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  • Season 3 Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me

  • Trivia: The signature on the badge Dean uses when he first meets Jeremy in Jeremy's dorm room is signed Robert Plant. This is an alias that has been used before, most recently in the episode titled "Bedtime Stories."

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Malleus Maleficarum

  • When Sam and Dean walk into Amanda's house and find her dead, the camera cuts to her and we see that her mouth is completely closed. When the scene is about to end and there is another shot of Amanda, we see that her mouth is now open.

  • When Sam and Dean walk out of the Duttons' house, it begins to rain and we can see that both of their jackets become wet around the shoulders. However, when they get in the car, their jackets are dry.

  • The demon picks up a wrought iron fire poker to beat Ruby with. However it has been established, many times, that demons cannot touch iron

  • When the demon possessing Tammi kills Renee telekinetically by snapping her neck, Renee's head moves in the opposite direction than the demon's hand.

  • We know that Sam and Dean were arrested at least twice before and police certainly have their prints in the system. So why would they break and enter into Amanda's house without wearing gloves thus leaving their prints as evidence around a murder scene?

  • When Sam was being pinned to the wall, first his bangs were on his forehead and then two scenes later, they weren't. Then a scene later, the bangs were back across his forehead.

  • Towards the end when the demon has been killed, Ruby's bangs keep changing position from off to the side to between her eyes.

  • When the spurned witch was killed at the beginning of the show 3 of 4 candles were blown out. When Dean and Sam came looking for her and found her dead, two candles remained burning.

  • While Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is playing in the background, closed captioning displays the words for Nazareth's "Love Hurts".

  • Season 3 Episode 8: A Very Supernatural Chris...

  • When Sam was tied to the chair he was cut on the right arm, yet at the end of the episode there is no scar on his right arm, and his left is bandaged.

  • When Mrs. God was cutting Dean's arm for the second time, blood was coming out but there's no cut wound.

  • In the scene where Sam and Dean break through the Santa's house door when he is watching TV, he is holding a bottle in his left hand and a green bong in his right. When he suddenly stands up the Santa is holding the bottle in his right and the bong is gone.

  • The last victim's wife claims she was woken by her husband's screams when he was being pulled from the bed. Yet when the attack happened, she screamed as soon as the demon entered the room, and her husband never screamed.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Fresh Blood

  • Gordon says that Bela was in Massachusetts, and with the Winchesters. In the last episode she was with the Winchesters and this episode clearly follows directly after it. However, in that episode local resident Steve Warren had Rhode Island license plates.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Red Sky at Morning

  • When the third victim "drowns" in his car and Sam and Dean fail to save him, Sam checks his pulse and immediately comes to the conclusion that the man is dead. After such a short time after the "drowning," Sam should have performed CPR first since there is a possibility of saving the person even if he lost his pulse.

  • If Gert and Sam are "already halfway there," meaning to the charity ball, as Bela says while waiting for Dean to change into his tux, then why do Bela and Dean arrive at the charity ball first, while Gert and Sam arrive minutes later?

  • At the three-minute mark of the show the first victim is taking a shower. She has no shampoo in her hair but after looking out the shower door and just before she is choked from behind she has shampoo in her hair but only for a brief second then its gone again.

  • Trivia: In season 1, "Salvation," Meg tells John to "mind his blood pressure" after he threatens to kill her. Bela says the same thing to Dean in the same situation.

  • When Dean walks down the stairs in a tuxedo to a waiting Bela and during their brief conversation, there are several lit candles in plain view. However, when they exit to go to Gert's party, neither one takes the time to stop and blow out the candles.

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