Season 7 Episode 13

The Slice Girls

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • probabaly worst episode yet

    I love this show, and have since a mate loaned me hiseason 1-3 dvd's, and sure there have been the odd flat episodes here or there, but this one.....holy crap, worst episode...EVER!

    It just did not cut it. The ending was rushed and it was over before you knew it, having put up with a boring mid section that really went nowehere.

    Dont get me wrong, I liked the story line, it had good potential, but it just didngt "get there" for me. I hope there are no more flop episodes like this.
  • What about the other Amazons

    Did anybody else have the feeling, that the episode skipped over the ending way to fast? The monsters are still alive and hunting the winchesters, and they do not even really try to find them. the confrontation was also way short,, like the episode ran out of time...
  • Surprisingly well done

    At first when I saw previews for this episode I was saying how silly it seemed, but after watching, I'm quite impressed with how well it was done. Here's the overview.

    Dean and Sam, both still not over what happened to Bobby, neither am I by the way but moving on, investigate a case where men are killed by being thrown against walls and then having both hands and feet cut off with a symbol carved into their chests. WHile working on the case, Dean goes to a bar where he meets a woman. THey engage in you know what and out pops a baby not even a day later. THree days pass and that baby has grown to a teenager. Come to find out, amazons are killing these men and as you can see, Dean is next on the list as well as Sam who is caught learning too much on the investigation. You see, these Amazons have others like them working in different fields, and one involves detective work. BOth Sam and Dean must fight to stay alive as they try to cope with the death of their father figure Bobby Singer.

    Pretty bloody episode for a show with such a corny title, but its appropriate since they slice limbs off men. THe title is a reference to that girl group that existed many years ago, so you get the humor. THat's all.
  • what happen with dean?

    eps was a good period. I do not come with the usual whining, ah could be more, good supernatural series is no longer a beginner and so we got used to it. back to eps: 1 - dean hilarante always, no doubt with the speech of "Hanna Montana" (hahahah), 2 - sam until the end he made a "dirty job"; 3 - booby was cremated, but we know that the personal belongings they depart from the spirit (the bottle of drink), 3 - the daughter of the dean should be more beautiful, feather pulled the mother (ahahahaah) 4 - dean back hot scenes thanks god!; 5 - dean worries me not to bother coming back with life (throwback to season 3?)

    is it folks!
  • This episode kept me glued to the screen and at the edge of my seat.

    I loved all the mystery surrounding the murders, following the clues and seeing how all the pieces fit together. I was very much surprised a few times, like when we found out it was Amazons, and when Dean`s one night love affair was tied in, and when the daughter wanted to kill him, and when the detective was revealed to be one of the Amazons.

    When an episode of TV transports me to a fictional world, and makes me care for the characters like they are real people, and keeps me captivated for a whole hour, and gives me an entertaining escape from the problems of real life, and makes me happy for a while, and nothing bothers me to break the spell, i give it a 10.

    I am loving Season 7, it`s my second most favourite after season 2, and i have seen many tv critics praise season 7 too. Carina MacKenzie (LA Times and Zap2it) said just last month: "This is my favorite season of Supernatural since Season 2. The Gamble/Kripke/Singer team is firing on all cylinders if you ask me."

    I have always loved the monster of the week episodes the most. I love going into it without any idea of what they are up against, following the research and clues to figure out what it is, and then discovering a whole new creature. Like in this episode, i had no idea it would be Amazons, and that is a big part of the fun for me. I liked following the symbol and patterns of the murders, and finding out more about the Amazons, the real life mythology about them being the daughters of war god Ares and the nymph Harmonia, and adding their own original Supernatural lore as well, like the tradition that the daughters kill the fathers. This is what i love the most.

    I also love season 7 because the brothers are close again. I very much enjoy scenes like the one at the end of this episode, where Sam is showing concern for Dean`s state of mind and says "Just don`t get killed." To me these brotherly moments are the heart and soul of the show, and i was very tired of the brothers fighting in seasons 4 and 5 (and part of 6 when Sam wasn`t Sam.) So i am just loving seeing these brotherly scenes again, and i am so happy we got a season 7 to enjoy them in!
  • I Hate My Teenage Amazon Daughter

    While investigating the mysterious and brutal deaths of men thrown really hard against walls (Sam and Dean can relate) and having their limbs cut off and a symbol carved into them, Dean has a one night stand at a bar called the Cobalt Room. The "You Shook Me All Night Long" parallel between the murder and the sex was great. While Sam focuses more on the case and Dean discovers something weird about Lydia, his "workout buddy," and trying to recover Bobby's old flask. The two enlist the help of a professor or anthropology who is their quirky replacement Bobby for the episode who reads up on the symbol and discovers that it belongs to daughters of the Gods Harmonia and Ares who were Amazons who only use men for procreation and then kill their fathers who created them as they reach adulthood in a manner of days. Dean by chance has fathered a daughter with Lydia named Emma who grew up many years before his very eyes. As part of their initiation the girls must kill their fathers to become one of them. The packmaster of the Amazons orders and compels the new Amazons to go out and do their duty. Sam is almost killed by a female detective who is one of them after finding out about the ritual from the Professor and Dean is tested when Emma comes to see him and the two have a standoff of "who's going to kill the other" until Sam shows up and dispatches Emma. It was good to see Dean choke at the having to kill off his own offspring and the openendedness of leaving the pack or whatever you call a group of Amazons alive and on the loose makes for a good fight for another day or maybe they just ran out of the screen time to dispatch them all. Sam drawing comparisons to when Dean killed Amy earlier this season was true and how they're both really screwed up but hopefully we can go back to Dick Roman the Leviathans relatively soon since there's still that field left hanging out there with no explanation.
  • Amazon Killing Spree

    Great episode Dean has a one night stand with an amazon and she has a baby that is fast growing. Well I'll leave the rest for your imagination. Of course there is some disagreement between Dean and Same, anything else new? Apparently mourning over Bobby is still there and quite frankly it should be there, Sam is worried about Dean doing rash things that are dangerous and doesn't want Dean to get himself killed. Dean response was I'll do what I can and in truth that's all you can do, Dean even looks at Bobby that got killed you can't predict your life all you can do is the best you can. For that reason Sam is worried because Dean is the only family he has left and that scares him being alone as should anyone. Amazon disappeared but it's nothing new supernatural does a lot of this just mean it's a new species or supernatural that just entered the show. I always thought this was an introduction and we haven't seen the last of them.
  • The Slice Girls

    The Slice Girls was a great and very entertaining episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story, interesting details, and more hint's that Bobby is around. I thought the story was extremely well thought out and done perfectly in Supernatural Fashion, everything from the symbol and ceremony to Dean's indiscretion and Bobby's flask. There were some good action scenes, character development, and hope that we may see Bobby in some way again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • This ep grabbed my attention by the throat and didn't let go

    I loved how the plot played out, from the trail of clues, to the reveal it was Amazons, to the twists the detective was one of them and it was the daughters who killed their fathers. The intrigue was extremely well paced and put together.

    I really like that this show doesn't give us simple black-and-white, it's all messy shades of grey. The boys don't always get the easy choice between right and wrong, they have to make tough choices between wrong and more wrong. And I loved the mirror image here, where first it was Dean who had to do the deed because Sam was too close to Amy, and now it is Sam who has to kill Emma because Dean can't gank his own daughter.

    Dean's evolution with women is interesting: post-Lisa we haven't seen him have any one-night stands. He tried in Defending Your Life, and was a ball of nerves trying to talk himself into it while waiting on the sidewalk for her before getting kidnapped. In this episode, Lydia is the one in control, and her predatory and assertive style is great foreshadowing that she is actually an Amazon. Then the next morning we are treated to a reversal of roles as erstwhile love-em-and-leave-em Dean has taken down her phone number and calls her only to be given the brush off and be called "Don" instead of "Dean." I really appreciate the fact that the characters evolve over time in reaction to their life experience, and clearly Dean's year with Lisa has had an impact on him.

    I also like the contrast between how Dean and Sam are coping: Dean destructively through drinking, carousing and repressing, and Sam constructively through work, exercise and expressing. Two details that emphasized this was the booze flask Dean was never without, and the fact Sam was always the one driving. Even though it's not his Baby, Dean doesn't give up the steering wheel easily. That Sam is the one driving speaks to Sam being more in control of the two.

    Their conversation in the car at the end was powerful, marrying funny banter and heartbreaking lines. "Just don't get killed."

  • There was much awesome in this episode!

    My List of Awesome for this week:

    -Hello Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die! And die very brutally at that. (And apparently it was even more brutal before they reined it in to satisfy Broadcast Standards.) This intro was awesomely well done. When the frantic close-ups finally give way to the still wide shot and I saw exactly what had been done to poor Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die I was all O_O! Awesome job by first-time director Jerry Wanek, who has been production designer and co-producer on Supernatural since the start.

    -LOVE SCENE!!!!!!!!!! (The all-caps and multi-exclamation-marks are justified by the fact love scenes are rare and special occasions on Supernatural. And this was an awesome love scene besides.)

    -And the love scene was all the more awesome that it rocked out to You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. That was beyond perfect!

    -And that love scene was even more awesome that it was brilliantly intercut with Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die 2.0 getting sliced in a weird and bloody parody of a love scene.

    -Tonight Baby's understudy is a Buick Skylark. It's no Baby, but it is a Buick Skylark.

    -Dean: "I have been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon."

    -AMAZONS! How cool is that?

    -I hope the horde of Amazons who got away come back for round two. That's how cool that was.

    -Annoying professor is very annoying. I think he was conceived to make us miss Bobby all the more. It was very effective.

    -Of course Bobby is haunting his battered antique flask! It makes perfect sense: this way he can stay pickled in booze even in the afterlife and he gets to ride around in Dean's pocket following them on all their adventures so he can shove some pertinent paper at them when the idjits can't see it for themselves. Bobby is so brilliant.

    -Dean's daughter was good casting, she looked like his daughter. And also like a young Amazon. (Which, as we have already established, is way cool.) Trivia alert: the same actress played Missy Bender is season 1. She was pretty badass back then too!

    -Dean: "You're just as screwed up as I am. You're just...bigger." That line made me laugh for a while. Sam: "What?!?" I just love Sam's expression here, it's like every single one of his facial muscles is going WTF?!?

    -Awesome detail: when Dean says "If we live that long" the rumble of the car's engine suddenly gets faster and louder as Sam steps on the gas in angry reaction.

    -Sam, why are you fighting with your brother? You just shot his daughter (okay, his crazy man-killing monster daughter, but his daughter all the same.) You should be buying him pie or something (okay, admittedly you suck at buying him pie, but you could at least try to buy him pie.)

    -Sam: "It almost got you killed. I don't care how you deal, I really really don't. Just don't get killed." Oh, I see where you coming from. Sam's right, Dean, don't you dare get yourself killed!

    I really loved this episode. I'm so glad we get a new one again next week!

  • awesome

    wow another great episode sam was right to be angry at dean what will happen next for our winchester boys can't wait to see more loved every episode go supernatural you rock that supposely police detective reminded me of inspector shardon from charmed
  • Good one!

    First of all, I disagree with the poster below who writes: "If a person no longer enjoys the show then there are plenty of other things to watch on tv. It annoys me when these votes bring the score for the episode unnaturally down."

    One does not have to necessarily love/like every episode of a show, and in fact, in most cases this never happens. Shows that can truly say they produce an episode that EVERYONE enjoys EACH time are a rarity indeed. Additionally, who is anyone to tell anyone else what anyone is to like, or more so, what they should watch? Generalizations such as that ... suck ... and comparatively, why I think that is successful: it allows posters from all walks and thoughts to share what they think about what they are watching.

    K, now off my soap box.

    This episode was great. Not perfect, but great. The killings were pretty gory (gorey?) which is always fun, and the premise was a good one. The ending left a little to be desired and the entire episode felt a little rushed, but I'd rather that any day over slow episodes.

    All in all for me a well-deserved 8.5, although Supernatural as a whole still garners a pretty "Dang Superb" rating from me. Let's face it, there is not much else on television that comes close.