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  • Season 2 Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon

  • Trivia: When the trailer for Hell Hazers 2 begins, the movie rating screen says Hell Hazers has been approved by the "American Association for Motion Pictures." In reality it is the "Motion Picture Association of America." Also, it says that the film has not been rated and underneath, in small print, it says "Not Yet Written, Cast, Shot, Edited or Scored."

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Heart

  • The brothers and Madison all seem to be in a hurry to kill her. It's not clear what the rush is, given they've only had 2-4 days to explore all the options. They already know they can keep her from transforming, and Dean suggests it's because she has to be asleep during a full moon cycle. They also know they can confine her safely in a closet. Why not take one more night to lock her up and test Dean's theory? Instead they just shoot her dead.

  • When Sam checks on Madison the morning after Kurt's murder, Madison wakes up and realizes she's naked. However, when she throws the covers aside she's already neatly covered up in a sheet even though there's no indication she pulled the sheet loose before getting out of bed.

  • Shouldn't Sam and Dean have put a silencer on the gun before Sam shot Madison? Gunshots are extremely loud, louder than television and movies portray, so someone from her apartment complex or even the street would have easily heard it.

  • When Sam is in the morgue, the corpse on the table blinks.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Roadkill

  • Trivia: The conversation Sam has with Molly at the end is very similar to the conversation the Reaper and Dean had toward the end of "In My Time of Dying."

  • The brothers don't salt and burn Marion Greeley's bones. There's no indication she's a ghost, but given she killed herself because she lost her husband, she certainly seems obsessed. There's no reason not to dispose of her remains in the proper manner, and yet they don't.

  • When Greeley is scratching Molly's stomach, there is a lot of skin showing, but when we get a full view of her hanging, there is only a sliver of skin showing.

  • When confronting Greeley's spirit, Dean yells at Sam to hurry up. Given Sam is secretly salting and burning Greeley's bones, Dean yelling at him isn't the best idea. Fortunately, Greeley doesn't bother to investigate what Sam is doing.

  • There is no way Sam would've been able to find the grave, unbury the body, salt and burn the bones in the same while Dean just shot the ghost and was smashed to the wall, with the ghost trying to kill him. He didn't have the time, it all happened too quickly.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Tall Tales

  • In the final scene when we see the alleged dead Trickster in the chair, as the scene starts, you can see Richard Speight's chest rise as he takes a deep breath and holds it.

  • In the end, the bed and disco lights are still on the stage even though all the stuff that the trickster supposedly conjured up faded away when he was stabbed. This should have alerted Sam and Dean to the fact that the trickster was still alive, as seen at the end of episode.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Born Under a Bad Sign

  • Why didn't Dean track Sam's phone when he first went missing like he did after Sam knocked him out in the motel room?

  • When Sam hit Dean with the gun, Dean collapsed with his right hand beside his body. However, the next shot showed his right hand was beside his head.

  • Jo had a bruise on her forehead when Sam tied her to the pole but the scene she's helping Dean up from the water, looked more like she had a cut. Back to the bar patching up Dean's wound, she had a bruise again.

  • When Sam puts his hand on Dean's shoulder you can see Dean grabbing Sam's arm because of the pain. Then the camera switches toward Sam and then back to Dean grabbing Sam's arm again.

  • Dean's cell phone still works even after he fell into the water.

  • Trivia: When Dean is on the website to locate Sam via GPS, he is logged in as "Dean J. MaHogOff.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Houses of the Holy

  • When Zach's room is shaking and his TV falls over you can clearly see that the power cord is neatly tied up and unplugged.

  • According to Dean's cellular phone listing, he's playing Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, but he's actually playing Down On Love by Jamie Dunlap.

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