Season 6 Episode 3

The Third Man

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • Awesome.

    I reiterate: This is the best show ever. The first episode of the 6th season had me a tiny bit worried but I figured great things were in store when I watched it again and realized that the problem with it was that it moved too fast (not enough answers). In my opinion that meant that they wanted to set the stage and set the stage fast rather than muddle through it - to get to the good stuff - and the last two episodes have been 'good stuff!', with this episode being one of the best in the entire series.

    I think the low scores on this series here on, are because simply, we have become used to this series being THAT good, and so when we get a hamburger instead of the steak fare we are used to with it, we don't appreciate the hamburger in all it's yumminess. As for me, I'll take even the low-scoring episodes. This is the ONLY show I watch on TV and have even decided that it is worth giving up my Friday evenings for.
  • See Summary

    The Third Man was a Superb episode of Supernatural. It had some awesome action, difinitive drama, and familiar foes. This episode saw the return of Angels from past seasons, and some thought dead. There was chaos in Heaven after the apocolypse was thwarted, and some one stole mighty weapons from the heavenly arsenal. This was the main focus of the episode. It is basically a free for all, and souls are the valued commodity. He who has many souls shall have much power among Heaven and Earth. It looks like there is a return to the Supernatural we have known and loved. I hope the season continues on doing well!
  • No highs and no lows.

    No highs and some lows again in this episode. Too much soft, wuss Dean. Too much what's-wrong-with-Sam. Too much leftover apocalypse. Too little brother chemistry. The brother's bond is gone. The lack of chemistry between Jared and Jensen, which is an unintended consequence of the brilliant idea of a role reversal IMO, comes from the two actors having to change their portrayal of the characters first introduced and played for five years. They are working hard at it and it shows. I think that is the reason the show feels 'off,' and missing the old spark of previous seasons, and it showed this episode.

    Having Misha introduce the story at the end of VD clearly lets the fans know that this story is no longer about two's two brothers, angels, and a gaggle of family and friends.

    I guess the road trip part of the series is over, as the boys are staying in a little more upscale hotels, rather than the backroad rundown motels they used to use. Sam has enough money for high-end prostitutes, so they don't have to worry about hustling pool, running credit card scams, or playing poker. Maybe Lisa is wiring Dean money for gas.

    So, no highs, some lows, and pretty boring all around.
  • A much better episode then the first two!

    I think I'm bleeding. Nuff said. As nasty as this scene was, I thought it was hilarious. Supernatural has not creeped me out in forever, but this episode sure had some nasty scenes in it, darn... This episode was both hilarious, messed up and nasty. The angles are back, but we find out it's all gone wrong, well we definitely can see that now. I actually really enjoyed this episode, and it seems we now have a pretty bad situation brewing. I guess the brothers just never get a break? Things seem worse than ever now, which really sucks because you think that Lucifer rising and trying to bring the end of the world was as bad as it could get. I hope they take this story and end it well, so far a lot of things have been thrown into the pot, nothing really solid has come out yet though.
  • Castiel returns

    I didn't hate the premiere. I didn't hate last week. But as I was watching the second episode I began to think I'm not just feeling it anymore. That urge to watch Supernatural that was so strong last year. The main problem was... Lisa and Ben. They are boring, and they are making Dean boring. Everytime Lisa is on screen, I stiffle a yawn. But then I think... that's the point!!! It shows just how much Dean dosen't belong in that life. He's a hunter, through and through. Now, I think that was a little bit harsh. How have the writers tried to follow the whole Lucifer heavy (well, sort of) season 5? Several plot points at once. The creepy Campbells and the even creepier Samuel are collecting monsters for something. It also looks like we haven't seen the last of that uber scary shape shifter. Sam's return is shrouded in mystery and now, to top it off, Angels are at War. Shove in Crowley's impending return and I can see what the writers are doing; creating several plot strands that will all intertwine. And I'm damn well excited!!! Sure its taken a while to set things up but this episode really made me feel like the show's getting back onto the amazing track of the previous season. Castiel's return of course helped that hugely; nice to see him in full power, kicking ass. Raphel is also a welcome return but of course it all comes down to the two Brothers. It's taken 3 episodes but now they're finally back in the Impala together. Yay!!!

    All in all, I'm starting to enjoy season 6 and I'm loving the plot strands they are setting up. I think in a small way some fans were detirmined to hate this season, which isn't fair. Just get rid of Lisa and Ben soon... and give us more Castiel!!!
  • A great episode with humour and action

    For starters castiel is back!! The awesome angel is back!
    In this episode you realise Castiel has got a lot on his plate. Not only does Dean and Sam want his help he also has a civil war to attend to against a archangel.
    Also in this episode you can really see the change in Sam and Dean. In previous seasons Dean was the tough one, while Sam was the caring one. But now the roles are reversed, Dean is now the caring one and sam is the person who only wants the job done no matter what. I think i prefer the caring Sam personally.
    Overall this is a good episode managing to give you a quick laugh and fight scenes soon after, this episode also manages to show you the changes in the main characters. Very good!
  • The angels at war

    Nearly every fan of "Supernatural" has made the observation that the writers are taking great pains to advance the story while keeping to the earliest roots of the series. From the opening sequence, this episode was the most blatant attempt yet to reverse roles for Sam and Dean. Sam may not be the unapologetic "love 'em and leave 'em" type, even now, but given a choice between the two brothers, who would be the one suspected of sleeping with a call girl?

    Just as the story began with Sam as the one with the "normal life", forced back into the hunting life by circumstances beyond his control, Dean is struggling to return to the life. The role reversal works because the writers are being meticulous in keeping the long character histories intact. Meanwhile, Sam was tossing out lines that could have been extracted word for word from Dean's dialogue in the first couple seasons. Jared Padalecki continues to earn enormous credit for his nuanced performance.

    But let's face it: this episode will be remembered much more for the return of Castiel and the introduction of the post-apocalyptic angel arc. As anticipated, the state of play in Heaven is complete chaos, and there is something of a civil war taking place. One side (represented by Raphael) wants to keep to the old script and get the end times back on track. The other side (effectively represented by Castiel) wants to prevent that at any cost. And, as with the apocalypse itself, God is sitting on the sidelines, letting it all play out. (Establishing, as one might logically assume, that for the Brothers Winchester, the duration will be longer than the war.)

    As usual, while the character interactions excel, the plot details are hit or miss. The whole "Staff of Moses" bit was not nearly as ominous as the story required, and as strong as Castiel is as a character, the episode loses some of its power once events get bogged down in the mysterious details of the angelic civil war. By the time the Brothers Winchester were left standing around, wondering what happened and why, I can imagine some of the audience was in the exact same position.

    The upshot is that the writers aren't pretending that everything went back to normal when the Lucifer/Michael battle to the death was avoided. The status quo is anything but, and it seems that my initial speculation that Castiel or the angels were behind Sam's return and the actions of the Campbells is completely wrong. So while Sam and Dean are back to the hunting, it's not a retread of the first season. It all feels like forward momentum.

    Lest anyone believe that the writers are somehow ignoring the fans, I must acknowledge the many items inserted into the episode for fan service. Sam's workout session was one instance, but Castiel's admission of a "more profound bond" with Dean was amusing on all too many levels! Classic Castiel moments like "ruling out Moses as a suspect" and his hilarious misuse of air quotes left me chuckling.

    But they are also not holding back on ramping up the intensity, and using it to demonstrate just how much Sam (and now Castiel) has changed. The torture of the young boy was a rough scene to take, and far more so because Sam dispassionately stood back and let it happen, leaving Dean staring slack-jawed. We've all noted how much Sam has changed, but that scene pretty much said it all.

    And that's as it should be, because at the end of the day, it's all about the characters. The final scene was a great reversal of the key third season scene in which Dean confessed everything that he did while trapped in Hell. This version of the scene is marked by its differences from the original: now it's Sam being questioned about his personality changes, and unlike Dean, he's not anywhere close to talking. It leaves the audience, like Dean, with an uncertain and vaguely uneasy feeling.
  • After two episodes that left me disappointed, Supernatural seems to have found its footing

    I think when people found out Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural, was leaving, there was a little ripple of panic. I felt confident that the show could continue without him, mostly because the writing staff he has is great and has penned some of the best episodes of the show... however, the first two episodes left me underwhelmed. However, "The Third Man" feels like vintage Supernatural, and even if Sam is different than he used to be, at least the show seems to be heading towards some sort of explanation for it.

    Police officers start dying and the symptoms surprise Sam and Dean: it appears they're dying from different plagues.. leprosy, frogs, sickness.. all sorts of things. Looking for help, Castiel appears and informs them that somebody is selling pieces of the Staff of Moses and using it on the cops. As it turns out, a boy sold his soul to an angel, one of Cas' old friends named Balthazar, in order to get revenge on his brother that was shot by the cops. The episode quickly turns from an invesgitation into the murders into a fight against Rapheael and other angels who are attempting to adjust to a world without God.

    The episode was filled with typical dark humor, gory, bloody moments and a plot that brought us back to the usual Heaven turmoil going on, which is always entertaining because there always seems to be limitless amounts of angels who have strange quirks. Hopefully the show stays the same, and according to the previews, we should be getting a good amount of entertaining episodes.
  • Best yet.

    I consider this episode to be the best out of the three episodes that have aired. Number one is because Cas is back. Any episode with Cas in it has to WORK to be a disappointment. That's just the way it is. Second, this episode really raises the stakes. Number one, we find out that there's a WAR in heaven. We should have seen it coming, but apparently, with the second in command, Michael, in iso, there's total anarchy up there. Number 2, we find out that RAPHAEL wants to be the new God. So he's moved on from being pompous to actually try to name himself the strongest being in existence. I can't say that I was surprised. The picture that the producers painted of him in season 5 told me that he was extremely arrogant and high on himself. Seeing as he thinks that God is dead and knows that the only viable replacement is now probably using his sparkly wings to try to pick the locks on the cage he's in with is bro, it would probably follow naturally in his mind that he is the only suitable replacement (and he is kind of right; I mean, I think that the chan of power is after God, Archangels). Number 3, heaven's weapons are missing and there's a war on earth between Cas supporters and Raphael's suckers to find them. Number 4, a rogue angel named Balthazar has the weapons, but he fully intends to take on Gabriel's role from last season of not helping one side or the other, even though he has the power seat and could turn the tide for the good guys. Number 5, souls are worth something. It seems that Balthazar is interested in buying up human souls because they're "the only thing that's worth something in this economy." Number 6, something is freakishly wrong with Sam. He's willing to let innocent people get hurt in the line of duty in order to get what he wants. This can't end well. But he seems intent on not letting Dean know that he's changed...
  • wow another great episode of our most favorite show and castial is back welcome back cas does anyone feel something is off with sam it might just be that something happen to him in the cage he doesn't want to talk about can't wait for for more episodes!!!

    wow can I say wow another great episode castial back and sam shirtless but whats with the girl who is she what is sam doing will dean find out what sam is up to. Dean just wants to know why sam is acting the way he is and I can't blaime him his brother did get out of hell out of lucifer's cage but maybe sam is having nightmares about it who knows Hipefully sam will talk to dean about it or maybe not will see the brothers need to stay together dean needs to watch out for his brother keep an eye on him because something is off sam did do all the tests to prove who he was the holy water the silver knife will see what happens as the season progresses this show is the best and will always be go Supernatural you rock
  • Sam and Dean back together again as biblical plagues abound... and we get Castiel to boot!

    Really enjoyed this ep, by the time it was over, it felt like the boys finally came home. I'm also surprisingly glad that Samuel and the Cousins weren't in it. Deaths with biblical connotations draw Sam and Dean back together for their first true "solo" flight this season. First off let me say that I LOVED that these guys paid attention to, remembered, acknowledged, whatever you want to call it - the last five years, and not just in the "We've both been to hell so let's talk about it" sense. The human story - a boy who lost his brother to a trio of corrupt cops sells his soul to an angel (of all critters) for a chance at vengeance. Righteous vengeance. Vengeance that comes from a piece of a biblical weapon once before bestowed on man. Castiel has been engaged in a heavenly civil war against Raphael and his faction who want to re-start the apocalypse we all just survived, (Apparently Raphael's traditionalist) so he finally shows up once Dean asks him to, and explains to the boys that the heavenly father's weapon's chest was raided during Lucifer's failed uprising, and that those weapons are now back among men through a friend he'd thought was fallen, but now roams drunkly on freedom.

    The boys get the piece of the weapon back, Balthazar saves Cas, Dean forces Balthazar to relinquish his hold on the boys' soul and all is well among the mortals. Oversimplification yes but this story wasn't about the story it was about the setup for more angelic mischief and the season arc, though it wasn't really about that either. It was about how our beloved boys have changed. Sam is paying for sex, I guess he either sees it as a safer alternative than getting close or caring about someone who'd eventually die anyway, or he's simply beyond caring about connection. This new Sam is not someone to hold close. He's cold, distant and disconnected with humanity, both his and the species in general. Now there's most likely going to be a lot of folks b*****ing about 'oh sammy's eveeeilll now... why aren't they done playing that card yet?' my sense is that because there's a lot of play left in this hand. So the question becomes - Did Sam leave his soul behind in hell? Or is he so traumatized he's just shut it all off. (And if that's the case are we going to get to see him break? Cause I hope so... we never did see a proper Dean Breakdown so at least have the decency to give us a proper Sammy meltdown)

    As for Dean, he's still the big brother, he's still got his soul, he's got an even greater sense of connection to the humanity around him given that he spent the last year with Lisa and Ben (Loved the phone call from Ben by the way, excellent touch Ben), and he's obviously scared out of his wits about this new and not necessarily improved Sammy of his. (Nice way to get rid of the Charger though and get them back into Metallicar where they belong.)

    So far I'm loving this season though in a vastly different way than previous seasons. I sense a greater cohesion and general plan about the eps whereas so many of the eps in previous seasons were just random and frequently hit or miss on stories and adequate use of the boys' talents. (Oh speaking of talents... great on remembering to put the tat on Jared... and Jared = hotness = *thud*)

    For what it's worth, or whatever it may mean if anything, it was a GREAT installment both character and arc wise. Thanks Kast and Krew. And as always special love to the boys; Thanks Jensen and Jared.
  • "A Plague on Both Your Houses!": A Winchester Brothers Story

    The bodies of dead cops start piling up and Sam and Dean investigate and discover that the deaths are more than just their normal weird. Castiel returns with news that Heaven is now on the brink of Civil War as many want the Archangel Rafael to rule Heaven and many others don't want to. It is explained that during the Apocalypse many of God's weapons were stolen by Angels and Sam, Dean, and Castiel track down Balthazar whom Castiel was convinced fell in the battle of the Apocalypse. The result is a battle for the control of the weapons especially when Rafael shows. Another harrowing episode of Supernatural and with Castiel's return and with a new dimension with the Heaven storyline back mixed in with the Winchesters Season Six could very well prove to be better than expected.
  • Finally we see the supernatural we remembered and loved

    Finally we see the supernatural we remembered and loved.Ok so almost two episodes ago i was so close to drop this series because the premiere was awful and felt nothing like the supernatual we know but ok my friend told me to watch the second episode because he told me it was awesome and i watched it certainly was better than the premiere but still not the supernatural we know. But anyway i watched the third episode. One word. Awesome! First thing Castiel is back! Yay! almost the same as ever but abit diffrent because of the chaos in heaven.And i just loved how he and the other angel trashed Sams car because the impala is the ONE and ONLY ;).don't know what to think of sam though he is the biggest change this season acts cold all the time hope his character gets better -0.5 in rating because of Sams attitude.Loved the "Soon" trailer for upcoming episodes looks like Dean will be quite busy!
  • Much, much better. The boys are getting there, even if we are still forced to wonder about Sam (my personal bet is that his soul is not all the way here, literally).

    Except for a few moments, were I still believe that they are making Dean softer than he really is, we are starting to see the dynamics we love. Sam back in the Impala, yay! Castiel was great, and I'm saying this without being a Castiel fan at all. Only one detail... who would BELIEVE that Sam's gotta pay to get laid? I mean, did you take a look at him?

    I hope Dean gets in shape soon. More cases, more reconnection!! We can wait to see what the Hell is going on with Sammy, because no way he can stay like this.

    L xx
  • This is getting really good. I was wondering what is going on with Sam. What if Sam sold his soul in order for him to return to save his brother some how? Maybe, just maybe Sam returned to save Dean? I am trying to figure out what is going on with him.

    I don't believe that Sam does not want to talk to his own brother about what happened, since Dean has been down there as well. I'm willing to bet that maybe he had made a deal with the demons in order for him to return or maybe he didn't go through hell. Maybe hell was nice to him? considering that they are interested in him? I don't know either way I'm hoping his return has to do with him saving Dean some how. Another great episode though and always great to have Cass back! Next is Bobby return! :)
  • Welcome back Cas!

    **************Spoiler Alert*************************

    The special effects team definitely upped up the gross factor in this third episode. Which I loved! I was wondering how Castiel would factor into the sixth season. I loved what the writers came up with. Having Castiel fall on Sam's car during a scuffle with another angel was an excellent way to have the Winchesters back in the Impala. More evidence that something is not quite right with Sam surfaced (Sam paying a prostitute for sex and not objecting when Castiel had to torture Aaron). I was glad that Cas didn't know who sprung Sam from the cage and why. That will be an interesting mystery to follow as the season progresses along with what happened to Sam while in the cage that changed him so much.
  • Well well well I think Supernatural is getting its groove back

    An interesting episode,very Supernatural-y and that's a good thing because everyone knows this show has set its own standards or created new standards as to what a good show is supposed to be. Although it was a simple episode it was good. Although a person's body liquifying is definitely something I've never seen before.I guess an episode doesn't necessarily need a complicated storyline to capture my attention. Oh and it was so funny when Dean called Sam's car a plastic piece of crap and I was thinking that I wouldn't mind taking Sam's plastic piece of crap off his hands so that he could ride in the impala with Dean. It's like the writers read my mind. I do have to say that everything seems too simple and I feel like there's a lot more going on. There's something off with the Campbell family and there's something seriously wrong with Sam. I almost wanted to feel if he had a fever at some point. Sam isn't as 'fine' as he says he is and I'm happy that the brothers usually know when something is up with the other one. I can't wait to find out what. I'm definitely tuning in next week.
  • A great episode with old friends and new twists, and some clues to what season six will bring

    The new dynamic of the brothers is a great development. Sam did change in the last year, not being able to rely on his brother and not even able to tell him he was alright. As Dean put it: "Who died and made you boss?" For the first time, I'm seeing a grown-up partnership. They have been equal partners before, ofcourse, but this is the first time I've seen them outgrow the sibling rivalry. And the banter is still there!
    Castiel returning was hilarious. Sam's outrage at Castiel coming for Dean was really funny, and wham, story-arc came right back. I was just thinking at the beginning of the episode, that I like the monster mythology, but I've grown accustomed to story arcs in Supernatural. Castiel being back, made that possible again. Luckily, he kept the other "halo patrol" out of it, and blamed it on the monsters again. Castiel stays, heaven butts out. And he came back with a grudge. He is much more outspoken, just the way I like Misha Collins. Ever since I read that interview with him saying he would have never used that strained voice if he knew he was going to be here for so long, I feel sorry for the man ;)

    I can't believe I have so little to nag about with this review. I love the episode. The new bond between the brothers, Castiel's return, the promise of a story arc, the humor - o God, the humor. I really do feel baffled at how they restored my trust in the good outcome of this season with one really bad season opener, a much-better-in-comparison second episode, and a great third. Obviously, you don't have to start out strong. The loyal but critical fanbase helps, I guess.

    It seems like Castiel will be the tortured soul this season. I always love it when they build on his character, he is a great actor to watch and a interesting, ever developing character. Did anyone else catch that Mutant Ninja Turtles reference, when the guy with the two daggers said: "Raphael says hello"? If not - wow, really? Maybe you never watched it. It's possible.
    What I find interesting in this promise of a story arc (you can't build one in one ep, ofcourse), is that they do continue with the one big open question they left in season 5 - no, not Sam being back - but where the heck is God? There is obviously a civil war going on there. I am a bit concerned about this pushing out the monster bashing. I have not seen much monster mythology yet, since Cass and the angels came rushing back in. Although I would love to see more character development from Castiel, I must say I have had my fill for the moment of heaven and angels roaming around everywhere. Back to basics feels like the right thing to do. But, this one is about Egyptian plagues, and that means God. You never know if this is just one episode in which they happen to stumble across a God-object and give it the needed chance to bring back Castiel.

    Which reminds me, I have a question about heaven: is the unpunished insubordination by Castiel causing civil war upstairs, unpunished because God is really gone? All Lucifer did was say he didn't like humans, and he got cast out for good. Anna got punished good and proper for ripping out her grace (god, I love that sentence still). Castiel still walks happily about and his sin seems to be the biggest. Although, I must admit, he didn't mean to. But then again, Lucifer did it out of love as well.
    Will it appear that once Raphael is gone and Castiel has become the unwilling leader of the rebellion, Castiel is going to be the new leader in town? Thus rendering God... nonexistent? Being an angel rising high? Or did he actually just leave? I have no idea if Supernatural is even willing to tackle such questions, but the episode raised them for me no matter what.

    In conclusion: It was a gore fest (yes, I turned my head shrieking quite a few times, I am squeamish) with much potential. I heard Dean shout Sam's name again, there was much appreciated humor, and eloquent bad guys. Supernatural appears to be back on track, with a few twists that make this an interesting promise of season six, no matter if we are already well behind the third episode. I assume that the comment about what power souls hold, will be relevant to the future, but for now, I am just glad I can sit back, relax and watch my favorite tv series of all times once again. The format is back and defined, the characters are decided upon, and I am happy. The final talk between the brothers was very relevant as well. Sam saying that hell tortured Dean, not necessarily him, is very interesting, especially when he topped it off with them being different. It felt... ominous. But good.

    On a sidenote - who would have thought when he played Dean in Gilmore Girls (great article on by the way), he would grow up to get such a great body? Wow.

    AND DID YOU see that preview of next week's ep? Thank God I'm shifting nervously in my seat again because it is going to take another. Seven. Days. Till. It. Comes. Back. Love and pain mix wonderfully together, don't you think?
  • 603

    Definitely a way better installment than the last two episodes, this episode was going to determine if this show jumped the shark, and I got to say, this episode showed that it still is capable of delivering a great episode.

    Although the bond between the two brothers continues to be off, at least I felt some connection between them, but it's still no comparison to the earlier seasons. I'm also glad someone acknowledge that Sam has changed, at least there is some sort of reason. Misha Collins stole the show here, Castiel is a great addition to the small cast, and he really held this episode together.

    A lot of biblical references and I think we got a season 5 feel here, considering season 6 is going to be focused on monsters, this episode offered what we got in season 5: angels. There is a war up in heaven, a civil war, and I'm interested to see how that arc plays out.

    A surprisingly great episode of Supernatural, better than the last two episodes combined. If Castiel sticks around, this show will survive.
  • The angels have come to save the show

    Like everyone else thinking this episode was the one that will determine its jump status.. I'm pretty sure if this episode didn't give more then a decent episode many would have called it quits.. Thank the angels (especially Castiel) for coming to the rescue..
    Don't get me wrong it wasn't a super great episode but it was good enough to avoid the jump ramp...
    OK for the bad part of this show... although I liked what they were thinking.. the death scenes in the beginning though very cool was a bit too rushed (I think that was the problem).. then again maybe it was the acting or maybe I'm clouded with my disappointment on the opening episode and last week I didn't appreciate it so I could be totally wrong...
    The Angels- with the exception of Castiel and Raphael- weren't mysterious or menacing.. the first one seem more demon then angel and the 2nd one a bit too much of human traits in him.. Sam being off - aleast we know now that's by design.. but I'm not sure about this.. I think were a bit tired of him (Sam) being portrayed in the gray lines then again As of NOW, I am curious as to why he is like that this time .. the question is will I continue to be curious or will I get tedious of it..
    Castiel still clueless (in a good way) and still can make a serious line funny.. I love how Sam made fun of Castiel saying hello..
    I definitely like the episode and any harsh critiques I made as I said could have been clouded due to my disappointment from last week episode and (being in hell could be better then watching this ep ) season premiere..
  • Angels Ain't Nothin' But Trouble

    The Third Man-While Heaven remains in a state of disarray, Sam, Dean, and Castiel come face-to-face with an old foe when they attempt to track down the thief who stole the Staff of Moses from an arsenal of God's weapons in order to kill several police officers with the plagues of Egypt.

    Now this is the Supernatural I've been waiting for! Dean and Sam back on the road? Check! Castiel in all his bad assness? Check! Cool mythology twists? Check! Those god awful cousins out of the way? Check! Me actually caring about what's going on? Double CHECK! This was much better set up for the series, the developments and ideas thrown around this episode are intriguing and exciting, not to mention, the series as whole feels back to status qup. Thank God!

    Misha Collins return as Castiel was way over do! Sure it's been only two episodes since we've seen him, but his presence really elevates the stakes of the episodes he appears in. The scene with Dean calling Castiel was priceless and all the three men brought back those painfully hilarious moments we've missed from this show. Cas takes no prisoners in this one, showing his hand into that little boy was just creepy and intense scene. What makes the scene work even more is that Dean tries to stop Cas from hurting the boy while Sam is all for it. It's a striking role reversal, showing the fatherly side that Dean has developed while Sam is all about the end justifys the means. Sam always use to be the softer of the two brothers and just goes to show how both of them have changed immensely over the years.

    The idea of a civil war between Angels was a sound story development. It makes sense after the events of the apocalypse, it certainly gives the season more meat and potates and angel vs. angel fights are just awesome. We certainly got some great ones here! I also like the use of heaven's weapons, especially Moses' staff. It's a cool twist on the mythology and that scene with the crickets coming out of the policman's heads is definately an impressive takes on that part of the tale. We are introduce to some new angels while we see the return of old ones. Belthezar looks like a classic character in the making and Raphel's return as well as his demise played out excellently. The episode ends like the last, with Dean questioning Sam's "odd" behavior and I have to admit, Sam a bit cold now a days, almost as if he has some dark agenda had, even the way Jared plays him feels emotionless and disconnected. Sam certainly didn't come back from the hell completely intact like Dean did and I have to say, I want to know what's up. Whatever it is, I'm glad Supernatural has fully engaged in the series again. "The Third Man" is solid from start to finish and shows the series is back to form.