Season 7 Episode 12

Time After Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • Smarter than the Average Time Travel Episode

    When I first heard that the writers of Supernatural were planning another time travel episode I groaned as I thought that they had indeed run out of ideas and I was pleasantly surprised by what this episode brought to the table. The brothers fighting a god this week, cool for points for originality, who just so happens to be the God of time (Kronos). The beginning and going back to the set up from the beginning of the episode and jumping to Dean in 1944 with Eliot Ness was well handled directing wise, as was the tone of the 1940's by the set and the costumes. Dean's certain ease is certainly attributed to his already having been back in time three times before. Eliot Ness being a hunter and not a saint was not shoehorned and the female equivalent of Bobby was a nice throwback. Also Eliot Ness's telling Dean that hunting is the only solace he'll ever get in his life seemed to be much needed with all the death happening around them this season. Dean gets a stick to kill Kronos, who kills in threes to travel back to a woman he is in love with in the 1940's. Ness and Dean try to take him out then but Dean is reluctant somewhat because if he kills Kronos then he will be stuck there forever (although obviously he doesn't end up there). Sam and Sheriff Mills' attempt to bring Dean back to the present led to some cool Back to the Future 3 tricks and Dean looks pretty darn good in the 40's attire. It all made me wanna play L.A. Noire again, but anyway Sam finds a spell that can bring Dean back once they get the exact time and date from when Kronos time jumps and they can then retrieve them (since they can't rely on Angel mojo this time around) what follows is a little campy, but it's something that Supernatural is so aware of about itself that you can just suspend your disbelief for it, much like last season's the French Mistake. This episode was much needed, a new baddie, a Winchester method separation that gave Dean some alone time to develop, and an omen from the God of Time himself that the Leviathans will be everywhere and their future will be bloody. Well, when isn't it hell in a hand basket for the Winchesters? That's why we love watching them. Hopefully at some point next week we can go back and find out more about that field that Dick Roman is having a package delivered to or whatever and we can see more Frank.
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