Season 7 Episode 22

There Will Be Blood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Business interviewer Gloria Jane meets with Dick Roman, whose company is purchasing stock in SucroCorp, a leading manufacturer in corn syrup. He explains that he plans to have his company focus on eating well by dial back additives to deliver high-quality food that tastes better.

After the interview, Dick meets with his assistant Susan and checks his briefcase, which contains one of the tablets. He then meets with Kevin Tran, the new prophet and his captive, and asks him to translate the tablet. Kevin claims that he can't but Dick has Edgar untie him and says that he figures he'll reach the right decision. He offers him a letter of recommendation into Princeton in return for his help. When Kevin still refuses, Edgar brings up a live feed of one of the Leviathans holding a knife to Kevin's mother.

Sam and Dean are at Rufus' cabin trying to decipher the notes that Kevin left them of the Word of God. Sam wonders what happens when they kill Dick, pointing out that they don't know what the catch is. Dean figures that God isn't telling them every detail and figures it probably won't get any better. Meanwhile, Bobby's spirit watches them. When Dean brushes his teeth, Bobby manages to appear to him and says that they need the last two components. For the other two they need Crowley's blood and the blood of an Alpha. When Dean hesitates, Bobby snaps at him, shattering the mirror, and then says that he has faith that they'll figure it out and that he's fine.

Sam is watching a commercial for SucroCorp when Dean comes out and informs him about Bobby's ideas. They look at the SucroCorp purchase and wonder what to do, and Bobby slams their laptop shut to get their attention about his plan. The brothers cast a ritual to summon Crowley and he appears before them.

Kevin finishes translating and asks about his mother, and Dick tells Edgar to make the call. He then says that Kevin needs to stay with him a little longer and tells Edgar he needs to visit an old friend.

Crowley agrees to give them the blood, but not quite yet given the number of spells his enemies could cast using it. He says that he'll hand it over when they have the other components and figures that they will have trouble getting the angel blood. Sam and Dean play along, saying they don't have it yet but can get it. Crowley then tells them that Alpha Vampire is still alive and moving around quite a bit. However, he tells them where they can start searching and then disappears. However, he burns the name Hoople, ND into the tabletop.

As the brothers stop for gas in Hoople, Dean leaves the flask in the car and they go inside to discuss Bobby. Sam worries that Bobby could go berserk with rage, but dean notices a man who seems out of things. They look around and realize everyone is in the same daze as the turducken people, and the brothers realize that everything in the store is loaded with the corn syrup. Dean panics because he can't get his junk food and wonders what to eat, and Sam offers him some fruit.

The brothers find the house where the Alpha Vampire is holed up and Bobby insists on going inside. When he comes back, he tells them that the place is clear but there's something inside they'll want to see. The trio goes inside and finds several vampire corpses with their mouths charred as if they ate acid. Sam notices a panel in the wall and Bobby goes through it. The brothers find the trigger for the panel and go through, and find a bedroom. A young girl is inside and backs away from them nervously.

Once she calms down, she introduces herself as Emily and explains that the Alpha Vampire abducted her years ago. The other vampires washed her and gave her IV bags every day to make sure that her blood was pure, because the Alpha Vampire always having a virgin on hand. Sam promises to get Emily back to her mother but she wonders if she'll even remember her. They ask about the dead vampires and Emily explains that they came back with three human victims. When they fed on them, all of the vampires died except one, who is now out hunting animals. Sam figures that the contaminated corn syrup is responsible and Emily offers to help as much as she can, leading them to a retreat that the Alpha maintains in case of trouble.

The remaining vampire comes back later and discovers that Emily is gone. Edgar comes in and demands to know where the Alpha is, and easily subdues the vampire. He takes on his form, reads his mind, and then kills him.

Sam and Dean go to dead man's blood to fight the vampires, and realize that the blood of a corn syrup victim would be better. They approach one on a bench and ask for his blood, and he extends his arm. No one in town is paying any attention because of the corn syrup and the brothers collect his blood. Sam says that Bobby is going to have to stay back because the more action he sees, the more aggravated he becomes. Dean reluctantly agrees and they watch as a dazed police officer drives by.

That night, Emily directs them to the base in the wilderness that the vampires used. She remembers hearing bells at night and the brothers figure that it's near a monastery. They drive to Missoula, MT to the only monastery in range, and find a nearby estate that Emily confirms is where the Alpha lairs. They check into a hotel to secure Emily and tell her to call Jody if they're not back by dawn. She thanks Sam for his help while Dean locks Bobby's flask in the hotel safe. However, as they try to leave, Bobby slams it shut and the brothers tell him that they'll be back soon. However, once they're gone, Emily calls her "daddy" and says that she' sending him a present. She walks out of the room and Bobby realizes that she's working with the Alpha... and he's trapped.

As the brothers watch the estate, Sam wonders if they should just charge in. He suggests that instead they approach the door and knock. Dean reluctantly agrees and when they get there, they discover that the door is open. The vampires grab Sam and Dean and yank them in.

Bobby tries to get the safe open without success while the interview of Dick plays on the TV. He gets increasingly angry and finally starts throwing things around, and the maid, Louise comes in. Bobby tries to get through to her and finally possesses her body. He then enters his birthday as the combination, gets the flask, and leaves in Louise's body.

Sam and Dean are brought before the Alpha, and Emily is there with her "daddy." They say that they're there to talk, and the Alpha points out that their grandfather captured and tortured him. He plans to peel off their faces, but Sam insists that he needs them because they know about the plague. The Alpha admits that he knows a bit about the Leviathans and that he made a deal with Dick. He believes that Dick plans to let the vampires live in peace with them, but Sam warns that Dick can't be trusted and they need the Alpha's blood for a weapon. Dean admits that they don't want to prevent the extermination of the vampire race, but they don't want to die with them, either. The Alpha summons one of his thralls, a ten-year-old boy named Allan, who says that Edgar is there. Dean says that they needed to fight, but the Alpha tells them that he won't jump to conclusions and has his people lock them up in the study.

Edgar meets in the dining room with the Alpha and figures that the vampire knows why he's there. He can smell the Winchesters' presence.

Sam and Dean try to get out of the study without success, and Sam wonders if the Leviathans will actually keep their end of the deal. Dean doesn't and Sam agrees, and Dean reveals that he kept one hidden syringe of dead man's blood while Sam picks the lock with an IV syringe.

The Alpha agrees to turn over the Winchesters, but first he asks Edgar if the Leviathans plan to exterminate them. Edgar assures him that they don't.

A vampire attacks Sam and Dean and they're forced to use the extra-powerful dead man's blood.

The Alpha wonders when Dick plans to get rid of the side effects of the corn syrup, and Edgar finally admits that they plan to wipe out the vampires as well. The Alpha shoves him back but Edgar boasts that their additive will kill all of the monsters that feed on humans. They fight and the Alpha has a bucket of borax nearby. Despite that, Edgar overwhelms the Alpha but Sam and Dean arrive and decapitate Edgar. They try to get the Alpha's blood and Emily tries to stop them, and they shove her aside. The Alpha considers attacking them but he says that for now he'll work with them and gives them his blood as thanks for temporarily disposing of Edgar. They ask about Allan and any other children he has, and the Alpha admits that he only has one. Realizing that the Winchesters won't back down, he tells Emily to get the boy and tells the brothers to leave. As the Winchesters leave, the Alpha figures that they hate having to wait. Dean agrees and says that he's looking forward to seeing him again.

Returning to the motel after reuniting Allan with his parents, the Winchesters discover that Bobby has torn up the room and escaped with his flask. They scan for EMF and confirm that Bobby has been gone for a few hours. Dean admits that his brother was right not to trust Bobby, but Sam says they have no choice but to continue with their plan. The only ally they have left is Crowley.

Dick summons Crowley to his office and captures him in a devil's trap, and says they have a lot to talk about.