if brief) study of the descent into madness. Very nicely played! Her desperation, trying to drown her own 'daughter' and then coming home to find her waiting for her in a pool of water was intense. A great scene! I also loved the bits of information we are gradually getting from the writers and I'm still getting over the shock of Ruby being a demon! Also I am interested to see what the writers have done with the other new female character, Bela. Guess we will see next week. Looks like next week will be very interesting. It will be fun to see Gordon back too, making life difficult for our boys (Seems to be a lot of that going around this season, speaking of which I'm looking forward to seeing Agent Hendrickson making an appearance as well sometime in the future)

    Love the drama, the monsters, scares and gore, but I also love the humour and seeing Dean and Sams softer sides. That is probably why this episode appeals to me so much, it has all these elements. And I just have to say again that Dean and Sam are looking [u]mighty fine [/u]this season.OMG!!! Dean mmmmm!!!! :D
  • A great addition to the third season.

    This episode is a great one, with an original plot (well, for Supernatural anyway, not overall since it's quite similar to several horror movies), Dean still dealing with his death decision, and a great revelation about the mystery heroin.

    As more is revealed about the conspiracy involving the Winchesters' mother, the demon helping Sam and Dean becoming responsible(ish), the episode itself is quite a success, with some great horror moments involving the freaky changelings.

    While not living up to the expectations of season two, the episode is definitely on the way there with a complex mystery popping up, and the yellow eyed demon's legacy may still live on.
  • A glimpse of Dean's parental instinct...

    Fortunately, Supernatural is back on form after a disappointing third-season opener. This episode has all the elements we know and love; some horror, some humour and plenty of action.

    Dean persuades Sam to head to a town in which he had a relationship some 8 years prior, on a flimsy job lead, but mainly to look her up again. He's in for a shock though, she has an 8 year old son... Dean's attempts to bond with the child give us a glimpse of what a good father he would be. After all, he'd probably tell you he learned from the best. The supporting characters in this episode have depth and we can relate to them a lot better than the hunter couple in the season premiere, making for a far more enjoyable episode. The changeling theme is original for the show, and is explored well. Altogether another great episode!
  • The episode dealt with Dean going to visit an old flame only to find out that she has a son that is totally minnie Dean.Ben, looks and acts just like him.The scenes between the 2 are great.We also found out Ruby is a Demon(didn't see that one coming)

    I thought this episode totally rocked! Ben was just adorable, and I loved the scenes with Ben and Dean.The scene where Dean taught Ben how to handle the bully was priceless. I also really like Dean's old flame.They seem like they would have made a good couple.I was actually disappointed that Ben was not Dean's kid. They were so alike and Dean seemed so proud. I hope that we get to to see Ben again. I also found myself liking Ruby(much to my own amazement). I loved the whole demon twist. Dean was so cute in this episode. Oh, and the fx's were awesome!Those changelings were super creepy. I thought all the supporting cast was great as well including the kids.
  • WOW! great episode, and freaky kids!

    This episode is one of the most scariest ones i have seen! The effects were awesome, and i jumped so many times and was like :O alot in that episode. That boy Ben was so cool as well, totally dean when he was younger, shame deans not his dad though. More of that Ruby girl; im not liking her very much, but was totally shocked when she was a demon-nice twist. And the whole thing with the mum; this season sets to be more revealing than the last-IF IT IS POSSIBLE!! Its good to see the boys back in action, and i can honsetly say i have missed it. I didnt realise until i saw it again! Im liking the whoe mum thing, but it may take more time for me to warm up to ruby-and not because shes a girl thing; its just, i dont know if i like her or not. Great episode and just brilliant acting all round :)
  • Dean sleeps w/ this chick about 8 yrs ago and goes 2 c her 4 a lil'.... + finds out she has a 8 yr old kid. All the kids turn out 2b totally demented imposters slowly killing the mothers + Dean and Sam rescue lil' Dean and the others. (kids not Dea

    Again i'm not liking that side of Dean... he's a bit of a slut! But anyways ... Dean goes to see a chick he's slept w/ 8 years ago and finds out she has a kid! A little boy that looks like him, talks like him and (lord help us) even has Dean's hormone level!!! This episode is soooooo Funny! The part of the episode at the kid's birthday party! his facial expressions are SO funny! Now that's more like it! But in the end after Dean and Sam save all the children, the boy turns out to not be Dean's at all and Dean starts thinking about what he's going to leave behind when since he only has a year! I think he's leaving a great legacy behind i mean all the people he's saved, what he does. All those people wouldn't be alive w/o him. Hell his own brother wouldn't be alive w/o him. But still i kinda found myself wishin the kid was his too! I almost cried, that would have been krazy! They are so cute together, and the part of the episode where they were in the park was friggen hilarious! omg God I hope Sam finds a way!!! And wut is up w/ that chick??? overall amazing episode! loved it! ;-) now that's more like it! :)
  • Outstanding episode.

    This episode was awesome. I just watched it like any other episode, and it turned out great. I love Dean and Jensen trying to figure out what happend to the kids. Ecspecially when Sam had to fake being a realtor to get into that ladys house. The one little girl who always wanted ice cream was hilarious! It was really mean when she tried to drown the little girl, when it wasn't her fault. Ooh, but we all knew that she'd be back at home, no matter what. And guess what... she wanted ice cream again. We all could have figured that blonde girl was a demon, but I think she is all bad, not good like she says she is. She's going to mess with Sam's head, and she is lieing when she says that she can help save Dean. I can't wait for tonights episode!
  • Dean revisits an old girlfriend and discovers a kid who's just like him. The age of the boy matches when he dated his mom. And then Changeling's show up. Yep just another amazing episode from Kripke and the guys!

    I ain't buying the explanation Lisa gave Dean about Ben.
    Just doesn't hold together to me. So yet again Kripke gives us a is he or isn't he loose end over Ben being Dean's son.
    It would be a nice addition to the show, with John gone, we get a reversal of roles. Dean the yes sir, how high sir, to his Dad, now would become one. It would be interesting to see how this plays out. Plenty of potential comedic bits each week, if they added Ben to the mix. The dynamics of the brothers would change again and it could work well.
    We'd have Dean, with a year to live, running wild and yet would have to have some responsibility for a kid.

    Won't happen this season I don't think, if at all!

    But yeah, I'd put money on that kid being Dean's.
    Yet again another best of the season episode.
  • My favourite episode of supernatural. EVER!

    This is my favourite episode. I knoe I always say that an episode is 'one' of my favourites, but this one just tops them all! I watched it like 4 times in a row, and have watched it about another 10 times. I am still not sick of it. I thought Ben was the cutest thing ever, and you kno who else was really cute? DEAN! Especially when he tripped over the bin! Aw... I just love it. Oh! And Ruby. I just love her character so much. When I first heard about her? I thought I was going to throw up. But now, she has completely turned me around, and I think that she is just great. I also love the fact that she is a demon! I mean, that was the last thing that we all expected, and what she said at the end of the episode literally made my jaw drop. I was that shocked. (I dont want to blurt it out, just incase people dont want to know yet) Anyway, I thinkj Sam was pretty funny too. Like at the start when he was pretending to order a pizza. Lol! Poor Sam, trying his hardest to help Dean, and Dean doesnt want to know about it. Teehee! I really love it how Dean is like.. "Gumby Girl... Does that make me pokey?"
    hahahahaha! it is so funny! If you uh... know what I mean.)
    Anyway I also thought that Katie's mom did a really good job at playing the character. She was really enjoyable to watch. Oh and Lisa, she was awesome too. So many young Mom's! So yeah. This episode is my favorite epsidoe so far in the history of Supernatural, and I really hope to see plenty more episodes as good as this in the season 3 future!
  • "Village of the Damned" comes to Supernatural

    Very creepy kids and great character development for both Dean and Sam. I really wanted the kid to be Deans but I guess that wouldn't have done much for the show in the way of store line unless the kid died. Also got me more interested in this crazy nut bag hot chick and what kinda demon likes to play nice unless there is a high price to pay. Should be interesting. After reading more about some of the stores to come this season, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. For now, I'll just keep watching.
  • Dean may have a son and Sam is still trying to save Dean.

    I liked this episode. I'm also relieved that Ben wasn't Deans son(that would've been just weird).

    I liked Ruby she seems like an intresting character. Both Sam and Dean were great in this episode,but I felt Bens character was too forced. I loved Dean ending scene when he finally found out the truth that Ben wasn't his son and said he would've been proud to be his dad. Lisa was good as well,but I wasn't that intrested in her. She was just there. Ben and Deans interaction was great and I really did beleieve that Ben was Deans son,but luckily it wasn't.
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