Season 2 Episode 7

The Usual Suspects

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on The CW

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  • Me likey likey!

    Still follows the same case of the week formula, but with a twist; for all the times Sam and Dean are committing illegal activities and posing as government authorities, this time they actually get caught and have to solve the case while being locked up. Really added a twist to the whole episode as we see the case unfold and see what went wrong. During the middle it slowly transforms into its usual break and enter investigations with co guest star, this time it's Linda Blair who plays a detective named Diana, whose acting was excellent. Although if you've been watching Supernatural regularly, you could have guessed what would happen next, but the unique twist in how the case was being unraveled, along with some excellent acting, is what really defined this episode.
  • The episode was dull.

    I like how they tried to tie this together with the Skin episode but this episode was not scary. It was just boring. This is not Law and Order forget the interrogations stick with the Supernatural element. Maybe this episode is due to Jared breaking his wrist. I hope that is the case. The death omen was not enough to make this episode even remotely interesting. Pairing Sam with Linda Blair for most of the episode made for a boring pairing. The best part of the episode was the end. I hope that next week's episode is better than this one.
  • Sam and Dean arrested.

    In this episode Sam and Dean are after a ghost that they think is a vengeful spirit but turns out to be a death omen. I thought the was Sam found out where the body was was too easy. I mean just because there was writing on her back. Dean and his sarcasim always make me laugh!

    I liked the episode and was glad they got the bad guy! I also like the good cop being a female! And I was also really happy that she let them go but it's not like she could keep them and explain to everyone how they were involved in the case...
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural dean and sam are investgating this case were a lawer and his wife were murderd but it seems they saw a ghost right before they died and they end up getting arrested for the things they did in there past this was a very interesting ep and it was intense with the killing that were happening and it was like redrum from the shining and i thought that was cool and that is why i gave it a 9 for being interesting and intense and relating back to cool things that happen to horror movies
  • Supernatural does their own version of "redrum."

    It's always an interesting concept when the writers of Supernatural make it so Sam and Dean are forced to face off against normal humans, and are aided by the supernatural beings. It happened before in Bloodlust, and once again, in this episode, we find a vengeful spirit who, despite being responsible for multiple deaths, ends up simply wanting justice for those who murdered her. It's something anybody could understand, especially those who have suffered tragedy at the hands of someone who gets away with something.

    This episode was filled with plenty of twists and turns and enough of Dean's sarcasm to keep me satisfied. I feel like the introductions to the episodes are getting better and better, and the writers keep finding creative ways to make a storyline flow. I also love the fact they brought back the doppelganger storyline. I was always wondering how Dean was able to walk the streets across America and never get caught. It was also cool to see Linda Blair as Detective Ballard. Overall, this was a very solid episode.

    The one thing I was confused about was how easily the case was solved. I'm not saying it should've been harder, but the fact that Pete was responsible for Claire's death didn't seem as realistic to me. It seemed like something that came out of nowhere, and the way his character was portrayed in the beginning made him out to be someone who was genuinely interested in getting the Winchester's to go down for the murders.

    Either way, I really liked the episode. I want more of the yellow eyed demon though!
  • A wonderful episode, with an intriguing storytelling.

    This episode is not only wonderfully written and directed, it is also seminal because it masterfully started one of my favorite storyline of the show, that's saying "Dean and Sam chased by the police". I really love the sheer amount of detail and coherence that goes in Supernatural, week after week: so, after what happened in "Skin" (1x06), here we are, one year later, interweaving that storyline into Season Two arc.

    And in what an amazing way! Mike Rohl is an awesome director, and brings to the show a peculiar, unique look, very absorbing and atmospheric, with just a pinch of sarcasm that is always a welcomed relief. Plys, Cathryn Humphris is a top-notch writers, comfortable with Supernatural mythology as well as with the brothers' chemistry, of which we saw an wonderful example in this very episode (Hilt - McQueen: genial!). Plus, the script as such a great twist, near the end, and it really fulfilled Eric Kripke's will for Season Two: "We really worked hard to make sure that each episode was as different as possible, and we set out to keep people guessing and surprise the hell out of them at every turn".

    And "The Usual Suspects" did just that: it told a compelling story, cornering it for an unusual angle (Sam and Dean's police interrogations) and gifting us with some spell-binding scenes that show how untrustworthy Sam can be as a narrator. This kind of narrative ambiguity is one of the trademark of the fantastique, and I'm glad that Supernatural writers aknowledged it.

    All in all, a great episode. A must-watch even for the occasional viewers and newcomers.
  • Not the best constructed, but definitely worth watching.

    It's not exactly one of SPN's hallmarks but it's definitely worth watching. It was so much fun, really entertaining, and it was cute seeing how the boys' statements matched even though they didn't have time to sync their story, goes to show how in sync they are.

    And we get yet another good cop, good female cop, which is great. The plot was ok, the ghost turned out to be a death omen instead of a vengeful spirit, I didn't see that coming. The monster this week is actually human, just an everyday, run of the mill, greedy human.

    Our boys better run, they're on the police radar as of now, they better lay low for a while.
  • Dean gets busted.

    I like this episode because the cops turn to bad guys, when Danaschulps appears everywhere just like redrum. I love how everything is so connected, another mystery, another vengeful spirit that is in the wall, a very shocking ending when it turns out to be the detective partner, he was an ass, that's what I mean by good cop, bad cop. I also like how Danashulps is actually Ash St. That's another mystery which I love how they solve, And I also like how the story is told from the present, that's what makes this episode funner, in the end, when the cop lets them go, amazing!
  • Dean is arrested for redrum

    This episode is fantastic, and a great one to further the plot of fugitives, as Sam and Dean are questioned.

    The confession from Dean was classic, as he was telling the truth because he knew they'd be distracted by the insane story, and not believe him, but he used this to get Sam out. Starting in the middle of the episode is pretty good, as it works into the differences between their story and what really happened, and why they were being held.

    The supernatural aspect was also a great plot, though not their best, but the twist is quite good, with the vengeful spirit actually being a dyslexic omen of warning, and despite circumstantial evidence, the worst is yet to come, in a later episode since I missed this one the first time around.

    Overall, the episode is a great one and solidifies the second season as a success.
  • Dean and Sam are arrested as they try to figure out a case.

    This episode rocks. I am not really a fan of episodes where they get arrested, but when Sam and Dean are arrested they do it with such style and panache that it is a fun ride.

    Throughout the episode the Winchesters are slick. They have matching lies to tell the cops, plans to get Sam out and a contingency plan for a hotel and fake name if they are ever separated. This is the type of thing I love. They plan ahead and have backup plans for when things get fubar'd. That is just so awesome – because of course they would, that just makes perfect sense.

    Even in jail both Sam and Dean are less concerned about dealing with the cops then they are about figuring out the ghost story. I like that even though they are being held they are both sitting alone in the rooms they are in trying to figure out what "Dana Schulps" means. Even to Dean's interaction with the lawyer, they aren't really concerned about the cops. Dean's note to Sam is just so brilliant I get giddy thinking about it.

    Small and subtle touches make for genius television.

    The other interesting thing of note about this episode is the nature of the ghost. Evil isn't always where you are looking for it. Linda Blair and Jason Gedrick make great guest stars.

    Dean's confession is truly hilarious. He knows that he is telling the truth and what their reaction will be. His smirk says it all.

    One of the best episodes of the series.
  • This is the first episode in second season I really like. ***SPOILERS***

    This episode starts kinda in the middle of the story, with Sam and dean in prison, and Sam explaining what happened. What happened is that Dean was caught above the body of the murder victim with bloody hands, so he was arrested... and then when they realized he was dead (remember in first season when Shapeshifter mimicked Dean, and boys killed him, but he stayed Dean, therefore Dean was blamed for this murders?) murderer, they kinda got suspicious and arrested Sam, too.

    Now this is where everything get really good: two partners that are investigating these murders are dating, and one of them - Diana (played by Linda Blair) starts seeing a ghost - the same one murder victims saw before they died. Sam and Dean figure that ghost is trying to tell them something - in a form of anagram (and to think they say ghosts are not smart :)) which leads them to a street name. When Diana admits to Dean that she saw ghost, he sends her to freshly escaped Sam, and two of them together find girls remains... and realize that she was murdered by the heroin dealing cop boyfriend.

    I like this episode cause it's mysterious and it has some really cool moments, especially Dean-related ones. This is the first episode this season that deserves perfect score.
  • Law and Order: PSI Unit (Paranormal and Supernatural Investigations?) ...Sorry, I couldn’t think of something particularly witty. The Boys obviously didn’t watch crime shows growing up, and it’s caught up to them.

    First I must admit that I’m very surprised at the number of perfect 10’s I saw when scanning the previously-written reviews. Is there some crooked figure skating judging going on or something? Hehe. Just kidding. I wasn’t disappointed in this episode at all, I quite enjoyed it; I just found it to be more towards average and less towards exemplary. But – to each his own.

    I do have to say that the introduction was quite refreshing. The entire concept, come to think of it, of this episode was deviant from the formulaic norm, which was nice. Although not too complex, especially compared to some things that other television shows do (which I think are primarily just to try to BE complex, rather than out of any aesthetic purpose), I was excited that the teaser wasn’t the first incident, then the boys’ discussion as to whether the case would be paranormal, then a second incident, exposition, etc. I think this is sounding crankier than I mean it to be; obviously I adore this show, especially in the sense that I basically get a mini-horror movie every week, but change can be good. I have lots of thoughts on change herein, but more on that later. Another major aspect of this episode that I realized differed from the norm was that the Boys didn’t fight directly against the Things that Go Bump. There are few in which this is the case – “The Benders” and “Bloodlust” are the only two that are coming to mind right now, and only the latter is another example of the Thing that Goes actually helping out.

    One minor complaint that I did have against this episode is that as it did break out of its comfort zone and came closer to the standard “cop drama,” I couldn’t help thinking of parallels. (I just thought of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which I thought basically played out like a spooky Law & Order episode, but anyway...) This parallelism really only came into play during the scenes in which Linda Blair’s character was questioning Sam. My mind, quite subconsciously, mind you, was analyzing the script/direction/atmosphere/mise en scène/what have you of the interrogations and comparing it to The Closer and all the trappings thereof, against which the interrogation just seemed to fall a little flat. However, I’ll let that slide because I liked Linda Blair’s performance, especially within the Ashland flat.

    So I mentioned change earlier. I’ve been thinking about this for a while (I wrote a blog on it a little while back, actually) and I am currently of two minds on this issue. The issue is, of course, how The Boys portray themselves (according to the endlessly witty reviewer at twop, as “Lying Liars who Lie”) and their complete disregard for any type of common sense while dealing with a crime scene, which seems to be a result from never seeing any cop dramas as children and Sam completely forgetting anything about criminal investigation he learned in pre-law.

    The first side of this vaguely reflects what I wrote in my review of “No Exit,” talking about how in a drama, the characters have to have those illogical flaws in order to make the story move. Because The Boys forget about any type of common sense in trespassing through crime scenes, covering their tracks, etc. (I can’t really comprehend why it would be too hard to put on a pair of latex gloves, myself), the writers have the possibility of including episodes such as “The Usual Suspects,” and showing an overarching evolution of how The Boys have to deal with real life problems. This should be good, no?

    The opposing side is due to my personal reaction to this. While change is obviously necessary, there is that part of me that desires for the series to remain episodic, user-friendly, and on the air (I’m just thinking about Farscape right now...). It’s obviously possible to have over-arching stories, even with this – if I use Farscape as an example of the former, then Stargate SG-1 seems like a good example of the latter. I fear that if there is too much talk of these ramifications of previous choices the Brothers have made, then the series as a whole could quickly get to a point of being too “top heavy” for its own good.

    Completely arguing against that last paragraph, though – why shouldn’t Supernatural become top heavy? I myself have complained about the apparent “dumbing-down” of television to the public, most likely for the reason that I just wrote. “Audiences don’t want to let go of the characters they love.” That is true for me, but thankfully I also have the little English major part of me who revels in the Shakespearean “and then everyone dies” philosophy of storytelling, so I can get past that fear of change.

    The other reason that I am leery of these episodes in which we see how The Boys have to deal with ramifications is that it is too reminiscent of real life, in which we obviously have to deal with the consequences of our actions. To me, it comes close to almost breaking the fourth wall (the double expression of the attempt was on purpose, for the record). It removes me from enjoying the drama because I start thinking – how long will they be able to run from the law? How could this drama possibly be resolved? The only possibility I constructed would be if they were able to involve themselves in a Supernatural occurrence at the presidential level, thus securing themselves a full pardon. Again, I think this is a result of the intelligence of Supernatural as a whole; it’s not constraining itself to just the creepy-horror genre, branching into cop drama and the “heist” drama, if you will – and just because those are not the modus operandi, the change in storytelling are jarring enough that they interrupt the suspension of disbelief.
  • Linda Blair guest stars.

    GREAT episode. Absolutely awesome. Dean could not be any funnier in this episode. Especially at the beginning. Poor Sam got roped into the whole mess. He plays his innocent face very well. Dean plays his poker face well to. lol. Very well played. I love how the boys say the same story. That is odd. They spend WAY to much time together. lol. Guess they don't have a choice. Anyway, the way Sam and Dean went into detail about the murder story and it ended up being the same thing was hilarious. I love how Dean makes a joke out of everything the investigator asks. LOL. Great episode.
  • Amazing mystery

    The mystery in this eppisode was really well thought out and planned, it was more like I was watching a movie. The mystery in it had me stumped until the very end. I know that Supernatural's eppisodes are mostly based on mystery and I think that each show is good, but I love this one. And Dean's funny remarks are always the best part of the show.
  • omg how good was it at the end how they talked about the pea soup! Linda Blair is so good. i love the exorcist and i love this episode!

    Dean gets himself into a fair bit of trouble with the police, and Sam is the one who has to try and get him out. With a guest star of Linda Blair this is a very exciting and entertaining episode. After hours of being held at the police station, Dean finally decides to confess. The cold hard truth that is. He tells them that there is a vengeful spirit around, and it is killing the people that Dean is being framed for murder for. So ofcourse they all think that Dean is a few french fries short of a happy meal! After a lot of negotiating with the good cop, Dean and Sam finally get out alive, and all charges are dropped. Yay!
    Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season!
  • Dean finds himself in the middle of a few murder mysteries, and the fingers are pointed at him. Sam must help his brother break free from all the suspicions.

    The Usual Suspects was a clever episode, suspenseful yet abundant of Dean's wise jokes. This episode reveals the capability the brothers hold for overcoming any obstacle thrown at them, no matter how dangerous or risky it may be. I found Dean's wise-guy jokes to be hilarious, especially during the interview and the confession tape. Sam and Dean have an amazing knack to get themselves into trouble, but escape it with practical ease. The boys always find a way to dodge bullets, even when they are apart as was shown in this episode while they were held in different interviewing rooms. No matter how much chaos the boys may cause, they always have a remedy for the disorder in the end!
  • loved it.

    deans past finally catchs up with him as he is arrested for murder and the athorites find out thet he is not as dead as they thoght he was. sam and dean are arrested for the murder of a atterney and his wife while investigating it. Dean is facing the death penalty unless he can convince the cops thet he is telling the truth that its really "casper the blood thirsty ghost" killing people in the way that only dean can. Jokes and arrogance all the way. one of the cops is marked for death and sam discovered that the spirit is not the thing that is killing people after all but it is a death omen try to worn people who are in danger. while the real killer sees dean as a way out of his crimes. (pee soup line genius)
  • Supernatural is fastly becoming a great show.

    With episodes like this you wonder how people are not watching. This episode was great. Sam and Dean get arrested for murder, but somehow must protest their innocence and also dealo with an evil spirit situation. This was a packed episode which was well written. Linda Blair gave a great proformance, one of which we may well see again. I know that the brothers are going to face the law again somewhere in the future but i guess they will cross that bridge when they get to it. This show is getting better, the charactors are devloping well and so are the plots this show is really beginning to show its potential.
  • The pea soup line cracked me up!!!

    This episode we interesting but it was more fun than anything. I loved these lines:

    Sheridan: Talk directly into the camera, start by stating your name for the record.
    Dean: My name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women.

    Dean just cracked me up when he was confessing to the camera and at the end of the episode when he is talking about Linda Blair's character and pea soup - Loved it! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. These great one liners are just one of the many reasons I love this show so much. I cannot wait to find out how Deam gets his car back, cause let's face it she's his baby :)
  • Sam and Dean investigate the murder of a lawyer and his wife, who claimed to have seen a ghost before they were killed. However, local authorities arrest the Winchesters after looking into their past.

    Sam and Dean investigate the murder of a lawyer and his wife, who claimed to have seen a ghost before they were killed. However, local authorities arrest the Winchesters after looking into their past. interesting episdoe..i liked it and most of all i liked the boys! let's just quote one of dean's cute "in captivity" lines!

    Krause: Do you understand how serious these charges are?
    Dean: I’m handcuffed to a table. Yeah, I get it. Humor me
  • I like the way winchesters think...pretty awesome

    this awesome episode brings out the fact that how intelligent our boys think...And how their minds work in sync while thinking and solving a mystery...

    Linda Blair was awesome, sweet Cop...who release the situation well..

    Dean was smart, funny, and absolutely at his best, while dealing with law...

    How their stories match word to they find each other, it was some nice work there...

    Supernatural second season is appaering to become a major phenomena...its horizons are expanding...Acting, writing,direction...Awesome

    I like the way Dean confess, it was on the record and it will help him to coop some problems with the authorities.Most fo the people thought he was joking, but nice delivery there and boy he looked hot while doing that...
  • I am in love with this episode

    since the first minutes I knew that this episode is the best from the show.
    I think that everything was so perfect. Exciting from the first to the last second.
    great development of characters, We saw a face of Sam that we dont usually see -lying to sb- and it was great. Dean Hilarious as always... "my name is Dean Winchester, I'm aquarious..." very clever and funny.
    the connection between the 2 brothers? fantastic, one of the big reasons of why I see the serie.
    Linda Blair was fantastic, a great guest star.
    And all the allusions from the other series were great.

    completely fantastic.
  • flash back episode very well written

    We see here a godd way of blending a past episode with a new one, the introduction of linda evans gives a great performance, is important to bring actors to fill the role of the dead father, even if i think that in some way we will show up again in some way. The way that the writers and director blended the integration with the 2 brothers was amazing
  • Great episode

    I love Keegan Connor Tracy but I didn\\\'t know she was in this episode, so I was pleasantly surprise to see her. I wished she could be the series regular, because she is an amazing actress. Love this episode because it was solely on Dean and Sam plus their close bond.
  • Zzzz

    I fear that this show may be losing it as yet another episode doesn't manage to impress me.

    I liked Sam and Dean working together again, I liked how the story unraveled itself through the episode and I liked the main storyline and the horror aspects.

    Sadly, the episode was filled with cringe-worthy dialog and simply was a poor script, the show once again seems to be going nowhere and I found it pretty difficult to stay awake through the episode. Another thing I liked was that the episode referred to a lot of episodes before, plus the Skin episode. I just wish the story would have been done in a better and more interesting way, the longer it went on the more I started to doze off.

    I hope that Supernatural comes back to shape soon.
  • Well its not my fav.

    Its not my fav. Cause deans in jail the whole time, and clarie when they showed her it was just gross! Especially when she tried to talk to that other chick, it was gross. And I cant stand the guy the big bad police dude, Ive seen him in really bad parts, but when he was trying to kill dean man I was getting ticked!
  • Prolly the best episode of the season so far

    Well this episode was really great, and i really liked it after the disappointing " No exit ". Well written, and quite surprising in its storyline. Interesting story, and the ghost is quite scary i have to say. There is also a lot of humor and references, and it's fun to see Linda Blair again here. Really laughed on the Matlock's joke, and there a lot of other good ones in " Usual suspects". This is how we like our brothers, without Jo and her family ! Please keep it that way. Without a doubt the best episode of the second season so far.
  • Their life of 'not necessarily crime per se' catches up to the remaining Winchesters.

    I liked the way Dean handled the guy detective. He pretty much pissed the guy off with the patented cockiness of Dean Winchester--which almost got him killed. But then thank god for little brothers--or at least, for little Sammy, Dean's hiney was saved.

    Had a lot of funny dialogues in this episode, which if one is not so quick to get it--won't! I applaud the writers!=)
    And Jensen is definitely the best guy for this show and Jared as well! Funny and yet believable.

    Linda Blair wasn't so bad herself and neither was Jason...=)

    By the way, did that spook actually smirk at that guy detective before Linda shot her, or was that just me?

    Once again, the boys made my week!=)
  • Sam and Dean caught by the police?? Wow, thriller!!

    Sam and Dean have travelled the countryside fighting evil and protecting all the innocent, but they have also been breaking the law all through. They have posed as all kinds of high-class people to get what they need (Marshal, lawyer, etc.) They have also stolen items, and broken into homes always while evading the police with, shall I say, elegance and grace. But in this episode the police finally catch up with the boys, accusing Dean of torture and murder in a few states. The boys are interrogated separately, but their storys were perfectly matched, leaving the cops with nothing. This is a very funny episode that leaves you wondering what the brothers will do. Ofcourse there is the element of a supernatural being because this is the show "Supernatural".
  • Wonderful episode!!

    This episode of Supernatural was thoroughly enjoyable. I loved it! Linda Blair as a cop who catches up to Sam and Dean... awesome. She did a great job. Sam had a lot more scenes, more stuff to do, than he did in the last episode, and it was very well deserved. Good. He did most of the "hunting" in the episode since Dean was handcuffed to the table. Dean's continued snarkiness was perfect, and I loved how he confessed on tape, actually TOLD the truth about everything, just to give Sam a chance to escape and go fiind out what was going on. Excellent. Also really loved how they both called their lawyer Matlock. Hahahaha, they really ARE brothers. This was a fairly suspenseful episode, seeing the cops bust in on Sam, have Peter "transfer" Dean totally against regulations so he could kill him and get away with everything... and the scene with Diana in the bathroom with Death Omen Claire. So well done. Even when ya know the boys are gonna live you still have to get into it and sit on the edge of your seat.

    I also loved the supernatural twist they did. Claire wasn't a vengeful spirit who was killing people, she was a death omen who was just trying to warn people that her murderer was about to murder them. I loved that. It's pretty realistic that the boys would come across something that would look like it was supernatural, when really the killer was a cop who knew how to clean up a crime scene after himself.

    And how much did I love Sam's "What?!?" when Diana told him that Pete had Dean? Ah, brother shtuff. I love to see Sam worry about Dean. Excellent. Wish there had been more shots of the two of them in that exchange between Diana and Pete while he was holding the gun on Dean. Ah, oh well. It was still really good, lol.

    In every angle, a great way to recover from last week's problems.
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