Season 4 Episode 20

The Rapture

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW
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Dean has a dream about Castiel asking to meet him in private. Sam and Dean are shocked to discover Castiel's human host, Jimmy, is back in control. Jimmy wants his life back but Sam and Dean believe he is in danger.

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  • Holy rappy! the end it's soon!

    Another great time! supernatural it's finally in the end, and nobody no what happens in the finale, by the away, of course, Dean X sam!

    First:The dean's dream, oh my! kkkkkk so dean want be a fisherman very good!, but cas apper in his dream so worry, why cas so scary, what's happen in between in the angles, don't get me wrong , but something tell me that ana's angels it's responsable for everything by cas. Second: By the away the ana's hair it's so terrible, she's usally, she's ugly, but she's hair seems like a hurricane! ahaahahahahhh

    thrid: The sam's dependence, sereslioy! the away by sam it's not come back, and so much saw this I hate that witch deiomnd ruby! And the dean's face when saw the secreat of power by sam that's break my heart.

    The end of episode, my god! really scare me! sam in panic room! like animal, jesus I can't wait the continue!

    So kiss cau!moreless
  • The Castiel episode

    This was an ep worth waiting for! Finally, a glimpse into the background of our dear angel friend, Castiel. And what's more, on top of this character study ep of Castiel, we also get a subplot story on Sam interwoven within resulting in a shocking conclusion to the ep.

    So....we finally get to see how Castiel was "born". Meet Jimmy Novak: a nice guy, devout, with the typical traditional fam consisting of wife, Amelia, and young daughter, Claire. They live what most consider to be the perfect all-American family life, complete with picket fence and the ritualistic family dinner sit-down. But alas, Jimmy's normal world is about to be changed because Heaven comes a-callin', beckoning Jimmy's services for the greater good. Therefore, Castiel inhabits Jimmy's body in order to start fulfilling Heaven's duties on Earth, obviously due to the approaching apocalypse. Now, we get all this in a poignant series of flashbacks. But presently, that's another story....

    See, Castiel has disappeared from Jimmy's body, leaving Jimmy confused but ready to go back to his family with Sam and Dean's help. And the more we delve into the story, we learn that demons are closing in fast, and Castiel is nowhere to be found. Not true, as according to the surprise visit from angel fave Anna, Cas has been dragged back to Heaven as it seems he has done something to deserve punishment from the Higher Ups. And when all is said and done, it indeed appears Cas has changed when he eventually re-inhabits Jimmy's body in the end and tells Dean that he serves Heaven, not man. The clue I got from this here is the fact that several times throughout this season we've seen Castiel deviate from his course in order to further the agendas of Dean and, to a lesser extent, Sam, instead of whatever the "true" orders are from Heaven. This was due to the fact that - and even Cas himself admitted this - Dean was a weakness for Cas. The angel has taken a liking to Dean (of course, not that one could blame him, but that's not the point!) which has undoubtedly clouded the angel's judgements and tested his own faith. [Really fast side note: I say 'to a lesser extent' with Sam here because of the angels' reluctance with him regarding his demon powers, that's all]. This renewed attitude of Castiel's will no doubt put a little more strain on how the brothers work with him. Castiel's weakness for Dean worked wonders for helping the brothers with their adventures and tight spots where it counted, but apparently it doesn't bode well for Heaven and its rules and plans. And Heaven and God are the things no one is to question, evidently not even the angels. Look what happened to Uriel. He went completely against the plan and was shockingly ready to rejoin Lucifer, which resulted in his very demise. But Cas's sitch is different: he leaned more toward helping humanity than sticking to the Ultimate Plan, and learned a lesson because of it. But whatever Heaven's plan in the apocalypse is still remains a mystery, which makes Castiel's change in attitude all the more intriguing, as well as leaving us with the yearning of how Sam and, especially, Dean will figure into it. Speaking of which, it was once again interesting to see Dean and Sam's different takes on how to deal with Cas/Jimmy. It wasn't really surprising from Sam, at this point, to want to get Cas back in their efforts to fight the apocalypse, but Dean was a little more of a surprise. He was ready to let Jimmy go back to his family even though he is the one closest to Castiel. Then again, perhaps Dean realizes maybe questioning an angel isn't the best alternative around....

    To see Castiel inhabit Claire's body during the ep's climax was a bit of a shock. But it explains why Jimmy was chosen in the first place. Cas, in Claire's body, tells Jimmy that it's in the blood why he was chosen. And while Cas was ready to take control of Claire, Jimmy made the ultimate sacrifice by allowing Cas to reenter his body, meaning that he'll gladly take on the responsibility of living thousands of years if it meant sparing Claire and leaving his family behind. However, Jimmy apparently was going to die anyway, so he was also sparing Amelia the pain of losing 2 loved ones in the process. Furthermore, with the demon attack, it showed Jimmy how important Cas's work was in the midst of the imminent threats surrounding them, especially when it hit home. While Jimmy was...Jimmy, he realized the pains of having been gone from his family, and while it seemed an insignificant thing at the time watching Jimmy not saying grace at the table in that one brief scene, it was very important because it appears his faith had wavered monumentally, not that he was possessed by an angel, but the fact he had been away from his family for so long. But in the end, his faith was restored and he took back the ultimate responsibility. This was a very enjoyable Castiel episode. Now the subplot story: Sam and his demon blood drinking. Oh boy. Dean finally got to see how his little bro maintained his mojo: drinking demon blood to become more powerful. It didn't take long to figure it out. Dean questioned why Sam had been weakening in his powers, not to mention Sam was acting like a junkie out of stash jonesing for his next fix. Seriously, that was just a surreal moment when Sam went all Dracula on that demon-possessed woman's neck and Dean just stared in horror at what he'd just witnessed. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Dean has always been freaked by Sam's abilities. Hence our shocking end to the ep where Dean and Bobby lock Sam in Bobby's demon panic room. Very clever maneuver, but at what price? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Looks like the shhh is finally hitting the proverbial fan after all! Bits and Pieces:

    - I don't know why, but I thought Dean fishing in his dream at the beginning was so cute and cool.

    - And I thought Dean could pack away the food! Jimmy really gave him a run for his money with that hamburger! LOL

    - Is it me or are the demons on this show really getting meaner and nastier? For real, how many times could poor Claire get called a bi***?? That just struck me as terrible, go figure.

    I'm gonna give this a 10. It was a terrific ep with loads of Castiel stuff and of course the Sam shocker at the end, which will play out in the next ep, which I'm definitely looking forward to.....moreless
  • Supernatural's raison d'etre this season has been its ability to tell traditional stories in intriguingly original ways and in 'The Rapture', Jeremy Carver continues this process.

    Supernatural's raison d'etre this season has been its ability to tell traditional stories in intriguingly original ways: from the witty extremities of 'Wishful Thinking' through to the horrifying, yet logical, role-reversals in 'On the Head of a Pin', from 'Lazarus Rising's pointedly quiet execution of epic narrative beats to the mind-boggling metatextuality of 'The Monster at the End of this Book', year four has been characterised by its tendency to put a new spin on conventional plot elements and has greatly enriched the quality of the programme as a result. It's the sure fire sign of a show comfortable in its own skin, mature enough to take risks and treat its audience with the intelligence they deserve. In 'The Rapture', Jeremy Carver continues this process, constructing a fairly standard Supernatural conceit - human possession by demons or, as is more the case here, angels - with building blocks that we've never seen before. The writer flips the issue on its head, predicating the tale on the opposing side of the issue: that of the individual whose identity and soul is lost in the transformation. Too often, the effects of the dreaded black eye are cast aside in favour of the advancement of the plot; the victims are either ruthlessly murdered and then possessed or, once the demons are exorcised, they pick themselves up, dust themselves down and run off as fast as their legs can carry them. We never get to experience the trauma that such an experience would inevitably have on a human being, and that's what makes 'The Rapture's tale of confusion, familial breakdown and love lost and won again wholly engaging and even, at times, emboldening. What we witness here is all too human: from guest star Julie McNiven's well-reigned sorrow at the return of her husband to Jimmy's heartfelt plea to Castiel to use his body at hour's end, every emotional beat is painfully believable. Of course, it certainly helps that the vessel for this introspection is Misha Collins, probably the finest actor on the show. Next to the latest version of Allister, Castiel has been the best thing about a frankly stellar season and that's all down to Collins' delivery. In fact, so convincing is he as the questioning angel that when he turned up as the human host, I had a momentary lapse of concentration. It just... didn't seem right. But then, within a few minutes, I was sold; that, my friends, is talent. Carver also treats us to a significant advancement in Sam's story and Jared really hits a home run. The scene in which Dean learns the truth is absolutely spot on, fantastically framed to give the maximum level of 'oh s**t!'ness. And of course, there's that cliffhanger which hints at some palatable conflict for the final run. Really guys, I can't freaking wait.moreless
  • Great overall episode. Amazing acting as usual from the supernatural crew.


    Sam gets locked up, castiel takes a holiday up to the sunny place for a while, and you see the touching story line of what castiel's host, loses out on while being possessed.

    This is summarizing the episode greatly, however what, drifting away from the point, what i'm trying to see is that it was a great episode,that has some great character developments in it, and leaves the episode with a joyful anticipation to see the next one.

    Especially after the trailer clip, which suggests that Sam is starting to go crazy perhaps, from not having demon blood for so long, but he finally breaks out, and goes for Lilith fully amped up after having lots of ruby's blood.

    Looks to be juicy.moreless
  • Castiel's vessel Jimmy is back in control. Meanwhile, Sam battles his demon blood addiction. SPOILERS.

    Castiel's vessel Jimmy is suddenly back in control after what appears to be a battle between Angels. Sam and Dean know that Jimmy's life is in danger and clash on how to protect him. They decide to hold up in a motel. We discover that Jimmy's appetite rivals Dean's. Throughout the episode, we see the story of Jimmy's faith and how he proved himself worthy of a higher calling. Castiel asks Jimmy to prove his faith by sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water, no injury! Jimmy's wife thinks he's crazy. Jimmy agrees to be Castiel's vessel in exchange for his family's safety. Castiel enters Jimmys body, he turns around to see Jimmy's daughter and tells her he's not her father. While Dean sleeps, Sammy slips out to get a fix of Ruby's demon blood from his secret stash, Jimmy takes advantage of the opportunity and escapes his "captors". Sam and Dean are in the Impala trying to figure out where Jimmy could have gone. Anna appears and tells them that Cass was called home to Heaven.

    Jimmy has a bittersweet reunion with his family. The neighbors pop in but they're really demons laying in wait to capture Jimmy. Sam and Dean burst in. Sam tries to dispel one of the demons but fails. Jimmy sends his wife and daughter off to safety while he, Dean and Sam plan their next move. We soon see that Jimmy's wife is possessed by a demon. While on the road, Amelia calls Jimmy and tells him to go to an abandoned warehouse. After they get there and split up, Jimmy asks Castiel why he broke his promise to keep his family safe. Jimmy approaches his "wife" and she calls in her minions who have captured Sam and Dean. Amelia shoots Jimmy and orders their daughter Claire's execution, As the minion goes to do so, Claire reaches up and and dispels the demon. Jimmy realizes Castiel has possessed his daughter's body. Sam and Dean also fight off several demons. Sam drinks the blood of one of the fallen demons and recharges himself. He dispels the demon from Amelia's body. Castiel tell Jimmy his job is done and now it's Claire's turn. Jimmy begs Castiel to spare his daughter and return to his body. Castiel agrees, leaves Amelia and re-enters Jimmy. Cass informs Dean that he serves Heaven, not man and not Dean.

    Sam and Dean gets a call from Bobby and they head off to his place. That's where Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in Bobby's panic room.........

    Amazing episode! Loved seeing the vessel Jimmy. Misha turned in a spectacular performance! Stay tuned to next week as the race to the finale intesifies.moreless
Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett

Amelia Novak

Guest Star

Sydney Imbeau

Sydney Imbeau

Claire Novak

Guest Star

Aaron Pearl

Aaron Pearl


Guest Star

Julie McNiven

Julie McNiven

Anna Milton

Recurring Role

Misha Collins

Misha Collins


Recurring Role

Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer

Recurring Role

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    • Sam: Don't you get it? Forever. Demons will never stop. You can never be with your family. So you are either get as far away from them as possible or you put a bullet in your head. And that is how you keep your family safe. But there is no getting out and there is no going back home.
      Dean: (sarcastically) Oh, don't sugarcoat it, Sam.

    • Amelia/Demon: And you know what's funny?
      Dean: You wearing a soccer mom?

    • Castiel: We need to talk.
      Dean: I'm dreaming, aren't I?
      Castiel: It's not safe here... someplace more private.
      Dean: More private? We're inside my head.
      Castiel: Exactly. Someone could be listening.

    • Anna: You let Jimmy get away?
      Dean: (about Sam) Talk to Ginormo here.

    • Dean: What were you doing, anyway?
      Sam: I was getting a Coke.
      Dean: Was it a refreshing Coke?

    • Dean: (to Sam) Point is, you used to be strong enough to kill Alastair. Now you can't even kill stunt demon #3.

    • Dean: Cas, hold up. What were you going to tell me?
      Castiel: I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve Man. And I certainly don't serve you.

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    • International Airdates:
      UK: June 7, 2009 on ITV2
      Denmark: June 21, 2009 on TV3
      Australia: July 20, 2009 on Channel TEN
      Norway: August 6, 2009, on FEM
      Portugal: September 7, 2009, on AXN
      Sweden: October 25, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Spain: January 18, 2010 on AXN
      Germany: February 1, 2010 on Sky Cinema Hits
      Poland: June 25, 2010 on TVN7
      New Zealand: June 30, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: September 24, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: August 23, 2011 on Sub
      Slovakia: April 10, 2013 on Markiza


    • Title:
      The Rapture is a Biblical event, described in Revelations, to be the evacuation of all devout Christians on the advent to Heaven's final judgment on the earth, which would have already fallen to the Antichrist's will.