Season 4 Episode 18

The Monster at the End of This Book

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on The CW

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  • Is Chuck really God in hiding?

    With God missing and all, I have to ask could he be God in hiding? He knows what will happen before it does and wouldn't it be perfect form for God to hang out in until ready to show himself
  • This has to be one of the best TV episodes ever of any TV series!


    This episode is outstanding! It is beyond a 10! It has to be the best (OK, at least one of the best) episodes in TV history. Yeah, I know, what?! You got to be kidding, but it really is well thought out, funny, drama, well rounded, etc. While watching it I thought it can't get better, but it did get better.

    If you're into Supernatural (and I wasn't till 2011), this is one episode you really should watch.

  • The prophet Chuck has spoken… or written… you know what I mean!

    What starts out as a hilarious outsider's view of Sam and Dean's lives turns into a celestial life-and-death game with Lilith.

    Genius! A series of books based on Sam and Dean's lives with names based on the actual episode names! The episode then uses real life for the detail – including Sam and Dean fan girls! Loved the publisher's enthusiasm, mirrors every fan's passion for the series. She even mentions every fangirl's favorite parts – when they cry. When she calls them 'my boys', I went into hysterics! My girlfriends and I *always* refer to them as 'The Boys' which is why so much of the intro is hilarious, it's so real! To convince her, they use details from their own lives. Right down to their matching tattoos.

    Then the boys have to go through the whole thing with Chuck. Convincing him is just brilliant. Then Chuck thinks he must be a god, who actually caused all of the things that happened to them. "I killed your father!" Loved them reading about themselves as they do things, "I can't see your face but those are definitely your 'brooding and pensive' shoulders." The boys try to leave town but can't so try to use Chuck's writing to change the future, especially the coming confrontation with Lilith. 'Opposite Day' doesn't work since everything they do actually leads to the events described.

    Sam gets a slap in the face when he finds out Chuck knows about the demon blood but deliberately didn't use it because it would make Sam look 'unsympathetic'. It does give Sam a chance to talk to someone about it. This little conversation lets us into Sam's head – he justifies drinking the blood by saying it's to stop the apocalypse. Chuck rightly points out that according to the angels, that's Dean's job. Again Sam says Dean's 'not Dean', the same garbage he spouted in 'Sex & Violence'. It's all excuses. Sam makes it sound like he's just helping Dean because Dean's always looked out for him and Chuck rightly calls him on it – this isn't about helping Dean! It's about something else, maybe Sam's trying to convince himself he's still important to the fight given that Dean is the angels' Chosen One, the one who is prophesized to stop the apocalypse, and they treat Sam like he's toxic. However, Sam's comment about 'wishing he could stop' is worrying too. Has he gotten too used to the power, doesn't know how to go back to fighting without it or is it something else? Let's face it, Sam's had a lot of secrets since Dean got back from Hell. Chuck provides a worrying vision of the future – that somehow it 'all rests on' Sam's shoulders. Given the way Sam's been going recently, one can only think that has to be Sam turning evil.

    Aching and irritated, Dean goes to confront Chuck and the moment he gets physical, who appears but our favorite angel… who drops the bombshell: Chuck's a prophet! Who is writing 'The Winchester Gospel', how cool is that?! Dean does raise a worrying question: how'd Chuck get chosen? Cas doesn't know, just that it came from high up the 'Celestial chain of command'. Given the events of 'Pin', that gap in Cas' knowledge worries me.

    Sam wants the confrontation with Lilith and his heart probably stopped when Dean announced he knows all about Sam – Cas told him about Sam killing Alistair but somehow Cas doesn't know about the demon blood. It's the first time that Dean openly admits he believes Sam's going to go darkside. It's a way overdue confrontation and Sam still refuses to tell Dean the truth.

    Dean actually prays for help and Cas immediately appears. He was lurking, just waiting to step in! Cas says it's a sign of faith – no, it's really not. Dean knows now that angels and the whole shebang are real, that's fact not faith, so him praying is just asking for angelic assistance which is not that strange since he has an angel assigned to him. Cas is such a sweetie, he can't break the rules but he sure can bend them, telling Dean the loophole – an archangel is assigned as Chuck's protector, he gets threatened, the angel shows up. Cas is beyond adorable, love him to pieces! As if we needed any further proof that Cas has a soft spot for Dean…

    Sam is unable to touch Lilith yet he was able to actually kill Alistair. How is that possible? Lilith isn't as strong as Alistair, why can't Sam take her? Lilith offers to stand down if Sam and Dean die. Sam is actually completely irrelevant, it's Dean who has to die. She is a deal-making demon so her word literally is her bond, but just because she stops breaking seals doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't pick up the sword, there are plenty of candidates on both sides of the fence. As promising as it appears at first blush, it would be a completely meaningless gesture and we'd lose Dean in the bargain who is meant to stop the apocalypse anyway. Sam actually looked like he'd go through with it, without even consulting Dean. He didn't even think about it! Is he grandstanding? Trying to steal Dean's thunder? Prove he can stop the apocalypse without Dean's help? Lilith plays to Sam's considerable arrogance and ego, and he appears to fall for her manipulations. He acts like he's being some sort of martyr. I really don't like where Sam's head is at right now. Explains why Chuck had no more visions after the one of Sam and Lilith on the bed - if Sam went through with it, Sam and Dean would have been dead. Sam claims he never intended to go through with it, that it was just a trap but that is the lamest plan I've ever seen and Sam is not that stupid he would think it would work, which is why I don't completely believe him.

    Let's assume that what happened before Dean and Chuck showed up continued to it's logical conclusion: Sam would have been killed by Lilith. That would have left Dean alone and the prophecy says he alone will stop the apocalypse – is that why? Does Sam's survival change the prophecy? Did Cas know and decide to help anyway? He did say the 'Winchester Gospel', he never said it was the 'Winchester Brothers Gospel'. How's that for disturbing?!

    Zachariah pays a visit to Chuck and the reason is obvious: it would be so easy to just call S&D every time Chuck had a dream and they would have an incredible advantage in the coming battle, but as we saw here, it is incredibly limiting too. No illusion of free will, no choices, just playing out scenarios already seen. If S&D knew what was coming, they would try to change or avoid it, when it's all going to happen anyway. However, Zach is pretty threatening about it, making you wonder what's going to happen that he/they don't want Sam and Dean knowing about? Is Zach even on our side?

    Last thoughts:
    - 'Carver Edlund', a combination of two of the writer/producers of Supernatural.
    - The poster on the wall of the comic with teenage Dean surrounded by bikers – that's one of the covers of the 'Origins' comics!
    - Best line: "I am the prophet Chuck!"

    Very surprising episode, never thought it would take this direction but very cool that it did. Didn't think it was one of the apocalypse storylines but it certainly adds plenty of food for thought and forebodings for the build-up to the finale.
  • This episode was a stroke of genius!

    Before I saw it I thought it would be one of those throw-away episodes, a kind of filler (even though I hate to say that - Supernatural's rarely had a bad episode) but by the end it was completely turned onto its head and became integral to the plot. I love how they combined humour with the plot development. I'm loving how the writers are continually developing the plot with every episode this season, sometimes in big ways others smaller, but always interesting. I loved all the in-jokes; the slash comment, the book titles being the names of episodes, the comments about 'Bugs', just all of it. Sam is really starting bug me now. His insistence that Dean's weak and that he's the one who's really going to stop the apocolypse is getting old. I hope that he's going to be proven wrong eventually. That's a character complaint, not a writing one. I'm a Deal-girl ;)

    Overall it was just great, and continues what is turning out to be an amazing season. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Sam and Dean discover that their lives as demon hunters are accurately detailed in a series of "Supernatural" books.

    I thought that this episode was kinda fanservice!(An episode or what-ever that's main purpose is pleasing/bowing to current rabid fans).
    It's not that I didn't enjoy it, cause I totally did, I'm a rabid fan, but I wouldn't call it a good episode. I mean the gospel of the Winchesters? Puhlease! And that guys was a prophet? I'm sorry, but this episode was really pointless if you think about it. These last few episodes and the one to come next week remind me of fanfiction stories that I have read in the past! Like I fanservice, and after fanservice usually comes suckage. It never fails. I just hope they aren't running out of story ideas.
  • Sam and Dean find themselves facing a series of events foretold by a prophet.

    So Sam and Dean head into a bookstore, and find a series of books depicting their lives up until Season 3 Episode 16 No Rest For The Wicked. It turns out there is a man named Chuck who has "visions" of the Winchesters. The books aren't big sellers, but there is a website and a few voiced opinions on "wincest," which is actually pretty funny.

    So to sum it up, Chuck is a prophet who sees Lilith coming for Sam. When the Winchester boys find out, they try to put a stop to it, but there is no changing what is written by a prophet. Dean and Castiel come up with a plan, and decide to take Clark to the hotel where Lilith and Sam will be, to bring forth the arch-angel that guards Chuck. In the end Lilith runs off and the Winchesters leave town. Later Zachariah visits Chuck, who is having a "vision", and asks him if hes seen "it". Chuck tells him yes, but Zachariah threatens to stop him if he tells Sam and Dean what he saw.
  • An episode so metatextual, Dean and Sam might as well turn to camera in the last moments and scream "We are in an episode of Supernatural!"

    An episode so metatextual, Dean and Sam might as well turn to camera in the last moments and scream "We are in an episode of Supernatural!", 'The Monster at the End of this Book' has to win the award for most creative plot premise of the entire 2008/09 television season. Okay so, Dean and Sam, who are characters in a television show called Supernatural, meet up with a guy called Chuck who has written a series of books called Supernatural that feature the two characters and depict their adventures. These books are all named after actual episodes of the show, leading to a hugely satisfying fangeek moment in which the author wishes he'd spent more time on the 'Bugs' and 'Ghost Ship' stories, implying that they were somewhat underwhelming, which is the general consensus in consideration of those particular instalments. So, as a result of this intertextual, self-referential craziness, all sorts of questions about the nature of reality and identity are addressed as Dean and Sam are forced to consider that they may be figments of Chuck's imagination and completely under his control. The events that he conceives of, or rather dreams, all unfold as he states they will, despite the duo's best efforts to prove him wrong, leading to a further contemplation of the concept of free will. Of course, the ultimate explanation is rather less philosophical but it certainly doesn't nullify the impact that the first thirty minutes or so has on the viewer. This is weighty stuff, giving us considerable food for thought, all of which is most welcome. On top of this, the episode actually manages to be thoroughly engaging, benefiting greatly from turning on the head of a pin from smirk-raising humour in Sam and Dean's efforts to prove Chuck wrong, to all-important story progression in Sam's encounter with Lillith. The motives and responses of the players are interestingly unpredictable as Dean actually considers the evil one's offer to have potential, whereas Sam rejects it. Further evidence that the writing staff are deeply invested in their characters, allowing them to make the less obvious decisions but for the most logical reasons. 'The Monster at the End of this Book' is a wonderfully creative, thoroughly original hour of television that dares to do something a little different and tie it into the on-going narrative to boot. This isn't just a throwaway curiosity, it's an absolutely crucial moment in the arc of the season and as such, it's unmissable.
  • sent chills down my spine!!!

    as most shows get more and more far fetched as the seasons roll on this show has done exactly the opposite!!
    it is seriously getting better and better every episode,

    i am really short for words as i cant explain my desire for the week to finish quicker so i can watch the next ep,

    the whole idea of the prophet that is protected by an arch angel was a touch of genius and the infinite power that comes into play now with both sides fighting against each other can open so many windows to new characters hat actually fit in the story and make sense, as opposed to some shows that make sh*t up as they go

    in conclusion:
    supernatural writers keep up the awesome work and i cant wait for the next ep
  • one of the best!

    Sam and Dean discover their hunting lives into books they go on to investigte. They discover that a guy named Chuck is writting them. He reveals Sam will sleep with Lilith, now a hot nurse. Dean tries to stop it. Castiel reveals Chuck is a prophet.

    Supernatural's Season 4 Episode "Monster at the End of this Book" is one of the best episodes in the season. Great story, great plot, great writting (as always), great acting (as always too), it has great comedy, great action, and great comedy. The episode is amazing. If you havent seen this episode, I suggest you run and watch it!
  • The Winchesters become fans...of themselves

    And just when I thought they’d pulled out all the stops with ‘On the Head of a Pin’, they crank out this extremely clever episode. This was an exceptionally wonderful way to display how this show never takes itself too seriously while at the same time getting the plot across the way it should. It was nothing short of sheer genius. Oh my goodness gracious, where to begin?

    For starters, the premise of the ep was based on the hunting lives of the brothers, conveniently written by some random guy named Chuck, in which the very cases and events that Sam and Dean have been through - basically during the entire series - have been put to page. Comic books, novels, even fan sites on the Web - it’s all out there for peoples’ reading pleasure. Of course, the Winchesters are stunned to learn their lives are being printed for the whole world to read. On the other hand, it is also good stuff to know as this helps them with a particularly sticky plot involving Lilith here.

    In the end it turns out that our new dear friend Chuck is not a psychic - as one would naturally assume about an ep like this - but a prophet. A prophet for the Lord. Another twist to the mythology that was totally unexpected. What’s more, we also learn that a prophet is protected under the guardian eye of an archangel, I guess a “step up� from the rank of Castiel and Anna. In fact, according to Castiel, an archangel is “Heaven’s most terrifying weapon�. Well put, Cas. This was truly a treat to see as we got a glimpse of just how wrathful these archangels can be when in the close vicinity of a demon (in this case, Lilith). Guess ol’ Chuck better count his blessings. And it was clever how Castiel (illegally) intervened by throwing that bone to Dean about prophet/archangel protection when it came time to face Lilith and save Sam. Castiel is becoming more and more rebellious, ain’t he? Maybe Dean is starting to rub off on him after all.

    We get our second appearance by new angel boss man, Zachariah, here also. He is definitely all business, but he seems on the up and up. He appeared genuinely concerned for what’s to happen in the future after Chuck’s vision (which, of course, was unseen, making us squirming wanting to know!). It’s something big, alright.

    The biggest highlights, of course, were the brothers. Pretty riveting stuff going on there. Poor Dean, it was sooooo hilarious at all the times he just couldn’t get a break, i.e. the bacon cheeseburger deal at the restaurant. I especially loved the little nod toward the fandom regarding the slash fan fic, Dean/Sam fans. That was just brilliant. Then there were the serious moments as well. Sam’s little secret came dangerously close to being outed here. But that’s the point. This little “exercise� of what was going on in this ep gave the bros yet another perspective on what’s happenin’ between them. Sam is all gung-ho about a showdown with Lilith, especially since they have an idea on how and when she plans to attack them, while Dean still feels escape is necessary yet can’t because of the prophecies. The point at which Dean was ready to leave Sam behind was the turning point in the ep for me personally. He didn’t, but it wasn’t for a lack of thinking about it. Any other time Dean would’ve made Sam leave with him, no matter what. But here, he flat out asks Sam if he was going with him. Sam refuses, and Dean, all set to leave regardless, reluctantly gives in. This shows how they are gradually drifting apart due to all the mounting drama surrounding them. When Sam’s secret comes out, the crap is gonna hit the proverbial fan this time. In addition, Sam seemed a bit grateful that they had this new “gift� given to them - knowing what events will transpire in the future and what all, whereas Dean seems shaken by the fact. And ultimately, Dean is the one who is right. Whichever character said it is better not to know too much about one’s destiny should get a cookie. Although it was obviously meant to be that these things happen - you know, them being prophecy and all - no matter how hard Dean tried to alternate them, the fact remains that Dean’s head and heart were actually in the right place. After all, who knows what really might have happened to Sam if he’d let that prophesied scenario with Lilith play out? Hence Castiel’s clever little intervention. But that tiny tidbit leads me to believe that something major is in store down the road, otherwise would Cas have interfered at this point? Makes me wonder....

    Dean’s clearly scared of what’s gonna happen in the future. It’s like he doesn’t wanna know...until it actually happens. His grilling Sam over the deal with Lilith (which, thankfully, didn’t happen) furthers this point. It’s gonna be exciting to see how these 2 wind up by the end of the season. And right now, it’s not looking so good.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Cute way to intro the opening title card. Hilarious little change there to fit the theme of the ep.
    - Okay, so the boys still have their tattoos that we saw back in last year’s ‘Jus In Bello’. But just one minor qualm: If Dean died, body ripped to shreds and then (presumably) rotted after 4 months of being buried, then how is it his tattoo remained intact even when his flesh obviously renewed itself when he was resurrected? Just curious, not that important.
    - The guys did their laundry! OMG, they actually did an ep where the guys did their laundry! How awesome is that?

    You bet I’m-a give this one a perfect 10. This was sheer writing brilliance all around. And judging by the previews for the next ep, looks like it gets even better when it seems the bros discover....ANOTHER bro! Absolutely can not wait for that one
  • An great episode idea...and a great episode!

    Dean and Sam come across a series of books accurately portraying their lives, from hunting trips, to relationships with women along the way. The highlight of the episode for me was in the laundromat, with Dean reading the next lines of the story, written by Chuck, and it is happening while Dean is reading it. Also, Sam continues to keep secrets from Dean, but Dean still thinks he knows everything. This episode was a really great edition, and really opened up the eyes to the main characters. More interesting ideas should come out of this episode, with finding out Chuck is apparently a "prophet of God". An excellent episode for an excellent show.
  • The Winchesters meet a prophet. Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

    I had low expectations for this episode. I figured that it would just be another filler episode until we got to the final episodes of the fourth season. Boy was I wrong. The episode had a serious undertone in which the surface was filled with comedy. For example, a prophet named Chuck (guest star Rob Benedict) is a little funny. I thought the plot was good and the acting was fantastic. I liked the part that with Lillith (guest star Katherine Boecher) the deal had to be through sex, and of course it would be Sam (Jared Padalecki) would be the one who would have to sleep with her. I loved the episode and i like how Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) pushed Dean (Jensen Ackles) towards finding out without telling him. However, I would have liked to have seen an arch-angel. This was a really good episode. And i hate cliffhangers. Come on!
  • A fun and clever episode. The writers manage to pull off a tricky meta concept and look good doing it.

    This was a fun and clever episode (the writers were clearly having fun -- or were they hinting at where they really get their ideas? ;). The whole meta thing can be hard to do right and I was nervous, but they pulled it off. It was great that Sam and Dean basically got to address the fans, particularly as represented by the gushy editor lady (I also remember that actress in another episode - The Usual Suspects - as the woman Dean's accused of killing. Are the they being super-meta or just re-using a good actress?) When they met up with the increasingly alcoholic writer (who looked like Kripke's and Ben Edlund's love child) things got more complicated. It was really funny watching Sam and Dean trying not to argue to avoid fulfilling the prophecy. I also really appreciated Sam's talk with Chuck. Gung-ho, power drunk Sam has been bugging me, particularly because he basically keeps calling Dean a coward, so I really liked seeing Chuck gently confronting Sam about the demon blood and how it makes him look unsympathetic ("You've got to know that's wrong, Sam?") I feel like that's what the audience would want to say. And by having Chuck not write himself as a prophet (because "that's M. Night-level douchy") Kripke's glossed over the fact that Supernatural just declared itself the Gospel of Winchester :) Also I'm increasingly loving Castiel, particularly his "not-helping" Dean. So ultimately the cowardly writer saves them all and the boys live to fight another day. All in all, a great, funny episode. It's been nice to see some levity in the last few installments after a long run of some pretty dark, morose episodes. The writers have been pretty cheeky and self aware in "Terrible Life" and "Monster" and look to continue that "Jump the Shark."
  • Funny, Brilliant, Fanfare, I love that they pulled in a lot from the show and from the fans.

    Chuck the Prophet (posing of course as EK), Cas helping Dean, without helping Dean, Winchester Gospels, seriously how much better can this show get. The direction it is heading, EK should be proud to have let his guard down and let angels into the story arc. Also, with new, refreshing supporting characters and actors like the brilliant Misha - I long for the scenes he and Jensen are in, their chemistry is beyond words - the show has new life. The Writers Strike was the best thing that happened to this show! Oh and considering the ratings are up, CW is happy about this show now, the boys get love from EW...everything is good and can't wait to see them go out with the bang deserving a cult classic!
  • The guys learn that Chuck the prophet is writing the Gospel of Winchester...

    This episode had it all; it was very, very funny (okay, let me be honest, it was freaking hilarious...), it was angsty and it had a nice development of the storyline of the season! Needless to say, I LOVED IT!! One of the best of the season, no scrap that, one of the best of the show!!
    Favourite scenes in this episode was plenty, but I have to mention: The guys discovering that they have fansites, and Dean learning what "slash-girls" are! Gold! And off course, Dean reading about him reading about him in the laundrymat. :D
    IMO this episode contains all that SN is about, and I really loved that they finally nailed a funny episode, without stopping the overall storyline completely!
    Well done boys!! :)
  • The Winchester's discover that there is a series of books depicting their lives as hunters.

    "I am the Prophet Chuck!" This line defines the entire episode for me. Sam and Dean arrive at a comic book store to investigate reports of strange happenings. They question the owner who says nothing weird is going on. The. Like the light was turned, the man asks if they are playing a role-playing game based on the Supernatural book series. There is a series of books which describe to last detail of the boys' last four years. They track down the publisher, who is hesitant at first, and get the name and address of the author. Sam and Dean confront Chuck who says he has visions and that's how he gets his inspiration. He gives them his latest work in progress to read. They read it and do everything that is written as the same time---freaky. Chuck has another vision and tells the boys that Lillith is coming for Sam that night. In order to avoid the vision from coming true, Sam and Dean try to do the opposite of what the vision told. Unfortunately, they weren't too successful. Dean wants nothing to do with the vision and Sam wants to confront Lillith and try to kill her. Dean is desperate and prays for God's help, Castiel appears. Cass explains that Chuck is actually a Prophet of the Lord and he is protected by an ArchAngel. Cass says that he can't help Dean but suggests that Chuck and Lillith are in the same room, the ArchAngel will appear and save Chuck. Dean rounds up Chuck. Chuck does not believe what Dean is telling him at first. Dean threatens him with a gun and Chuck complies. Meanwhile, Lillith arrives at the motel room. She offers Sam a deal, his and Dean's lives in exchange she will stop breaking seals. Sam agrees and Lillith says he must sleep with her in order to seal the deal. Dean and Chuck break in, Chuck yells "I am the Prophet Chuck!". Lillith can't believe it, suddenly the motel shakes violently and Lillith realizes she is out of her league and leaves her human host. Later, the boys figure that Lillith would have tried to back out of the deal. Sam tells Dean that she admitted that she wouldn't survive this war. Chuck is having another vision. When he wakes, Zachariah is in the room with him and asks if "he saw it?". Chuck says yes and tries to go off to warn Sam and Dean. Zachariah says he'll stop him. Chuck threatens to commit suicide and Zach says he's just bring him back. Chuck is unsure of what to do and Zach tells him to write. "I am the Prophet Chuck!"--------
    In this ep we hear of the "Winchester Gospel" for the first time. Castiel reveals that they are written by "the Prophet Chuck" and will be part of the bible in the future. Sam and Dean wonder if they will be able to change destiny and if they will be able to defeat Lillith and prevent Lucifer from rising. Pivotal episode and a sign of episodes to come, especially the season finale "Lucifer Rising".
  • blah blah blah

    I have been watching supernatural from the first season and this show is becoming so addictive that when ever i watch an episode im dying to watch what happen next ,the monster at the end of the book was simply awesome and i hope they wil make it more interesting ,i would like dean to suck the angel blood :) as sam has demen blood supernatural rocks ,its not long as im seing supernatural coming in top five and i would like to tell the writers if they are reading this review that we want more seasons for supernatural and i wish them best of luck ,great work
  • THough most people have put this episode at the top of the Supernatural list, I found it a little off from other episodes.

    No I did not hate the episode. It was still above average, but after so many superb episodes, I found I couldn't quite get into this one.

    Sam and Dean are investigating a random haunting when they come across a series of stories that depicts all there adventures from season's past and what might be the future. THey find out who the author is and soon discover that the writer, named CHuck, is writing these stories from dreams. Castiel enters the picture and we find out that Chuck is really a prophet of God who has an arch angel looking over him.

    When Dean and Sam ask him what he sees in the future, Chuck explains that Sam will somehow come across Lilith and have a sexual encounter with her. Dean, afraid that Sam might go all dark side if he faces Lilith, tries to get Sam to leave town so that they can somehow change the future by doing different things instead of the usual. Of course this fails and Sam does confront Lilith and is fighting with her when Dean comes in with the Chuck. Since an arch angel is looking over Chuck, Lilith realizes she can't do anything and leaves the body she possessed, and things go back to normal, or do they?

    THis episode reveals that Lilith is willing to stop breaking seals if Sam will give his soul to hell, just as Dean did. SHe agrees to this because she has recently discovered that she will not survive the Apocalypse if it comes. Of course nothing happens, but Sam explains to Dean that they have Lilith on the run and he plans on making sure that she doesn't survive. THe way he said it was rather dark and shows that he is moving in a bad direction just as we expected.

    At the end of the episode our prophet Chuck wakes up from another dream which explains the future, and sees Castiel's superior, I forgot his name, from last episode, watching him. The angel asks him if he saw the Apocalypse, and he admits that he did. Without further ado, Chuck says that he's going to go kill himself, only to have the angel tell him that they will only bring him back to life. THis bodes new questions about whose side this angel is really on. He say's he Cass' superior, but as was explained in "On THe Head of A Pin," Not everything is going great in Heaven and there are those angels who are willing to side with Lucifer and bring him up from hell. Maybe this angel is one of those not happy with God's rules. By the way, we don't get any signs of the Apocalypse from CHuck's dreams, just a tease of what might be through the actions of Chuck and the angel.

    Interesting premise, and interesting ideas, but for some reason I couldn't get into this episode like the others. THe acting was well done and the pacing also good. It's hard to explain, but maybe it's because I think they're revealing a little too much too soon. It obvious this season is all about enlightenment involving Heaven and hell, and the last days, but it just isn't gripping me like two weeks ago. Maybe I just had an off night. It was still a good episode though and I gave it an 8, which isn't too shabby.
  • basically sam nd dean find oit about this comic book that describes their exploits in excruiating detail they go confront him nd cass shows up nd says the guys a prohet...then theres a very interesting scene with sam nd lilth...dont worry no spoilers here

    yea it was a great episode. i mean i didnt see this one coming? that guys a prophet? nd castiel actually made a joke lolz go him ...but seriously very foreshadowing...i mean what did he see at the end of the episode that zackariah didnt want the winchesters to know? gah cant wait ill thursday...but yea i thought the whole concept was really interesting i mean if i found out som guy was writing a comic book that perfectly matched my life id be sketched out 2 but what was with lilth promising to give up? was she really going to lay it all down if sam died or did she just want him out of the way? ill guess well just have to wait nd see.......btw i
  • "I am the prophet Chuck!"

    Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!! Best show EVER!!!
  • A book series about the Winchesters

    Hilarious episode. I really liked that it made fun of the fanbase on this too with "Sam/Dean". I couldn't stop laughing!!

    It threw me a bit when the "Prophet" saw that Sam was going to have sex with Lilith? Why and how? And I hate that Sam is so bullheaded about it and won't just leave with Dean.

    I was shocked at the end when Dean started talking to God. I wish Castiel could help, but he does have a point. He can't mess with prophecies.

    Oh yeah! I liked the part when Castiel goes "You should have seen Luke!"...HAHA!!

    Great job cast and crew. Very well written.
  • A Great Episode. I loved the opening with flashes from the book covers of the Supernatural books. Dean full frontal in the books. The whole Sam girls and deans girls, then the slashfans.

    "They do know we're brothers, right?"
    "It doesn't seem to matter."
    If that doesn't make you laugh, you don't have a heart.
    I really love how the fans were in this episode in a way.

    When the publisher girl said "The best are when they cry." Its like so true, really who does not love it when they cry?
    "Don't be making fun of my boys." They are always somebody's boys. :D
    I almost felt bad for Chuck when Sam and Dean barged in to his house.

    The Laundromat. How can I not love this scene? It was just awesome.
    "I'm sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat reading about myself. My head hurts" It made my head hurt too.
    When Dean was reading."Sam turned his back on Dean. His face brooding and pensive. I mean, I don't know how this guy is doing it but this guy is doing it. I can't see your face but those are definitely your pensive and brooding shoulders. (Sam pauses) You just thought I was a dick." Lol much.

    "Wait I thought Lilith was a little girl."
    Dean doesn't want Sam to "hook up" with Litith, well big surprise there, too bad the only way out of town is down.

    The Chuck and Sam scene creeped me out, alot. Chuck tells Sam what he is doing is wrong, I have lost how many times Sam has been told to stop. But Sam can't stop because we need him to go kinda evil and make some fan girls very very happy. xD
    Instead of saying "I need help."Sam says "Dean needs help." Ya, he is not screwed up or anything.

    When Cas said "You should have seen Luke?" I thought I was going to die of laughter, he said it so serious.

    "You think i'll go darkside?"
    That be much said everything about how they feel about each right now.

    Chuck: I am the prophet Chuck!
    Lilith: You've got to be joking.

    Random thoughts.
    Why do Demons always seem to want to sleep with Sam? (Meg, Lilith, Ruby.) Maybe cause he is hot? Haha.
    "The Winchester Gospels" That was... weird, even for Supernatural. Best Quote
    "Behave yourself, would you? No homework. Watch some porn."

    Well that covers everything, I think. Well did I say how AWESOME this episode was?
  • A post-modernist episode

    This was a very, very weird episode, even by Supernatural standards.
    It also was very, very fun and the first half of the episode was full of light-hearted joking and poking fun at the dedicated fans, including wincest slash (hilarious) and the show's own writing and episode reception. I can't think of many shows that could pull off this post-modernist approach, not even many writers even. I hated it when Stephen King did it with the Dark Tower series but in this episode it works, it works wonderfully.
    Then, the second half of the show was a roller-coaster ride, thrilling and exciting full of revelations (or should that be Revelations, one of the Winchester Gospels??)

    I really liked Castiel in this episode too. Not interfering in a prohecy but dropping just enough hints to help Dean figure out something...

    A truly superb episode!
  • Poking at fans with affection

    I have a feeling that quite a few fans will take the first half of this episode personally. The writers were definitely tossing out a few well-aimed shots at certain, shall we say, "overly enthusiastic" segments of the fandom. They weren't above poking fan at themselves, particularly some poorly received episodes and their eternal ratings struggle, but they were mainly taking shots at their more strident critics with just the right mixture of tolerant affection and scathing mockery. (The slash conversation, in particular, was classic: "They do know we're brothers, right?")

    In the grand tradition of Whedon, this was the classic bait and switch. The first half of the episode felt like a gimmick, tossing out the meta relentlessly, and there was no sense of where it would go. If anything, I was content to sit back and see if the gimmick could last a full hour. The second half, however, took a decidedly darker and more meaningful turn.

    I love the idea that Chuck was a prophet of the Lord, and that his barely-regarded "Supernatural" novels were eventually going to be hailed as "The Winchester Gospels". Considering how the covers and the prose took severe liberties with the brothers, even while describing events with fair accuracy, I suppose that's an indirect homage to those who question the motives of the biblical writers.

    But this is also indicative of something that should be apparent by now: the Brothers Winchester are expected to win. One doesn't write a gospel about someone who fails to forestall the apocalypse, after all. There would be little need for gospels at that point, anyway! Prophecy appears to show that Lilith falls to a greater threat, and the Brothers Winchester are wrapped up in that.

    After all, Zachariah has already mentioned that Dean is supposed to serve a specific function in events to come, and Sam is also wrapped up in it. Lilith wanted the Brothers Winchester dead for a specific reason. My suspicion, with so little time left, is that this encounter prompts Sam to accelerate his sessions with Ruby, so he can gain enough power to take down Lilith, and this in turn makes him the very threat that terrifies Lilith and leads to her demise.

    This is corroborated by Chuck's final scene of the episode, where he receives a vision of something awful for the Brothers Winchester, something he desperately wants to warn them to avoid. Zachariah, however, makes it very clear that it cannot happen. This suggests that the angels aren't just there to shepherd Dean to his appointed destiny; they are also there to ensure that the outcome is as foretold.

    Which is why I still believe that Sam will go dark side in the process of ending the threat of Lucifer's release. (Or perhaps Sam's conversion is itself one of the final seals.) Sam then takes on his destined role as the Antichrist Superstar, and begins to implement whatever it is that Azazel was trying to achieve (something from earlier in the season that hasn't been mentioned in a little while). At this point, it would be a bit of a cheat if the writers failed to pay off what they've been building towards since the second season.
  • Holly crappy! awesome eps, That's would be come rising of lucifer!

    Hi felows! another great time by supernatural!

    Oh my, unbelievable eps dude!

    1°- I'm really thankful for eric and the all gang by supernatural, really cute because give the fans the true arrive for all the years for supernatural in the beging in the eps. It's so hilaruis hear dean to read the sammygilrs and " deangirls" says and about wincest kkkkkk

    2°- So cool the idea's about prophet, chuck, I think he's really important in the end the seasson. The angels's zacaris it's rock!

    3°- Cas, I love cas so cute and misterius, he's support dean all the time, mabey, he fellings human been.

    4°- Lilith I hate to love her kkkkk so sam thinks she's scary about the apocalipse but why?

    5° Dean save sam again hahaaha so obivus. Dean Konws about the super power by sam, but he dosent't konw how sam obtain his power, I think dean really desapoint with sam when he's kenw

    so guys there's another hiatus I'll see later!

    kiss cau!
  • Amazed by the level of intensity Kripke can maintain throughout several season I felt I needed to say something about this latest (honestly) epic episode. Laughter, tears and a serious addition to the arch of season 4. How do they do it?

    You know tv-shows, you love them and in the beginning you'll stay home when it's on. After season one, you tape it, after season two you stream it and after season three... well you kind of lost interest because of the absolute ridiculous storylines some shows come up with or because of not tying ends up from previous seasons, some shows just think we're stupid and take all the crap they serve us... (Dead guys comes back in hospital series? Black smoke on some island? Another housewive dies...) anyway my point is SPN just keeps me baffled. I have had my list of top epis and it's been pretty solid during S3, though JIB did make the top five. But then S4 comes on and you just don't know what's what anymore. You're amazed by the precision these guys work with, the detailing and the perfect archs over and over again. You wonder why not every show has such a brilliant writers staff... I mean it's not just the boys, is it? This story is amazing and keeps you on the edge of your seat; crying, laughing, biting your fingernails. An hour of total unawareness of your surroundings, an hour where you escape into a world that is not yours. A series can't keep such intensity up in more than two, maybe three seasons but SPN doesn't just match the level of greatness of their beginning it just tops it almost weekly (not talking about FR). I have said so many times; this is it, Kripke has raised the bar too high, this is their top, they'll never match it but then a "short" 168 hours later he does.
    If I ever have children and they have the apropriate age, I will tell them about Friends and Supernatural. Both could not be further apart but are alike in quality and maintaining the level of greatness and originality throughout several seasons. I was taken aback when they announced the possibility of a sixth season, scared that it would loose the initial thinkings of Kripke himself. But after seeing this episode, I just complied and my argument again fell through. This is the best show ever and I just saw one of their best episodes.
  • This is the only show that can blend comedy, sci-fi and serious drama... and make it work without calling it a comedy :)

    As other big budget / extremely popular shows seem to be struggling to come up with clever new writing supernatural is still pumping it out. What impressed me the most about this episode was that they introduce chuck, who you of course expect to be another demonic blood child like sam, but.... he turns out to be a prophet. What I liked about it is, the fact that they make it so silly by naming him chuck and saying that he is writing the 'winchester gospel' which is almost like the writers are saying 'the lord works in mysterious ways' without actually having to say it (thank god) (no pun intended). Its great that the writers can use 'real' names of demons and angels, while playing out this whole theoretical biblical situation and yet still convey that it shouldnt be taken seriously; without losing any of its powerfully dramatic impact. Keep it coming!
  • While investigating an average haunting Sam and Dean discover their adventures are the subject of a series of books and upon meeting the author they realize that he is still writing their story and that it involves Lilith.

    I enjoyed the fact that this episode honored the journey that Sam and Dean have taken the last three years, while at the same poking a little fun at it by using cheesy romance novel cover art and admitting to having a small but passionate fan base. Like any normal person having their lives exposed in novel form is a bit creepy especially since it reveals the secret ways they finance their endeavors. So they embark to find the author, and meet the obsessed publisher. When they finally find the author they realize he is still writing even though the series was cancelled after he published the story of Dean going to hell. The author Chuck admits to the brothers that he gets his inspirations from dreams he has, and then begins to detail his latest vision in which Sam and Lilith come face to face. Dean decides he needs to stop this, but Sam is a little curious to let the events play out. When Dean threatens Chuck, Castiel shows up and informs Dean that Chuck is a prophet and that one day the books he has written will be the new gospel. The most important thing to note though is that Chuck is protected by an archangel, who would appear if ever Chuck was in the presence of a demon, so Dean decides to take him to the hotel to pay Sam and Lilith a visit. In the hotel room Lilith admits to Sam that she would be willing to stop breaking seals in exchange for Sam and Dean's heads on a stick, Sam does not take the deal, and then Dean and Chuck show up and the room starts trembling and a divine like light appears and Lilith bails, leaving the dental hygienist behind. In the end Dean and Castiel share some choice words about the impending apocalypse and Chuck meets his archangel, the guy who was Dean's boss in their fake world last week. The episode ends with Sam explaining to Dean that he plans to kill Lilith.

    There was one thing that bugged me about this episode was that the books that Chuck wrote and will continue to write will one day be the gospel. While not wishing to come off like a bible fanatic, is there really a lesson to some of the stories? Also will it be two different books, the Book of Sam and the Book of Dean? Are they hinting that there will be a religion based on hunting demons? It is a lot to take in and consider.

    What was interesting was the Sam and Lilith moments, while she is a demon, I do think she was being honest when she said she would stop breaking seals in exchange for Sam and Dean's life, but she is a demon, and they shouldn't trust her. It just makes me wonder is all the demon blood starting to get to Sam?

    Castiel is quickly becoming my favorite character, but the addition of archangels is fascinating me. Angels with the power to shake the room and scare the crap out of a demon that quickly, I think the show needs more of them, maybe by the time the apocalypse comes.

    It was a very interesting episode overall and painted a good picture of what is to come of the apocalypse.
  • I am the prophet Chuck!!!

    I am the prophet Chuck!!!

    Wow. The good old days of top notch writing, a storyline AND humor. Goodness knows – if they keep at this, we will have something to really rival season 1!

    Cas makes an orgasmic entrance once again and deals us the story in his husky, husky tones. He also endears us further (who would have thought it possible?) with his jokes "You should have seen Luke" and "I am not ... kidding you". Who can forget his genius intervention "Just so you understand WHY I cannot help".

    We have a new instant classic of a character in Chuck. What an awesome guy, who when confronted with the most powerful demon of his dreams, screams "I am the prophet Chuck!". Other legendary lines were "M Knight level douchness" and "Oh. I'm just going over there to kill myself". And well done for knocking "Bugs" and the "Ghost ship".

    The boys finally get some things off their chests:
    "You think I'm going Darkside?"
    "Yes! OK. Yes. The way you've been acting lately – the things you've been doing. Oh, I know. How you ripped Alistair apart like it was nothing – like you were swatting a fly. Cas told me, okay."
    "What else did he tell you?"
    "Nothing I don't already know. That you have been using your psychic crapp, that you've been getting stronger – we just don't know why and we don't know how."
    "It's not what you think"
    "Then what is it Sam? Coz I'm at a total loss?"
    Dean also prays – and gets Cas respond to it. And Sammy has that dark, dark conversation with Chuck about the blood.

    Also – we had pure Winchester hilarity:
    "I'll have the veggie tofu burger"
    "It frustrates me when you say such reckless things"
    "Well, it frustrates me that you'd rather hide than fight"
    "No homework! Watch some porn!"

    Finally the Winchester gospel. What oh what did he see and want to warn the boys about? And is Lilith really going to be involved? Is there a deal to be cut? To be honest – self sacrifice really is the Winchester Way.
  • Great episode, nice twist. Disappointed by not showing the archangel

    Great episode, i really like the story where its going to.

    Ik going to be huge. I am only disappointed that we didnt saw the Archangel.

    I hope that they can maintain this high level of writting en acting. It seems a lot of people are interested.

    The last part with zackarias dindt really understand, if the prophet is protected bij an archangel, then how can zackarias possibli stop him?

    Hopefully we still get to see an archangel somewere in the series.

    Nice turn also with lilith as a very hot woman, hopefully we get to see her lots more as how she was :-)
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