Season 4 Episode 20

The Rapture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Castiel's vessel Jimmy is back in control. Meanwhile, Sam battles his demon blood addiction. SPOILERS.

    Castiel's vessel Jimmy is suddenly back in control after what appears to be a battle between Angels. Sam and Dean know that Jimmy's life is in danger and clash on how to protect him. They decide to hold up in a motel. We discover that Jimmy's appetite rivals Dean's. Throughout the episode, we see the story of Jimmy's faith and how he proved himself worthy of a higher calling. Castiel asks Jimmy to prove his faith by sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water, no injury! Jimmy's wife thinks he's crazy. Jimmy agrees to be Castiel's vessel in exchange for his family's safety. Castiel enters Jimmys body, he turns around to see Jimmy's daughter and tells her he's not her father. While Dean sleeps, Sammy slips out to get a fix of Ruby's demon blood from his secret stash, Jimmy takes advantage of the opportunity and escapes his "captors". Sam and Dean are in the Impala trying to figure out where Jimmy could have gone. Anna appears and tells them that Cass was called home to Heaven.

    Jimmy has a bittersweet reunion with his family. The neighbors pop in but they're really demons laying in wait to capture Jimmy. Sam and Dean burst in. Sam tries to dispel one of the demons but fails. Jimmy sends his wife and daughter off to safety while he, Dean and Sam plan their next move. We soon see that Jimmy's wife is possessed by a demon. While on the road, Amelia calls Jimmy and tells him to go to an abandoned warehouse. After they get there and split up, Jimmy asks Castiel why he broke his promise to keep his family safe. Jimmy approaches his "wife" and she calls in her minions who have captured Sam and Dean. Amelia shoots Jimmy and orders their daughter Claire's execution, As the minion goes to do so, Claire reaches up and and dispels the demon. Jimmy realizes Castiel has possessed his daughter's body. Sam and Dean also fight off several demons. Sam drinks the blood of one of the fallen demons and recharges himself. He dispels the demon from Amelia's body. Castiel tell Jimmy his job is done and now it's Claire's turn. Jimmy begs Castiel to spare his daughter and return to his body. Castiel agrees, leaves Amelia and re-enters Jimmy. Cass informs Dean that he serves Heaven, not man and not Dean.

    Sam and Dean gets a call from Bobby and they head off to his place. That's where Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in Bobby's panic room.........

    Amazing episode! Loved seeing the vessel Jimmy. Misha turned in a spectacular performance! Stay tuned to next week as the race to the finale intesifies.