Season 7 Episode 7

The Mentalists

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on The CW

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  • Boo hoo

    For the people complaining about the portrayal of their town/someplace they've been. Umm, it's a TV show. It isn't like the film on location or anything, they just find a site and film their show. I've spent time in 6 of the cities/towns they've stopped in on this show. I LIVE in one of them they've been to twice. None of them are anything like the show portrayed them. No need to get worked up, just sit back and enjoy the show. I get that they took more liberties than usual with this one, but it's a fictional show about supernatural stuff happening, and in this case it's happening in a town full of psychics. OF COURSE they're going to make changes for entertainment value.

    Now, that said, I wasn't really all that impressed by the episode. They've already done the twist that they came up with in this episode before. Last season, I believe. Maybe at the end of 5.
  • Not so happy with this ep :(

    I have actually been to Lily Dale & I feel that this ep was a bit insulting to the beauty of the actual place & the ppl who live/work there. It is a place of peace, love, & tranquility. NOT the tourist trap joke this ep made it out to be! As a HUGE fan of the show, I was quite saddened & sickened by this particular ep.
  • Some superb Supernatural!


    These are some of my favourite things:

    -The suspense really had me. It actually gave me chills at one point (when the ghost appears on the video) and kept me at the edge of my seat a lot (especially when we see Margaret attacking, and double that when Sam is about to get shot by the pawn shop owner.)

    -I loved how the town full of psychics put a really interesting spin on the ghost hunt, figuring out which psychic was fake and which was real, and which sister was doing the ganking, and which psychic was controling her. (I did not suspect the pawn shop owner at all.)

    -The deaths were as twisted and gory and entertaining as always. No one kills people off better than Supernatural! (I especially liked dropping a guy onto a table of forks and knives all standing to attention.)

    -"If you affirmate me, I'm going to punch you in the face." I loved Sam hiding his fond smile when Dean said that. That's when I knew everything was going to be okay between them, will always be okay between them. Ah Sam, you know you love your big brother to death, you can't stay mad at him!

    -The brotherly moments were so great, the reconciliation was perfect, and Dean finally started to admit how the loss of Cas had affected him.

    -And I love that it was Ellen who told Dean to talk or she would kick his ass. That was so Ellen! I have all kinds of love for that!

    -I loved how Sam just matter of factly puts his bags in the trunk of Dean's stolen car. And how that whole scene ended with "Don't compare us to that Hall of Crazy. We're like poster kids of functional family life compared to them." -"It's a low bar." -"Hey, grading on a curve has gotten me past everything since kindergarten, so don't knock it." Ah, Dean.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Totally Inappropriate!


    I'm thoroughly disgusted with the show's depiction of Lily Dale as a town full of fakes and charlatans. Lily Dale is actually a Spiritualist community in that every resident must belong to the church. THE church, as in there's only one. The speed limit is 10 on every street, and there aren't many of them. It's more like a camp with small houses instead of tents, and there are NOT people with tables for palm readings in every spot on the sidewalks. In fact, they're also quite famous for their pet cemetery, one of the first in the US.

    The residents are quite clear on their devotion to both God and their church. The Fox sisters were quite real, although there were 3 of them and they were from Hydesville, a defunct hamlet much further north. When they died, one had lived and was buried in London and the other two near NYC and buried in pauper's graves.

    Basically it's a small hamlet, which is only part of a town, and very religious. There are all sorts of other scenarios they could have used that would at least allow the town to retain something of its dignity. My grandparents are rolling over in their graves, and the cemetery they used for the show doesn't even come close to looking like the one in which they're buried, which is the only human cemetery in Lily Dale. But then again, nothing about the show's fiction of Lily Dale was accurate. Not even close.

  • Supernatural is more original in its 133rd episode than Grimm was in its first.


    I was impressed while watching this episode that the writers can find ways of keeping it fresh, considering it is in its seventh season. I was surprised several times, like when the ghost kills the medium instead of the man, when it turns out the second sister is the one doing the killing, and when it turns out the actual murderer is the pawn shop owner. This was not a stock-in-trade vengeful spirit, this was in fact a psychic ghost giving people visions to warn them and a bitter and envious live psychic who put a spell on a dead psychic to do his dirty work. And kept her bones in his bed! So a sick and bitter and envious live psychic. This put Sam in the position of having to kill a human, which they don't normally do, and he hesitated for a long time before pulling the trigger. These are fresh elements, and the psychic aspect really put a new spin on the ghosts.

    One of the great things about Supernatural is that it never runs out of urban legends and myths and creepy historical facts. (And this is where I think Grimm will run into trouble: restricting themselves to fairy tales is very limiting and predictable.) In this episode, they explore Lily Dale, a real-life spiritualist community. Books have even been written about it, like Lily Dale: The True Story of the Town that Talks to the Dead and a fictional series set in Lily Dale by Wendy Corsi Staub. It is said that spirits roam there freely, and a veritable paranormal industry has evolved around it over generations. It has the highest concentration of mediums and spiritualists. Just as we see in the episode, most residents have hung up a shingle in front of their house advertising their psychic services, and thousands come to Lily Dale from all over to consult them.

    Not only was Lily Dale a new supernatural legend the show had never explored before, but it was the perfect setting to delve into the fact there are real and fake psychics. We know there are bona fide psychics like Missouri and Pam in the Supernatural world, but there are also charlatans. Or as Dean so eloquently puts it: "There's fake wuwu crap and there's real wuwu crap." And the conflict between the two is what provides the motive for multiple murders. Also, it turned things upside down in a new and interesting way, because normally Sam and Dean believe in the paranormal and the civilians are the skeptics, but in this case Sam and Dean are the Scullys and the townspeople are the Mulders, because all Lily Dalians believe in psychics, whereas the Winchesters know most of them are con artists. It was also fun to figure who had real power and who was faking it. It was interesting that one of the "charlatans," Melanie, was actually a very sympathetic character, and that out of the blue it turns out the museum guide really does have the gift when he delivers a message to Dean from Ellen to talk to your brother or I will kick you in the ass.

    This psychic intervention was the catalyst that made the boys air their feelings and resolve their differences. I personally was very happy with the way things were worked out. I wouldn't have wanted them to stay separated, nor keep fighting (we have seen enough of that.) Especially as, once Sam got over his initial hurt, it was only natural that he would be able to see that Dean was only doing what he thought was right, to protect other humans from a kitsune, and to protect his brother from a heartbreaking duty. While I understood why Sam was upset at first, I really would not have liked it had he remained blind to Dean's reasons, nor if Dean had remained mum on those reasons. Plus it was a great scene; they wrapped it up perfectly.

  • The boys hit "psychictown", and find their way back together again with a little kick in the pants from an old friend.


    Sam and Dean, having separated in the previous episode, are each drawn to a vengeful spirit wreaking havoc on a small town full of psychics.

    Sam is initially reluctant to work with Dean again, after learning not only of his betrayal, but the fact that he LIED about killing Amy in the first place.

    But, the boys are hunters, they do what they do and they do it well, chasing down the spirit of an angry sister who was never appreciated for her "Real" psychic talents, whereas her "showman" and prettier sister was the one with the success.

    Along the way the writer drops a few interesting teases, like the museum curator's suggestion to Dean that he talk to Sam, tell him "How bad it's gotten" because "Ellen says if you don't she's going to kick your butt"...

    The question is, how bad WHAT has gotten? Dean's drinking? His ennui? or is it something else? is he contemplating suicide? is he terminal?

    I realize that keeping a viewer guessing is part of the fun of writing, but Supernatural has a long and bad habit of dropping tidbits then never giving us fulfillment about them. I'm truly hoping that this isn't the case this time and that by the end of the season we get some well deserved fulfillment. Just like this ep gave us!

    To all the kast and krew, thanks for your hard work!

    To Jensen and Jared, special love boys, as always.

  • Back the old times!


    I feel that this season we are going back in time, back in season 1 when they were still innocent about the future and how the series was great to see Dean and Sam hun:, hunting things, save people, family buiness. Grinding had said something that not only the reference ellen was the best part of eps, but eps td maintained regularly, but definitely know that Ellen will always be the guardian angel of the boys and of course the dean. It was good that the story of Amy has been clean and last end, now everything is tied between the brothers, I loved the moral of the dean sam upwards. I'll pass thisis the moment dean's chicken, but this medium to stay behind (confess I am jealous!) And thank god that dean's hatesthattown ahahaha. I also like the reference to Cample's family is always family.

    I think I will not seethe nexteps, because I'll begoing tovacation, but once again I see that will benext hilarioa esp.


  • Sister Psychos


    The Mentalists-An angry ghost goes after mediums in Lily Dale, the most psychic town in America, and the brothers have to figure out who the next victim will be from a population filled with nothing but psychics.

    One thing I guess I could appreciate the writers for doing this season is bringing the show back to basics. It seems to be the trend of this season as while the Leviathans maybe the main antagonists, the series seems more episodic this year, focusing more on the brother's various cases than the actual main plot. "The Mentalists" definitely feels like a throwback to the first 3 seasons, especially Season 1. The storyinvolves scheme psychics being killed off one by one by a ghost. While the story starts off promising with some verygruesomedeaths, especially the opening where the psychic is impaled in the neck by aspirit boardmarker. But then, once the two psychic sisters come into the story, things become pretty predictable. It was pretty obvious that once it was revealed that one of the sisters were giving the psychics visions, that the other was behind killing them. Also the twist with the store owner being the necromancer didn't seem to help matters either. In the end, it's a story we've seen many times before from Supernatural and the writers didn't really add much to it.

    At the heart of the episode is Dean and Sam finally coming to terms with Dean killing Amy. I guess Dean has a point about doing what he thought was right, especially when Sam was in no condition to be making decisions, considering he was losing him mind. Of course, Sam comes around and respects his brother for doing the right thing but this resolution between them just didn't have to happen.Usuallywhen there's conflict between the brothers, it's pretty heartbreaking but this whole betrayal fom Dean just never sit right from me to begin with and considering Dean contradicts his actions in "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" with Maggie and Don, it's hard to really be invested in this prettyover-dramatic turn of events. Meh, watchable, but no where as entertaining as it's trying to be.

  • So Much for the Trial Separation (Spoilers Ahead)


    While Dean tries to make it on his after stealing a car he hears a radio report about mysterious deaths occurring in Lily Dale, New York (incidentally the most psychic town in existence). Whatever it is seems to be attacking practitioners which means that anyone in the town could be a potential victim or doing it themselves. While Dean is getting the lay of land at the first victims house he then goes to a spiritual diner or something and runs into Sam and they agree to work the case together despite their differences over Amy's death. Their investigation leads them into the wrong trail as they think it was a cursed necklace that belonged to the first victim which they acquire from a magical pawn shop. The first victim's daughter reveals that her mother received a vision of her death the day before with exact details. The ghost turns out to half of a dynamic duo of sisters who were psychics back in the day. But the one that they believe to be killing is actually giving the prophecies to the victims to stop her sister from doing them which Sam and Dean learn the hard way as another victim bites the dust. It turns out to be the pawn shop owner who is a true practitioner and has real powers but can't make money doing the real thing like the renowned fakes can which is why he killed the others by binding the spirit to him since they were so much alike. Dean protects the woman from harm while Sam repels the pawn shop owner and expectedly burning the bones as per the formula. Dean and her had some good chemistry and their acknowledgement that if it was a better time they might have hooked up or something. Dean lashes out at Sam for being mad over his feelings towards Amy and that he would've done the same thing if he wasn't so close to her. Sam ultimately forgives him somewhat and says that he understands why he did it. Dean confronts that fact that he can't trust anyone since Castiel betrayed them, and having Ellen's ghost push a medium to force Dean to say it was a nice touch that the writers through it. It's a perfectly routine episode that saw the brothers break up and get together again. With the midseason approaching a little more Leviathan action will probably be headed our way. Keep it coming.

  • If you're going to do a stand-alone episode, at least make it a good one. There was nothing particularly original or surprising about this episode that served as a throwback to the show's first few seasons.


    If you're going to do a stand-alone episode, at least make it a good one. There was nothing particularly original or surprising about this episode that served as a throwback to the show's first few seasons. The murders were somewhat creative, but none of the villains were particularly memorable (how many times have we seen stock vengeful ghosts now? 100?). Also, the feud between the brothers wrapped up far too neatly. I'm hope the writers will further expand on things. Overall, it was a mildly enjoyable episode but nothing groundbreaking. Mostly rehashing old themes, characters, etc.

  • The Mentalists


    The Mentalists was a great episode of Supernatural and I enjoyed watching this episode because the story was fun and had the classic feel of the series. The ghosts and special effects were great. There was some character development for Sam and Dean and their relationship. This was just a side story filler episode but it was entertaining. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!

  • Great ghost story


    I have to confess to having a thing for the ghost episodes. Because ghosts are human spirits, there are as many ghost stories as there are human stories. A wendigo is a wendigo is a wendigo, but ghopsts are as varied as people, and who they were in life, how they were murdered, what unfinished business they have, what they are haunting, how they are manifesting, how they communicate and who they are targeting make each a unique story. The ghost episodes never get old.

    I also love that ghosts always require some detective work, seeing as i love police procedurals. I really enjoy the process of unraveling the mystery, figuring out their identity, what's keeping them here, what the victims have in common, etc. And i find ghosts to be the most chilling supernatural beings, the flickering lights, the frigid air, the objects moving on their own. I think part of what makes ghosts so scary is that most of time you can't see them. And Supernatural always expoits these things to maximum effect.

    The town full of psychics was a great setting, and what makes it even more awesome is that Lily Dale is real. It's an actual town in NY with a very long history of spirits and mediums and psychics, and 20,000 people flock there every summer to consult them.

    So i was a happy camper watching this episode, because it gave me all of that (plus some premium Sammy and Dean scenes as well!) I was surprised in the opneing scene when the ouija thingy went for the medium's throat instead of the obnoxious man's, so we probably wern't dealing with Uncle Danny and the mystery started rolling from there. It was fun to watch the clues lead them first to the wrong sister, then to the right sister, and finally to the psychic controling the right sister. The only note I have is i wish they hadn't had the first sister say when they're about to burn her bones "Listen to me!" Because that tipped me off that she was probably trying to warn people instead of kill them, so i wasn't surprised when the second sister attacked. (I would've docked the episode to 9.8 for that, but because i can only choose between 9.5 and 10, I round up. :) )

  • Beautifully Back to Basics!


    They had promised us a more back to basics Supernatural, and in this episode I could feel all the classic Supernatural stuff I love!

    One of the things I missed when the show got heavy and deep into its mythology was the relationship the boys developed with the civilians they helped and saved from the monster of the week. We even had a term for them, and it took me a minute to remember what it was: I'm pretty sure it was PiP, for people in peril.

    Melanie was a great PiP--the perfect mix of vulnerability and innocence (she is after all a civilian) but underneath that enough steel to wield an iron poker. And I really liked that the boys actually had a chance to bond with her a little (in this case Dean.)

    The ghost hunting is classic Supernatural of course, but setting it in a town full of fake psychics (with a few real dead and live psychics thrown in) gave it a fresh and interesting twist. I liked that there were two ghosts, two sisters, one trying to warn and the other trying to harm.

    The deaths were also classic Supernatural, twisted and gory, and these just never got old for me because they never cease to come up with new and creative ways of killing people. In this case, fittingly enough, the fake psychics died by their fake swords: a crystal ball, a ouija board pointer, and bent cultery.

    And ah! the brotherly moments! I just saw today a slide show someone had made of all the Winchester fights, and a pattern quickly emerged. When Dean is pissed off at Sam, he punches him (like he did just a few episodes ago, the hilarious motel room door punch in the Girl Next Door.) When Sam is pissed off at Dean, he storms off. Neither is a healthy way to resolve conflicts, but then this is the Winchesters, and they're not good at using their words, so Dean uses his fists and Sam uses his feet.

    It took Ellen--awesome even from beyond the grave--to kick Dean into talking. And once he told Sam why he had done it, and why he had kept it from him, it made sense, and Sam saw that it made sense. I mean, I can understand why Sam was so upset--when you're emotionally attached to someone, it's hard to be objective, or to accept that your brother killed her. I'm sure if, say, Cassie turned out to be a supernatural creature who was trying hard to be good, and Sam killed her behind Dean's back, Dean would be pretty pissed too. (Except he'd punch Sam instead of walking away.) But Dean's reasons for doing what he did were sound, and classic Dean, and what I had suspected: he did it to protect Sam. He killed Amy because Sam was too close to her to do it, and he didn't tell Sam because he was afraid it would trigger Sam's precarious mental health.

    I was happy that once they talked it out they cleared things up and reconciled. Which goes to show Sam wasn't wrong when he tried to use the counseling trick he had used on the Starks on Dean as well. But Dean has always been a tough nut to crack. But we are seeing the cracks. He actually admitted out loud for the first time that the loss of Cas is affecting him--that was already pretty obvious from the drinking and the nightmares and the defensive deflection whenever Bobby or Sam brought it up. Dean always bottles things up, and it takes a while before the pressure mounts to the point it is all poured out in a big roadside confession. So I think the loss of Cas will surface again. (And then Cas himself will surface again.)

    Now if they only could've driven off in the Impala to the thump of classic rock, my happiness at this revival of classic Supernatural would be complete. (But I know the Impala is coming back, so I'm not worried.)

  • wow awesome can't wait for more and hearing the great news that the mid season final is dec 2 and show returning jan 6 is awesome thanks cw for making the winter break short wow this season is amazing glad and relieved that dean and sam made up finally!!!


    fantastic a always this episode was pretty cool cause of the physics jared and jensen fantastic as always want more can't wait until mid season final and then back jan 6 go supernatural you rock can;t wait until they announce season eight cause its gonna be exciting. supernatural is an awesome show