Season 6 Episode 22

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2011 on The CW

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  • Ran out of steam


    Disappointingend to a very good season. Left the season in suspense which is extremelyformulaic. For once I'd really appreciate this show going back to what made it great (season 1-5). With previews of the upcoming season already public, this looks to be the case.

    Castiel is great. Glad they didnt get rid of him by actually giving him a bigger role. Now that he is considered a star of the show, many new plot points will be good for this show.

  • He just said that...

    Castiel, oh Castiel. I was laughing at the very end of this episode. 'Bow down and profess your love' trying to imagine Dean, Sam, or Bobby doing that just left me with giggles. Also the entire contradictory- "I am a better god. So I will kill you if you don't listen to oxymoron left me rather speechless. It's safe to say that Castiel fell of the wagon. I love Castiel so I am excited to see what happens next, but I feel as if they made him a bit too insane for my likings. The episode however was great, even the duplicate Sam's was rather fantastic.
  • Don't mess with Castiel

    Castiel has been my favorite character since his first appearance. I love how he had no human emotion but still went on with the group and slowly made his place. I liked his special relationship with Dean (we had had enough of DeanxSam) and the efforts he made in order to please him. His last action in season 5 ("Hey AssButt !") was wonderful and I was glad he as brought back.

    Now in my opinion, they should have had ended with season 5, because they couldn't do worst than the apocalypse, and I liked the final, with Dean starting a new apple pie life. Then they decided to make season 6 and I must admit I was really disapointed. There were a few episodes worth watching but that's all. I've been waiting for Sam's freaking wall to collapse and they wait for the finale to do it ?

    And I hated the two brothers (especially Dean) for the way they treated Castiel during this season. They only called him when they needed him and sent him back without even saying thanks. And when Dean turned his back on him, he kept saving his ass.

    So I wasn't shocked or angry about what certain people called "betrayal" I'm sorry but he did all that by himself and noone was there. Dean crawling back to him because he was scared ? Come on. How dare he say he's family when he's handled Sam's betrayals and can't help Cas with that ?

    So now, kneel before your new God !
  • For Castiel

    I feel bad about dean in this past few episodes... everytime Castiel ask him to listen in his point about the arrangement between he and crowley. Dean should listen or atleast understand Castiel side, if he doesnt want the whole point of Castiel, atleast Dean should not treat Castiel as bad as Crowley..... All this time Castiel mind is overflow about many situation that he need to cope with in heaven and Dean's problem with Sam, Lisa and Ben. He always think for Dean and Sam's safe. Such a sweet angel I always longing for.

    Because of that, I felt pity for Cas. And I think he deserve what he had right now to be a new God.. atleast he proved to dean that he was right. Besides, compare to Raphael hes better than him.. he had a good intention to rule heaven. Imagine if Raphael wins? how come the Winchester Brother get safe? and how Cas can protect him without thing Cas had now.
  • Whatever happened to the awesome show about two brothers? Sam and Dean were just a useless subplot here. And "God" is bad now?

    Sorry, but this was pretty terrible. When the episode starts, we get an overused memory loss storyline with Sam, then we figure out it's a dream of sorts. End result - Sam now remembers Hell. Plus his coma or whatever was meant to preoccupy Dean. Okay fine, but that was a big chunk of the episode wasted on useless dream events, especially since we were led to think Sam would be a complete mess if his wall was destoryed (meaning all that suspenseful build-up earlier in the season was a waste). At least the bartender was hot.

    Castiel decides to go psycho, killing off Bobby's ex (yeah she's not human but still), then breaking his deal with Crowley (who's still great comic relief thankfully). He also kills Balthazar -- and why? Oh, just because he helped Sam and Dean. Umm, can he stop killing angels?

    Meanwhile, Bobby and Dean are being useless, eventually making their way to where Castiel is going to open the purgatory portal. But then their car gets flipped over and they're more useless. That is until they get inside the building and do more nothing, joined by Sam who also does nothing, other than stabbing Castiel, but that doesn't work anyways.

    So since the stars of the show did nothing, on to what actually mattered. Castiel tricked Crowley and Raphael (awesome actress by the way), then opened the portal on his own to absorb all the souls. Then he came back and killed Raphael...but let Crowley go. Okay? And to make things even more ridiculous, we're told that Castiel didn't die from Sam's stabbing because he's their new "God". So we're supposed to either believe that 1) Castiel was right in his ways (meaning the brothers are wrong), or 2) he's gone crazy and thinks he's God and needs to be stopped. Sorry but both of those sound ridiculous to me...which is exactly why the show was supposed to end after Season 5's amazing finale. I used to love this show...oh well, more bad storylines are on the way!
  • Awful. Just God - Awful.

    I never believed it could happen, but it did. This was such a ridiculous episode in so many ways. I kept waiting for it to get better or to begin to make some sense, but that never happened.

    How could Cas change so much and betray everyone? Only in the mind of writers who have nowhere left to go. What a HUgE disappointment.

    I can't say I don't love Supernatural still for all the wonderful episodes in the past, but this was just awful.

    Please, I don't know how, but bring it back to what made it so amazing to begin with.
  • Season 6 Finale

    Can you say "jump the shark"? I know the writers of Supernatural can. This is definitely a controversial episode especially since the so-called new God is pinned as the "villain" of the story, and now he must be stopped. I'm sure this story line didn't bode well for some religious viewers.

    But that really wasn't the thing that bothered me. What bothered me was how ridiculous the story line was. So the position as God is up for grabs now? And if you open purgatory, you become God? Does that make any sense? Also the Sam stuff was good but it seemed to have been forgetten about half way through.

    Where exactly are the writers supposed to go from here? Will Castiel be the new villain next season? So, I'm guessing the monster angle is gone now that Eve is destroyed? What exactly will happen to Sam now that he knows about hell? Dean remembered hell, so I'm sure not much will happen. Overall, this episode was just way too ridiculous and far-fetched for my liking.

    Overall, this season was average. We got a few takeaway episodes, but surely, this episode proved that Supernatural will never be back the way it used too be and I'm sure most fans have accepted that now.
  • Kneel Before God

    The Man Who Knew Too Much-While the war in Heaven draws to a final battle, Sam's memories of his time in Hell resurface, and Dean and Bobby can only watch as the younger Winchester's psyche shatters.

    Wow...and I mean WOW, the sh!t really hit the fan with this one! After what should have been their last season (Season 5), Supernatural continued on into a 6th season with many wondering how the chow would continue on. Season 6 as a whole has been a mixed bag of the series' classic dark charm with strong character development and some lagging plot point with anti-climcatic outcomes. Most fans would say this was a disappointing season after Season 5 was probably the one of the best (if not "the best"). My opinion on Season 6? The series managed too pull through and continued quite strong considering Season 5's finale "Swan Song" was suppose to be the end of the series. I enjoyed Eve's arrival and Sam's soulless saga while I hated the Grampa Winchester and those annoying cousins. But in the end, Supernatural proves us wrong and shows that another year of the series was worth it with this shocking finale! "The Man Who Knew Too Much" was nothing like incredibly satisfying conclusion that "Swan Song" was to the series, instead it's a series of one shocking twist after another that ends with a cliffhanger that will keep fans talking until Season 7! Who knew!

    The episode starts off with an amnesic Sam running into a bar and befriending the young bartender who works there. What works so well with this part of the story is that the writers leave the audience just as confused as Sam. What the hell is going on? I love...LOVE how the writers don't just do another "24 hours ago" or whatever that most series would do with this type of story (even though they did do that for "Frontierland" a few episodes back) The way the story unravels is some of the best story telling the writers ever did, not to mention the editing between Sam's flashbacks and his real time were perfection. It kept me on my toes, trying to figure what was going on as much as Sam. The revelation of Sam's memory loss being that it was a dream thanks to Castiel putting him in a comatose state was shocking. I also loved the inclusion of Sam's alternate sides. The confrontation between his soulless self was awesome. You can just tell Jared releashed the chance to play a darker Sam again. The jacket trhow-off was fantastic as well as the moment he shot soulless Sam. Even more brilliant was the reveal of the bartender's true motive or true meaning in Sam's mind since she was a victim of soulless Sam's actions in a horrifying flashback. Not to mention, the little hints of her true nature before hand with her telling Sam "he won't like what he finds out" etc. were thought provoking in retrospect. Also, I loved how Dean affecting Sam phsyically in the real world caused his dream to alternate like when it went from day to night in an instant. Truly some of the most surreal and masterful writing I've seen from a series since Buffy! If that wasn't enough, the confrontation between Sam and Hell Sam was a pivotal moment for the character. Jared once again shows some great range as Sam confronts his shattered self. I loved the moment where Hell Sam gives Sam the knife, not wanting to fight him. It's breathtaking sequence, especially knowing what Sam could turn into once he rememebrs everything about Hell.

    If Sam's story wasn't powerful enough, Dean and Bobby racing to stop Crowley and Castiel from opening Purgatory was equally thrilling. Everything from the little moments of Dean helplessly hoping Sam will recover in time to help him and Bobby to theat epic sequence of a army of demons storming towards Castiel's lair, this was Supernatural at it's finest. But even with all that, Castiel's descent (or should I say ascension) into ultimate power was the biggest highlight. This is probably one of the most tragic character developments of the series as Castiel trulydoes the unthinkable in the end to achieve what he was after. Threatening to kill Crowley, killing Belthazor, tricking Rapheal and Crowley while opening Purgatory on his own etc. Riveting stuff. The last 15 mintues are one exceptional piece of television from Sam arriving trying to fight off his memories of Hell with Dean and Bobby helpless in stopping Rapheal and Crowely. When Cas arrives with all of those souls inside it, I have to admit, it was a truly frightening sight. Not just because Crowley ran off in hurry and Rapheal was killed mercilessly, but the fact that such a dear friend of the brothers could now become one of the world's greatest threats is devastating. The fact Cas's pride over takes him to the point where he demands Dean, Sam and Bobby to kneel before their new God or they die was chilling, I never thought Cas could be scary but it's a frightening cliffhanger that actually leaves me anxious for year 7! With Cas now a God and the boys with now supernatural back, how the h#ll do they get out of this one couldn't be a more appropriate assumption. One of Supernatural's finest hours! Can't believe I'm saying this but...bring on Season 7!
  • Sam's wall breaks down and Dean and Bobby deal with the fallout from it, along with Castiel's sudden betrayal.

    The finale of Season 6 came with an abundance of questions hovering over the heads of the former members of Team Free Will, particularly involving Castiel's betrayal by joining forces with Crowley, bringing Sam back soulless and trying to open the gates of purgatory.

    However, in the final episode, Cas goes one step further - by breaking down the wall in Sam's head to stop Dean from standing against him. So, Sam works on bringing together all the broken pieces of himself whilst Dean and Bobby try to stop Castiel. However, they're too late as Castiel has doublecrossed Crowley and taken all the souls of purgatory for himself. With his newfound power, Castiel kills Raphael and proclaims himself as the new God of this world, one whom his former friends should bow to else they should be destroyed.

    This episode was fast paced and packed with action. Castiel's transformation throughout it was harrowing as Castiel killed his former friend Balthazar, betrayed Crowley by going back on their deal and even shattered his bond with Dean perhaps irreparably by causing grievous harm to Sam. Misha portrayed the torn and war weary Castiel brilliantly and the calmness and serenity his character exudes after absorbing all that power is superbly done. Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard also give fantastic performances.

    However, it's Jared Padalecki who stole the show this episode. The inner battle of the Sam's was stunningly set and filled with subtle little details that made me smile to see such as him passing Castle Storage and the Nite Owl Motel, two locations seen in previous episodes. In Jared's performance as the amnesiac Sam you could really feel his confusion and fear as he pieced together his memories whilst in his perfomance as Soulless Sam, we once again see the cocky and arrogant Sam of earlier this season who moved so confidently and efficiently, a predator so different from the real Sam which was emphasized so much in the fight scene against his other self. However, the Hell version of Sam was not like either of the previous versions; Jared showed a Sam so world weary, moving so slowly, speaking so quietly and with so much exhaustion you could almost physically feel how broken he was and it was a heartbreakingly superb performance.

    As well as that, it's in the Sam scenes we see some of that much loved Winchester brotherly love with Sam making the sacrifice of choosing to remember Hell and running the risk of possibly making himself a vegetable just for the chance to help Dean along with Dean hovering around his brother's side and begging him to wake up, with the words even breaking through to Sam at certain points.

    So, all in all, this finale packed a lot of things in such a short time but every scene packed a powerful punch and left a lot of questions that season 7 needs to answer - what will remembering Hell do to Sam? What will the new God Castiel do now he has Heaven all to himself? Will the relationship between Castiel and the Winchesters ever be replaced? It's going to be a long wait until September to get these answers.
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much was a really superb episode of Supernatural and a surprising wrap up of the season. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had some psychologically thrilling scenes, action, drama, intrigue, betrayal, self discovery and more. Sam was left to discover who he is as a whole, Dean and Bobby attempt to stop the door to pergatory from being opened, and Crowley has found himself a new deal after Castiel renders theirs void. It was really cool to discover what Castiel had done and the end of this episode was a very interesting turn of events. I look forward to the next season of Supernatural!!!!!!!
  • The wall in Sam's mind breaks down and Castiel prepares to absorb all the souls.

    I've never actually been a huge fan of the finales of Supernatural.. besides the final moments, I've found them to be pretty anticlimatic.. last year's was probably the best finale to date, or perhaps even Season 2 or 3, mostly because everything in those episodes were exciting. However, for the most part, the show has a hard time showing stuff that's actually interesting. We get a lot of build-up, and when the finale arrives, the buildup continues until the last few moments, when we get a crazy cliffhanger. It's good for a cliffhanger but not for an actual episode. This finale was pretty entertaining all the way through, although I think, as some reviews I've seen on the internet say, it focuses way too much time inside Sam's head. Cut out a little of that and focus a bit more on the actual stuff with Purgatory and you have a great finale.

    Basically, Castiel realizes that Sam and Dean will never stop so in order to keep them distracted, Cas takes away the wall inside Sam's head. This leaves Sam in a coma, fighting inside his own head. It was clever of the show to make us believe one thing was happening at the beginning of the episode only to make it that Sam was fighting against his own unconscious.

    The crux of the episode is when Dean and Bobby go over Cas and Crowley. Raphael reappears in a new body and tries to stop Castiel, but things are too late: Cas disappears, does the spell and absorbs the souls and becomes a God. The final scene with him a true God and asks them all to bow before him is haunting. Plus, Crowley is still alive, meaning we get more ridiculous antics from him.

    I think what next season needs is more stand-alone episodes and less focus on the myth-arc. That's what all sci-fi shows like Supernatural did.. X-Files and whatnot.. they have episodes that exist outside of the mythology and then focus on the myth-arc for a few episodes here and there until the finale. There was just too much focus on the story this year, and the story itself was pretty weak, so let's hope the writers can figure it out (also, I like how Eric Kripke wrote this episode.. very cool for him to return!)
  • Oh,no they didn't!!! (yes,they did)

    This season has been an amazing ride. I still think it's completely different from the previous seasons,but it works.
    Now to the episode! I'm sooo happy they included 'the road so far' and the song that to me is an important aspect of the show(carry on my wayward son). The writers are starting to find a balance between the new and the old. I loved the "Sam battle". It was,sweet, interesting and reminded me of the time Sam was stuck in a ghost town with other kids like him . I liked the whole Castiel dilemma. But I never expected them to actually bring God into it. That's the one thing I've been afraid of ever since they brought angels and Lucifer into the series. But it works. It works because they didn't actually bring God into it. They didn't introduce some corny guy to play the caharacter of God. Castiel declared himself God and that is a whole other take, one which I can appreciate. I have a feeling that if he keeps this up it won't end well for him.I hope it'll work out though,because I've gotten used to his character.
    Overall the episode kept me on the edge of my seat, it had a few good twists and it was a nice ending to a good( but different) season. I guess change can actually be a good thing.
    Oh and I can't wait for next season!!! :)
  • wow can I say wow what a season final had the kansas song erik never lets me down with that this is for jared well done thats for all your hared work jensen awesome job and thanks to you for all your hard work on the show misha great job keep it up!!!!!!!

    wow can I say wow what a season final first castiel pulled sam's wall down and dean and bobby upset about it sam fighting himself and what was cool sam that remembered hell so sad so broken now that sam remembers what will he be like the first episode of season seven we know its gonna upset him greatly cause theirs no wall anymore since its down thats to castiel dean will never forgive castiel for hurting sammy and now what hurts castiel doesn't consider them family that he's the new god what will dean and sam do about him sam's not feeling so hot dean upset as well will find out soon next fall go supernatural you rock
  • I was totally blindsided by that gut punch!

    One thing that really stands out for me is the spectacular acting job Jared did portraying the three Sams. Jensen has had a few scenes like this where he has played different versions of himself and got to show off his considerable acting chops. This is the first time (as I recall) that Sam has had the opportunity, and the results were amazing. The difference between amnesiac Sam and souless Sam was so striking, in everything from facial expression, to body language, to tone of voice. Souless Sam was so cold and predatory in everything he did, so tall and solid and relentless, whereas amnesiac Sam was hunched and hesitant and vulnerable. You could especially see it in the eyes, the contrast between puppy dog eyes and shark eyes. And the Sam who remembers Hell did not have much screen time, but was very effective in expressive how broken down by pain and despair he was. I was really impressed. And I was also impressed by the writing. I have really liked how they drew threads out of the five precious seasons to weave a new, rich and layered tapestry for season six. But what I really love is how they then turned things on their head and made a carpet out of the tapestry, and then pulled the carpet out from under our feet! I spent most of the season thinking the story arc was about the monsters and the big bad was the mother, then I thought it was about the demons and the big bad was Crowley, then in the end it was about the angels and the big bad was Castiel. Even though they built up to it beautifully, it still knocked the wind out of me when it happened. Because I didn't think it would happen. And it's just so wonderful the way they built this season around a film-noir style of starting at a point in the future and then unraveling layers of mysteries as we find out what got them to that point-and where it takes them. What a great roller coaster ride this season has been, with so many unexpected twists and turns!

    I am so incredibly happy we will get a season 7 because I want a lot more of this.

    Also, I am really sad they killed Balthazar. My only consolation is that I know they will come up with another rascally recurring character I will love. They always do.
  • the road so far.....

    It was a good final eps. I can say that this ending was better than the 5th season. In fact the story of ben and lisa had to get to the end and thank god not killed, no more guilt over the dean. Have erased the memory of them was not an original thing, but in order to practice is a sign that the producers listen to the fans! summarizing this part of the 1st eps was only that. In the second part is what really gave it to excite, so I get sad and wonder if they had a better solution that will transform our dear cas a villain for next season, I also feel they have finished with excellent balatzar, happily crowly what is alive of the illusion that the 7th season is not lost. Rafael turned into pieces so need to know which angel will take his place and challenge the new "god". as I said I tested the idea of ​​transforming the cas in the next villain, which makes the suspense as the boys will handle it? ha yes how can we forget the wall of the sam, what struck me was how the last piece of the crushed sam was terrible memories that our sam will from now will it be strong enough? finally dean on his experience in hell dexou deep marks on it. And I doubt this is the cas will ever since we are those souls who took runis he must have tampered with it, perhaps the myth of the creature wants to be bigger than the creator, where is God (chucnk)? and how he will put things in order. I hope that the 7th season start hot. PS: as always .. Carry On Wayward Son. is too good to hear

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  • So the battle for purgatory reaches a... well, some kind of pitch, maybe a cramp in the side? Castiel Vs. Raphael for the title of biggest douche.

    I spent yesterday talking about how disappointing this ep was, and everything with it that was not what it should have been. If anything this ep should've been a mid-season hiatus cliffie. Not a season finale, we haven't been made to care that much about the civil war in heaven so to ask us to do so in two eps is wrong. But here's what's good with it...

    The ep starts off strong, with an amnesiac Sam running from the cops, a-la Kyle Reese in The Terminator (except sadly not nekked...mmmm delish!) Anyway... in a couple brain cramping moments of flashes of memory we realize that in order to keep the boys distracted from trying to stop him, Castiel actually tore down Sam's wall, and the jackrabbit sense of persecution he's got is literally all in his head, cause his hot little bod is inert (how sad), on a cot in Bobby's panic room. "This is lookin' pretty good!" I say. Especially when Soulless Sammy starts shooting at our "softer" Sam with his new female friend. "Mmm" I say, "he's fragment-ed into several different personalities... it's gonna be tough when he gets to the one that remembers hell!" On the outside we've got Bobby and Dean leaving Sam behind so they can stop Cas from turning himself into a walking nuclear bomb. The only reason we should care is because that SOB tore down Sam's wall, leaving him psychologically nekked and vulnerable. And obviously a little like Freddy Kruger ready willing and able to absorb all the aspects of his cracked soul. (By this time we realize he's only in 3 pieces, that's very loosely fragmented, I thought he was supposed to have been Shattered!? C'mon, pull yourself out of your budgie smuggler and write something compelling please?)

    oops... lost track (kinda like this whole season), here we go. So there's a lot of blah blah blah, and yakkety schmackety and anyone who didn't see Crowley turning around and taking his "deal" to Raphael once Cas betrayed him is really good at suspending all logic. Not just disbelief. So Cas, tricks both Crowley and Raphael, opens purgatory and sucks up the nuclear bombs, I mean souls. He let's Crowley live, though truly why? Crowley's a worm riddled punk, an idea demon at best, Scrappy Doo at worst. And kills Raphael.

    So, the supposed clincher, the big-money moment comes when Sam, apparently quite comfortable with what happened in hell snatches up Raphael's sword and runs Cas through with it. Cas nonchalantly pulls the sword out, declaring, "an angelsword can't hurt me cause I'm not an angel anymore, I'm your new god, so bow down or die." in essence. How horribly anticlimactic. Cause seriously, if you've been paying attention to the whole "power of the souls" storyline you'd've seen this coming during their spring break hiatus, or was it Easter, or maybe it was the president's day hiatus, I don't know but one of them. So, instead of giving us an awesomely angsty hour full of Shattered Sammybits with a little heavenly warfare as a side dish (as it should have been), we went to the steakhouse expecting prime rib and got served a salad instead. Sorry no meat for us this season. Sadly, the majority of season 6 was poorly utilized. There were 22 eps, 8 different plot-strands with a dozen or more sub-plots that could've and should've been woven tightly together to grab the fans by the short and curlies and keep us on the edges of our seats for the entire 9 months. But it wasn't. So... That being said, if it wasn't for the wonderful acting of our beloved boys bringing out whatever kernels of gold they could mine, and shining them up real brightly, well, Thanks boys. Maybe season 7 will be more well thought out with fewer eps wasted, and writers that aren't afraid to actually write engaging stories. That'd be a real nice surprise. Thanks to Kast and Krew for their hard work for the past year.

    Jensen and Jared, as always special love and gratitude fellas.
  • Ok,so this episode basically is the end of the season and Cass goes to the dark side or so we think. I don't get what people problem is with this show or if they are still stuck in the past. I happened to enjoy this season very much and love the ending.

    I don't think it could have ended any other way and with Cass being the new God this could further storylines to a whole other level. I've said it before, that if you haven't given this season a chance u never will. People are expecting too much out of this show. These episodes are great and it's keeping me in tune to find out what is going on next season. They needed to do something big and they did it. I can't wait until next season! The negative posts to me are those that never enjoyed Supernatural right from the beginning. Goooooo Superatural!!
  • The first finale that left me completely confused, wishing I had bothered to see the entire season.

    The episode starts off strong with Sam blacking out and getting help from a female bartender to regain his memory. It's a well known story yet it works. I jumped when the first shot was fired by another Sam, this coming from a horror lover, I don't jump easily. Unfortunately the episode takes a turn for the worse as the story unravels and jumps several hoops to keep pace.
    Suddenly your stuck in this big arc that features the death of seemingly important angels and the rise of a new God. Really? I always thought Castiel was a good guy which came full circle in a touching speech from Dean but him becoming all powerful was more ridiculous than it was shocking.
    I have to say, it came as a surprise as to how much I missed the rest of the story line. I really liked the episode at the start but I was completely lost by the end.
  • Supernatural ended on Season 5. This is a new series. Unfortunately not as good

    I've always been a "hardcore" fan of Supernatural. I just love it. This series was really awesome, great plot, great cast, great music, great gags. Just Great!!! Kripke had it all figured out since the show started. He always knew where it was going and why, all with an epic finale after 5 Seasons. The puzzle was completed but then the BOSS appeared and ruined everything for us.

    It's pretty clear that the Winchester plot finished with Season 5. That was it, the whole plot that was built since the very first episode had his conclusion with Sam's sacrifice and Dean earning a normal life. "But no", the CW said.

    I understand it, i really do, they had to renewed it for the ratings, the problem was the Kripke didn't know what the hell he was going to do because he didn`t had more to tell about the Brothers and the consequence was a pointless Season 6.

    Don't get me wrong, there were some really good episodes, but that's it, episodes standing alone, the whole picture never really fit in the Supernatural universe and there's the failure.

    We've all should have seen it since the poor season premiere, the worst of all seasons. Then there was a couple of interesting things but many were disjointed. Sam soulless was an interesting idea but it never really exploded as it should had and at the end it didn't have an actual repercusion. And that was the whole season. Eve??? Grandpa Winchester??? Just excuses to enlarge the season. Eve's plot's intention was to uncovered the whole Castile-Crowley plan, that easily could be told in 2, maybe 3 episodes, no more. Grandpa exit was as lame as it was his entering, and i could go on and on.

    What i'm trying to say is that i believe that even the writers didn't know quiet well where the plot was heading as they were writing it. I'm not buying that the whole Civil War in Heaven was the main plot when they started, it was just an easy exit to a messy season that never figured it out himself.

    They lost sight, although there were some cool stuff it wasn't enough to achieved the awesomeness of previous seasons, but this at least gives me hope.

    As a huge fan i will continue to watch the series 'til the very end, hoping that someday they will re-take the right path.

    But i maintained my idea. Supernatural finished with season 5 for me. This is a new series with interesting thinks but with a long road to fix yet.
  • Great ending to a unique season. The ending was a very interesting development and creates lots of possibilities for the 7th season. Based on this ending the 7th will probably be even better than this one and hopefully as good as the 5th!

    Great ending to a unique season. Castiel turning dark side is a very interesting development and creates lots of possibilities for the 7th season. Based on this ending the 7th will probably be even better than this one and hopefully just as, or more amazing than the fifth which was one the most compelling of all shows on tv these days. This season felt like a bunch of smaller story lines put together which I still enjoyed though! Especially Jared's performance in the first part of the season playing soulless Sam. He did that brilliantly. But I'm really excited about Castiel probably getting an even bigger role in the next season. He's my favorite character at the moment and I can't wait to see more of him next season. But to conclude a well put together episode, slowly realizing were in Sam's head. And a great ending with "the new god" Castiel. I for one am rooting for chuck to make a comeback revealing that he's god and putting Castiel in his place.
  • While it didn't completely suck, it wasn't great either...

    Considering the way the season started, the finale was acceptable.
    The first thing that bothered me was the lack of common thread between "Let it Bleed" and "The Man who knew too much", plot wise. I don't know if you guys felt the same, rescuing Lisa and co seemed to me like a pit stop. For me the episodes didn't flow into the finale. But at least that wasn't really their fault : it was Smallville's two hour finale's fault, so I won't hold it against them.
    The second thing that I didn't appreciate was that I wasn't surprised by the script. It felt a bit predictable, too predictable for a finale. Of course in a season finale, especially for a show like supernatural, you know that the big battle is comming. This time I have to say I was a bit disappointed. But maybe that's just me. And maybe for now, they can't do better then the 5th's finale.
    What I liked was probably the last 10 minutes of the episode. That's what redeemed the finale for me. It made me want to know what they have in store for our dearly beloved brothers in the next season, and I do hope that they'll do better than this year. It made me imagine who will side with the Winchester's now that Castiel is a bad guy. Crowley will probably be back (I do have to say that I like his antics), how will they manage to de-nuke Cas, if it's at all possible. I bet Eve will be back also.
    That's why for me it was a good enough of a finale, because it made me impatient and excited at the prospect of the new season in the fall...I hope for the show that you guys felt the same.
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much...

    "The Man Who Knew Too Much" took a fairly odd path for an immediate follow on episode, even as far as Supernatural goes. The episode was told somewhat in flashback through the dreamscape in Sam's head, before coming back to the present day towards its conclusion. Beginning with the usual "The Road So Far" intro for the finale of each season, the previously on... reminded us of a salient detail to the early plot of the season that had fallen by the way side in more recent episodes - Death constructed a barrier in Sam's head to keep the memories of Hell separate from his consciousness. We learn through a version of Sam deep within his own head that in the real world, Castiel has removed the barrier in an attempt to stop the Winchester's pursuit of him and Crowley. Soulful Sam - now experiencing a complete mental break whilst in a deep sleep - fights against a fractured version of himself with no soul, and when he defeats him, he regains the memories of his year on Earth without a soul. Continuing on, he comes face-to-face with the version of himself that experienced and fully remembers Hell; having no choice but to learn what he knows as well if he wishes to return to his body in the real world. Outside of Sam's head, Balthazar brings word of where Castiel and Crowley intend to open the gate to Purgatory now that they have what they need to open it - something that they gleamed from Bobby's friend Elle. Leaving Sam, the two then head off to stop them before it is too late. Things aren't going quite according to plan on the Angel/Demon front however, when Castiel reneges on his deal with Crowley, deciding to keep all of the souls for himself. Unhappy with this betrayal, Crowley then forms a union with Raphael - the only person strong enough to deter Castiel from seeking Purgatory by himself. Forced to turn over the key to Purgatory, Castiel then flees as Crowley and Raphael begin the ritual to open the gate. Before the ritual is complete, Bobby and Dean try to stop the evil cohorts from opening the gate, to no avail; being no match for either of their strength. However, when they finish the spell, nothing happens. Castiel then suddenly returns, now armed with all of the souls of Purgatory after keeping the key for himself and handing a fake to Crowley. Destroying Raphael with a click of his fingers, Castiel - now a changed being - refuses Dean's plea to return the souls to Purgatory, claiming that he needs them to punish the followers of his deceased nemesis. Sam - having arisen from his dream-state and marched to stand with his brother - then stabs Castiel in the back with an Angel sword; a weapon capable of killing any Angel. When the weapon has no effect, Castiel then announces that he is no longer Angel, but is the new God, and if they won't bow to him, he will destroy them all. As far as awesome moments of television go, Castiel's reveal that he is now God was kind of up there in the stratosphere. The thing about it that is so ingenious however, is that we don't really know what it means for the show. Whilst it seems as if Castiel is going to essentially become the new big-bad for the seventh and likely final season of the show, it is by no means definitive. It was hinted in the fifth season's finale that the prophet Chuck may actually have been the God in disguise, so with that possibility still lingering, I am exceptionally excited to see where the writers are going with this. If Castiel is "bad" how could the brothers possibly stop him? If he isn't, does it mean that he may actually bring pure peace to Earth and purge all evil? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see!
  • This episode, though as good as any other, was really nothing more than a plethora of double crossing, and shark jumping.

    Well, the ep starts off with Sam running from the cops, memory gone and him not having a clue as to what is happening. Good so far. Keep going, and he meets up with a bar tender, and he & she set off to help Sam retrace his steps, so as he might gain back his memory. A few flashbacks later, and we're clued into the fact that Cas has taken down the "Hell Wall" in Sam's head, where he (Sam) is now stuck, facing his "inner Demons" if you will. Good enough.

    Back in the real world is where the double crossing party has taken place. Balthazar has double crossed Cas to help Winchesters & Co., Cas has double crossed Crowley so he might take all the souls of Purgatory for himself, and Crowley ends up double crossing Cas by aligning himself with Raphael. Honestly, if there was one more double cross, I'd have mistaken this episode for either a Western, a Bond film, or an ep. of Dancing With the Stars. Anyway, I digress. Up until now, we can all see that everything is headed for the classic end of season Supernatural flashpoint, as is customary of the series. Good enough, nothing new (in style) there.
    And then it happens. The show jumps the freaking shark. Oh, we thought they did it when Angels were brought in a few seasons back. Nope, we grew to accept that. We had demons and monsters, so Angels were the next natural progression of the show. Good enough. Then we thought they jumped the shark when the Devil was brought in as the ultimate "big bad." Again, no, because where you have Angels & Demons & Monsters, you also have the Devil himself. Fair enough.

    But this time around, oh, yes, the shark has been jumped my friends. Not just jumped, but flat out rocketed over!

    How? Well, it seems that Cas, sly Angel that he is, tricked Crowley & Raphael by giving them the fake key to Purgatory, and has sucked up the millions of souls for himself. Long story short, Cas kills Raphael like Lucifer killed Cas at the end of season 5. *Finger snap....BANG!* and Raphael explodes in a flurry of special effects worthy of Andrew Kramer and the entire video copilot team (sorry, insider joke, not show related).

    Anyway, a Hell battered Sam stumbles his way into the mess, stabs Cas with the Angel blade, and surprise surprise, it doesn't kill him. Cas proclaims himself to be the "New God" and tells everyone present that if they don't proclaim their love for him and bow down, he will destroy them. Close up to Cas's eyes, and there's the end of season 6.

    Now, others say that this was a great ending. I disagree. It was a good ending to the season, sure, but it was anything BUT great. It's simply attempting to 1+ the big bads of previous seasons, something that many shows of this genre suffer from, that I like to call "Big Bad, Now Badder" syndrome. Other shows that have done this are: Charmed (every season), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, & Angel. Now we can officially add Supernatural to that list.

    Fact is this season COULD HAVE ended on a more somber note, or at least on a non-shark jumping related note, but no, now we literally have "God" as the proposed enemy.

    While I WILL keep watching to see how they end this in Season 7, I do have to note that, to this date, the best ending I've seen on Supernatural was, and indeed by far still is, the Season 5 ending. This season's ending however....ranks pretty low on my list. All I can say is, *tsk tsk tsk*
  • Well... hmmm

    What a funny old season of Supernatural it has been. After the whole Lucifer thing last year, we were all worried as fans that the show would loose its way. I mean, where can you go after Lucifer? The show responded and delivered. Season 6 didn't manage to top 5, but it certainly topped the rest. However, the main problem with it was they didn't really seem to know who the villian was.
    First it was Sam. Something's up with him and the monsters. Then it was Crowley. Then they killed him off (and obviously regretted this later). Then it was Sam again. Then it was Eve. Then Crowley again. And finally... Cas. While all the while Rafeal in the background. Quite jumbled, but overall I think they had it all planned out from the start. Crowley is too good a charactor to kill off, and I'm glad they made him the villian this season. Rafeal we barley saw; we knew he was evil (or she) because she wanted to release Lucifer and Michael. Except she didn't. She (he) wanted to be the new God (more on that later). However, the main focus of this season was Sam; how he survives 100 years in hell with Lucifer. And this episode really showed us how split apart his soul is. He had to defeat his souless self and comfront the part of himself that remembers hell. And he didn't look too good at the end of it. I guess we'll have to wait untill season 7 to show just how much he is affected, which is good. 100 years in hell is no short time and it also shows charactor growth. I like how he also now remembers everthing he did as souless Sam too. This was also Dean's season. It showed more than anything that he's a hunter, through and through, and his world is shattered by disloyalty. There was something off about Castiel from the start, but I admit it was fun watching him kick ass in this episode. so... the cliffhanger. Sam's all over the place and Castiel is God. I really hope they don't kill Cas; he's my favourite charactor!! A bit of a brave cliffhanger to do, but it makes sure hard core fans will tune in next year.
    Was this the best final? No. That goes to season 5. But it was still hugely enjoyable as always, and I'm thrilled they have a season 7. This show has alot more to give.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sam (Spoilers Ahead)

    The boys find the woman who Castiel took and Crowley and they took her blood and she confessed how to open purgatory. To get the brothers to stop chasing him Castiel does away with the wall in Sam's mind. Sam is then on the run inside his own head and he meets a bartender who helps him when he can't remember exactly who he is. He must deal with his soulless self and the part of himself that remembers the Cage in order to put his mind back together and awakens. Bobby and Dean get info from Balthazar where Castiel plans to open the gate and after that Castiel does away with Balthazar and Castiel double crosses Crowley who then double crosses him and makes a deal with Raphael and Castiel ultimately kills Raphael and lets Crowley escape saying he "has plans for him" which could be foreshadowing of him as the new devil. Castiel really has gone all the way down the road of insanity now and needs to be "de-nuked" as they put. His new god like power is awe inspiring and we are left on a questionable turn of Sam now knowing about what happened in the Cage without his long term psychological affects of him.
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