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  • Season 3 Episode 16: No Rest for the Wicked

  • In the scene where Ruby and the Winchester brothers fight, the shot of Dean falling down when Ruby kicks him in the head is reused as the shot of him falling down when she head-butts him; it is frame-for-frame identical. Further, he is clearly holding her knife in his right hand held in front of him (although it disappears when he picks himself up), yet she did not notice even though she is looking right at him-both times.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Time Is On My Side

  • When Dean says to Doc Benton, "Please, what? You've been killing poor bastards for over 150 years.." the way his mouth is moving does not match the words he is saying.

  • In the opening scene, the doctor is pushed into the trunk of his car and locked in. Ever since 2002, all cars in North America have been required to have internal trunk release handles which glow in the dark should anyone become so trapped.

  • When Bela makes the pact with Lilith, Lilith's eyes are red instead of white.

  • When the jogger wakes up strapped to the table his heart monitor, while right-side-up for the camera, is now upside-down on his wrist.

  • Dr. Benton begins to scoop out Sam's left eye, but when Dean shoots him, his hand is at Sam's left eye-which is now red, but is back to normal in the next shot.

  • When Sam is attacked in the hotel room, he drops his Blackberry phone. However, the wrong screen is shown on the phone. Since he was talking on the phone we should have seen a lighter screen with the caller ID. The screen shown is the one you see when you are not using the phone.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Long Distance Call

  • When Sam is trying to get out of the cables binding him there is blood on his wrist. When he is fighting the crocotta there is no sign of blood.

  • Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that the crocotta uses the phone lines to communicate with people, yet he still managed to call a toy phone earlier in the episode. During the episode's first scene, the crocotta was also able to call Ben Waters even after Ben had ripped his phone from the phone jack.

  • Trivia: BustyAsianBeauties was a website previously mentioned in "Tall Tales."

  • When Lanie is on the computer talking to her "mother," the closed captioning flashes lyrics to Scandal'us' Make Me Crazy even though no music is playing.

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Ghostfacers

  • When Dean busts through the bomb shelter door Sam is wearing the party hat, but when he goes to untie Sam the hat is gone.

  • When the second echo shows up Dean asks the Ghostfacers if it was the same echo they saw before. Sam and Dean watched the video of the first echo so they would have known it was not the same one.

  • When Ed and Harry entered the house, we can see that Ed was wearing night vision goggles while Harry was holding a flashlight pointing from time to time at Ed. The light from the flashlight can destroy the goggles and temporarily blind the one who was wearing them during that time.

  • This is the first episode where we hear (albeit bleeped) and see crude, "four letter" profanity from the Winchester brothers.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Jus In Bello

  • When Henrikson makes the phone call to his boss, he is holding the receiver in his right hand, and taking off his vest with his left. In the close up, he is holding the phone with his left at first, switches to his right and then uses his left hand to (once again) take off the same strap on his vest.

  • When Dean says, "You don't poke a bear with a BB gun, it's just gonna make him mad," his lips aren't moving during the second part of that line.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Mystery Spot

  • When we first see Dean having a shower and we see his hair, it is all flat, and then the second time we see him, it has been pulled into a mohawk.

  • The first time around when Sam and Dean come out of the Diner, a heavyset lady in red and her partner leave from a store next door. She can still be viewed in the background up to the time Dean bumps the blond. This couple does not show up in any of the subsequent loops. Even though the other loops don't show the couple coming out of the store, they should still be seen in the background.

  • During the second Tuesday discussion, after the blond bumps Dean there is a couple that walks across the screen from right to left, twice.

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