Season 7 Episode 12

Time After Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • Supernatural: time after time after time

    I love these stand alone episodes utilizing the time travel thing, getting to know a very different Elliot Ness and putting their own "what if" twist on it. Plus they had the wonderful Jason Dohring (from one of the most clever, sly exposures of high school ever), making for a funny, twisted travel back into time. Plus Dean is an amazing does of yummy. Just saying.
  • This is a Keeper!

    Awesome episode! This is my favorite of season 7 so far. Time travel always makes for an enjoyable show. Since I'm not a fan of the Laviathins, this was a particularly good episode for me.

    I'm not happy with the loss of Bobby, as well. Writers: Please get him back!
  • awesome episode

    another fantastic episode loved it dean in 1944 very cool and also the way dean came back to 2012 was freaking awesome and sam killing that supernatural creature was cool can't wait for more go supernatural you rock
  • a good eps

    Gradually supernatural has been trying to fill holes left by the characters that should not have died. The entrance to the sheriff mills was so ellen to be that the allusion was more than obvious, that old lady out of the past like bobby. But to tell you, this eps was pretty cool, I love it when they make these time travel and of course the Dean always gives that luck, I would like to see Sam in a situation like this. Well interesting to the character eliot ness as hunter and dean it's the best of course other, more good work of Jensen. The weather god was kind of racket did not think it dangerous, but the revelation about his future already said that at the end of the season on the big revelations terms leviatans and danger to our boys. I loved the balcony of the dean leaving a message for sam as in the movie back to the future.

    Again it comes hiatus, but hoping soon to see the daughter of the dean of store
  • There is so much awesome in this episode I didn't know where to start!


    I had to rewatch it and take notes to compile all the awesome into a list. Here it is!

    -Sam: "What's the plan?" Dean: "Don't die." Great plan, Dean! Wish Cas and Bobby and Jo and Ellen and pretty much everybody else on Supernatural had thought of that.

    -Dean: "Don't give me that dirty diaper look. I ain't calling you."

    -No, it's Sheriff Sassy calling! And she can wake up Sammy any time she pleases, because I love her.

    -(Don't anyone tell Sera Gamble this, but it is Sheriff Sassy's fifth time on the show. Clearly her days are numbered, but let's try to stave off the inevitable for as long as possible)

    -Sam: "I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I hope you're watching cartoon smut, because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self-punishment." Isn't self-abuse the whole point of watching cartoon smut?

    -Dean: "It's called anime. And it's an art form." That's right, Dean, you stick up for your cartoon smut.

    -Hee, I love how proud Dean is of his hacker skillz, and how jellus Sammy is!

    -Dean: "How does paper beat a rock. It's stupid." Poor Dean, he finally stops throwing scissors but Sammy can read his big brother like a book. All that looking up to him, trying to be just like him, apparently. Dean's right about the stupid thing though. There's a good reason nobody ever throws paper in a riot.

    -Sam: "You gonna look at more anime or you strictly into Dick now?" One of the most awesome lines ever! Also, love the look on Sammy's face.

    -Sam: "The thing that's been mummifying people took him in a freakin' ball of light and disappeared."

    Sheriff Mills "You guys get that a lot?"

    Sam: "Yeah, more than most people."

    There are lots of quotable lines in this episode. I am officially declaring writer Robbie Thompson awesome.

    -Oooh! 1940s set with 1940s costumes and 1940s cars! It's all so awesomely 1940s! Even 1940s handcuffs!

    -Oooh! 1940s music! (It is so awesome it deserved a bullet point of its own on the List of Awesome.)

    -Hi Krycek! Hi! Didn't get enough black ooze on the X-Files I see, you're back for more. Well, stick around, apparently we're going to be swimming in it soon!

    -Dean: "I'm twelve monkeyed anyway." Evidently, Dean watches a lot of movies in his downtime. Some of them repeatedly, like 50 times for The Untouchables. I adore the continuity of seven seasons later and Dean is still doing movie impressions and thinking he's great at it.

    -Is Ezra Bobby's aunt or something? Even if she is no relation, I love her. She called them idjits.

    -It's always so much fun watching Dean geek out about stuff. He's such a little kid about it, playing dress up, fanboying on Eliot Ness and impersonating the Untouchables. It's all fun and games until it dawns on him he could be stuck back there 20 years before the sexual revolution. Without even any anime.

    -Dean: "He's using the Biff strategy." Love the Back to the Future references. A time travel episode just isn't complete without Back to the Future references. You gotta give credit where credit is due. Or go back in time and do it before them so they have to credit you.

    -Love Dean and Eliot Ness playing WWII-era good cop, bad cop.

    -And I'm really digging the fedoras! Both Dean and Ness cut a fine figure in them.

    -Dean: "Sweet merciful awesome!" Yes Dean, that is a mighty fine trunkload of 1940s guns.

    -Aw, a bottle of whiskey from Rufus, with a very Rufusian old note attached to it. Clearly Bobby won a bet.

    -I'm really digging the Sam and Sheriff Sassy scenes. I hope they got really pickled together with the Rufusian whiskey.

    -Sheriff Sassy: "Don't make me use my mom voice." Well, at least when Sera kills off Sheriff Sassy, she and Ellen can throw back whiskey, play poker and boss people around in a tough yet maternal manner together in the afterlife.

    -And Back to the Future saves the day! Love Dean lying on the floor in the exact same spot Sam is 68 years later.

    -Kronos is a great bad guy, he's not all one-dimensional. "I know your future. It's covered in thick, black ooze. It's everywhere. They're everywhere. Enjoy oblivion." But his other dimensions, not all that good either.

    -No wait, don't end now, I want mooh cool, more 1940s music under the end credits!

  • Smarter than the Average Time Travel Episode

    When I first heard that the writers of Supernatural were planning another time travel episode I groaned as I thought that they had indeed run out of ideas and I was pleasantly surprised by what this episode brought to the table. The brothers fighting a god this week, cool for points for originality, who just so happens to be the God of time (Kronos). The beginning and going back to the set up from the beginning of the episode and jumping to Dean in 1944 with Eliot Ness was well handled directing wise, as was the tone of the 1940's by the set and the costumes. Dean's certain ease is certainly attributed to his already having been back in time three times before. Eliot Ness being a hunter and not a saint was not shoehorned and the female equivalent of Bobby was a nice throwback. Also Eliot Ness's telling Dean that hunting is the only solace he'll ever get in his life seemed to be much needed with all the death happening around them this season. Dean gets a stick to kill Kronos, who kills in threes to travel back to a woman he is in love with in the 1940's. Ness and Dean try to take him out then but Dean is reluctant somewhat because if he kills Kronos then he will be stuck there forever (although obviously he doesn't end up there). Sam and Sheriff Mills' attempt to bring Dean back to the present led to some cool Back to the Future 3 tricks and Dean looks pretty darn good in the 40's attire. It all made me wanna play L.A. Noire again, but anyway Sam finds a spell that can bring Dean back once they get the exact time and date from when Kronos time jumps and they can then retrieve them (since they can't rely on Angel mojo this time around) what follows is a little campy, but it's something that Supernatural is so aware of about itself that you can just suspend your disbelief for it, much like last season's the French Mistake. This episode was much needed, a new baddie, a Winchester method separation that gave Dean some alone time to develop, and an omen from the God of Time himself that the Leviathans will be everywhere and their future will be bloody. Well, when isn't it hell in a hand basket for the Winchesters? That's why we love watching them. Hopefully at some point next week we can go back and find out more about that field that Dick Roman is having a package delivered to or whatever and we can see more Frank.
  • Time After Time

    Time After Time was a pleasant and perfect episode of Supernatural which skirts around the season story lines to bring an interesting story of a timeless love. The story was well written, the actors perfect in their roles and the foreshadowing in the end leaves viewers with hunger for more! It was cool to meet the God Chronos. I like Sheriff Mills helping the brothers! This was a fun episode and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfection!

    Sometimes an episode comes along where absolutely everything just came together beautifully. That's the case with Time After Time. The writing, directing, ac ting, sets, costumes, music, lighting, props, hair, make-up, it was all perfect, and fit perfectly together. There was not a single quibble I had to handwave away. It was a joy to watch.

    It was all so well done it didn't even bother me that Sam and Dean were apart for much of it. (Obviously they're trying to lighten the schedule load on Jared and Jensen a bit.) And I thoroughly enjoyed both their parts in it, and their interactions with the other characters.

    It's always fun to watch Dean get a kick out of things, and he was just stoked he got to play Untouchables with none other than Eliot Ness. Landing Nicholas Lea for the role was a real casting coup. In fact, all the guest stars were top notch this episode.

    And I enjoyed even more watching Sam with Jodie Mills. In part because I think the Sheriff is awesome, but also because in recent years we don't often see Sam connecting with people other than Dean and Bobby. In the beginning, it was Sam who was more social, keeping in touch with his friends from Stanford and having more of a way with the people they met along the way, whereas Dean was more of a lone wolf without as much social finesse. They switched sides on this just as they have on so many things. It used to be Dean who was more ruthless, more committed to hunting, and more in agreement with their father's decisions, but gradually Sam took over these positions as Dean moved away from them. The same is true on this count, as Sam hardened through his struggles with the dark side he became less social, while Dean developed closer ties to people and better people skills. So it was really good to see Sam interact with Jodie. I hope we see a lot more of her. Alive.

    After a great time-travel story, I really liked the way they brought it straight back to the mytharc with a spine-chilling warning from Chronos. The Leviathans are everywhere and their future is covered in black ooze. That really left me looking forward to the next episode, which sadly is three weeks away.

    BTW Canadian peeps, Space moved Supernatural up from Wednesdays to Sundays. So now only two days to wait to see it without any annoying bottom-of-the-screen CW promos.
  • Sweet Merciful Awesome!

    Are you still reeling from Bobby's death? I know I am. But in the Supernatural universe, the bad guys (whether they're ghosts, demons, angels, leviathans, or even gods) don't wait around for anyone. It was business as usual for Sam and Dean this week. And this episode had enough juice to confirm that our boys have got their rhythm back!

    It has almost become second nature for the brothers to resolve life threatening situations by the seat of their pants. But it's been a while since we've seen them work a case with the same Gung-Ho obstinacy they are so well known for. 'Time After Time After Time' was a one-off episode that re-established their groove and now it's safe to say Sam and Dean can start cracking some Leviathan skulls, or at the very least, pour borax down their throats.

    Let's face it. The majority of the angels and gods that Sam and Dean have encountered so far have been dicks. In tonight's episode, the boys found themselves on the trail of Chronos, the God Of Time (played by Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring) who's been killing people in groups of three to fuel his ability to travel back in time to 1944, to be with the woman he loves. While Chronos was in the process of sucking the life force (which is apparently red in color. Who knew??) out of some unfortunate goop, Dean speared the unsuspecting god, sending them both back to 1944.

    I love what the writers did with this episode! Dean's first meeting with Eliot Ness was awesome. The revelation that Ness himself was a hunter just made it all gel together brilliantly. It didn't take long for Dean to immerse himself into the 1940s. He almost seemed comfortable there! For the short time they worked together, Dean and Ness made quite the team. I know it's a long shot, but wouldn't it be cool for Eliot Ness to make another appearance on the show? I just think he'd make a nice addition to the cast.

    I can dream can't I??

    Another interesting aspect about tonight's episode was the banter between Sheriff Mills and Sam. Within a short span of time, the two seemed to be getting along like clockwork. With Bobby's death still fresh in their minds, the Winchester boys need some serious backup. The presence of a motherly figure like Jody Mills to help the boys is a sound move. I hope she sticks around for a while and this isn't just a short term thing. Her genuine affection for the two is obvious.

    In typical Winchester style, Chronos was dealt with thanks to some perfect timing on both sides. I was a little puzzled that the God Of Time would go down so easily. I don't know, for some reason I thought Chronos would be a bigger, more powerful God than the one portrayed. How do you distinguish which God is powerful than the others? Chronos seemed to be less of a threat than many of the demons the boys have encountered.

    Anyway, before his death, he did have a spine-chilling message for the boys, or so he thought. I mean honestly guys, Bobby's dead. I don't think Sam or Dean give a rat's ass what the future is supposed to be. The Winchesters have both literally been to hell and back. The future doesn't stand a chance.

    Bring on the Leviathans!


    - Dean's awesome streak continued with this episode. How hilarious was it to see all his "The Untouchables" references shot down??

    - I thought Eliot's short speech for Dean was just the push he needed to snap out of his current state of mind and be focused on kicking some Leviathan ass! I know he appeared to be focused before, but there's a niggle somewhere that Dean needs to fix.

    - I know Crowley promised to steer clear of the Winchesters, but seriously, what do demons do if they're not causing horror and devastation? It must get boring being cooped up in hell, with no one to terrorize.

    - It's about time the boys figured out a concrete way to downright kill a Leviathan. Borax in itself seems to cripple them at best. Borax bullets maybe?? A borax bomb??

    To quote Eliot Ness, it's time to punch the red tape with a silver bullet.

    Things are about to get ugly. I can't wait!
  • Unique

    Lol this was a funny a great episode about Dean going back in the past. They try to stop a man that can suck the life out of someone, he get sucked in with him and gets to team up with Eliot Ness which is also a hunter. What are the odd lol, it was funny everytime Dean goes in the past he never gets the right outfit or its not quite the right style even though he does try lol. Dean learns a lot from Eliot Ness and tells Dean a little about find a reason of being a hunter. It had a lot of action, comedy and thrills. Wonderful episode.
  • Thank you Sara and supernatural for all the x-files actors that you have had on the show

    THis was great because it was another x-file actor. He was a sinister 2 timing, back stabbing Jerk in x-files. I have so loved seeing Steven Williams..Mr. X, and the grandpa being played by Mitch pileggi/assist Nicholas Lea who still looks hot by the way was the rotten Krychek....I sooo love the X-file shout outs...Thanks!!
  • chronus.. time god.. intresting

    its a good linking to the past using chronus.. and the thought of meeting the first hunter is awesome. This episode is the best i ve seen.. cause i like it