Season 3 Episode 15

Time Is On My Side

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • A great pre-season finale with one of the most disturbingly evil monster of the week ever! Plus a new great character introduced (Rufus) and a farewell to Bela Talbot.

    "Time is on my side" is a really great episode: as a Monster of the Week flick, it is simply disturbing and frightening, thanks to the incredibly evil, malevolent and freakish Doc Benton; as a step forward in the season arc, it is spot-on because it not only allows us to see how differently Dean and Sam reacts to Dean's imminent death and to the concept of immortality (at a frightful price), but also because it draws some interesting parallels with Bela's history; as pre-finale episode, it does a wonderful job in building up the tension, thanks to an ending scene that is both intense and sad.

    Discovering Bela's backstory was a bit of a shock. I always pictured her like a ruthless, relentless burglar who did everything she did only to gain money and power. Discovering that she was looking for the Colt to bring it to Lilith was really unexpected, as was her background history: unveiling her traumatized past of child abuse and sexual harassment (although Charles Beeson was extremely thoughtful and subtle in dealing with such a delicate issue) was a bold step from Sera Gamble, the writer of this episode. This gave Bela an unprecedented humanity and a fascinating moral complexity, in that she is both an evildoer and a victim, a cold-blooded calculator and a wounded little girl, and then... the writers killed her off. The scene is powerful, emotional and yet somber and melancholic: Bela made a deal to save herself and still her death strikes as a mournful one; what can be said for Dean, thus, who made a deal to save the one person he loves the most? Bela's final scene mirrors the one at the end of "No Rest For The Wicked", and it's a perfect appetizer, so to speak, for the main course.

    Anyway, perhaps the most important thing in this episode is how different the two brothers react at Dean's impending doom and Doc Benton's take on immortality. The sides Dean and Sam take are pretty much a foreshadowing of what's in store in Season Four: Sam is willing to give up his humanity to save Dean, turning both of them in a sort of Frankenstein's creatures, while Dean will choose his humanity over an easy way out. They are both driven by love and suffer, loss and desire, family and bond, but they can't be more different in this regard: Dean may have been John's good son, always obedient and keen to work, but only because he had to protect Sam, and I'm sure that Dean's refusal to take Doc Benton's offer is motivated by his will to protect Sam once again as much by his care for his humanity. All in all, "Time is on my side" is a great episode: complex and multi-layered, ominous and disturbing, it is the perfect herald for Season Three finale!

    Oh, and Rufus Turner's character is just awesome!
  • Dean finds out who controls his deal.

    This is where we part company with Bella. I really like her character, and now she is been packed up and sent to hell. I know she tried to kill our boys, but she had little or no choice if she wanted to save herself. We get back story on her just to see hunted down by hell hounds. What a horrible way for her to go. She had a very sympathetic story, and probably deserved to get out of her contract much like Dean.

    Lilth got to her when she was a child. What was Bella supposed to do in her situation. Could we expect to her to really understand the implications of her deal, or fault her for trying to end her own personal hell.

    She did prove that she was a good person in the end by telling Dean who had the contract on his life, so he would have a chance to save himself.

    I like Dean's insight into his family patterns. It would have been a little much for Sam to sell his soul to save Dean, that story line would have become very circular.

    Sam's desperation was showing this episode. I mean he wanted Dean to become that messed up creature. I'm not sure that wouldn't have been a hell all on it's own.
  • One week before the finale

    Sam convinces Dean to go to Erie, Pennsylvania, to investigate a possible zombie. But they end up meeting Doctor Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real doctor who abandoned his work in 1916 to follow his obsession of finding the key to eternal life. He drugs people and harvests their internal organs for his research. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out where Bela is and Dean leaves Sam to deal with the doctor alone while he confronts Bela. Great episode I loved the ending thats right die you stupid woman haha. one week until the finale and I was really excited to see it.
  • A brilliant episode. Perfectly paced, great script, great editing, wonderfully scary, gory, suspenseful, emotional, with fine character development and some awesome humour and one liners thrown in to cap it off!

    First thing I want to say is OMFG! I love this episode!!! So creepy and gruesome and so full of drama and angst. The tension and desperation portrayed in the brothers scenes was heartbreaking. Even just the thought of next weeks finale brings tears to my eyes. I cry every tine I see the promo or just think about what could happen! I can't wait, but at the same time I don't want to see it!

    Okay breath Raelynne, lets go back to the beginning of Time Is On My Side (nice ironic title as well as an uber cool song!) Have to mention the short flashback sequence we always get. I love them! And I'm glad any newbies can get an inkling of the lead up storyline. Hopefully it will encourage them to buy the DVDs and catch up on the magic. The first scene started nicely, groovy visual guys, thanks. Obnoxious plastic surgeon gets a taste of the other side of surgery. Dr Benton has a nice sense of irony. Even though, I guess he was just searching for a healthy liver 'donor' and chose a health spa as the perfect place to find one (it just happened to have that nice ironic flavour…….huh oh It could have been a purposeful ploy on the part of the writers?, heehee yeh!) After all he would hardly hang around a bar or dance party looking for a healthy liver! I wonder how much was cut out of the first hospital scene? I'm kinda glad we only got the first impressions of these images and the sounds which accompanied them. It was very effective when combined with the nurses hysterical screaming.

    Then our hot logo intro (I wonder what they will come up with for Season 4?) and next our boys. I wonder how many demons they have gone through trying to find out who holds Deans contract. They are definitely getting desperate, only 3 weeks to go! Love how Sam can just jump straight into the exorcism ritual and Deans brave face and tough front while questioning the demon. But the look on his face after the demon teases him about all his pals in Hell waiting for a peace of Dean Winchester was heartbreaking. No one in there right mind wouldn't be scared, and Dean is plenty scared. But I am so loving the way his attitude towards hunting and his views on evil supernatural monsters is unfaltering (so far anyway and I hope it continues!) No matter what, he is determined not to become something he despises, at least not willingly. This just makes his character all the more amazing! The fear and desperation, juxtaposed to his strength of character makes every emotion much more intense and heartwrenching.

    And the writers are also finding those special moments to slip in some very cute one liners (Dean is especially on a roll in this ep.) and this episode has some great scenes with some very interesting and amusing guest stars.

    Love Dean and Sams first 'zombie' scene. You just know Sam has something up his sleeve when he suggests going on a hunt so close to 'D' Day. And of course Dean does too and calls him on it. But Sam convinces him his motives are pure, appealing to his brothers need to 'kill as many evil sons of b#!ches as possible' before the end. After all as Dean says 'Obviously I want to hunt some zombies!' heehee the look on his face was perfect.

    It is so perfect that Deans initial memory of a criminal act mentioned in the paper is 'Stripper suffocates dude with thighs' hehe I bet he'd prefer that to hellhounds……(…aargh! Don't even want to think about that :( ) The 'David Caruso' reference was fun too, but the 'zombies do like the other, other white meat' line was the clincher (oh Dean, you still got it dude, you may be sh#!t scared and desperate, but that doesn't stop you from delivering the goods, and there's more to come!)

    The innocent hopeful look on Sams face when he has convinced Dean to take on the case is so sweet and sad at the same time.

    Okay, now to the first guest star scene with the boys, in this episode, that I loved, simple and funny (well I guess the demon one was first, but I was concentrating on Dean then, mmmm…) Anyhoo, the coroner/doctor (Terence Kelly) rocked! Obviously a very intelligent guy who doesn't suffer fools gladly! His delivery was perfect. After seeing their badges…'So, your cops and morons' and Deans stammering reply 'No, No, we're, we're very smart' hehe! (I'm writing this on the train and giggling to myself, better watch out for those men in the white coats!)

    You can see Sams delight when he realises this is the case he had hoped it would be. And then a second time Deans exchange with the coroner/doctor rocked!

    Doc: Didn't you read my report?
    Dean: Of course we did, it was rivetting, a real page turner, just delightful' hehe obviously digging himself deeper and deeper in.
    Doc: You Done?
    Dean: I think so (shades of his reaction to Ellen in No Exit)
    Doc: Please go away
    Dean: Okay
    The dialogue was simple, but it is the way it is said and the expressions on the Doctor & Deans faces that nailed it! Then Sam adds a hasty 'Sure'. He is almost salivating, excited in the knowledge that he is right about Dr Benton and the possibility of saving Dean. With the new information they have gained, Sam takes this chance to turn the case in the direction of organ thieves without letting Dean know he was on to it all along. Dean takes the new info onboard immediately, even giving us another snappy one liner. 'Zombie with skills, Dr Quinn Medicine Zombie' you just know that if he actually watched that show it was only to perve on Jane Seymour!

    Love the Season 1 & 2 feel of the 'hamburger' scene. The brothers holed up in a motel, investigating, working out what or who they are after, with a little easy brotherly teasing as well. Sam is obviously ecstatic, at last he has some real hope, enough that he is able to relax a little and enjoy teasing Dean. Hehe fancy thinking he can turn Dean off his food! Silly boy! But he had fun trying. Talking about Maggots eating rotten flesh, and the disposal of bile, intestines and faecal matter! Aaaargh! Love the smile on Sams face, gorgeous! And Deans dry heaves and 'Dude, I'm eating', but never fear, he is Dean (of the cast iron stomach!) he is brave, and can face the most disgusting imagery and still wolf down a juicy hamburger! Yeh! 'Baby I can't stay mad at you!' Oh man, I want those 'care free' (sort of!) days back. After some explosive drama of course, but please Eric, not too much, my ol' heart can't take it and I almost dehydrated last year (IMTOD, ELAC, CSPWDT, WIAWSNB, AHBL1 & 2! Etc, etc.) so don't make me cry too much, okay?

    I liked that John had a connection to Dr Benton (Check out Supernatural Origins Issue 4) ( …um anything that brings back memories of Jeffrey Dean Morgan is good for the soul!) Of course, that is where Sam must have first read about Dr Benton and made the connection to the missing organ cases. And I think it is very true to Deans character that he doesn't automatically make the jump to this being his way out of the deal. He is a hunter and would never want to become the thing he hunts. That is one of the many things that scares him so much about going to Hell, the possibility of becoming a demon..a la Ruby.

    The hospital 'kidney' scene was amusing, short, not so sweet and plenty sarcastic. Gee, anybody'd think someone had stolen that guys kidney or something! Its all me, me, me! *gulp* The looks on Deans face were priceless….okay lets get out of here……! The joggers scene was a great one too, turning from the innocent everyday to the worst nightmare. The use of the heartrate monitor was inspired yet obvious, it just had to be done! Very nice touch. Going from resting pace and speeding up as he gradually woke up and took in his surroundings and his dire predicament. Then racing frantically as the absolute horror set in. Finishing with a chilling zero. Simple and clean, a nice contrast to disgusting maggots and the truly horrific, gory surgery. The jogger was certainly strong and healthy (perfect candidate for heart 'donor'), unbelievably staying awake and screaming throughout the entire process. His screams combined with the noises, and glimpses, of Dr Benton slicing his chest open, cutting down into the flesh, cracking open the rib cage and pulling it apart to retrieve the heart were sickening. Gruesome beating heart, I must be sick, but I loved it, ewwwww!

    I also love the look of Dr Benton, great work from the makeup and prosthetics departments. I almost didn't recognise him, but his voice gave him away. It took me a while but then I realised he played one of the better recurring demons on 'Charmed', Barbas a fear demon. A very classy performance from Billy Drago (Hills Have Eyes remake, X-Files etc.)

    The next scene with Dean and Sam was my favourite 'D & S' scene of the episode. So much pent up emotion and so damn sad! Both brothers thinking they have an answer to Deans deal within reach and both obstinately clinging to it. I hate when the brothers are at odds, but it does make for an interesting dynamic and a very believable one. Sam is so sure he is onto what could be the answer to Deans problem, it means so much that he was the one to find it, that HE can save his brother. Deans version of an answer is much more direct, and he is looking forward to some Bela payback in the bargain.

    Strange, or maybe not, how Sams answer embraces the supernatural whereas Deans is quick, simple (in his eyes at least) and includes killing something supernatural AND most importantly to Dean, does not put Sams life at risk!

    The way Sam stands firm against his brother, shows just how much he loves him. He is torn between the fact that he is openly defying his beloved big brother and the overwhelming feelings of desperation that drive him to it. His reasons for doing so override any other considerations.

    But on the other hand Dean is sure finding Bela and the colt is the only way out and he tries to pull rank on Sammy. The look on his face when it doesn't work is gutwrenching. He loves his little brother and knows how desperate he is. He would never forcibly try to get Sam to leave with him. He is probably also making note that this strength and determination is something Sam is going to need in the future if he can't save himself from the deal, and is proud of the strength Sam is showing. Their love for each other shines through in this scene. And from the moment Dean relents and readies himself to leave on his own, the pain they both feel is tangible. When Dean says quietly 'be careful Sammy' I choked up, using Sammy instead of Sam and the look on his face as he walked out the door!OMG! and Sams soft 'you too'!OMG! All I could think of was that there are only 3 weeks left, what if something happened to either of them, or what if they couldn't get back to each other before the 3 weeks was over and that was the last time they got to see each other, ever! (I know its not, but OMG!) It is a tribute to both Jensen and Jared that they can convey such depth of emotion in such a restrained scene………(need a second, I can't see the keyboard through my tears….don't roll your eyes,I'm being serious!)

    Okay, back to business. Now on to Rufus Turner! Woohoo! Steven Williams is pure class. The second perfect guest star scene I was talking about, and he is coming back in Season 4, so once again Woohoo! Is is just me or does Jensen have an easy chemistry with just about every guest star. Their scene together was bloody great, raising all sorts of questions. 'Like how the Hell does everybody know about Deans deal (demons, hunters, Bela, Crazy immortal doctors!) Gee, the demon world is certainly making a huge deal out of getting their claws into Dean, must be because he is so AWESOME, eh?! And 'What is the real deal with Rufus? Is he just a jaded hunter driven to a reliance on Johnny Walker blue to ease the pain? Using his connections and resourcefulness to provide goods and services to the highest bidder? Is he simply a tool of the demon manipulating Dean into a showdown with Bela?
    He seems to cluey to simply be a bitter alcoholic (besides alcoholics aren't so choosy with what they drink!), after all 'he knows things'. Very Interesting, I'm looking forward to finding out more about his history.

    Love the way Dean so easily changed his tack when Rufus challenged him for calling him 'Man', 'Sorry sir' mmm nice Dean (oh God you are too cute!) and as they get to know each other Deans slightly less reverent 'ain't you a bucket of sunshine' and Rufus's reply 'I'm what you got to look forward to if you survive, which you won't'..aaargh!! But I did love the conversation these two had discussing Bela, the ease of it (although we know Dean is dying for the info, and so does Rufus!)

    Rufus: There are things that you don't know about her.
    Dean: Oh and you do? Right, because you know things.
    Rufus: Yep.
    Dean: And let me guess, you lift her fingerprint?
    Rufus: Yep.
    Dean: And that got you jack.
    Rufus: Yep. She burned them off. Probably years ago.
    Dean: Yeah, so you're right where we are.
    Rufus: Nope. You do her ear?
    Dean: Sorry?
    Rufus: You do her ear?
    Dean: Hey man I'll try anything once, but I don't know, that sounds uncomfortable. Hehe love that last line and the gorgeous 'Dean' look……

    Loved Bela's alias 'Mina Chandler' (nice reference to actress Helen Chandlers role of Mina Harker in BELA Lugosis version of Bram Stokers 'Dracula') It's a pity the writers were forced to conclude her part in the show so hastily, it did seem a little rushed, but I can forgive them. I liked the way they used the questions about her past and worked them nicely into a story that related to Deans deal. At least they kept her role of antagonist in tact, not succumbing, until the very end at least, to her sucking up to the brothers. That would have been a bit too naff. No, even when you started to feel sorry for her, they turn around and get her to shoot our boys in cold blood!! I'm glad they did that, it just showed what desperate measures she was driven to and how far she was willing to go. Bela was a cold, hard b#!ch, looking out for number one (which is why in RSAM she could not comprehend anything but a vengeful, obsessive reason that Dean and Sam were hunters), but only because the experiences she had as a child made her that way. Hardening her heart so much that she was unable to put her trust in the only two people who could have helped her. (btw she was very young when the demon approached her, you'd think there would be an age limit as to when a demon can approach a human, maybe it is puberty? Scary!) And where did Dean and Sam get their rubbery doubles? …hmmmm Deeeeeean!!

    One more interesting fact about Belas flashback. Was the 'young' demon Lilith, if so why the red eyes instead of white, (I guess 'White demon eyes' in a black and white flashback definitely wouldn't have been as effective as red) or do demons evolve over time? Or, does Lilith have a group of crossroad demons working for her, who appear to their intended victims in the most age appropriate manner. And it's just coincidence that Lilith chooses to appear as a young girl as well. Actually when I think of it, it's probably the latter.

    Dean and Belas encounter was interesting, even if he hadn't seen the 'Devils Shoestring' I know he wouldn't have killed her, its just not Dean. (Oh and damn! When I was waiting to hear Belas real name I had a sinking feeling……..are those writers psychic or something! ..Abby!….They stole my fan fic chicks name……..hehe ……or maybe I should have picked something a little less common!)

    I loved the writing, editing and flow of this ep., for me, it is one of those eps where every scene is perfect.Which brings me to Sams discovery of Dr Bentons hideout, very creepy and suspenseful. He sure got out of that window quickly! Great pace (I mean the scene, not Sam!) and Sam showed once again how capable and tough he is without Dean (although he did get himself captured later on and Dean had to come and rescue him and his eyeball!, I guess we already know each brother is totally capable of hunting on their own, but together they are THE BEST, no wonder the demons want to split them up so badly!)

    The settings and props in the cabin created a wonderfully gross and authentic picture. Eeww, gotta love those maggots! The escape was exciting and I loved the way Dr Benton nonchalantly cracks his neck back into place after Sam runs him down. The single trickle of blood out of the corner of his eye, sets up, what for me is, one of the worst (and best!) Sammy torture scenes EVER! (that and the fingernail scene from AVSC) but as far as scream level goes the eyeball wins, no matter how many times I see it, I can't stop the scream, and I have tried, it is just so effective!eee!)

    Back to the short scene ending in Sams capture. The relief and joy in his voice as he tells Dean he really thinks this can work is so sweet. And Dean even lets a hopeful look cross his face, Sams enthusiasm is catching and he loves that Sam is so happy. But the realities of being immortal, having to kill and maim innocent people when he needs new parts, is something Dean could never embrace. But before he can emphasise that again, Sam is taken. You can imagine Dean would be frantic and blame himself if anything happened to Sam before he could get back to him.

    Okay, now for that scene..aaaargh! The doctor is wonderful, that voice of his is wonderfully creepy. Once again great casting, guys! At least he tries to reassure Sam that his chances of surviving the procedure are high! But at what price! Nice bedside manner, dude! Of course if it had of been a heart or some other more vital organ he had needed, he would have had no qualms taking it and killing Sam in the bargain. Especially after discovering that it was Sams father who had inconvenienced him by cutting out his heart and leaving him for dead, all those years ago.

    I swear I will never be able to look at another icecream scoop the same way again. The effect was so realistic! You could see the eyeball actually being manoeuvred until it was cradled in the scoop!!!! Aaaaaargh! OMG! It makes me squirm just thinking about it! Eeeeek!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

    Thank God ('Just call me Dean! Roadkill! :D ) Dean arrived in the nick of time! Multiple shots to the body may not kill the doctor, but they were an effective choice to shock him out of completing his 'surgery'. I love how all these supernatural beings arrogantly keep underestimating Dean, a knife to the heart seemed like a simple inconvenience until Dean revealed the fact that he had dipped it in chloroform. Dean may not have a wealth of academic smarts, but his resourcefulness, determination and ability to improvise, combined with his sheer nerve and courage is undeniable (*sigh* Sorry guys, but OMG! Dean! Mmmyumm!)

    Cute little wakeup call 'Wakey wakey eggs n bacy' hehe Dean gets such a kick out of getting one up on the bad guys, it makes me very scared of the reception he would get in hell!

    Even though Dean appreciates Sams efforts to find a way to save him and understands his desperation, he can not go against everything he believes. Like he said, things are black and white to him, and there is no way he could willingly become a monster preying on innocents to survive. And he hates that Sam could consider it. Nothing, not even Sam is going to stop him from doing what's right. He is a hunter and will be a hunter until the moment he dies. Sam knows this, and respects Deans wishes, but the way he was looking at the book, balancing on the top of the doctors fridge coffin, as he and Dean were burying it, you half expected him to jump in and grab it. From the look on his face you could see he felt like he was burying the one thing that could have saved his brother. After all these months of searching it was right there and he couldn't do anything to stop from losing it. Just watch as it disappeared under shovelfuls of dirt.

    I'm not sure if I'm sorry Belas gone or not. No matter how sorry I feel for her, she just kept making the wrong decisions. Her start in life was devastating and she can hardly be blamed for allowing herself to be manipulated by a demon at such a young age. Her coping mechanism was to disconnect herself from the world around her, so she couldn't be hurt again. It was easier for her to take what she wanted, and use and manipulate the people around her, as she had been. So unfortunately when the opportunity arose (meeting Dean and Sam) she could not recognise it, or accept that there were decent people who would be able to help her, and not want anything in return! Unfortunately her realisation came way too late and her one act of redemption, telling Dean who holds his contract, was not exactly a surprise and was spurred on by her dying wish of revenge.

    Deans final words to Bela were chilling 'I'll see you in Hell'….oh Dean :( The promos for next weeks finale already brings tears to my eyes, OMG! And after reading the TV Week article and hearing Eric say something about the characters facing major changes, I am starting to freak out! And an introduction of a new Supernatural Creature? I wonder who or what that will be, a monster that pops up in a stand alone episode or one that continues throughout the next major storyline? Or in the form of an already known character, Rufus?, Ruby? (she may evolve from a demon to? Uh who knows what?) Or even Sam?aaargh! something he has to become to save Dean! How would he feel knowing that Dean would hate him becoming something Supernatural on his behalf!...or maybe when we find out more about Mary (some kind of earthbound angel?)

    Steady girl….I know, crazy theories, but who knows what Eric has in mind? Like I have said before, I think there is definitely something Sam has yet to face and deal with in order to save Dean. And all the life experiences he has shared with Dean and the love, guidance and mentoring Dean has shown him over the years will play a part in any decisions Sam makes. There have definitely been subtle, and not so subtle (think Gordons death in Freshblood!), hints of 'changes' to Sam since his return from death, but I think it started from his conception, or the planning of such. The fact that he has some sort of power or destiny is not a result of the YEDs visit, but was the reason the YED was visiting him. To stake his claim and influence on this special child, so that he could use him in the future.

    Another btw. Just have to say that the YED or Azazel played by Fredric Lehne was the BEST Supernatural demon in my opinion, very cool! And was also superb when briefly played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan…… hottest demon ever!!!!! (Best female Meg (Nicki Lynn Aycox), sorry Ruby lovers but after all she is not supposed to be evil so she can have her own category all together!)

    Hehe all my thoughts will probably be turned upside down in the finale, but they have been buzzing around in my head for ages so I thought it was time to let them out again for a while. Man, I really love this show, And its so much fun to speculate on what the future will bring. I just hope that the writers don't change the dynamic between the Dean and Sam too drastically. I love these characters and the relationship they share. I also love the drama, though, and after all, one of the only constants you can count on in life is change! Just don't go crazy Eric, okay? Please? Most of all I love that the backbone of Supernatural is family love, loyalty and selflessness, wrapped up in a juicy covering of Horror, drama, suspense, comedy, action, great stories and great music. With trademark cult pop TV, movie, music, aliases and amazing actors, be it leads, recurring or groovy guest stars, to top it all off.

    Not long to go now before the finale, I'm getting a little (or a lot!) scared! Stocked up on tissues and I'll make sure I have plenty of water on hand (so I don't dehydrate) I may have to write my next review somewhere other than the train, people tend to freak a little if you are sobbing your heart out on the train!
    I'm glad I have stayed pretty much spoiler free. It certainly worked for me with TIOMS, lots of fun surprises. It was a brilliant episode. Perfectly paced, great script, great editing, wonderfully scary, gory, suspenseful, emotional, with fine character development and some awesome humour and one liners thrown in to cap it off! Eeeeee excited thank you Sera (Gamble, writer), I should have known it was you, your episodes are always in my favourites, you rock big time! And Charles Beeson, you directed your ass off! Hehe, that is meant to be a compliment dude, thank you.

    Jensen and Jared gave thoughtful, powerful performances, great work guys. Can't wait for the finale.
    Better go now! In case anyone actually stuck it out top the end, thanks, sorry I know this is an uber long effort, just want to add one thing…Supernatural Rules! Long Live Supernatural! Byee, Take care, luv Raelynne x
  • Bye-Bye Bella

    Bye, bye Bella. All through out this season she's been getting on my nerves. It goes against the guy's characters when she outsmart them so easily plus she stole the colt. I was happy that they didn't let Dean kill her off. We've seen him kill so many times but he never crossed that line into being a full fleged murderer. He always killed evil doers. Just because she was a **** and he had a personal problem with him didn't justify him killing her. I think that gives him that little touch of humanity we don't always get with him.
  • Sam convinces Dean to go to Erie, Pennsylvania, to investigate a possible zombie.

    I love all of the supernatural episodes and this is on of my favorites because it's close to the season finale. This episode is totally awesome ¢¾ Sam convinces Dean to go to Erie, Pennsylvania, to investigate a possible zombie. But they end up meeting Doctor Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real doctor who abandoned his work in 1816 to follow his obsession of finding the key to eternal life. He drugs people and harvests their internal organs for his research. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out where Bela is and Dean leaves Sam to deal with the doctor alone while he confronts Bela.
  • One of the best yet!

    I thought this episode was one of the best I have seen. The immortal doctor offering to help Dean only when he knew he was in trouble and the surprising twist with Bella. This was a surprise to me that she had made a deal with Liluth also. I thought it was well written and of course always well acted. It was scary and humorous to me. I Laughed when Dean told Rufus he was a bucketful of sunshine. With the season being shortened I think this episode did a very nice job of setting up the season finale. The only thing I did not like was what happened to the lady Sam saved from the cabin?
  • Very interesting

    What I liked about this episode was a closure on Bella, I'm guessing they didn't want to do anything with her anymore, but at least they managed to get rid of her in an OK way. They were also able to shed some light on this supposedly powerful demon who I'm very curious about. I already saw her, but I'm excited to see what Dean would say about her, I'm almost sure he's going to make a height joke. This is probably one of the most disgusting episodes of Supernatural, given the demon they faced, but it was overall a pretty good one.
  • Poetic Justice, indeed.

    The writers could not have given us a better or more satisfying end to the massively annoying and persistently aggravating character of Bela than to serve her up in a Hellhound food bowl - YES! and GOOD RIDDANCE! Constantly sticking her nose into our favorite creep fighters business and usually screwing their business up badly all for her own personal profit, Bela, it is revealed in this episode, made a deal and it comes due. Now I am certainly no expert in the Supernatural mythos that the series is creating, but the demon who made the deal had red eyes...not the white eyes of Lilith whom Bela tells Dean actually holds his contract (and all contracts) It looks like Bela made the deal with the cross roads demon (which is the only one we have seen with red eyes) like everyone else and it appears that this demon was in fact Lilith's "sales rep" The series is young, the writers can take the underlying details like this in any direction ... we must learn MORE! And this is definitely part of the appeal of the show.
  • I felt that it was out of character at some points and not up to the usual quality of Supernatural episodes.

    This is the only episode of Supernatural that I don't like and no matter how hard I try to it just won't work.
    It was mostly the Bela angle. Hate or like, the character and actress should deserve a proper farewell but it was hard to feel anything when it seemed like they didn't really try to make us feel for her.
    Sam and Dean, I thought, were out of character on just letting her die.
    It perplexes me that they can, albeit not easily, accept that vampires can be good and leave them but not give a human being the benefit of the doubt.
    Yes, she screwed them over many a time but they never once even bothered to find out why she had her parents killed. Surely you'd expect there to be a reason and want to know it. We barely get to see her background for ourselves and her whole time in the episode where she leaves is rather short.
    Not a lot is explained and Sam and Dean seem to feel fine about the fact that they're just letting her die. I really do just feel that the actor and character deserved a better send off than one that makes it seem like there's nothing human at all about her and she's just completely evil.
  • Sam and Dean battle a zombie doctor and Bella is going to Hella

    Crazy epissode, way better than I thought it would be. It had everything in it. Character development, a plottwist, it wasn't a filler and as always, pretty scary. This time Sam and Dean have a dilemma to solve and being a Dean-fan I would have voted for taking the blue (or was it red) pill.
    However Dean sticks to his morals and Sam has no choice but to respect his wishes. Questions the colt really gone? And even if they find it, will it work against evil Lillith? What other options do they have? And how many episodes is three weeks?? Can't wait to watch the next fact..I think I'm going to right now!
  • Great great episode!

    Dean almost found a way to live forever! He would have been kind of ugly, but still he would be alive. I loved hearing more on this mythology. I mean, this thing wasn't a spirit, or a demon, or a zombie. It was a... a thing that is living forever. I guess you could call it human. I loved this episode also for the emotional drama. It is so sad knowing that Dena is going to die soon, and this episode showed just how desperate Dean and Sam are beginning to get. This episode was really entertaining, and just like every other episode, I loved it!
  • Really scary! I could barely look!

    11pm, nothing to do. Okay, I'm gonna watch supernatural!
    Bad idea, I could barely look! In the part the boy has a watch that control his heart beats, mine was speeding as much as his! But the episode was amazing!! I was just scared to death!! hahaha
    So Lilith holds the deal...I haven't thought about it, she was the devil for me! I kinda liked Bella, I thought she and Dean would make a nice couple, but after this episode I've changed my mind!
    The immortality thing was really not like Sam. He is very desperate! He used to care more about doing things right!
    They must find a solution and fast! I'm pretty sure everything will be alright because the show was renewed!! Yupi!!
  • Sam leads Dean to believe they are on a mission to fight Zombies, while all along he knows they are searching for Doc Benton, who attained immortality through alchemy. When Dean learns of Bela's whereabouts, he chooses to leave Sam to track down The Colt

    Season 3 has certainly been hit or miss with me. One week the episode has no character development or forward movement of the overall storyline, and the next week, just as my expectations are lowered, I am pleased, excited and satisfied with the story-telling prowess.

    This episode had everything one has come to expect from Supernatural; mystery, creepiness, a bit of gore, urban legend, angst and raw emotion, plus a few twists that while not shocking but predictable, lead to closure to one storyline while opening up the avenue to the season finale.

    Knowing Dean has only 3 weeks left, Sam is willing to try just about anything to save his brother, even alchemy and the possibility of eternal life. Even with this possible redemption of Dean's soul, Dean's morality wins out as he chooses to bury Doc Benton, and even spare Bela's life.

    Ok, sparing Bela's life was not really a moral gesture on Dean's part. After all, the Devil's Tongue root above her door was to stave off the hell hounds. Dean knew Bela made a deal, and her time was up. "I'll see you in hell" never had such strong meaning.

    Some nice touches, a la Winchester style, the blow-up dolls, Johnny Walker Blue Label (pricey pricey), Rufus "SO...", and of course Dean's wise ass quips (especially about "doing the ear").

    This all leads us up to the season finale, a mere 30 hours left until Dean's deal is due, and no doubt a cliffhanger that Kripke will relish in as fans await the final outcome in Season 4. What a tenuous summer this will be!

    So, let's put the writers' strike behind us; not rush plotlines or even have implausible timing (let's face it, no way could Dean get from Vermont down to Erie Pennsylvania in time to save Sam and his precious eyeballs...just can't be done). With hesitation and anxiety I look forward to the season finale, and with hope for a smooth 22 episode shoot I shall await Season 4 with bated breath.
  • this is one of the best shows on television it amazes me how there are a lot of things going on

    i am really sad that the season finale is alreadyu here and the new one wont start for a long time. i know they are going to leave us suspicious so dean is going to die at the end. that will so not be cool if they do it like that because it will ruin it for people. i cant imagine sleeping knowing that dean winchester is dead not just dead but also going to hell. it is hecka sad. i love you dean and sam, sam be strong because you have to to deal with it. have a nice day whoever reads it/ this is awesome. i cant wait for it to happen.
  • Absolutely brilliant! Sera Gamble's best work. A remarkable story where each character walks their own path, must make difficult choices and old secrets don't rest quietly.

    I knew from the first moments I saw the opening with Sam and Dean – Supernatural's back! Everything was *right* – Dean being the hardass, the holy water, the smart-ass demon, the snappy dialogue, the works! The last couple of episodes worried me a bit, but I should know that SN never gets off track for long.

    Sam is more perky, energetic and enthusiastic than he's been in weeks and it takes seconds for Dean to catch on – three weeks left for 'soul-saving detail' and Sam wants to go hunting? Please, Dean knows Sam better than anyone, but he lets it ride. And look at that radiant smile as Dean walks away, eyes sparkling, Sam's practically rubbing his hands together with joy – Sam is *so* up to something. And on a side note – they've finally cut Jared's hair, looks adorable!

    Hysterical scene with the coroner, "So you're cops *and* you're morons?" Dean was in fine form, there are times I think Sam alone should do the talking! And continuing from earlier, Sam acting all happy again, deliberately steering the conversation. "Dr Quinn, Medicine Zombie." Very funny scene with Dean eating and Sam trying with glee to put him off his food – but let's be realistic: what has *ever* stopped Dean eating? Very cool and clever use of the jogger's heart rate monitor.

    Then we get the incredibly disturbing answer to Sam's strange behaviour – he wants to learn Benton's secret of immortality and use it to keep Dean alive!! I'm shocked Sam would even consider this! Even ignoring the repulsive nature of Benton's 'work', does Sam believe for a second that Dean would even consider it?! Or consider killing/maiming innocent people to save himself?! Sam even includes himself in it. This tells you exactly how desperate Sam is. (This is Sera Gamble at her *best*!!)

    Wonderful to see Steven Williams again and he is a delight as Rufus. Not surprisingly, Rufus knows all about Dean's situation – but then a hunter doesn't stay alive without knowing about other hunters – and he makes an excellent point – every hunter we know (except Bobby) is dead and died violently. Rufus makes some disturbing comments about Bela – not the least of which is that she burned off her fingerprints?! Despite the chilly reception, Rufus is more than willing to talk – and share – what he know of Bela, which turns out to be lots! Dean never did ask what Bela wanted from Rufus, but I guess it doesn't matter because Bela was out of time anyway. Besides, either she somehow knew Rufus knew Bobby or he wasn't the only person she contacted, either way the stuff she was looking for was probably just a cover so it didn't actually matter.

    Sam driving a second car second week in a row! And so conscientious - makes sure he puts the alarm on! That is just *so* Sam! Why is he so stubborn?! Oh right, he's a Winchester. If he just waited *one* day, Dean would probably be back and they could do this together! This Benton guy is a complete question mark, no telling what powers he could have and Sam's hunting alone – he knows better! Benton's a pro at subduing guys younger, healthier and bigger than he is! And have I mentioned I hate maggots? Nice work on Sam's part to get the girl out, that was definitely nerve-wracking!

    Despite what we now know about Bela, after everything she's done, I didn't feel the tiniest bit sorry for her... until now. Despite being someone we despise, the writers have done a fantastic job of making her a tragic figure. Her own selfishness and inability to trust bring about her own doom. Dean was right, if she'd asked for help, they wouldn't have hesitated, they'd done it before despite what she'd done. I never believed Dean would actually kill her, but Jensen (always excellent!) conveys in a look that the herb above the door disturbed him profoundly. The truly frightening part is – she wanted to be found, this was a trap! If they were after Dean, they could have just taken him, he was right there which means they're after Sam.

    Bela's flashbacks are extremely disturbing, not to mention illuminating: sexual abuse at the hands of her father. The odd part here is the demonic little girl. Short as the scene is, this doesn't seem a planned encounter from Bela's side and until now, the only deal-making demon we've met had to be summoned via the crossroads. At 14, I doubt Bela would know that much about the occult (think of all she'd have to know to do it – where to go, what to do, and how would a 14 year old girl disappear long enough to go there?) and there are easier ways to kill your parents. Could this be a different kind of demon? One that actually seeks out people who are in a situation where selling their soul seems like the easy choice? That idea is even more disturbing that the 'devil-at-the-crossroads'. The choice of a little girl – even if it is a different child, incredibly creepy as she is – make me wonder if this was Lilith herself making Bela's deal? Or was this just a psychological angle, a young teenager would be more inclined to trust a child younger than herself, even if she realised that child was a demon? To take it a step further, a disturbing thought – despite the red eyes, would a 14 year old girl actually realise this was real and she'd actually sold her soul? Wouldn't she be more inclined to believe the car accident a miraculous coincidence, at least until she was old enough to know better? Troubling questions, which we'll never know the answers to. The writers are to be applauded for making two such short scenes so incredibly thought-provoking.

    If Dean had thought about it, he would have realised Bela knew of his deal before he figured the rest out – Talking about killing her parents and the 'sale' of the Colt: "… just like I don't care what happens to *you*."

    As if Bela's not enough to worry about, instead Sam gets taken by Benton who wants Sam's gorgeous green eyes. Plus, he's got John's journal! (It always freaks me when an outsider has the precious book.) Dean, of course, arrives in the nick of time and proves that Sam's not the only one with brains in the family. Naturally, Benton tries to buy his life with immortality – but seriously, would you want to be immortal if you had to look like that?! And Sam is still tempted. Burying Benton alive? Why not cut him into pieces and spread them? This is pretty nasty, even in their line of work.

    Now we know Bela's deep, dark secret: she sold her soul too and tried to trade the Colt for her contract. (We find ourselves in the same position as end season 2: our worst demon has the Colt.) And what a surprise – the contract holder is none other than our white eyed demon Lilith. So Lilith is still afraid of Sam, very interesting. Usually, "I'll see you in Hell." is a metaphor… Guess that's who she was talking to on the phone. This information, however, is too little, too late. Does explain a great deal about Bella - why a rich girl is a thief, her trade specifically is occult artifacts: she was trying to save herself, and obviously thought she had once she had the Colt. Beautifully shot and acted scene, Dean confronting her telephonically with the truth, Bela asking for help way too late, and that last shot of Bela, as we hear the Hellhounds baying for blood... Brilliant ending.

    Dean's explanation of the herb Bela had over the door shows a marked difference from the last time they ran into Hellhounds, since they didn't know about it then. But as Dean said, all they've been doing for months is try to break the deal, obviously that includes finding out how to slow down Hellhounds too.

    So now the boys are in an apparently unstoppable downslide. Out of options, out of hope. How do you even hope to stop Lilith from wiping out the world, let alone taking Dean's soul? She has incredible powers, an army behind her and the Colt is well and truly gone. There's only one option left: that Sam finally faces his destiny and becomes the rebel demon leader and pray that he has enough followers to let him face Lilith on even ground. His powers would have to reactivate, YED may be gone, but his blood still runs in Sam's veins and Sam's visions were triggered by proximity to YED who is dead, which is why the visions stopped. We can only hope his learning curve equals Ava's – in hind sight, Sam is the obvious leader of all of the psychic children, the ability to control demons, what better way to lead a demon army? True, Ava shared his powers, but she went insane at the end. It's not even about saving Dean anymore, it's about stopping Lilith. Though in stopping Lilith, Sam could save Dean too. Is Sam willing to do what it takes to save his brother? The answer, as always, is yes…

    Now this was an episode and a half, and frankly, Sera Gamble's best work! Truly *brilliant* episode! It's rare I hand out a 10, but this absolutely deserves it.
  • Dean is running out of week left!

    Wow, I totally didn't expect the news about Bella! I mean, I knew she was cold-blooded but I didn't think she was that heartless! This episode was pretty amazing but the writers separated the Winchester brothers which is never good news. As I was watching this episode, I loved it, but now, looking back at it, the overall episode wasn't that good. It was way better than Ghostfacers and Long Distance Call (both of which were pretty bad) but it looks like Supernatural still hasn't gotten back on its feet after the writers strike. I was kind of disappointed when the writers finally revealed who, in her family, Bella had killed – her parents. I think the story line would have been better if her parents had been possessed and she killed them because she didn't know what to do. That still would have explained why she is so…I don't know…heartless today. Instead, she didn't like her parents and she just wanted the money that she knew they would leave her, because of that she got a demon to do her dirty work for her. Now she has to pay up and go to hell. It is a good twist that she is going to hell along with Dean though. I wonder if, when Sam gets Dean out of hell (as I'm sure he will) he will get Bella out as well. I think Bella is a good addition to the cast. The one thing that doesn't make sense to me about season 3 is that in the end of season 2 Sam and Dean saw their dad get out of Hell. How come they haven't looked for him or anything. Is he dead but just out of hell? Sam and Dean are both becoming more and more like Bella as time goes on in season 3. In the previous seasons they…well actually Sam, would have done everything that he could have done to save Bella from going to Hell. Also because of the episode where they had to go into Bobby's dream and Sam was dreaming about Bella, I thought that he liked her. Of course, in that episode she did steal the colt, the only thing that might be able to save Dean. Sam is a little preoccupied with Dean's crisis right now though so I guess that is understandable. I was really disappointed with Sam in this episode though. He actually wanted Dean to listen to some nut-job serial killer and do this thing so he could live forever! Dean said that for him it was black and white, you're either human or not human and he wanted to be human. Next week is going to be awesome though! I can't wait! The really sad thing is that Dean has to die in the next episode. I mean, ya, he's probably going to come back somehow, but I don't want to have to go 3 months wondering what's going to happen!
  • Tick...tock...tick...tock...

    This episode was nothing short of disturbing. And on so many levels. Not only were there some really gruesome, gory scenes in the ghost story and some truly harrowing stuff happening with the boys, but we also get an incredibly surprising ordeal revolving around Bela that was absolutely chilling.

    I wanna begin with the ghost story. For the second time in the series, the boys' encounter with the paranormal was, as Rupert Giles once put, "more normal and less para of late". Our freak of the week was just that....a freak. Not some vengeful spirit, not some poor, demonically possessed shmuck, and not even a killer clown, but a person. A hideously ugly, deformed-by-his-own-hands, obsessed-with-immortal-life person, but a person. Remember the Benders, the (so-called) normal people that they went up against in season 1? Cakewalks compared to this guy. I mean, come on, hunting people for sport is one thing, but this guy just nasty! Keeping himself alive for so long by harvesting organs and body parts from others is just beyond creepy. But all in all, I'm actually quite satisfied with this tale because not only was it yet another fresh new idea from the SN team, but it also stemmed an important idea for the boys to think about - the subject of immortality - which I'll touch on again here in a little bit.

    I'd like to briefly mention a few things about our new man, Rufus. For a secondary character who had only a handful of scenes, this guy really rocked. From the very moment Dean showed up on his doorstep and interacted with Dean, I was instantly hooked. I guess what was most fascinating about him was the fact that he used to be a hunter, according to Bobby. So of course, because Rufus is a recluse now, this brings up many questions. How did this guy get into the biz in the first place? How much does he really know about the supernatural? Did he have a hunting specialty (like Gordon with vampires)? What made him become a hermit? He may most probably be only a one-time character, but a part of me really hopes to see Rufus again in the future. After all, the man's obviously smart, look at the way he helped Dean with the Bela case. And just listening to him, you can tell this man has definitely got a past attached onto him. REALLY hope to see him again.

    As much as I have always stated my dislike of the Bela character, I actually have to admit that the story surrounding her this week were my favorite parts of the ep. If it weren't for the Strike that caused us to lose so much time this season (you know, only getting 16 episodes instead of the full 22!!) then maybe there would have been a little more time to get to "know" her better. Still, what the SN team had left to work with was surprisingly entertaining regarding her character. They actually wrapped up her character in this ep and it really didn't feel rushed at all. At least, to me. I mean, she may have been credited as a regular this season, but she wasn't in but a few eps, and some of those eps only had her for maybe 3 or 4 short scenes, and only one in 'Jus In Bello'. Her most prominent ep, 'Red Sky at Morning', allowed us more insight on her character as a thief (which, I'm sorry, I still find useless) and left us with the little juicy tidbit of a dark past that was obviously meant for us to want more info on her. That dark past is finally revealed here. And for Bela to be shown in only 2 scenes of this ep, a lot was discovered about her. And it was handled very well, I must say. After everything revealed about her in this ep, she ended up being a tragic figure - and those are always my favorite kinds of characters. She started out as somebody I loved to hate and turned out to be someone I actually felt sorry for in the 11th hour (or, more precisely, 11:57 PM - 3 minutes before her deadline was up, right?) and she pleads for Dean's help in pitiful desperation because her very life depended on it. When Dean turns her down, this is the point where it really hit me. Looking back, Bela had made some pretty stupid decisions in her life, particularly lately with the boys. Time and time again she has screwed them over and only about 2 or 3 times has she offered any kind of assistance to them (paying them cash for saving her life in 'RSAM', warning them of Gordon's whereabouts in 'FB', and bringing them the African dream root to help Bobby in 'DALDOM'). But mostly she has been a painful annoyance to them and really drove it over the cliff when she took the Colt, the one thing that may be their only chance to save Dean at this critical point. And now she no longer has it, furthering Dean's complications. For the record, I don't think she actually sold it. I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion. I don't think we have seen the last of the Colt. Perhaps Lilith has it? Who knows? After all, Bela all but admitted she had talked to Lilith, who by the way is the demon who holds the contracts on deal-making souls. But that little 411 was just a tad predictable anyway. Moving on, what actually bothered me the most about Bela's story were her flashbacks. Talk about some deeply disturbing stuff there! First off, and if I'm wrong about this, then please, PLEASE somebody e-mail me or something to correct me, but the impression I got from that first flashback Bela had to her childhood seriously made me cringe in disgust and horror. And that was the one where a young, fearful Bela was sitting on her bed and (presumably) her father entered (his face wasn't shown) and quietly shut the door behind him, and we hear the sound of Bela's sobbing after that door was eerily shut closed to us. Like I said, I may be wrong, but the first thought in my mind was the fact that that right there was indicative of some type of abuse - be it sexual or otherwise. Not to mention the fact that she was still secretive about it to Dean when she simply told him that she killed her parents and got rich off of it. That alone is just disturbing, and adds 1,000 times to the sympathy toward her. And later we get to see the 2nd flashback of her making a deal - as a child! Okay, she was actually what, 14 they said here? Either way, she made a freakin' deal at such a young age. And that deal was for her parents to die. Forget the fact that how she even knew how to make a deal back then (I mean, she would need all the items to bury in a box on a crossroads, right?) or even that whether that swing set was on or near a crossroads to begin with, the mere fact that she made the deal at such a young age is unnerving, especially geared toward her parents like that. And that little demon girl was way spooky. (What is it with creepy little girls on this show, anyway?) But what's done is done, and the clock is ticking. Well, at least for Dean now, because Bela is no more. And the last thing of the ep that bothered me the most - believe it or not - was the final shot of the ep, when Bela's time is up and the hellhounds come for her. Of course, we don't get to see the hellhounds again, but just hearing those vicious snarls and growls alone are enough to warrant goosebumps. And watching Bela stand there awaiting her fate as we hear one last snarl from the hellhounds attack on her just as the screen goes black is certainly an image I won't soon forget. But she did manage to do one last good thing for the boys before she...left. And I'm actually not talking about her revealing Lilith as Dean's contract holder, but something minor she said to Dean right before he hung up on her, but I took it as something very important and quite inspirational. She told Dean that just maybe he might be able to kill "the bi*ch". This is a relatively small thing, but with just that one simple phrase, it should instill some semblance of hope in him that maybe he can still save himself if not her. However, without the Colt now, the sitch is still dire and bleak. Dean was right that she should've come to them for help. Looking back, I really wish she had now. But her own selfishness is what ultimately done her in, so Dean is also right that she didn't deserve any help. Yet here is where I have a slight conflict of these characters' moralities. In 'RSAM', Bela actually did call on them for help when she needed it. She saw how good they were at the job and yet she still deceived and stole from them for her own gains. She was foolish to try to take care of something like this on her own, especially given how good she knows the boys are. As for Dean, no matter how much dislike and/or disgust he may feel for someone else, he's still there to save them no matter what, never leaving them in harm's way or even to die. He actually really did want to kill Bela, that was made very obvious here. But ultimately he couldn't do it. Not himself, anyway. But he still left her to die from her deal deadline, so he is still responsible indirectly anyway. But, still, like he said, she took the wrong way out and it ended up leaving them out to dry yet again. Not to mention it was actually made worse for her deal was changed, meaning she was sent to kill Sam. Yeah, um, that's not gonna go over well with the boys either. And still yet, you just can't help but think about what happened in her past, which she was clearly emotionally damaged by that she didn't tell anyone. So the question is, how bad did Bela deserve to die like this? Or even at all? Oh, it's just too much delicious tragedy here! I simply love this complicated stuff! I think this was a perfect send-off for the character. Out of respect, I'll say it: R.I.P., Bela.

    Dean, however, still has some time left. But it's really not looking good. Like Bela, he is in a desperate situation with extremely few to no options left. And UNlike Bela, at least he's not alone. His hostility toward Bela was motivated mainly from his own desperate attempts to save himself, so in this respect he could easily empathize with her. Not saying he's selfish, because he's not. After all, he himself told her that they could've possibly saved her had she come to them, and also he knows what's at stake. But with her irresponsibility with the Colt, she has effectively tarnished that part of his hope at being saved, so he probably cares about nothing more at this point. He even separates from Sam this time so that he may find the Colt, something he's really not comfortable doing because of Sam's fate should Dean try to welch out. Dean's visit to Rufus was interesting in terms of what Dean's life may lead to should he actually escape from the deal. Not saying he'll end up a hermit or like Rufus, but Rufus is right about one thing, if Dean survives, there'll just be something else to come along. If this was intended to scare Dean, I don't think it would work. If anything, this whole experience should make him stronger for it.

    The concept of immortality has always been one of fascination. But it, too, is disturbing. The thought of living forever is comforting and exciting. But at what price would it be worth it? Outliving all your loved ones, watching new people in your life come and go, and worst of all, the fear of ending up in misery or pain never to be squelched? Possibly ending up like the disgusting doc in this ep? *shudder* Sam's heart was in the right place, but it was also a victim of a desperate act to save Dean. Sam's determination to save Dean has been heartbreaking to watch all year. And here comes this new idea that, like all others, fails in the end. And not just because the doc wasn't gonna provide it for them - he was basically keeping himself alive, but because Dean turns the idea of immortality down of his own free will. He knows it's wrong. He even admits he'd rather be in Hell, something he's now scared to have happen to him after all. And that's saying a lot of how wrong he views immortality. I was so sad for Sam when they buried the bad doc alive at the end, the sadness in his eyes as he felt what was a perfect solution for Dean just disappear under the earth.

    And speaking of which, the last thing I must mention that disturbed me a great deal was the burying of the doctor alive. Being buried alive has always terrified me. The claustrophobia just screams out of me, not to mention just the whole horror factor of the act alone. And this time it wasn't just any old soul, at least a regular person would eventually die and be out of that nightmare. But this was an immortal being, someone who would suffer that forever. Don't get me wrong, I'd never root for a bad guy like this, but Heaven help me, I actually felt pity for the doc for a moment. But....somehow, someway, it had to be done.

    I loved the way this ep was written. Every main character involved (Dean, Sam, Bela, the bad doc) all in desperate sitches trying to save themselves their own ways (in Sam's case, himself AND Dean as the only difference), and every single one of them fails. 'Time Is On My Side', indeed. Bits and Pieces:
    - Loved Sam's description of what the doc does to his victim's body parts/fluids while Dean is eating. Best humor moment in the ep.
    - Loved the idea of the guys faking Bela out with the blow-up dolls in their beds at the end. Oddly kinky, that.
    - More clever writing: when that plastic surgeon at the beginning said: "Staying young is a brutal business". [chuckle]
    - New herb introduced: Devil's shoestring, used to hold hellhounds at bay. Neat.

    Need you ask? A perfect 10 all around. Oh, my. Next week is the season finale. And it looks like it's gonna render me Kleenex-dependent. Looking forward to it as always.
  • Finally back on track, sliding into the season finale

    This episode gets the season arc back on track, and brings the quality back to its usual excellence. This has nothing to do with the well-discussed death at the end of the episode (which has been celebrated far too loudly with a blood thirst that is disturbing to behold), but rather, the exploration of how far Sam is willing to go to save Dean's life.

    Both brothers are challenged in terms of the lengths they will go to change Dean's fate. In previous seasons, Dean would probably have been the one with questionable morals, or at the very least, the one willing to take chances with his own existence. The past year has forced Dean to consider what he has to live for, and with the war still escalating and Sam's nature still in doubt. Saving Sam is not purely a matter of keeping him alive.

    Sam, on the other hand, has allowed his desperation to save Dean to undermine his usual compassionate perspective. With a bit of time to reflect on the matter, it's unlikely that Sam would have suggested that Dean endure an existence like that of Doc Benton. After all, would Sam really want Dean to have to replace worn or damaged organs and body parts to survive? And there was no guarantee that immortality would have saved Dean at all.

    In the process, however, Dean managed to get one over on Bela, whose motivations were finally clear. Hopefully, Bela's exit was not purely a response to fan pressure; fans should never have that much power, as it is inevitably abused by those with an extreme point of view. Instead, I would hope that Bela's demise was a response to the writers' inability to give her a solid and balanced role on the series. The potential was there, and the character has its place, but the writing staff never seemed to find it.

    But the writers did manage to give her a logical exit, and it provided the link between Dean's current situation and Sam's competition for control of the demonic horde. In my opinion, Sam's attitude about Doc Benton and Lilith's interference adds to the long list of plot elements pointing to Sam's decision, possibly in the finale, to assume the mantle of Antichrist. Sam's character arc this season has been pointing in that direction for quite some time, and if they don't go in that direction, the alternative will need to be equally compelling.
  • This episode has completley everything that you expect from the show. I would have to say that this is one of the best this season.

    This episode had everything that I wanted. There was revealing secrets, few extremely horrifying moments, brotherly love, hard choices, jokes and boys looked really good. I tried not to spoil this episode but I saw few pictures before and I was almost sure that Dean will be the one lying on crazy doc's table. By the way I really liked that they took Billy Drago, he was perfect. And I hope that the end of Bela will remain and she won't come back. If the last episode will be as good as this then it might keep me sane until they'll come back with next season.
  • This weeks episode took the classic 'human with immortality' and gave it it's own twist. Exciting, scary... the entire reason I watch the show.

    Well, this weeks episode really did a lot.. The myth itself was classic. Everyone expects an immortal being to just live forever, everything working perfectly. I loved how Doc Benton need to keep replacing parts, it added to the show.

    This episode really had me on the edge of my seat half the time. The heart still pumping in the Doc's hands... Sam and Dean arguing about what is gonna work. The brotherly bond is still there, but it's fraying. It was weird to see Sam walking through the Doc's house on his own, but that's because we are so used to seeing him with Dean.

    The main point of this show that everyone's talking about is Bela. I honestly didn't like the character. She always seemed to get one up on the boys, which made me not like her at all. Also, if you pay attention to why she sold her soul in the first place you'll agree with me. I know that she could have had a horrible home life, but you run away, not kill your parents.

    Overall, a great episode. Can't wait for next week!
  • As always, the brothers of Supernatural deliver!!

    From start to finish,this episode really informed us all just deadly Deans crossroads deal is and not only how it affects Dean, but Sam as well. I really enjoyed how Sam was so determined to seek out Doc Benton and learn the secret of his immortality to save Dean. In the end however, Dean stuck to his standards and saw what a monster the good doctor had become and would rather go to hell then let that happen to himself. A tough guy to the end. This episode also closed the door on Bela Talbot. To be honest, I never liked Bela, she was always just there, but when the writers decieded to can her, her final moments were actually intresting. Her origins and the deal she made, it wouuld have been cool to explore it a bit further. At least her final act was noble, warning Sam and Dean of the demon, Lilth, who seems to hold Deans crossroads contract. Poor Bela, if Dean does end up going to Hell, maybe they will cross paths once again. All in all, a very intresting episode with a creepy performance by Billy Drago aka Doc Benton. Can't wait till next week to see Deans last stand!!!
  • 3 weeks for Dean to pay the Piper

    This was a great episode. It had suspense, some squeamish scenes, and that all to familiar chemistry between the two brothers. I liked it a lot but can't quite give it that classic status of 10 because what we find out about Lilith was something I suspected when she first was mentioned. It was just a little bit obvious.

    The plot falls in two parts. One has Dean trying to find Bela, which he does, and the other has Sam dealing with the immortal doctor who has been cutting out body parts of victims to replace his rotting ones. Both brothers are looking for a way to get Dean out of his deal. Sam goes after the doctor because of his secret to immortality which would stop Dean from going to hell because like Sam said, you have to die before you can go to hell. If you're immortal you can't die. Dean goes after Bela to get the Colt so he can use it as the only weapon that can stop the hell-hounds from coming after him once his deal is up. Does he get the Colt from her? Sorry, I can't tell you that.

    In this episode a few important things are revealed. We learn about Bela's mysterious history and we see what it leads up to at the end of this episode. We also learn more revealing things about Lilith and what she has to do with Sam and Dean. This was not that surprising though because I suspected as much, but the part about Bela was somewhat of a surprise. Everything that happened in this episode is leading to what amounts to a very special season finale next week. I will stay tuned to see this for certain.
  • Horrible episode, just horrible. Supernatural continues to write off characters we get really invested in.

    Horrible episode, just horrible. Supernatural continues to write off characters we get really invested in.

    This show is doing damage to itself. Dean & Sam are great, but don't add new characters then just write them off later. This episode completely destroyed season 3 for me. It's hard to believe that after how awesome season 2 is, I no longer look forward to new episodes of supernatural. I don't want to spoil anything, but a nice portion of season 3 is now pointless because of this episode. This show hasn't jumped the shark yet, but it bought the sharks and the ramp with this episode.
  • That was really good. My scary little show is back.

    I actually buy the fact that Lilith is holding the contracts. The crossroad demon said (and it was included in "previouslies") that she has a boss. Which might indicate that every crossroad demon has a boss from higher leagues. And as Lilith is very close to the top, it is possible that she is the boss of all bosses above all crossroad demons. Boy, hell is one beaurocratic place.

    Liked the freak of the week. Liked that they didn't dismember/burn/drown him in acid and that they might still use him if there will be no other way.

    Liked Rufus. Can we see him, Ellen, and Missouri more often, please?

    Didn't like the way they justified Bela's actions at all. Child abuse? No, seriously, CHILD ABUSE? Poor sweet Bela was molested by her daddy and sold her soul to live for TEN YEARS? How old was she, fourteen? Couldn't she go to police? Couldn't she just run away? Couldn't she think that an opportunity of a long life without parents after she leaves them is a lot better than ten years of countdown to being thrown in hellfire? How could she be that dumb?

    Her life ended pretty sad, though. In an empty motel room with two shot rubber dolls.
  • Sam and Dean goes seperate ways to save Dean, and we finally find out what Bela's story is...

    OK, let me start out by saying that the only reason this episode doesn't get a 10 is that it is getting a little bit tiresome to see Sam get into trouble only to be saved by Dean in the last minute everytime... It was the same deal in "Ghostfacers", and it just makes it seem that Sam isn't capable at all, and we all know that he is!! :-) I loved the fact that this episode really moved the story forward. There's still a lot of unanswered questions, and I hope that they will get answered in the finale... I'm worried that they only have 40-something minutes to do it, is it enough?? I hope so... :-)

    The twist on Bela's story was really interesting. The crossroaddemon just pops up all over, but I was still surprised that she had it kill her parents!! Not really the story I expected, but that only makes it much better. :-) It was a cool finish that the hell-hounds came to get her, and how much do you think she is going to get punished for revealing to the guys that it is Lilith holding Dean's contract? (A lot I hope... :-))The demon in the beginning of this episode would rather go back to hell than tell them... So I guess the season-finale next week is going to have a real big show-off with Lilith... Uuhhhhh, can't wait... :-D
  • Really intense episode.

    This is a really good episode. I like the regular episodes where they prance around, hunting demons, but the serial nature of this season, with the running story of Dean's contract has been my favorite part of the show. I realized this watching the opening sequence. After they recapped the story, I was hoping that the current episode would be about that rather than some random demon. Fortunately, it WAS.

    This episode was really creepy and intense. Doctor Benton reminded me of Doctor Satan from House of 1,000 corpses.

    It's too bad that Bela is supposedly dead. She should have asked the brothers for help and worked with them like Bobby does. Oh well.

    The show is at a head now. I cannot wait until the next episode. It should be quite exciting.
  • Scary, zomiesque doctor collects parts...But who would want to live forever looking like that?

    I liked this episode. Its getting down to the wire for our boy Dean and I could really feel his panic in this episode. So far its been kind of: "La La La Ladee dah" for Deans feelings regarding his upcoming hell trip. Dean finally seemed to really care in the episode. I thought the doctor part of the story was really good as per usual. The part where he took out that guy's heart made me a bit squeamish. The other part of the story with Bela and Dean was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I'm not a huge fan of Bela but I definitely felt for her a bit in the episode. That is until she shot blowup dolls that could have been Sam and Dean. :{ All in all a great episode that was fun, scary and gave some good background info that will no doubt lead to a fantastic season finale. As I reread this I think I sound a bit like a maniacal cheerleader but I think this show is one of the stronger ones on television.
  • In this episode the boys race against the clock in a desperate search for a way out for Dean from his demon deal. With only 3 weeks left they try to force a demon to reveal Dean's contract holder. That effort fails, & they grow even more desperate.

    I really enjoyed this episode for a lot of reasons .First ,and foremost because it was a real return to the classic Supernatural episode where the relationship between the brothers is the main focus. This episode showed Sam and Dean at their wits end as they try every last ditch effort to free Dean from his demon deal. Jensen and Jared did a great job of showing their characters emotions not just with their words but with the expressions between them. You could just see their character's desperation in their faces. This episode really ratcheted up the tension as Dean's deadline is fast approaching.I also liked the hunter Rufus. The exchanges between Dean and Rufus brought some comic relief in this intense episode. I almost fell off my chair laughing when Dean responded to Rufus asking him if he "ever did Bela's ear and Dean replied I'll try anything once but that just sounds uncomfortable." That comment was so classic Dean! I liked the way they finally tied Bella into the myth arc with her having made her own demon deal. I especially liked it because her time had come due and so that is the last we will see of her!!! This is no knock against Lauren but the Bella character really irked the hell out of me, and I am thrilled to see her go. Doc Benton's character was totally creepy and the make up artists did a fantastic job with his totally gruesome appearance. This episode is indeed a classic Supernatural episode with only one exception and that of course is the missing classic rock.
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