Season 8 Episode 10

Torn and Frayed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2013 on The CW

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  • So much potential... and then the last scene happened

    This episode started wonderfuly and then it went to sh*t.

    I do love the part with the angels and Misha was phenomenal and it was really intriguing. And poor Samandriel. Why, show, why?

    I also wonder what is Naomi so afraid off and what it is that she controls the angels with.

    Dean and Castiel were wonderful as well. Loved Cas telling the Winchesters to cut their crap as well as Dean's proud look when Cas told Kevin that he will get all the necessary ingredients.

    Not sure what to think of Benny, the "break-up" was rather abrupt especially after last episode.

    I really feel sorry for Amelia. I liked her and I still think she was and could have been good for Sam.

    Which brings me to the brothers and what I hated about this episode. Which was the very last scene but I will get to it.

    As hundreds time before the boys started a conversation about their issues and then simply sweeped it under the rag AGAIN because catastrophe number 25963587563 was at the door.

    This season I tried and failed to put my finger on what was wrong with teh boys and in this episode I finally figured it out. They don't trust each other. I don't know when they stopped but they simply don't. And it is not just Dean not trusting Sam, but also Sam not trusting Dean. And they never go deeper than the surface on the why's and fixing it because ... catastrophe. And they always come when the other needs them because they are family and they love each other above all. But it is as though the bond is only there because they should be and they don't even remember how it felt when it actually existed.

    And I feel like this was the next to last straw and in a minute is will all blow in their faces because they are just too emotionally stunned to sit down and have at it and to stay apart and do some healing instead of slamming the door on their way out in a hissy fit.

    And I was really hoping the show will FINALLY address it but no.

    I'm not giving up just yet but I am deeply dissapointed. So much potential, please don't let it go to waste
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