Season 7 Episode 13

The Slice Girls

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • There was much awesome in this episode!

    My List of Awesome for this week:

    -Hello Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die! And die very brutally at that. (And apparently it was even more brutal before they reined it in to satisfy Broadcast Standards.) This intro was awesomely well done. When the frantic close-ups finally give way to the still wide shot and I saw exactly what had been done to poor Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die I was all O_O! Awesome job by first-time director Jerry Wanek, who has been production designer and co-producer on Supernatural since the start.

    -LOVE SCENE!!!!!!!!!! (The all-caps and multi-exclamation-marks are justified by the fact love scenes are rare and special occasions on Supernatural. And this was an awesome love scene besides.)

    -And the love scene was all the more awesome that it rocked out to You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. That was beyond perfect!

    -And that love scene was even more awesome that it was brilliantly intercut with Man-Who-Is-About-To-Die 2.0 getting sliced in a weird and bloody parody of a love scene.

    -Tonight Baby's understudy is a Buick Skylark. It's no Baby, but it is a Buick Skylark.

    -Dean: "I have been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon."

    -AMAZONS! How cool is that?

    -I hope the horde of Amazons who got away come back for round two. That's how cool that was.

    -Annoying professor is very annoying. I think he was conceived to make us miss Bobby all the more. It was very effective.

    -Of course Bobby is haunting his battered antique flask! It makes perfect sense: this way he can stay pickled in booze even in the afterlife and he gets to ride around in Dean's pocket following them on all their adventures so he can shove some pertinent paper at them when the idjits can't see it for themselves. Bobby is so brilliant.

    -Dean's daughter was good casting, she looked like his daughter. And also like a young Amazon. (Which, as we have already established, is way cool.) Trivia alert: the same actress played Missy Bender is season 1. She was pretty badass back then too!

    -Dean: "You're just as screwed up as I am. You're just...bigger." That line made me laugh for a while. Sam: "What?!?" I just love Sam's expression here, it's like every single one of his facial muscles is going WTF?!?

    -Awesome detail: when Dean says "If we live that long" the rumble of the car's engine suddenly gets faster and louder as Sam steps on the gas in angry reaction.

    -Sam, why are you fighting with your brother? You just shot his daughter (okay, his crazy man-killing monster daughter, but his daughter all the same.) You should be buying him pie or something (okay, admittedly you suck at buying him pie, but you could at least try to buy him pie.)

    -Sam: "It almost got you killed. I don't care how you deal, I really really don't. Just don't get killed." Oh, I see where you coming from. Sam's right, Dean, don't you dare get yourself killed!

    I really loved this episode. I'm so glad we get a new one again next week!