Season 7 Episode 22

There Will Be Blood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 2012 on The CW

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  • Bobby the Friendly Ghost

    With a way to kill the Leviathans discovered Dean and Sam set out to find the other two sources of blood for the weapon. Meanwhile, at Roman Enterprises the newly captured Prophet Kevin by Dick and Edgar to decipher the Word for him. Sam and Dean get Bobby's help with the identity of the other two sources and one of them is Crowley who agrees to bleed for them only after they have the other two blood sources have been found since his enemies can use his blood for many nefarious purposes to get to him. The other source is the Alpha Vampire who is the only Alpha to have escaped Cass nuking the Alpha facility when he was God at the beginning of the season. Crowley sets them off to North Dakota where they find a virgin that the Alpha keeps around. She leads Sam and Dean to "daddy" as she calls him and she actually really loves him it turns out. Apparently virgins taste like a delicacy to vampires. Seeing the vamp mythos get expanded in such a way as a side story in this. Not to mention that Dick Roman has bought out Sucracorp which manufactures high fructose corn syrup and is putting the Turducken brainwash formula into everything with it. But it also poisons vamps, and to avoid being mind slaves Sam and Dean go on "rabbit food" as Dean calls it in the humorous part of the episode. The Alpha imprisons them as the Leviathan Edgar arrives to speak to the Alpha. Apparently Dick and Alpha had had a conversation about mutual human destruction but when the Alpha brings up the poisoning Sam and Dean allege Edgar says that Dick and he plan on annihilating the vamps as well as the humans since there isn't enough room for both enjoy the 7 billion of them. The Alpha pushes him and very coolly calls himself, "A Son of Eve" which really dates how old he actually is. Dean and Sam break free of their office prison and decapitate Edgar as he's about to kill the Alpha informing Alpha now to leave it lying around close to the body for too long. The Alpha bleeds for them so that they have two of three and they vow to return for him and he cheesily says, "see ya next season" and he's definitely getting an arc next season at the very least. While all this is going down Bobby is even more vengeful than before and Sam and Dean fear he's going full vengeful spirit soon and they lock his flask in their motel room. Bobby manages to possess a maid and gets her to open the safe and take the flask. I didn't know that ghosts could involuntarily possess people as far as I remember in this show I though that that was just demons but maybe vengeful spirits can on the brink of it all too I guess. Dick summons Crowley to him at the end of the episode throwing a wrench into getting his blood before they kill Dick with it. Looks like a full on assault on Roman Enterprises next week with the whole merry band together including Cass and Meg along for the ride. Hopefully Bobby doesn't go too off the deep end that would suck majorly and hard to write him out of as he would be vengeful indefinitely. Kind of a by the book penultimate episode that felt more like last season's "Froniterland" without the quirky mission of getting a weapon in the Old West. Although the Alpha is a very interesting character. Oh well Season 7 has been a major botched job in and of itself so hopefully next season's season arc will be way better since it's for sure coming back next year. Happy Hunting in the Season Finale Brother Winchester!