Season 8 Episode 14

Trial and Error

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2013 on The CW

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  • Trial and Error

    Not the best episode by any means but still was a leap forward in terms of the major storyline of the season. Getting into Kevin's routines and seeing his miserably monotonous attempts at deciphering the tablet was a nice change of pace and I was a little worried when he collapsed on the floor. But Sam and Dean's different approaches of giving Kevin advice were amusing. Sam telling him to slow down so as to not kill himself and Kevin's rebuttal about wanting to get back to his life with no demons after him anymore. Dean's giving him pills for his headaches as glue to keep him together rather than actually prescribing actual rest and down time. But Dean wants the exact same thing that Kevin wants and that's to shut the gates of Hell. Kevin deciphering the first of 3 challenges by God is decoded and how the champion must bathe in the blood of hellhound. So Sam and Dean head to a place where signs point to a crossroads demon appearance a decade before and find a family that struck oil where there was none ten years ago. They begin work there as supposed drifters and do grunt work while one of the sons who had traded his soul to be with a woman he was infatuated with is killed by a hellhound meaning but the strange occurrences keep happening which means that there must've been more who had made deals at the same time. Dean is determined to face the hellhound and save Sam the trouble since he is the one who "sees a light at the end of the tunnel" and how Dean wants to sacrifice himself doing this. The brothers' hot worker overseer offering sex to Dean when they hold the family captive to know which one also sold their soul was a red flag for me. She should've just said, "It's a one night offer. Because I sold my soul to I would've liked to see Dean be a little more afraid of the hellhound after his being killed by one in Season 3 or at least a little more hesitance but seeing him the glasses bathed in God's flame was humorous. The farm worker boss had sold her soul for her mother who had Parkinson's and is now happily retired. Her explanation of family sacrifice is no stranger since this show operates on that kind of familial sacrifice being the Winchester kryptonite. When another one of the family is dispatched (making three deals) Sam and Dean are in much more of a hurry (this one having traded her soul for the wealth). Hearing how Crowley was the "suave businessman" who came into town ten years ago was a little on the nose but believable since he wasn't always top dog and would be ambitious enough to get three deals or more in one corner of the world. Sam is the one that ultimately kills the hellhound and tells Dean that he needs to have faith and see the light at the end of the tunnel too. I like that Sam is doing it instead of Dean, causing there to be some more tension between them. They make a hex bag so that the girl that wasn't dispatched could hide from Crowley and other hellhounds. Granted, this was the main plotline but this is only one of three which Kevin hasn't translated completely yet so expect a few monster of the week episode before we get back to this. Not a perfect episode, although that thing with Sam's arm after having cast the spell could be problematic down the road. Nice to see the season arc continue and be a "Godly obstacle course" as Dean puts it. And all of Dean's pop culture references to the hellhound as "Huckleberry Hound" and "Clifford the Red Dog" were much appreciated.

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