Season 7 Episode 7

The Mentalists

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on The CW

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  • So Much for the Trial Separation (Spoilers Ahead)


    While Dean tries to make it on his after stealing a car he hears a radio report about mysterious deaths occurring in Lily Dale, New York (incidentally the most psychic town in existence). Whatever it is seems to be attacking practitioners which means that anyone in the town could be a potential victim or doing it themselves. While Dean is getting the lay of land at the first victims house he then goes to a spiritual diner or something and runs into Sam and they agree to work the case together despite their differences over Amy's death. Their investigation leads them into the wrong trail as they think it was a cursed necklace that belonged to the first victim which they acquire from a magical pawn shop. The first victim's daughter reveals that her mother received a vision of her death the day before with exact details. The ghost turns out to half of a dynamic duo of sisters who were psychics back in the day. But the one that they believe to be killing is actually giving the prophecies to the victims to stop her sister from doing them which Sam and Dean learn the hard way as another victim bites the dust. It turns out to be the pawn shop owner who is a true practitioner and has real powers but can't make money doing the real thing like the renowned fakes can which is why he killed the others by binding the spirit to him since they were so much alike. Dean protects the woman from harm while Sam repels the pawn shop owner and expectedly burning the bones as per the formula. Dean and her had some good chemistry and their acknowledgement that if it was a better time they might have hooked up or something. Dean lashes out at Sam for being mad over his feelings towards Amy and that he would've done the same thing if he wasn't so close to her. Sam ultimately forgives him somewhat and says that he understands why he did it. Dean confronts that fact that he can't trust anyone since Castiel betrayed them, and having Ellen's ghost push a medium to force Dean to say it was a nice touch that the writers through it. It's a perfectly routine episode that saw the brothers break up and get together again. With the midseason approaching a little more Leviathan action will probably be headed our way. Keep it coming.

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