Season 3 Episode 1

The Magnificent Seven

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on The CW

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  • What's in the box!!

    In this episode Sam, Dean and Bobby are going after the Seven Deadly Sins with the help of Issac and Tamara. In a stupid move Tamara and Issac go into the bar where the demons are and they try to trap them. The demons catch on to who they are and end up killing Issac by making him drink drain cleaner while Tamara watches. It's too late for Issac when Sam, Dean and Bobby bust down the door with the car and get a demon into the trunk. They also take Tamara with them.

    In a house Bobby figure out that they are dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins and the demon that Dean put into the trunk that is now sitting in a Devel's Trap is Envy. They let Tamara deal with him. Dean has the idea that he will heed off the other sins before they can get to the house but Sam won't hear of it. They barracade the house windows with salt and wait for the demons to come.

    Issac turns up and with a voice that sounds full of pain he tells Tamara that he escaped from the demons but Bobby tells her that it's a trick to get her to open the door and that it's a demon possessing him. He blames Tamara for demons killing their daughter. In her anger she slams through the door, breaks the salt line and stabs the demon through the chest. All the demons come through the door. Bobby deals with Gluttong by luring him into a Devel's Trap. Dean has Lust and he kisses her long enough to shove her into a bath tub full of holy water and Sam has the rest. He tries to lure them under a Devel's Trap but Pride being Pride wont go. He tells Sam he doesn't have the YED's protection anymore. Pride starts to choke Sam when a random blonde girl comes to Sam's aid and kills them all with a mystery knife. She leaves before Sam can get her name.