Season 8 Episode 10

Torn and Frayed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

One of Crowley's demons, Viggo, is torturing the captive angel Samandriel at Crowley's factory. When the demon leaves him alone for a few minutes, Samandriel manages to remove a metal spike from his forehead and then sends a telepathic message to Naomi. He gets no response and Viggo comes back in. Realizing what the angel was attempting, Viggo picks the spike up and thrusts it back into the angel's forehead.

Sam is at a hotel in Kermit, TX when Dean arrives at his doorstep. After his brother reluctantly lets him in, Dean explains that Benny was forced to attack Martin when the hunter went after him. Sam doesn't believe him and a disgusted Dean reminds him that his brother used to trust him. Offended, Sam reminds his brother that he was the one who sent a phony text message from Amelia claiming that she was in trouble. Dean admits that he was wrong but notes that if Sam had trusted him then it wouldn't have been necessary. Sam says that it's Benny that he doesn't trust and asks Dean if he's finished with the vampire, and Dean admits that he doesn't know as he leaves.

The next day, Castiel teleports to a park and helps a woman with a sick child. As he teleports away, Castiel finds himself in the angel Naomi's office with no memory of his previous visits there. She tells him that Crowley has captured Samandriel and that Castiel has to rescue the angel. Castiel figures that Crowley will have warded his hideout against angels and Naomi admits that they didn't get a clear signal from Samandriel. She tells Castiel to get whoever he need to help and then makes him forget their meeting like she has the last ones.

Dean is sleeping in his motel room when Castiel teleports in, startling him. The angel explains that he needs help rescuing a fellow angel. When Dean wonders how Castiel heard the angel's distress call since he's been turning off his angel "radio," Castiel hastily says that he turned it back on after paying penance, and that Samandriel is somewhere near Hastings, Nebraska. As Dean starts checking for strange phenomena related to tortured angels, Castiel looks around and wonders why Sam isn't there.

Amelia comes to visit Sam at the hotel room after seeing him peeping through her window earlier. She tells her former lover that her husband Don is away on business and Sam explains that he thought she was in trouble and came to help. Amelia says that that she was content with Don until she saw Sam outside their home, and he offers to leave. They both admit that they still care for each other and kiss.

Viggo fastens the spike in place on Samandriel's head with a harness and the angel begs the demon to let him go. Unmoved, Viggo inserts another spike into the angel's brain via the harness and Samandriel screams in immortal agony. A nearby beaker shatters and Samandriel starts speaking in Enochian.

In Geneva, Nebraska, Mr. Hinckley is walking down the street when he hears a nearby bush apparently speaking Enochian. When he goes over to investigate, it bursts into flame, knocking him back.

Dean and Castiel soon hear about the incident and visit Hinckley in the hospital, posing as reporters. He tells them what happened and recites the words he heard. Castiel privately tells Dean that the words are Enochian and that Samandriel was reciting the word "obey." He has no idea why and Dean proposes that they start searching likely lairs that have demons around them.

After they make love, Sam suggests that they made a mistake, and Amelia admits that she doesn't want to hurt Don. However, she admits that she can't stop thinking about Sam, and warns him that if he stays then she'll keep going to him even though she knows it's a mistake. Sam suggests that he leave and Amelia tells him that if he does then he needs to do so for good. They agree that they need to think about it and Amelia says that she'll come back in two days. No matter who arrives and who doesn't, they'll know how things stand between them.

Dean and Castiel check out abandoned factories and at the ninth one, Castiel spots demons outside, posing as derelicts. The building is warded against angels and there are too many demons for the two of them to fight. Castiel suggests that they get Sam to help, but Dean refuses, saying that Sam doesn't want to be there. After a moment he says he has a better idea. He has Castiel teleport the two of them to Garth's boat, where Kevin is trying to translate the demon tablet. Kevin admits that he hasn't been able to succeed yet and Dean asks him to make anti-demon explosives. When Kevin points out that he doesn't have any of the rare ingredients, Castiel tells him to make a list.

Crowley comes to visit Viggo, who says that he needs a translator to understand what Kevin is saying. The King of Hell translates and confirms that Samandriel is reciting his fundamental orders from God, which are imprinted onto his brain. He drives the spikes further in to learn more.

As Dean waits for Castiel, Benny calls him from a public park and thanks Dean for standing up for him. Dean figures his friend would have done the same and Benny asks if he's anywhere near the Catskills. When Dean says that he's in Nebraska, Benny admits that he's having trouble trying to restrain his bloodlust. Dean promises to get there as soon as he finishes the case. He then checks on Kevin, who explains that he sent his mother to a safehouse so that she wouldn't distract him. He admits that he does want to spend time for her, but that he has no time to enjoy the world until he figures out how to save it.

Sam is sitting in a park bench in Kermit watching people go by when Castiel teleports next to him. The angel explains what's going on and teleports Sam to the boat. Dean doesn't want his brother helping but Sam figures that it's too important to let go. As they argue, Castiel snap at them to stow the crap and cooperate.

That night, the trio goes to the factory and Castiel explains how they have to get inside and disable four wards at the four corners of the building. The angel gives Sam his angel-killing knife, assuring him that it works on Demons as well. Once inside, Dean lures a guard demon out of position and Sam kills it from behind. They get inside and disable the first ward, and then split up to find the others.

Crowley continues probing Samandriel's mind but finds nothing useful... yet.

Dean destroys the second ward while Sam destroys the third one. Two demons attack Sam and he kills one, and Dean arrives in time to dispose of the other one. Sam hesitantly thanks his brother, but Dean just shrugs and says that they have to keep going. They hear Samandriel scream in pain as more demons close in on them. The brothers use the anti-demon explosive to destroy them, and Crowley and Viggo hear the explosion. Viggo nervously suggests that they leave but Crowley tells him to shut up and goes back to work.

Sam and Dean destroy the fourth ward and Castiel teleports in, but the remaining sigils weaken his physical and mental defenses. The brothers offer to get rid of them but the angel warns that they don't have enough time before Samandriel tells Crowley what he knows. As the brothers find the door to the torture chamber and try to break it in, Castiel is overwhelmed by visions of someone driving a spike into his brain. The memories become clearer and he realizes the person responsible is Naomi.

Inside the room, Samandriel starts reciting something new and Crowley is shocked to discover that the angel is describing an angel tablet. The brothers break in and Crowley teleports away. While Castiel frees Samandriel, Dean fights Viggo and Sam fights another demon that bursts into the room. As Castiel removes the spikes, he has more flashes of Naomi inserting the spikes into his head. Dean manages to help Sam finish off his opponent and tells his brother to get out. Castiel teleports out with Samandriel while Viggo tries to bargain for his life, insisting he knows thee things that they need. Dean considers and then kills him.

Outside, Castiel teleports Samandriel to the Impala and tells him that he's taking him home. However, the injured angel says that he can't go back, admitting that he broke and told Crowley about the angels' secrets. When he mentions Naomi, Samandriel says that "they" are controlling the angels... and Castiel finds himself back in Naomi. She tells him to kill Samandriel immediately. When his consciousness is back on Earth, Castiel immediately kills his injured comrade. Naomi brings him back and when he wonders what he should tell the Winchesters, she tells Castiel to claim that Crowley compromised Samandriel and the angel was going to attack Castiel. She insist that Castiel is a hero for killing Samandriel and that the angel tablet can seal Heaven away from Earth.

When Sam and Dean arrive, Castiel repeats the fake story that Naomi gave him, saying he killed the traitor in self-defense. His eyes are bleeding but Castiel claims that his host body was injured in the fight. Unaware that he's following Naomi's orders to bring Samandriel's corpse back for examination, Castiel thanks the Winchesters and teleports away with the body.

The brothers go back to their safehouse and Sam puts up anti-angel wards so they can't be overheard. They both figure that someone is messing with Castiel and suspect it might be his fellow angels. Dean tells Sam that he should go back to Amelia and let him deal with it, and explains that he's jealous of Sam's ability to have a private life separate from their job. He figures that at least one of them should be happy and Sam admits that Amelia makes him happy. When he worries that there's still too much to do with Kevin, the Word tablet, and the possible angel conspiracy, Dean tells him that whatever he does, he needs to commit.

As Sam goes out for a walk, Benny calls Dean after discovering he's on his last bag of blood. Dean admits that he can't make it, and won't be making it... ever. He tells his friend to be good and Benny thanks him for everything Dean did for him before hanging up. Dean then sits down and watches TV, waiting for Sam to come back.

Amelia goes to the hotel and discovers that Sam has cleared out.

Dean looks up to see Sam coming back with beer and chili. The two brothers sit together and watch TV.

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