Season 7 Episode 13

The Slice Girls

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • This episode kept me glued to the screen and at the edge of my seat.

    I loved all the mystery surrounding the murders, following the clues and seeing how all the pieces fit together. I was very much surprised a few times, like when we found out it was Amazons, and when Dean`s one night love affair was tied in, and when the daughter wanted to kill him, and when the detective was revealed to be one of the Amazons.

    When an episode of TV transports me to a fictional world, and makes me care for the characters like they are real people, and keeps me captivated for a whole hour, and gives me an entertaining escape from the problems of real life, and makes me happy for a while, and nothing bothers me to break the spell, i give it a 10.

    I am loving Season 7, it`s my second most favourite after season 2, and i have seen many tv critics praise season 7 too. Carina MacKenzie (LA Times and Zap2it) said just last month: "This is my favorite season of Supernatural since Season 2. The Gamble/Kripke/Singer team is firing on all cylinders if you ask me."

    I have always loved the monster of the week episodes the most. I love going into it without any idea of what they are up against, following the research and clues to figure out what it is, and then discovering a whole new creature. Like in this episode, i had no idea it would be Amazons, and that is a big part of the fun for me. I liked following the symbol and patterns of the murders, and finding out more about the Amazons, the real life mythology about them being the daughters of war god Ares and the nymph Harmonia, and adding their own original Supernatural lore as well, like the tradition that the daughters kill the fathers. This is what i love the most.

    I also love season 7 because the brothers are close again. I very much enjoy scenes like the one at the end of this episode, where Sam is showing concern for Dean`s state of mind and says "Just don`t get killed." To me these brotherly moments are the heart and soul of the show, and i was very tired of the brothers fighting in seasons 4 and 5 (and part of 6 when Sam wasn`t Sam.) So i am just loving seeing these brotherly scenes again, and i am so happy we got a season 7 to enjoy them in!