Season 8 Episode 10

Torn and Frayed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2013 on The CW

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  • I forgot about Amanda Tapping:)

    The Dean porn thing.. Is NOT funny!!

    I know the show had to do something new but ever since they introduced angels the show has gone downhill. I mean I love castiel. Broken record, I know. sorry

    :( why'd Dean ditch Benny. No way he can do it without dean or someone to help him. Jerk
  • Cas asking for help

    Overall I like the episode. I love Cas so much close to how I love Sam and Dean. First of all I read some reviews on this and Sam and Dean are what the show is about. It cant be without one or the other. Thats just it. Thats how it has been for 8 seasons so that will be the way it continues until the end. I love that and their relationship. Any relationship especially siblings that are both strong willed is going to fight. It was wrong of Dean to send Sam a text that something was wrong with Amelia when he knew how important she meant to Sam. I get that he believes in Benny and didnt want Sam to try to kill him or confront him but he still shouldnt have done that so I am disappointed in his character for that. Dont get me wrong, overall I like Deans character better but this still was wrong I dont see anything wrong that Sam has done. I even liked the relationship with Amelia. They both needed each other and were going through a lot and confronted each other. It was sweet and Sam is a very nice guy.

    I love Cas so much but the thing I hate about the season is that Naomi is controlling him. Hes not the nice thoughtful angel I fell in love with. I loved his relationship with Dean but in this one there is a lot that is hurting the relationship and they dont have the same at all understanding and respect that used to make me love it. Granted there was a lot in the 7th that stopped that too but at least that was because Cas chose it (not that I liked that as much either) I just loved their relationship and how they helped each other without question where as now it seems there is no trust at least on Deans side and I know a lot happened The one thing I hated the most on this one is all the trouble they went to get poor Alfie (who was put through so much pain) and he was such a good angel and believed totally in Cas just for Cas to kill him which made me disappointed in Cas. I was hoping he would be strong enough not to do it. His character just isnt the same and I know each season cant be the same or it would get boring and if Cas was perfect all the time it would be too easy and no story line but still.... Overall I liked the show. I liked how Dean helped when Cas asked him and also how Sam did when asked in spite of his disagreement with Dean. Also how in spite of everything Dean still looked out for Sam and they protected each other. No matter what they are brothers and their care for each other overcomes all. I liked how at the end they came to an understanding. There was mixed feelings from Dean cause he wanted Sam to be happy but he also wanted him to be by his side like always. I also liked how he knew to keep his relationship with Sam he had to not see Benny. It was his sacrifice for his brother which is what the show is about. I liked the show except that they didnt trust Cas but I did like it and liked the actors as always and it is my favorite show always. Sorry about the length. There was just a lot to say
  • torn and frayed

    torn and frayed was an absolutely awesome exhilarating and riveting episode of supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because Castiel learned a little bit more about what was happening to him though I at a very high price. both Sam and Dean make changes and choices to their lives in the end and it was sort of sad to see the possibilities of what may happen to the people who they affected. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next.
  • Happy Supernatural is back!

    When I'm seeing him, I have always that song in my head "Miiiister Crooowley, what went down in your heeeaaad". but that has nothing to do with the story, I guess.

    Glad Amelia's gone (hope she is gone for good), such a boring and pointless storyline (what was her purpose again???). Keeping my fingers crossed Benny will be back soon (and that he won't get killed, because I'm pretty sure he will drink from the vein again). Loved Dean as always (Jensen Ackles' facial impressions are priceless!), found Sam boring and pathetic as always.
  • weird camera work

    I really had a problem with the camera work I mean in film and tv you almost never zoom anymore especially the dramatic face zoom, that thing is almost only used to kind of make fun of the old way of doing tthings. It really bugged me and i actually just used the whole episode trying to figur out if this was some kind of theme episode.
  • Torn and Frayed

    This episode was the best episode of Supernatural in a long time. Loved the reveals and i can kinda see how the show ends if they decide to give both brothers a happy ending. Dean opening the laptop to porn was hilarious and old school supernatural Love this season and wish the show can continue to 10 seasons atleast as the ratings and quality have improved this season alot. I didn't want to spoil anything because this episode really deserves a 10 and more.
  • Sorry, but this had to happen.

    I think that only now can this season really begin. Sorry but Benny was a mistake - every season the writers just have to make Sam and Dean fight. And this time Benny (and Amelia) were the reason for these pointless fights. Getting rid of them both will finally let things get back on track. Yes - they both have the potential to return (especially Benny) but I hope they will no longer have the influence they did until now.

    One thing that really bugged me was very awkward camerawork. Especially the scene when Crowley's face was zoomed. It looked like it had been done with a mobile phone. Also, someone manipulating Castiel is getting a bit old - but it was done in a new and interesting way - much more "direct" then before.
  • So much potential... and then the last scene happened

    This episode started wonderfuly and then it went to sh*t.

    I do love the part with the angels and Misha was phenomenal and it was really intriguing. And poor Samandriel. Why, show, why?

    I also wonder what is Naomi so afraid off and what it is that she controls the angels with.

    Dean and Castiel were wonderful as well. Loved Cas telling the Winchesters to cut their crap as well as Dean's proud look when Cas told Kevin that he will get all the necessary ingredients.

    Not sure what to think of Benny, the "break-up" was rather abrupt especially after last episode.

    I really feel sorry for Amelia. I liked her and I still think she was and could have been good for Sam.

    Which brings me to the brothers and what I hated about this episode. Which was the very last scene but I will get to it.

    As hundreds time before the boys started a conversation about their issues and then simply sweeped it under the rag AGAIN because catastrophe number 25963587563 was at the door.

    This season I tried and failed to put my finger on what was wrong with teh boys and in this episode I finally figured it out. They don't trust each other. I don't know when they stopped but they simply don't. And it is not just Dean not trusting Sam, but also Sam not trusting Dean. And they never go deeper than the surface on the why's and fixing it because ... catastrophe. And they always come when the other needs them because they are family and they love each other above all. But it is as though the bond is only there because they should be and they don't even remember how it felt when it actually existed.

    And I feel like this was the next to last straw and in a minute is will all blow in their faces because they are just too emotionally stunned to sit down and have at it and to stay apart and do some healing instead of slamming the door on their way out in a hissy fit.

    And I was really hoping the show will FINALLY address it but no.

    I'm not giving up just yet but I am deeply dissapointed. So much potential, please don't let it go to waste
  • What?

    I like the fact that Amelia is gone. I like Benny, so I am hoping that he will show up again in the future (Angel Tablet). I hate the direction of where Castiel is going with Naomi. Maybe they are trying to set up an ARC for season 9. At this point, I think that they may be cancelled soon. The writing is so all over the place. I feel so sorry for the great actors who have nothing great to work with. :(
  • Torn on this one

    Torn and flayed? It seems to represent some fans feelings about season 8 as a whole so far. And yet, like I've said before, I still think this season is an improvement on the last.

    I can understand why this episode was not the final episode before Christmas. Not that much really happened. It was entirely focused on character. Sam's Amelia arc, Dean's still blind trusting of Benny, Castiel's efforts for redemption (and the knowledge that he's been controlled by the rather scary Naiomi). An episode that takes a step back to let the character's breath is always a good thing, and I commend them for it. However, was watching the characters actually any good?

    Sam/Amelia once again was a little dull. They tried to turn up the suspense of Sam's choice, when we all knew what decision he would make in the end. Before even going into this episode, I knew exactly how it would end. Dean and Sam would somehow make up, and we'd be off into 4 or 5 filler episodes this side of March. So why bother with the fake suspense? I'm not entirely sure where the Amelia storyline can now go, unless they put her in mortal peril or something. Hey, if it's been wrapped up, at least we can draw a line under this and move on.

    As far as Dean is concerned, I feel sorry for Benny. I know he's cut him off for Sam, but it's possibly the worst thing Dean could have done! He's banged on time and time again about how much Benny has done for him, yet abandons him when he needs him the most. He's fed on human blood! Dean knows what that means for a vampire. I suppose now we wait for the episode where we have to suffer Sam's "I was right" speech as Benny succumbs and becomes an issue they have to deal with. Not very nice, Dean. Again he chooses his brother and usually I'd be all for that, except in all honesty Sam's acted like a complete jerk as far as Dean's concerned, and if the writers were not so obsessed with keeping the brothers together so we can have a couple of weeks of filler, we could properly explore these issues. In short, the idea behind the Benny and Amelia storylines as wedges between the two could be good if done properly. They'd been doing a good job so far, but it looks like this episode has retconed it. Maybe it was the poor fan reaction to Amelia... I dunno.

    Aside from that, we had the much welcomed return of Castiel. There were several revelations here: Castiel is being controlled by Naoimi and there is an Angel tablet which Crowley will try to find. Exciting stuff... even if we did kind of know that anyway. And though Crowley is always fun, I wasn't as overjoyed to see him here as I usually am. Maybe it's because the character stuff aside we've seen this type of episode millions of times before. And again, sigh, they neuter Castiel to stop him from dropping a bomb on the entire place. Seriously? Could I be shot for hoping Crowley had posted some Leviathans to guard Samandriel? He should know by now that Cas, Sam and Dean would show up eventually. Maybe the King doesn't trust the Levis anymore. To be honest, I don't blame him.

    So, an average episode focusing on character with some revelations to set us up for the new year. It was okay, not terrible but not all that brilliant either. Still, I remain optimistic. Welcome back Supernatural.
  • what the?

    I dont understand! Sam says get rid of Benny and Dean just does?? whyyyyy? now benny's gonna go off the deep end cos Dean didnt have his back. Can't Dean have one friend? Isn't it a GOOD thing to have a vampire in your pocket if you need one? That was just sad! Poor Benny and poor Dean! LOVED the creepy cas and the laptop porn - not to mention whispering behind Kevin's back about his mum. Classic stuff!
  • Sam Bllows.

    This season is seriously making me HATE Sam. Hes become such as little sh*t. I keep just wanting to reach through the TV universe and kick him squire in the nuts. His side story is ruining the season as well. :(
  • Why can't Dean just grow a backbone and ditch Sam?

    Well, this episode ended exactly the way I feared it would: Dean admits he's wrong and goes crawling back to Sam, who has done nothing to apologize or atone for the massive asshole he's been all season. Dean apologizes for sending a fake text, but Sam doesn't have to apologize for letting Martin KNOCK HIM OUT AND HANDCUFF HIM TO A RADIATOR. Dean has to abandon Benny because... Sam doesn't like him? Really, what was the point behind that? Dean abandons a capable ally who's actually had his back and treats him as an equal for a brother who doesn't want to be hunting in the first place, treats him like crap and emotionally blackmails him at every opportunity. Guess Dean's just not allowed to have friends unless Sam says so. Watch out Cas, I'm sure Dean will be dropping you too as soon as you get on Sam's bad side (which, as Benny shows, you don't actually have to do anything besides exist to do).

    Other than the ending scene, and of course the Samelia crap which was boring as usual, this was an alright episode. I liked Cas and I liked Samandriel. The "revelation" of an angel tablet was probably guessed by everyone as soon as the demon tablet was revealed, but at least it's something in an arc that has been incredibly slow getting off the ground. I liked Crowley when he was first introduced but I think by now he's overstayed his welcome and is starting to get old, he's not as snarky or clever as he used to be.

    I think I'm done with Supernatural for now. I may watch next week since Felicia Day is in it and I'm a fan of hers, but for me the brotherly bond was a big part of what made this show, and Carver has absolutely wrecked it. Sam treats Dean like crap and Dean isn't allowed to fight back. Angst doesn't equal quality. I for one enjoyed the show more when Sam and Dean actually LIKED each other.
  • rock on!

    rock on supernatural, rock on! that's all i have to say. what an awesome episode.
  • Perfect step in the right direction

    Excellent episode, I thought. Very sad and depressing though!

    Both brothers showed incredible maturity in this episode. From Dean letting Sam know that he could go back to Amelia, to Sam and Dean each choosing each other and accepting the task at hand, in turn accepting the great sacrifices they had to make. Sam sacrificed his relationship with Amelia, his big chance at happiness, and Dean sacrificed his relationship with Benny, his big chance at trust and friendship.

    The scene when Cas tried to comfort Samandriel and put his hand on his cheek was heartbreaking, as the second later, he was controlled into murdering him.... RIP Alfie! And I dearly hope Cas will somehow be able to fight back and not let Naomi ruin him more than she has already. He's just going to hate himself even more if he realizes what he did and what is happening and I'm truly worried about what could happen later.

    As it stands in the overall story of the season so far, well, this season has had a lot of storylines going all at once - Dean/Benny, Sam/Amelia, Kevin/tablets/Crowley, Cas/Naomi, etc - and seemed a bit shaky at times and not entirely sure what to focus on. But this episode touched on all storylines and cleaned up many of them in doing so. The show now has a stronger focus on what it's main storyline is while putting aside some of the storylines such as Dean/Benny and Sam/Amelia, both finishing them yet also leaving options to revisit them (Benny's story in particular - I doubt we'll hear of Amelia again). I think this is a great step in the right direction.