Season 4 Episode 20

The Rapture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Holy rappy! the end it's soon!

    Another great time! supernatural it's finally in the end, and nobody no what happens in the finale, by the away, of course, Dean X sam!

    First:The dean's dream, oh my! kkkkkk so dean want be a fisherman very good!, but cas apper in his dream so worry, why cas so scary, what's happen in between in the angles, don't get me wrong , but something tell me that ana's angels it's responsable for everything by cas. Second: By the away the ana's hair it's so terrible, she's usally, she's ugly, but she's hair seems like a hurricane! ahaahahahahhh

    thrid: The sam's dependence, sereslioy! the away by sam it's not come back, and so much saw this I hate that witch deiomnd ruby! And the dean's face when saw the secreat of power by sam that's break my heart.

    The end of episode, my god! really scare me! sam in panic room! like animal, jesus I can't wait the continue!

    So kiss cau!
  • The Castiel episode

    This was an ep worth waiting for! Finally, a glimpse into the background of our dear angel friend, Castiel. And what's more, on top of this character study ep of Castiel, we also get a subplot story on Sam interwoven within resulting in a shocking conclusion to the ep.

    So....we finally get to see how Castiel was "born". Meet Jimmy Novak: a nice guy, devout, with the typical traditional fam consisting of wife, Amelia, and young daughter, Claire. They live what most consider to be the perfect all-American family life, complete with picket fence and the ritualistic family dinner sit-down. But alas, Jimmy's normal world is about to be changed because Heaven comes a-callin', beckoning Jimmy's services for the greater good. Therefore, Castiel inhabits Jimmy's body in order to start fulfilling Heaven's duties on Earth, obviously due to the approaching apocalypse. Now, we get all this in a poignant series of flashbacks. But presently, that's another story....

    See, Castiel has disappeared from Jimmy's body, leaving Jimmy confused but ready to go back to his family with Sam and Dean's help. And the more we delve into the story, we learn that demons are closing in fast, and Castiel is nowhere to be found. Not true, as according to the surprise visit from angel fave Anna, Cas has been dragged back to Heaven as it seems he has done something to deserve punishment from the Higher Ups. And when all is said and done, it indeed appears Cas has changed when he eventually re-inhabits Jimmy's body in the end and tells Dean that he serves Heaven, not man. The clue I got from this here is the fact that several times throughout this season we've seen Castiel deviate from his course in order to further the agendas of Dean and, to a lesser extent, Sam, instead of whatever the "true" orders are from Heaven. This was due to the fact that - and even Cas himself admitted this - Dean was a weakness for Cas. The angel has taken a liking to Dean (of course, not that one could blame him, but that's not the point!) which has undoubtedly clouded the angel's judgements and tested his own faith. [Really fast side note: I say 'to a lesser extent' with Sam here because of the angels' reluctance with him regarding his demon powers, that's all]. This renewed attitude of Castiel's will no doubt put a little more strain on how the brothers work with him. Castiel's weakness for Dean worked wonders for helping the brothers with their adventures and tight spots where it counted, but apparently it doesn't bode well for Heaven and its rules and plans. And Heaven and God are the things no one is to question, evidently not even the angels. Look what happened to Uriel. He went completely against the plan and was shockingly ready to rejoin Lucifer, which resulted in his very demise. But Cas's sitch is different: he leaned more toward helping humanity than sticking to the Ultimate Plan, and learned a lesson because of it. But whatever Heaven's plan in the apocalypse is still remains a mystery, which makes Castiel's change in attitude all the more intriguing, as well as leaving us with the yearning of how Sam and, especially, Dean will figure into it. Speaking of which, it was once again interesting to see Dean and Sam's different takes on how to deal with Cas/Jimmy. It wasn't really surprising from Sam, at this point, to want to get Cas back in their efforts to fight the apocalypse, but Dean was a little more of a surprise. He was ready to let Jimmy go back to his family even though he is the one closest to Castiel. Then again, perhaps Dean realizes maybe questioning an angel isn't the best alternative around....

    To see Castiel inhabit Claire's body during the ep's climax was a bit of a shock. But it explains why Jimmy was chosen in the first place. Cas, in Claire's body, tells Jimmy that it's in the blood why he was chosen. And while Cas was ready to take control of Claire, Jimmy made the ultimate sacrifice by allowing Cas to reenter his body, meaning that he'll gladly take on the responsibility of living thousands of years if it meant sparing Claire and leaving his family behind. However, Jimmy apparently was going to die anyway, so he was also sparing Amelia the pain of losing 2 loved ones in the process. Furthermore, with the demon attack, it showed Jimmy how important Cas's work was in the midst of the imminent threats surrounding them, especially when it hit home. While Jimmy was...Jimmy, he realized the pains of having been gone from his family, and while it seemed an insignificant thing at the time watching Jimmy not saying grace at the table in that one brief scene, it was very important because it appears his faith had wavered monumentally, not that he was possessed by an angel, but the fact he had been away from his family for so long. But in the end, his faith was restored and he took back the ultimate responsibility. This was a very enjoyable Castiel episode. Now the subplot story: Sam and his demon blood drinking. Oh boy. Dean finally got to see how his little bro maintained his mojo: drinking demon blood to become more powerful. It didn't take long to figure it out. Dean questioned why Sam had been weakening in his powers, not to mention Sam was acting like a junkie out of stash jonesing for his next fix. Seriously, that was just a surreal moment when Sam went all Dracula on that demon-possessed woman's neck and Dean just stared in horror at what he'd just witnessed. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Dean has always been freaked by Sam's abilities. Hence our shocking end to the ep where Dean and Bobby lock Sam in Bobby's demon panic room. Very clever maneuver, but at what price? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Looks like the shhh is finally hitting the proverbial fan after all! Bits and Pieces:
    - I don't know why, but I thought Dean fishing in his dream at the beginning was so cute and cool.
    - And I thought Dean could pack away the food! Jimmy really gave him a run for his money with that hamburger! LOL
    - Is it me or are the demons on this show really getting meaner and nastier? For real, how many times could poor Claire get called a bi***?? That just struck me as terrible, go figure.

    I'm gonna give this a 10. It was a terrific ep with loads of Castiel stuff and of course the Sam shocker at the end, which will play out in the next ep, which I'm definitely looking forward to.....
  • Supernatural's raison d'etre this season has been its ability to tell traditional stories in intriguingly original ways and in 'The Rapture', Jeremy Carver continues this process.

    Supernatural's raison d'etre this season has been its ability to tell traditional stories in intriguingly original ways: from the witty extremities of 'Wishful Thinking' through to the horrifying, yet logical, role-reversals in 'On the Head of a Pin', from 'Lazarus Rising's pointedly quiet execution of epic narrative beats to the mind-boggling metatextuality of 'The Monster at the End of this Book', year four has been characterised by its tendency to put a new spin on conventional plot elements and has greatly enriched the quality of the programme as a result. It's the sure fire sign of a show comfortable in its own skin, mature enough to take risks and treat its audience with the intelligence they deserve. In 'The Rapture', Jeremy Carver continues this process, constructing a fairly standard Supernatural conceit - human possession by demons or, as is more the case here, angels - with building blocks that we've never seen before. The writer flips the issue on its head, predicating the tale on the opposing side of the issue: that of the individual whose identity and soul is lost in the transformation. Too often, the effects of the dreaded black eye are cast aside in favour of the advancement of the plot; the victims are either ruthlessly murdered and then possessed or, once the demons are exorcised, they pick themselves up, dust themselves down and run off as fast as their legs can carry them. We never get to experience the trauma that such an experience would inevitably have on a human being, and that's what makes 'The Rapture's tale of confusion, familial breakdown and love lost and won again wholly engaging and even, at times, emboldening. What we witness here is all too human: from guest star Julie McNiven's well-reigned sorrow at the return of her husband to Jimmy's heartfelt plea to Castiel to use his body at hour's end, every emotional beat is painfully believable. Of course, it certainly helps that the vessel for this introspection is Misha Collins, probably the finest actor on the show. Next to the latest version of Allister, Castiel has been the best thing about a frankly stellar season and that's all down to Collins' delivery. In fact, so convincing is he as the questioning angel that when he turned up as the human host, I had a momentary lapse of concentration. It just... didn't seem right. But then, within a few minutes, I was sold; that, my friends, is talent. Carver also treats us to a significant advancement in Sam's story and Jared really hits a home run. The scene in which Dean learns the truth is absolutely spot on, fantastically framed to give the maximum level of 'oh s**t!'ness. And of course, there's that cliffhanger which hints at some palatable conflict for the final run. Really guys, I can't freaking wait.
  • Great overall episode. Amazing acting as usual from the supernatural crew.

    Sam gets locked up, castiel takes a holiday up to the sunny place for a while, and you see the touching story line of what castiel's host, loses out on while being possessed.

    This is summarizing the episode greatly, however what, drifting away from the point, what i'm trying to see is that it was a great episode,that has some great character developments in it, and leaves the episode with a joyful anticipation to see the next one.

    Especially after the trailer clip, which suggests that Sam is starting to go crazy perhaps, from not having demon blood for so long, but he finally breaks out, and goes for Lilith fully amped up after having lots of ruby's blood.
    Looks to be juicy.
  • Castiel's vessel Jimmy is back in control. Meanwhile, Sam battles his demon blood addiction. SPOILERS.

    Castiel's vessel Jimmy is suddenly back in control after what appears to be a battle between Angels. Sam and Dean know that Jimmy's life is in danger and clash on how to protect him. They decide to hold up in a motel. We discover that Jimmy's appetite rivals Dean's. Throughout the episode, we see the story of Jimmy's faith and how he proved himself worthy of a higher calling. Castiel asks Jimmy to prove his faith by sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water, no injury! Jimmy's wife thinks he's crazy. Jimmy agrees to be Castiel's vessel in exchange for his family's safety. Castiel enters Jimmys body, he turns around to see Jimmy's daughter and tells her he's not her father. While Dean sleeps, Sammy slips out to get a fix of Ruby's demon blood from his secret stash, Jimmy takes advantage of the opportunity and escapes his "captors". Sam and Dean are in the Impala trying to figure out where Jimmy could have gone. Anna appears and tells them that Cass was called home to Heaven.

    Jimmy has a bittersweet reunion with his family. The neighbors pop in but they're really demons laying in wait to capture Jimmy. Sam and Dean burst in. Sam tries to dispel one of the demons but fails. Jimmy sends his wife and daughter off to safety while he, Dean and Sam plan their next move. We soon see that Jimmy's wife is possessed by a demon. While on the road, Amelia calls Jimmy and tells him to go to an abandoned warehouse. After they get there and split up, Jimmy asks Castiel why he broke his promise to keep his family safe. Jimmy approaches his "wife" and she calls in her minions who have captured Sam and Dean. Amelia shoots Jimmy and orders their daughter Claire's execution, As the minion goes to do so, Claire reaches up and and dispels the demon. Jimmy realizes Castiel has possessed his daughter's body. Sam and Dean also fight off several demons. Sam drinks the blood of one of the fallen demons and recharges himself. He dispels the demon from Amelia's body. Castiel tell Jimmy his job is done and now it's Claire's turn. Jimmy begs Castiel to spare his daughter and return to his body. Castiel agrees, leaves Amelia and re-enters Jimmy. Cass informs Dean that he serves Heaven, not man and not Dean.

    Sam and Dean gets a call from Bobby and they head off to his place. That's where Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in Bobby's panic room.........

    Amazing episode! Loved seeing the vessel Jimmy. Misha turned in a spectacular performance! Stay tuned to next week as the race to the finale intesifies.
  • Wow!! Castiel AWOL, his vessel Jimmy being hunted by demons, Sam a junkie – AWESOME!

    Now we know we're in trouble - Castiel's missing, what looks like 'angel on angel violence' and he has left Jimmy's body!

    Just when we thought Sam had no more secrets – he's carrying around Ruby's blood in a flask and taking it when he 'needs' it. Let's face it: Sam's a junkie. Ruby's got him hooked and leaves him hanging, not returning his phone calls. Sam is unable to take on the female demon which means that his blood-drinking goes back a lot further than we thought, that's why he could do the exorcisms to begin with! Without it, he can't pull demons out of their hosts.

    Castiel didn't just take possession of Jimmy, he actually talked to him beforehand and Jimmy even told his wife about it. Cas told the truth, Jimmy really did pray for it. It's 'in his blood', what does that mean? What do you want to bet – something in the bloodline. His daughter has it too. Makes me curious – demons can possess anyone but do angels need permission? Jimmy is one of the 'special people' that Cas talked to Dean about, he can hear Castiel's real voice. Misha shows what an outstanding actor he is – Jimmy is as different to Castiel as night and day but done with such subtlety, you can see the moment Jimmy becomes Castiel.

    Jimmy goes home and does the smart thing – since his wife freaked the last time he mentioned Castiel, he just spins her a story about a psych clinic. Possessing her was the most obvious thing to do, puts her in the perfect position to get Jimmy. I am curious when exactly the demon possessed Amelia, but I guess it's not that important. I do wonder why she let Jimmy leave with Dean and Sam then phoned them a little while later to come back for the exchange.

    Absolutely loved Jimmy's backstory, loved the family and how his wife reacts to her husband hearing voices. I love Castiel to pieces and now I love Jimmy just as much, what a sweet, sweet man. Being chosen as a vessel for an angel may SOUND like fun… but it's really not what it's cracked up to be – Jimmy, next time, read the fine print. Jimmy can never see his family again. Just wonderful and Misha is just amazing, whether he's Castiel or Jimmy. When Jimmy didn't say grace, when Jimmy stood outside his house and told Castiel to take him, when Jimmy stood outside the warehouse and screamed at Castiel to honor his promise (even *he* calls him Cas!), Jimmy begging Cas not to take Claire… really impressive stuff. Misha's come a long way since Charmed.

    Loved how Cas came back as Claire. It was so sweet how he says they are grateful and keep their promises. Then he gives Jimmy the choice now that Jimmy knows the full facts: leave the fight, go 'home' but his daughter will take his place or be Castiel's vessel again but this time it's for good. Jimmy doesn't hesitate – he will not condemn his daughter for a thousand years to what he has been through for only a year. It was obviously a test – the body of a teenage girl is completely impractical for a soldier and if we assume that Castiel is 'male' (I think it applies, Anna took a female body and had sex with Dean so the assumption of heterosexual seems to be logical), then it'd be pretty awkward, not to mention distasteful. Fantastic scene.

    My sole (minor) objection to this episode is the minimal bonding between Claire and Jimmy. Given how important she becomes by the end of the episode and the very touching scene where Jimmy pleads with Castiel for her, I would have expected the writers to create a closer relationship. Carver did such a good job of creating the bond between Jimmy and his wife. Instead there is very little contact between father and daughter, I don't even get the impression they're close. Given how important family is in Supernatural, and how it fits into this story so well, I really am a little disappointed that more attention wasn't given to this part of Jimmy's life.

    Castiel's back but almost unrecognizable – since when does he treat Dean like that, what did they do to him upstairs? Reprogram him, put him back on the straight and narrow? He reminds me of the Castiel we first met, before he became more and more human. In Dean's dream, Cas looked frantic and suddenly it's nothing? Rubbish! Cas has a secret he can't tell Dean, he's paranoid they're watching and I think he's right, that's why they yanked him home, kicking and screaming from the amount of damage. They probably let him return on probation. He's definitely on a leash.

    After witnessing Sam's bloodletting (seriously disgusting, Sam looked like an insane vampire, the look on Dean's face!), Dean and Bobby lock him up, as they should. I really felt for Dean and I'm surprised it took this long to reach his limit. He's not angry, he's not upset, he's just tired. He's only held up this long because he still believes he can save Sam but that time has passed.

    Then the previews: looks like we're finally going to get the brother-vs-brother battle we've been waiting for; Sam vs Lilith; Dean taking an oath with Cas – is he giving Dean powers or something? Looks awesome, can't wait!!

    Last thoughts:
    - As weird as it is at first, it's obvious that Dean would dream of normal things, look at what his waking life is like!
    - From Dean's snickering about the coke, I'm guessing he thought Sam was having some 'alone time'. No wonder he thought it was so funny!
    - Anna returned but thankfully not for long and we got rid of her again. Can't she find something better to do than stalk Dean?

    Wow!! What a season!! We FINALLY get an episode about Castiel's vessel and it's absolutely awesome!! Misha turns in a performance that makes his usual outstanding performances look like nothing! Exceptional.
  • Holly Mother of all TV shows, you've BLESSED Supernatural Season 4!!!

    Is it just me or this show is getting better by the weeks. All I can say is WOW... just WOW! I thought the whole demon thing was getting used up. I mean, how many seasons it could have last without repeating itself. But damn, Angels, Archangels, prophet and even the HIGHER power... insanely good! And on top of it, Sam has gone all wrong drinking demon blood. And... TA DAAA... that ending, WOW!

    Okey so the whole ep was about Castiel/Jimmy finally!! So we have a better knowledge of the dude in his non-possessed form, but really, I wish we could have had a lil view of heaven and all those angels. I mean Jimmy was back and Castiel was gone... The Angel world is still something blurry, I just wish they could show us =P

    I'm looking forward to the season finally, but then again knowing it'll be over for the whole summer is just so so sad!
  • Uninformed choices, terrible consequences

    Based on the title, I thought we were going to see the "Supernatural" version of the Rapture as described by evangelical Christians. After all, it is a fairly well-known aspect of many interpretations of the Book of Revelation. With Lilith breaking seal after seal and bringing the world closer to apocalypse, why not?

    Instead, this was a story about Sam's growing addiction to demon blood and the consequences of being host to an angel. Both elements were surprising in different ways, but Jimmy's story was clearly the most unexpected. Misha Collins fans had to love this episode, because the actor was finally able to show some range, and he was on-screen more than the Brothers Winchester.

    It was fascinating to contemplate that a vessel so willing would end up regretting the choice. There are a couple of ways to look at it, and I suspect it will have much to do with the mindset of the person making the interpretation. Those looking for the silver lining will recognize that the moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for. Uninformed choices can have terrible consequences. Jimmy couldn't have known what hosting Castiel would entail, and one can see how the disconnect between expectation and reality would lead to a crisis of faith.

    Of course, the more negative interpretation would be that the writers are trying to depict angels as uncaring and even sinister, thus suggesting that Jimmy's conclusion that his faith was based on a lie is the intended message. I think that would be a short-sighted and self-serving interpretation. In essence, Jimmy volunteered to be a soldier in a war he didn't understand, based on trust and faith in the rightness of that war alone, and the reality of the situation tested his faith. Given that the loyal angels have been shown as willing to kill human beings to get the job done, that's not a surprising reaction.

    Sam is much in the same boat as Jimmy, though he doesn't have the excuse of stepping into his situation without a clue. He just didn't think things through properly, and Ruby has been manipulating him for quite some time. If there's an amusing side to this, it's how obvious Ruby was from the moment she arrived on the scene. She told Sam that her goal was to back him as the Antichrist Superstar and convince him to assume his role, and that's precisely what she's been doing.

    Yet, just like Jimmy, Sam went into the situation with all the best intentions (gain the power, avoid the temptation), and he got in way over his head. Dean and Bobby did exactly what one would expect them to do: contain Sam until they can find a way to bring him back from the abyss. Of course, something is going to go wrong, because it always does, and the apocalypse hasn't been canceled yet. Which mean, for "Supernatural" fans, that it's time to prepare for another jaw-dropping season finale!
  • An amazing episode that builds on some characters, as well as creates great anticipation for the final two episodes! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Things get very interesting as we learn that Castiel has been taken back to heaven and now Jimmy (the person who Castiel was possessing) is back. Sam and Dean warned him, but he didn't want to stay with them. It was nice to learn about his character, and what happened to him, and then we see why Sam and Dean were right after all. I really have grown to like Castiel, but now that I see how his choosing of Jimmy has ruined his life, I wonder if it's worth it. Poor Jimmy, he wanted to serve, but he had to give up so much. Now his family is in danger, because he wanted to go back, but it seems he can never go back. The episode was amazing, and the end was shocking, but the preview for the next episode, well it nearly knocked me out of my seat. I am so psyched for the next episodes! I am a bit sad that they are the last two of the season, but also excited as it seems the last two episodes will be like a two part finale. I do wish both would play on the same day, so as to not wait 2 weeks for the last episode, but I guess I will just have to do with a two part finale. Amazing episode, but also strange and sad to see Castiel no longer the same as he was before being taken away.
  • The Day in the Life of Jimmy

    The Rapture-Dean has a dream about Castiel asking to meet him in private. Sam and Dean are shocked to discover Castiel's human host, Jimmy, is back in control. Jimmy wants his life back but Sam and Dean believe he is in danger.

    Well only 3 episodes left until Lucifer arrives and the world literally goes boom, before the Winchester boys can face the apocalypse, they are faced with a unforeseen dilemma when Castiel, through Dean's dream, needs to tell the boys a secret. But when they find him, they find just his vessel, Jimmy, leaving some unanswered question and them trying to solve the mystery of why Castiel left his vessel in the first place. What makes "the Rapture" work so incredibly well is it gives us essentially two back stories of two characters that share the same body: Castiel and Jimmy.

    Man, Misha Collins has come a very long way from when I first saw him on Charmed. What a difference a decade makes! Misha is left with the challenge of carrying the plot of the episode on his shoulders and he does a brilliant job of conveying the differences between Castiel and Jimmy. Jimmy's story is truly heartbreaking as we see how he went on to become Castiel's vessel, but lost his family in the process. You really do feel bad for Jimmy throughout, being given this amazing gift yet it also being a curse as he doesn't see his family for a year and wants to rekindle the time he lost with them. I also loved how Castiel returned in the body of Jimmy's daughter leaving Jimmy to make the ultimate decision. One of the most powerful moments of series lies here when Jimmy pleads to Castiel to be his vessel again, sacrificing himself to save his daughter from the same fate. It's so moving and the scene played out so well. Castiel returns as now once again being fully committed to God and not following the orders of a human, which interesting and I wonder how it will play into the last two episodes of the season. The only thing I felt was weak in the story was the actress who played Jimmy's wife, but that's just me.

    Not just being a Castiel episode, Sam's storyline this season gets a huge development when Dean and Castiel find out the truth about Sam's demon blood craving. It's a darkest development Sam has had so far this season and watching him go crazy drinking the last for Ruby, not to mention sucking on demon's blood before he killed was the most disturbing moments I've seen from this series...and it had a lot of them. Yet at the same time, it made sense considering how cold hearted Sam was this episode to Jimmy and his family leaving Dean to be the compassionate one. The ending of the episode with Dean and Bobby looking Sam away in his supernatural safe house 9great seeing that place again by the way!) came as both a shocking twist yet a justified conclusion to the episode. Sam definitely needs help and I loved Dean's reaction to Sam literally becoming some kind of demonic drug addict, enough is enough! The "Soon" preview was amazing and I can't wait to see the final two episodes as Dean and Sam will square off officially considering it's what the whole season has been leading up too. "The Rapture" is a compelling episode with a stunning performance from Misha Collins, shocking twists and sets up the final two episodes of the season perfectly!
  • supernatural; more on the natural side

    although this episode wasnt great unlike most of them, it was very entertaining, but what's striking about it is that it sets up the stage for the finale by dean learning about sam.

    i dont know if i'll watch it next week, cos i want to watch the final two episodes on a roll, i'm sure it'll be such a cliffhanger next week that i will not want to wait for a whole week. and i hope the season finale isnt a cliffhanger like seasons 1 and 3, it says lucifer rising but it has another season so i always thought that they'll do the lucifer thing in series finale next year.

    one thing that bugs me is the "i'm tired of all of it" attitude of dean, but i think it was just an act in this episode. wish we had seen more of his side, his talk with bobby and more reaction from him to the demonblood thing.

    overall, nice supernatural episode, not special, but really promising for the last two.
  • Cas has something important to say, but before he can tell Dean anything he's ripped back home leaving the boys to protect his vessel.

    Really Well done Jeremy! Excellently written! I loved seeing Dean fishing. Something nice and peaceful... I can see a part of him just wanting to kick back with a rod and reel,

    Mischa did a great job distinguishing Jimmy from Cas. And Sam sneakin out to get his fix, man... that stung. I also like that his "Dealer" is nowhere to be found. Way to sink the hook Ruby *growls menacingly*.

    Though Dean's amusement at Sam losing Jimmy was amusing in itself. Okay here's a couple things though... Cas told us flat out that his vessel "Prayed for this" meaning possession by him, well if he didn't remember anything Cas had done using him, then why was he so quick to turn his back on God upon returnign to his body? I get that it's been a rough year for him but how can he know that if he doesn't know anything so... (Love that the vessel's are also kinda descended through the bloodlines apparently) The neighbor man as a demon, caught it right away... thought it was the daughter at first but then he shows up so... yahtzee. Now... I AM curious as to why Anna showed up? Was it just to guide the boys to Jimmy's house faster? (Also loved that she noticed a difference in Sam) Did she show up just to tell them that it was a bad thing that Cas got called back? What did she tell them that the audience didn't get to hear? I hope it comes out sooner rather than later. I actually like Anna *ducks and hides* I think she's an important reminder to both the boys and the audience that even Angels Do Have Freedom of Choice! I Loved loved loved... the way we actually Felt Sam wanting to drink that demon's blood (well I felt it), and though I would personally rather have had him Tell Dean that that was how he got his mojo flowing, I am glad it's out in the open now. So Jared, Dang Boy! Once again, you nailed it! Beauty job taking us right there into Sammy's addiction. I also got quite a kick out of the fact that Dean noticed at first when Sam couldn't really hold the demon wife, he saw what a drain it was on Sam and was concerned about it, it seemed like he suspected at that moment that maybe some of Sam's powers were being augmented somehow from an outside source... then of course we get the Sam blood drinking scene which again was just perfect! I would've loved to hear Dean telling Bobby they had to lock Sam up... sheesh! And Jensen playing the "I'm tired" line... man the exhaustion was right there... course it is the end of the season and I'm sure you guys really need a couple months of solid sleep... (I hope you get it... both of you, you deserve it). As for who actually came back (angel wise) ... as neat as it would be to have an imposter angel... I don't think so, Jimmy was one of the ones who could hear Castiel's voice and See His Visage without getting his eyes burnt out so I'm going to go out on a limb and say.. hmmm it really Is Castiel in Jimmy's body again. (at first I'd actually thought it was Anna in the little girls' body, trying to uphold their part of the bargain by keeping Jimmy's family safe while Cas was being punished or getting his new sprout of humanity burnt out... whatever)... and I do wonder if his 'punishment' really took... cause let's face it he knows he's being observed now or at least will be for a while so he has to play it even closer to the vest... which means he had to be kind of a jerk to Dean.

    So I guess there's still so much to see... Is Cas really back to being an inhuman emotionless GodBot? What did Anna tell the boys that we didn't get to hear? How much of what's coming between the boys (Y'all know waht I'm talking about) is going to be real and how much a setup to throw hells-side off their trail? Keep heaven off their backs? All I know is I want answers, and I want them now. I also know Krip will not be accommodating and will keep us all waiting until Sept to fill us in on the details... Generalissimo Kripke keeps his fans operating on a "Need to know" basis and he's the only one who determines what and when we need to know... "Boogerhead..." As always to the kast and krew... thank you all so much for all your hard work just for lil 'ol us. Jensen, Jared, as always special love and appreciation to you both.
  • FINALLY!!! We get to see the other side of all these possessions we've seen over the course of the show, and who better to tell that story than Jimmy, the man Castiel took on as a vessel? And Dean finds out Sam's dirty little secret. About freaking time!!

    Holy crap!!! That was GOOD!!!! OKay, wow..haha, I've already rewatched it twice. Let's see...

    Jimmy: Dude, Misha...GO DIRECTLY TO HELL! Do not pass go and do not collect two-hundred dollars! When he didn't say grace and was all, "I'm happy" I cried! Misha did such an amazing job with separating Jimmy from Castiel. I especially loved the scene when he was outside his home talking to Castiel and then he possessed him, and then BOOM! Hi Cas! "I'm not your Father" did kind of sound.... Anyways, oh, and I also loved the scene where he was outside yelling at Cas. That poor Angel is so not having a good time. Now onto him..

    Castiel: Yeah, as someone said, obviously his Grace just inherited a new hole . What I think happened? Someone/Something overheard him in Dean's head and knew he was going to tell them something he shouldn't (*cough*WhatTheFinalSealIs*hack*) and he got dragged off to detention. Poor Cas. I will most certainly be looking for the fic of him in Heaven's Hell . But then he came back AS THE DAUGHTER!!! Yay!!! You guys!! I was surprised for once!! Do you know how long it's been since my jaw dropped and I went, "OMG!!!"?!?!?! I totally thought she'd be Lilith. Both in the car garage and in that scene. But it wasn't. It was Cas! Yay!! Though that was kind of pervy...him possessing a little girl... And AND!!! Then he totally gave Dean the cold shoulder. I don't know whether to smack some sense into him or hug him. Can I do both? Hey, if Dean can do both with Sam, I can with Cas. Oh, and speaking of:

    Sam!!: You idiot!!! You don't take a cookie from the cookie jar when Mom is watching!! (was seriously my face .) I wonder where Ruby's at? Hmm...anyways, but yeah...Sam, you junkie. All you need now is some tracks on your arms and a crazy twitch going on and you're all set . I knew he would be locked in that panic room because I'm psychic (or some evil demon possessed me and made me look at spoilers .) but seeing the preview for next week? Two words: HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* Oh...*Is resurrected*
    One last thing: @ both Anna and the "Was it a refreshing coke?" You know exactly what Dean was thinking!! A) He was so wrong and B) I think Sam would find a better time to jerk off than when..oh, I don't know...EVERYTHING IS FREAKED UP!!!! HAH!! Well...these days who knows, maybe that's his aphrodesiac...hee, okay, bring me next week, man! *Dies again*
  • Dean has a dream in which Castiel sends for him. Dean and Sam head for where he is and when they arrive they find Jimmy Novak sans Castiel. It seems Castiel was recalled and the boys have to figure out what to do with Jimmy.

    Great setup for the season finale. Great development within the plot line and some new found directions for the show.

    Sam's Demon blood lust is going out of control. He is out quenching his thirst when Jimmy escapes to return to his family. Something which at this point probably is not a good thing to do. Both the Angels and Demons are looking for him and it will be much worse if the Demons find him first.

    Sam and Dean go after him and are almost too late. We find out that Demons were waiting for Jimmy and Dean and Sam show up just in time to off the couple that were there. We see that Sam has lost his power and one of the Demon's escapes.

    Jimmy decides that his wife and daughter must go somewhere safe away from him. The wife turns out to be possessed and Jimmy must return to save his daughter.

    Sam, Dean, and Jimmy go to face the Demons. Jimmy asks Castiel to help him as Castiel had promised his family would be safe if he helped God. He doesn't show himself. All three are caught by the Demons and Jimmy is shot. Sam and Dean are about to die when the daughter breaks free killing one Demon and creating an opportunity for the boys to take out their captors. Dean kills one Demon and Sam injures his and then drinks the blood from her neck (like a Vampire) and then kills her. He then turns and destroys the Demon that possessed Jimmy's wife.

    Before Jimmy dies he talks Castiel into switching back to him letting his daughter go. She has the same blood running through her that makes it possible for an Angel to possess her. Dean asks Castiel what is going on and Castiel states, "I answer to God, I don't answer to mankind, and I certainly don't answer to you and walks out." Stating that he learned his lesson on his last visit up there!

    We see Dean and Sam driving and Sam is pleading with Dean to say something. Dean really doesn't have much to say. Bobby calls and tells Sam that they need to return to his place because Armageddon is happening. When they get there Bobby and Dean trick Sam into going into the Demon trap and they close the door on him sealing him in.

    I guess all the seals but one have been broken and now is the true test coming up in the season finale. I can't wait.

    Thanks for reading...
  • We find out about the life of Jimmy - Cas' vassal, and Dean finds out about Sam's secret.

    This is a freaking awesome episode! It starts off with Cas coming to Dean in a dream. In it he has something to tell Dean but wants to do it face to face. He gives Dean a piece of paper and tells him to get to that address ASAP.
    He and Sam take off to the meeting place and it's obvious that there was a battle royal there. Instead of Cas, they find Jimmy, Cas vassal. Jimmy has no idea what message Cas wanted to give Dean, he only wants to go home.
    We learn that Cas didn't pick some nobody to be his vassal, and the realization that being picked by heaven isn't what its cracked up to be. Once you're chosen by one of the sides in battle, there's no going back, there's no quitting. You're in it for keeps as poor Jimmy finds out. You have no family, no loved ones - you're just risking their lives by involving them in yours. All you have are your fellow soldiers in the cause. In the end, Jimmy submits to his fate.
    Sam on the other hand, seems to be descending into his fate. His addiction is becoming more and more apparent. He appears to be suffering from withdrawal like symptoms as he desperately tries to get a hold of Ruby for more "supplies" (which, I think was her plan all along). He gets so weak that he can't fight off a normal demon, and then he gets so desperate that he indulges in his addiction right in front of Dean. The ending had quite the OMG twist to it that happens to be one of the innumerable reasons why I love this show.
    What happened to Jimmy in some ways mirrors what is happening with Dean. He was chosen by God and the Angels, and it definitely wasn't what he thought it would be. He wanted out, to go back to a normal life and forget all of this had happened. Difference is, Jimmy had a normal life before he was chosen and Dean didn't. All Jimmy wanted was to get back to his family, but as Sam bluntly put it going back would put his family's life in danger. In the end, Jimmy finally gets that there is no out, there's no going back, there is no quitting. He accepts his fate, which is something Dean will have to do.
    Poor Sam is sounding and acting increasingly like an addict. He had to resort to drinking the blood of another demon, and the look on his face while he was powered up and using his abilities was frightening. He looked like he enjoyed it. On top of that, when he and Dean were in the car talking about it, he kept justifying what he was doing, like it was a necessary evil.
    Seeing Jimmy/Cas was awesome. The differences in the characters was amazing. Misha Collins did a superb job portraying both of these characters as separate and distinct without making either of them appear cartoonish. He made you really feel for Jimmy as a guy who did whatever he was asked to by God and finding out that it isn't as glamorous as one might think. After all of the sacrifices he made, he was compelled to make one more for his family. As for Cas, we once again see the warrior angel rather than the conflicted one who was getting too close to the humans.
    Absolutely awesome episode, but next week's looks even better if that's possible. Too bad we can't give an episode higher than a 10.
  • Amazing show, amazing storyline, amazing characters. You can't find many shows like this out there these days. The season has been darker than the others, but really good! And so glad that Misha Collins is still on the show.

    I don't usually give a perfect 10 for a lot of things, but this episode deserved it! This has got to be one of the top ten Supernatural episodes so far. For a few minutes I was worried they were writing Misha Collins out of the show! Thank goodness they didn't...he's such an important part and there would be huge hole left behind if he left. The storyline was amazing; it unfolded beautifully and it brought together a whole bunch of things that have happened, and will happen. I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. It'll be interesting how the season ends.
  • Misha Collins gives one of the best performances of the year and elevates the end game for Supernatural's fourth season into the stratosphere. Truly one of, if not, Supernatural's best episode to date. This is only the beginning. Bring on the Apocalypse!

    For those of you who DVR'd this episode, watch it... RIGHT NOW! This very instant. Just when I thought no one could beat Mike Rohl's episodes this little piece of wonder comes along. This is basically In the Beginning all over again but for Castiel/Jimmy instead, and oh my how incredible it is. This further cements Season 4's status as the best season of Supernatural yet, possibly of all time.

    Where to begin. It was as if this whole season the creators have been feeding us pieces of the story bit by bit. Then all of a sudden, stuff hit the fan, sending everything spiraling out of control. That was this episode. I have no idea what is going on. None whatsoever, but, somehow, I LOVE it. Absolutely love it. All over my face Kripke!
  • wow dean found out about sam and now bobby and dean locked him in bobbys panic room wonder what will happen next week this episode was awesome jared and jensen did a great job not to mention misha collins can't wait for next weeks @the season four final!!

    wow can I say wow dean found out sam drinking dean blood now and dean and bobby locked him in the panic room can't wait for next week and the sensational season final what will happen between sam and dean is their brother bond forever broken hope not but it looks like it could possible be. jared and jensen have done an awesome job misha collins is great too even though he's new to the show he's super cute too can't wait to see what the last two episodes have in store for the winchester brothers go supernatural another great episode.