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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Devil's Trap

  • At the end of the episode, when Sam is driving his dad and Dean to the hospital, Sam looks in the rearview mirror to look at Dean. He sees Dean straight on, which would be impossible unless the rear view mirror were twisted around at almost a 45-degree angle. And even then, Sam's head would be blocking the view, since Dean is behind him and against the car door on the same side.

  • As Sam is checking to make sure John isn't possessed, he splashes him with holy water. However, the very first time Sam splashes him, although you hear the noise like water is coming out of the flask, no water comes out.

  • When Dean shoots the possessed man who was attacking Sam in the street, you can see he falls over with his legs staying on top of Sam's. But when the camera pans out the man is lying farther away and his legs are nowhere near Sam's.

  • Both Meg's hands and feet were tied and yet when Sam and Dean are untying the rope they barely have to work to get out the knots on her hands and they don't even untie her feet yet in the next shot the rope is lying untied on the floor.

  • When Dean hits Meg, her hair gets messed up, but in the next shot, her hair is undisturbed.

  • When the possessed John is "killing" Dean he has blood coming out of his mouth and dripping down his chin. Then they show John but when they go back to Dean he doesn't have any blood on his face.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Salvation

  • Trivia: In John's motel room, among various maps and handwritten notes, there are also three books: Igloo Killinek by Kenneth C. Butler; Air Force One Is Haunted by Robert J. Serling and, surprisingly enough, Secrets by Danielle Steel.

  • Talking about the Colt in the previous episode, "Dead Man's Blood" John said that thirteen bullets were created, and half a dozen were used. Onscreen images showed thirteen bullets then seven bullets. Now John says only four bullets are left. One was used on the vampire last episode, so where are the other two?

  • The road sign at the Salvation town limits has what appears to be a Bible verse on it: "Are you ready for Judgement Day? - JW 2:27".
    However, "JW" does not refer to any book of the Bible, so this verse does not exist.

  • Trivia: In freeze-frame, you can see that the dagger the priest throws at Meg has "God's Eye" inscribed on it, along with other mystic markings.

  • Trivia: At 04:34, there's a note John posted on the wall. It says "sleep easy motel" with a picture of the demon (?) holding an orb of some sort, the gun (with the words 'the one only one' and 'SAM'), and there's a phone number - 555-0918 with the name Gerry.

  • John yells at Dean for not telling him about Sam's visions. In the episode "Home," Missouri says "that boy has such powerful abilities, why he couldn't sense his own father, I have no idea". When she said that John was sitting right there. He acted like he didn't know what was happening but he knew 11 episodes ago.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Dead Man's Blood

  • When Dean and Sam run out of the vampire nest you can see Sam holding the machete in his right hand, but when they get to the cars he doesn't have it. He doesn't have it when they are inside the nest either.

  • When we first see John outside the Impala, the window is completely closed. Then, when John gets in the car, the window is open about halfway, and when John leaves and talks to Dean through the window, the window is open almost all the way.

  • When telling the legend of the Colt, John says it was made the same night in 1835 when all the men died at the Alamo. The Battle of the Alamo, however, occurred in 1836.

  • Daniel's last name was given as Elkins. However, he was listed as D. Elkin in the journal.

  • Trivia: Dean's Dad was the one to give him the Impala.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Provenance

  • When they're searching for salt at Evelyn's house, Sam says "Low sodium freaks," plural. However, every indication is that Evelyn lived alone.

  • The father's bones that Dean dug up seemed really white considering that he has been buried for a long time.

  • The timeline doesn't fit. Sam said that the Telescas died four days ago, the night they bought the painting. But later in the episode he says that the painting was stored until a month ago where the Telescas bought the painting at a charity auction.

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