Season 6 Episode 2

Two and a Half Men

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • I find the name interesting!

    The brotherly bond and the Impala is back again in full swing! But I especially liked that scene when Dean wakes up and found the baby shifted into black like the Diaper-pack baby. That shape shifting scene of season 1 still gives me creeps! Maybe it is only possible in Supernatural to turn something this kind of creepy to something cute like that! But i don't like their Grandpa. there's something he hides from them.
  • Better but still not Supernatural.

    Ok, so this episode was by far better than the pilot. For one thing I could watch it without being bored out of my skull.

    Shapeshifting episodes have always been decent filler episodes, so they were a great idea for the monster of the week. The baby stealing angle was particularly interesting. Not sure how I feel about the Alpha storyline, but i'll go with it. The one thing I am certain about, is that Granpa and the cousins need to leave and soon. They add nothing and raise far too many plotholes. A family member died but none of them were particularly bothered. What?

    I really like Lisa and enjoyed the storyline about them last week. However, this week they stifled the flow of the show. They are relativly good characters but they are not inkeeping with the formula of the show. The one thing that really anoyed me was Sam. He just seems completely out of character. Throughout the pat seasons, we have seen many different Sams', but each was understandable and likeble in their own way. This new Sam is just cold, creepy and a copmletely different character. Overall this episode was an improvement, but there is still a long way to go. Although, a slight ray of hope has been rekindled.
  • Not Good....But not Awful

    The first episode of this season was a disgrace, it made me give up on supernatural. I hadn't planned on watching another episode. I am such a huge fan I had to give it another episode or 2. I heard episode 1 and 2 were kind of one long season premiere. What harm could there be in giving my (maybe former) favorite show another chance? So I gave in and just watched it.

    The episode itself wasn't terrible. Action, suspense, story that seemed like it wasn't slapped together earlier that day (like episode 1 of the season). The story is acceptable but definitely has the "jump the shark" type feel to it. I don't think the integration of dean back into hunting was convincing. And the story of this episode had me bored through 75% of it.

    So Dean is out. Refuses Sam last episode, and this episode sam gives dean a call. He has handled times alone before, hasn't contacted dean for a year because he wants dean to have a family life, and has the campbells he can call. BUT for some reason still needs dean desperately on this case and he isn't taking no for an answer. Sam has taken on a lot of things. Hell, ghosts, demons, reapers, and lucifer himself. He calls dean because he can't handle a baby. OK.... Shortly after hooking up with dean, sam insists on bringing the baby to sammuel anyway. Sam could have done this right away without bringing dean back and having pointless antics happen in between. Either sam has an ulterior motive or it's not very thoughtful writing.

    A shapeshifting baby. That is on the border of creative and ridiculous. Shapeshifting has been done, and while this episode introduced some things to keep shapeshifting fresh, it didn't succeed in my opinion.

    Just because we can't understand everything right now isn't a reason to bash supernatural. It is possible that all this may be setting the stage for things later on. That is not my issue with supernatural at the moment. Sam may not be all he appears to be, as is with sammual. The storyline has potential if it is worked right. But, I still have been bored through the huge majority of season 6.

    The show looks to be getting back into the season 1 formula, but like a watered down/much much less original version of that formula. The developing season long storyline has potential, and that's a plus. But the monsters of the week that have to carry the bulk of the show is so unoriginal, boring, and has fallen flat.

    I may be judging supernatural too quickly as I have only seen the first 2 episodes, but I can't think of a better way to describe this series then jump the shark.
  • I have been unhappy overall with the direction of the new Season 6 of Supernatural. Both tonight's episode and last week's domestic lovefest seem determined to take Dean out of his "comfort zone", but in a really weak and unstructured way. Not Good!

    The new direction Sera Gamble seems determined to go in for the new season of SPN is, so far, pretty lame.Like when your little sister gets ahold of your GI Joe and forces him to wear Barbie's clothes. I am not saying they should never try anything new, but come on! It's Dean as Dagwood Bumstead! What next?Dean's turn to drive the kids back from soccer? Sera should learn not to be so indulgent of her own vision, at least as far as we can judge by what she has already done. This is not Supernatural; it's a new pilot for Lifetime. One more episode this bad, and I feel Ms. Gamble Will alienate the original core fanbase of this program so much the damage may be irrepairable. I am a long time viewer of SPN, with a good understanding of the show's background mythology, and I do not recognize the palate Ms. Gamble is choosing fot these new episodes. With hope, the usual thing that happens to good genre TV shows, staying on past the creator's vision or when the audience's passion is gone, will not occur in this case. I often think it would be better if we did in the US what they often do in Great Britain, and craft our series with specific endings in mind from the beginning. Of course, we all know by now, that the sixth season of Supernatural had nothing to do with continuing a creative thread,and everything to do with contractual obligations. Eric Kripke's storyline was well and truly finished at the end of season five. I for one would have been content to allow the series to rest at that point, keep any real dog episodes from being produced. Oh, well, looks like it's too late for that! Sera might want to cnosider creating a new craft show for HGTV; that looks like a much better fit for her tame sensibilities.
  • great idea . bad use of it though .

    I'm gonna start with the things I loved. 1st: Smoke in the Water at the end of the episode was amazing! The Impala is amazing, Dean looked insanely hot, and the way that scene was directed was just awesome. 2nd: In the season premiere I was afraid they would take away the "THEN" and "NOW" but now it is back! I still think it was a little bit too long this time, but it could be worse, so I am satisfied. 3rd: Baby monster skin explosion! 4th: I missed the comedy. Those lines such as "They might get upset when he turns Asian!" were just awesome. When Dean was singing Smoke in the Water to the baby, and imitating the kid's noise when he cried, all of that was just hilarious. Even though I feel the jokes are too focused on Dean, I'm glad it is back.
    Now things I hated, or that I think need some improvement. 1st: Sam's attitude. I liked Sam just as much as I liked Dean, but now it just feels like Sam is a completely different person. I hope all of this will end up in something like "Sam is still the Devil" because I don't wanna have to suffer through these episodes for nothing. 2nd: The scene when the baby was being passed around between Samuel and Sam and Dean's cousins was way too long. It felt like they needed to fill up the time span, so they just threw that scene in. 3rd: The intense focus on Dean. The show is about the Winchester Brothers, and now it feels like they erased Sam from the story. On the 2nd season I thought the balance was perfect because the audience usually prefers Dean, while the focus of the story was more about Sam's evilness but without outshining Dean. And now Sam is just this boring emotionless character in the show that no one gives a damn about. 4th: Shape shifters. Again. Feels like every time they wanna do a monster different from Angels and Demons they choose Shape shifters like in "Usual Suspects" and "Monster Movie". Even though the season premiere was bad, I liked the fact they used genies. Still, I think they need to come up with new monsters. 5th: I see the 1st season as the one who started the build up of a brother relationship. The 2st and 3rd season was about reinforcing that relationship with the idea of one brother caring and worrying about the other. The 4th season was about the fallout of their relationship, which was totally understandable and it made a LOT of sense. Finally the 5th season they patched it up and came back to what they had been building up on the first 3 seasons. And now, it's like they are not brothers anymore. For no apparent reason. Yes, Sam lied for a year, but Dean can't be just abandon Sam like that. 6th: Once again, Supernatural creates characters, and kill them. If they don't give time for the characters to develop, no one is gonna miss them when they die! And the killing characters for no reason has got to stop. I love this show a LOT. It is my favorite show on television. But so was Heroes in their 1st season.
  • See Summary

    Two and a Half Men, the second episode in the 6th season of Supernatural, was pretty exciting and full of action. The story itself was good, and it seems as if Supernatural is getting back on track to its true potential. There was some character development in this episode as well. The characters were forced to make decisions about their own lives, creating dilemas for them. The story leaves a couple murdered and the baby left behind. The baby is being hunted down by a supernatural entity, and eventually they discover it is a shapeshifter, but not just one, a lot of them, and the original one. I thought Ol' Yellow Eyes was going to make a reappearance, since others seemed to get popped out of Heaven and Hell alike, that would have added a nice balance, and intrigue to the season. Its not to late!!! Dean is tempted to get back into the Hunter's Life, which is good for us the viewer, but sad for him. Great episode, hope they keep getting better!!!
  • Finally!!

    No one really thought Dean could just lay back and be a 'family' man with Sam out there. Sam & Dean & the Impala...this is Supernatural. This show never ceases to amaze me with its twists and turns as the season progresses, never a dull moment. Also, I agree with the other reviews, this was far better than the premiere. This is why we watch and, next week, Cas is back. He's great with his backhanded humor and all. I've been a fan since this show started and will be one, hopefully, for many years to come. Let get this party started!!
  • Now we're going somewhere

    This episode was good- better than the first. It really started to add to the mystery (but, on the side, I do kind of wonder why the shifters have to be so evil; they can be anyone they want and live any life they want, so why choose to do nothing more than murder and kidnap children for the boos). It looks like there's something up with the monsters now. Sammuel seems interested in capturing as many as he can and he isn't above raising monster-spawn to be hunters (as is evidenced in his conversation with Dean concerning the shifter kid). We also get a first n the Supernatural universe- we get to see the very FIRST shifter. He is apparently stronger than any of the other lay monsters that the boys have faced and doesn' even need to leave messy skin behind to change. He's immune to ElEPHANT tranquilizer (but the down side to all of this power is that he apparently has no real face) and he's VERY intent on collecting shifter kids (for an army maybe- just speculating). Anyways, I supose one of this episode's highlights was Dean deciding to hit the road with Sammy again and making a deal to lead a SEMI-normal life with Lisa. Basically, he hunts monsters by day, but he comes home by night (WHEN he can). Here's to Castiel coming next week (and he has a HECK of a lot of explaining to do concerning why he never answered Sam's prayers.
  • The season picks up steam

    After a season premiere that challenged the audience to set aside expectations and consider subtle implications, this episode cemented many of the implications of that seemingly rough start. Sam is definitely not the same after his time in Hell, and Dean's concerns about the ever-more-creepy Campbells appear right on the nose.

    The writers did another great job of taking a relatively established "monster" and expanding on the mythology surrounding it. In this case, it was the shapeshifters, and it's hard to know if this is the way they've always propogated, or if this is a result of the unusual changes to the demonic and monstrous status quo that Samuel mentioned in the previous episode. It's particularly hard to tell because it seems like Samuel is changing the details as it suits his purpose.

    Without a doubt, Dean is not being told the whole truth. And since Dean is the audience's POV character, we're meant to be uneasy about all of this, because Dean is. I think he was right to question Sam's honesty, because Samuel and Sam were openly discussing their theories about the King Shapeshifter at the end. My impression was that Sam was only telling Dean as much as he "needed" to hear, and that it may have been designed as another attempt to draw Dean back into the hunting life.

    And the writers did a reasonably good job of playing out Dean's internal struggle between his feelings of responsibility for Lisa and Ben and his desire to get back into the fight with Sam. Dean is right to feel as though he endangered Lisa and Ben, but it goes deeper than that. Dean was doing everything in his power to protect his "family" while moving on in a semi-normal life. If the implications are accurate, Dean's new life was intentionally undermined by Samuel and Sam. If nothing else, Dean needs to get back in the saddle to find out why.

    Looking at it from the other side of the equation, Dean's attempt to enforce the safety of his "family" is just turning them into prisoners in their own lives. It's bad enough that Dean had them move; that had to be a massive disruption, especially to Ben. But if he's constantly being drawn into the hunting again, how can Dean ensure that this is the last move? If he had stayed, it seems inevitable that he would have turned into a version of his father. (Or, perhaps more correctly, his mother, since Mary was the one who was the hunter who tried to live a normal life.)

    It was inevitable that Dean would return to the life; the question was how quickly it would happen. I like that Lisa was the one who made the decision for him. It continues to shift her role as a symbol to an actual character. (That said, I don't see a good end coming for Lisa and/or Ben, at the rate things are going.)

    Dean's return serves two purposes. The first is the most obvious: he can now begin the slow but steady process of helping Sam regain some sense of himself. Since we all want the same answers that Dean will be seeking, this all works out well. The only downside is that we are likely to have another season that is focused heavily on Dean. It wouldn't be so bad to regain some of the balance between the brothers again.

    The second purpose is a deeper exploration of the Campbells. Others have noted that John Winchester did his best to keep the boys isolated from much of the Hunter culture. But even so, why would John have kept the existence of the Campbells as a hunting family such a secret? It seems impossible that he wouldn't have known, especially in the days and months after Mary's death. And with the Brothers Winchester losing so much of their support system during the Apocalypse, if Bobby knew, why wouldn't he have said anything?

    The implications are unnerving, to say the least. The Campbells, especially in this episode, act like the black sheep of the Hunting community. They keep to themselves, they don't trust anyone but family, and they seem to demand complete trust and obedience of their brood. They appear to resent Dean's questions and concerns, and I'm more convinced than ever that Samuel helped persuade Sam to keep his return a secret until the time was right.

    The idea that Christian and Gwen Campbell would agree to raise a shapeshifter baby as a hunter was downright creepy, and spoke to their zealotry. The somewhat subdued reaction to Mark's death (and, apparently, a couple others) was even more disturbing. Not only did it play on Dean's fears about his relationship to Ben, but it seemed to reflect the same kind of lack of emotional connection that made Sam seem so "wrong" in the premiere.

    Perhaps worse is the notion that Samuel has been tasked with delivering some of these monsters to some unknown individual. That explains what he was doing with the Djinn in the premiere, and why they would be using the baby as bait in this situation. But is this unknown figure the one who wanted them to implicate Dean, or was that something the Campbells themselves decided?

    While it may be too early for any educated guess as to this individual's identity, I'll take a stab at it. We know that the angels and demons are in disarray. With the demons no longer dedicated to a specific purpose, the changes to the supernatural world might be a play by one of them. (Crowley, perhaps?) So it seems reasonable to assume that the angels might want to take this post-apocalyptic opportunity to get information on the changes, and without direct intervention, who better than a secretive enclave of hunters with a connection to the infamous Brothers Winchester? And if that's true, then who better to lead such an angelic effort than Castiel?

    Whatever explanation is eventually given, these first two episodes of the sixth season have assuaged my fears over the state of "Supernatural". The depth of character study and exploration of consequences is front and center, as is the dark humor that has always been part of the mix from the beginning. "Supernatural" remains one of the best shows on television.
  • Sam calls Dean out of retirement to help him take care of a baby he found at a murder scene. The murderer was a shapeshifter who is the father of the baby. Dean and Lisa also come to an understanding--he will go out on hunts, as long as he comes back OK.

    Better. So much better.

    I still think that this is a different show that happens to call itself "Supernatural" and features the same lead actors. A spinoff of the Supernatural we all know and love, because this still feels like a completely different show. However, if they keep up with these types of episodes, this will probably be a show can get behind.

    The Campbells are still annoying. So, I was very happy that some were killed. However, I'm starting to want to know what is going on with Samuel Campbell. Is he selling the monsters? I'm starting to get intrigued.

    Also, Jensen playing bad always rocks my world.

    Last week, I was sure I wasn't going to get to this point where I'm intrigued by this new show. But, this has piqued my interest.

    I can't say I loved it. But, it was much better than last week. Here's hoping to more episodes like this one. It had gore, good acting, a weirdly beautiful ending.

    Just needs to find a sense of humor, and it may actually compare to the old Supernatural.
  • Now THAT'S more like it!

    Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered. At one of the crime scenes, he discovers a baby that was left behind and calls Dean for help. Reluctant to leave Lisa and Ben, Dean finally agrees to meet Sam and surprises his brother with how parental he has become. The brothers take the baby to Samuel, who decides to raise it as a hunter, which infuriates Dean. However, before they can decide the baby's future, a shape-shifter breaks in and attempts to kidnap the baby

    After last week's disappointing, season premiere, this episode fixes those mistakes! The hilarious back-and-forth bickering between the brothers is back. Badass Dean is back (just watch the last minute if you don't know what I'm talking about). Sam isn't AS strange as last week, definitely closer to the Sam we all know and love. And next week, CASTIEL! One of my favorites shows is starting to remind me why I watch!
  • Way better than last week.

    I'm not going to belly-ache any further about the season could have been better, yes, but this week's episode is making up for it. I see glimmers of the old Supernatural shining through: Dean's witty lines, Sam and Dean starting to show signs of brotherly-love, and also a stronger story line. Although the writing isn't as tightly-knit as Kripke's was, I trust that Gamble's story-telling skills will only improve. There is definitely something deeper going on and you can see this in Dean's uncertainty in his extended family and now in Sam. Dean is becoming uneasy and suspicious and I think this will start to unfold in the next few episodes. This episode has definitely made me happier and I think the storyline will get better with time. One thing though: I think we could have done without the Impala's musical montage... it was almost like a car commercial...instead, show Dean getting in the car, starting it, and smiling while music plays. Roll credits.
  • This marks the return of Dean return to hunting at the end. Dean and Sam need also need to take care of this baby and protect it. Some shape shifter is after it and so far there's no way of killing it.

    Ok, I know people didn't like the premier but I think you guys need to give this writer a chance. This episode was great and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next when Dean returns to hunting. There is obviously more going on then we realize and we just have to be patient and see what it is. Dean and Sam with the baby was great and I thought it was different from what we would normally see. This is getting very interesting and I am going to keep watching it.

    Dean is back baby yay!!
  • Better then the opening Season Premiere.. but I believe next episode will determine if this series hasn't jumped

    OK I stated I hated the opening season premiere and it was a real downer but this episode gave SOME hope, still not a great episode but at least this gave some hint of its direction for this season and this episode was at least watchable...
    Without giving any real spoiler lets just say we see some tension with Dean and the Campbells.. I really hated the season premiere that it seems that Dean appears that he just accepted them.. Also we see that Dean realize something is off with Sam as well..
    OK the villain still wasn't scary but at least we learn something new and its somewhat interesting.
    They put something of a cliffhanger and a mystery in the end of this episode and I believe the next episode will determine (at least for me) if this show is still a must see series.
  • alright another fantastic episode of supernatural sam and dean had to deal with a baby the impalya finally comes out awesome dean is ready to be a hunter once again and join his baby brother in the fight against monsters and demons what will happen next!!

    wow can I say wow another great installment for supernatural jared and jensen fantastic as always did miss seeing bobby this episode excited about next weeks episode can't wait until next friday love that supernatural is on fridays now wonder if everyone else agrees with supernatural being on fridays wow glad the implaya finally made an appearence but dean does have to do one thing talk to ben he has to say he's sorry for yelling at him he didn't talk to him yet dean doesn't remember being his age Ben is almost a teenager and needs to talk to him about why he yelled at him well now all we have to do is wait until next weeks episode.
  • A good episode. Way waaaaay better than the season premiere.

    Whew,I feel like supernatural is back or it's at least on its way back. I still don't like the extended family, but I bought/liked the storyline, I mean come on,a shapeshifter stopping by women's houses, shifting into their other halves,sleeping with them and then collecting his offspring 9 months later, it's brilliant. I also liked the brother dynamic although it still isn't what it used to be. And I wished they had really wrapped this episode up by killing the alpha,although I really don't know where the baby would go. I don't think we've seen the last of him though. Something fishy is going on with the extended family but I don't know what yet.I still can't get over the intro. At least this might be the best intro compared to previous seasons. And this may become a good and original(not new) supernatural season after all. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Great episode, blending the classic elements of Supernatural - monsters, humour, an epic rock track....and the Impala.

    This was a much more conventional SPN episode than the season opener, although I loved that too. It had all the classic elements; a gruesome monster hunt, some light hearted moments (the scene in the supermarket, Dean and the magic fingers, using whisky to soothe the baby), some mystery to draw us in (who was Samuel talking to?) a brilliant rock track ......and the Impala is back!!!

    Couple of things still missing for me that made it a 9.5 rather than a 10. I want caring Sam back. He is still so withdrawn, clinical, unable to access his own feelings. This means that we haven't yet had what I would call a proper emotional reunion rather than just a physical - in the same room together - one between Dean and Sam. They haven't really talked at all. I miss the brotherly love. There is still a lot to resolve between them. But I am patient. If it all happened in the first few eps, what would they show us for the rest of the season?

    The other thing a didn't care for is the Campbells. So far they are not being painted in a sympathetic light at all. There seems no reason we have been shown on screen why Sam would trust them so much, and certainly no reason to like them. They are as rude and unpleasant a bunch as you could meet. What was Christian's problem with Dean, and why would he bring up torture? The sooner we get Sam away from them and back with Dean the better. And I don't just mean hunting, I mean trusting each other first and putting everyone else on a 'wait and see' footing.

    Overall though, great ep. Can't wait for next week.
  • 602

    An episode that was way better than the premiere, but this episode still goes to show that this show is overdue, the show should have ended at season five honestly, is this still Supernatural? Like someone else said on here, I think we have to watch the next episode to see if this show has officially jumped the shark, since Dean has gone back to hunting.

    Sam continues to be cold towards Dean and I'm missing the past interactions they had over the past five years. The plot was absolutely ridiculous. A shape shifter that has a baby, and he wants it back, you could just tell this show has run out of stories, with a ridiculous plot like this one.

    Where's Castiel? Hopefully he'll come up pretty soon, he might be the only one that can save this show. Pretty much the same annoyances as the premiere, but was a bit better in quality. Fair episode, nothing special here.
  • So maybe the premiere was just some horrendous "Brain Fart Dream Sequence" after all!

    All those quintessential Winchester elements so glaringly absent in the first episode, now appear to be showing signs of rebirth. Still not sold on the "Suzy Homemaker Dean", but more than impressed with the tie-in to dear old Dad's schizophrenic lifestyle that set the boys on their "highway to hell". Even willing to give Grandpappy Campbell and company a reprieve now that there seems to be a shadowy puppet master waiting in the wings. Thumbs up to the new and improved shapeshifter as well! If episode three lives up to expectations, then things could be looking pretty damn interesting. Gun that throttle on Black Beauty and crank the Deep Purple...the Boys are back in town!
  • Well, after the premiere, I guess this was better. But that's NOT Sam. And I'm tired.

    At least we got some action and THANK GOD Dean will get back on the road with the Impala. Having him playin houses was stupid, thank you very much. Hopefully he will harden up a little. And what was that about "I'm learning to be a father with Ben?" As if he hadn't raised Sam.

    They tried to be comical with the baby, but that would have worked better if Sam didn't continue to be a total jerk. As a hard-core fan and after all these years I am honestly tired of wondering about Sam, and I wish they would just stop hinting that he's evil, or cold or unsouled or whatever. Give them some peace. Hell, give US some peace. Everytime Dean second-guesses Sam, I feel like turning the TV off and just reading the recaps until they fix things up.

    We just want the boys together on he road junting things. Is that so hard to understand? And are we really going to have to put up with a whole season of tension until they're on the same page again? We have been at it for the last 2 years!

    Oh, well. That's what happens when you expect too much. It's never enough.
  • Better, but still not up to par...

    We always say that it's a team effort for a show to work. But this is the exception to the rule. Without Kripke, it's not supernatural. We spent 5 seasons watching the brother do anything for the other, and now they seem like strangers. It breaks my heart.

    This episode was better than the last, but it still has a long way to go. I think they are trying to put too many mysteries, and I am afraid they might end up chocking on them. I'm still a fan and I will give the new direction a chance. but so far... meh...
  • Sam drags Dean back in to the hunting business when couples are being brutally murdered and their babies disappear...

    Brother issues? Check. Classic rock tunes? Check. Exploding babies? Check.

    Yep, Supernatural has (almost) returned to form in its second episode of the season and while it was better than the premiere, there were still some things that kept this episode from being great.

    While there was a better balance between all the stories going on right now - Lisa/Ben/Dean, Dean/Sam and Dean/Campbells, it still felt like they didn't know what to do with the first one and even though I like Lisa and Ben, I'm glad they'll be gone for a little while. It was clear from the beginning they hurt the flow of the series and the premise of it all. We got some good Sam/Dean scenes as well, which seemed more like S4-5 again. I even *liked* the scenes with the Campbells this time; Grandpa's still irritating the hell out of me, but I guess that's the point, so good job!

    For just being in one episode, I also liked the dynamic the baby brought along. We got to see a different side of Dean and it provided with some great comedy scenes (next time I hear something 'splash' in a nursery, I'll think twice before concluding the baby just pooped).

    What I didn't like (at all), was the addition of Alpha creatures. I think we all expected some new bad guy(s) this season, and topping Lucifer is hard enough as it is, but really? 'Alpha' creatures? It feels contrived, everything but original and well... kind of stupid. Introducing it with the face of Grandpa Samuel (cheesiest actor on the show in a while) didn't help it either. Anyway, I'll see where it goes, but I didn't like it.

    Overall, it was a good episode and a little better than last week's, but still not what I'd like to see from the show's sixth season. I don't like the Alpha creatures-idea they're coming up with and the writing still feels a little shaky, but a small improvement over the previous episode is better than none.
  • "Do I Look Like I Speak Baby?": A Winchester Brothers Adventure

    Sam hunts a creature that is killing parents and stealing babies but he doesn't know what happens to the babies afterwards. He calls on Dean to help him after he rescues a baby from the scene of an attack and the two try to figure out what to do Bobby John as they name the baby and to kill the creature. Meanwhile Lisa, Ben, and Dean have moved houses and tensions are high enough to have Dean explode at Ben for having looked in the trunk of his car and wanting to protect his mom even though he later teaches Lisa how to handle a gun. Not a bad episode particularly those two handling a baby and not having a clue how to do it, an improvement over last week for sure and it's good to see Sam our doing Lone Wolf work in his awesome black mustang.
  • I'm intrigued, they are on their way back up and getting stronger.

    This episode started out strong, although I was still a bit tentative. The opening sequence of Deans new life + flashbacks and "Beautiful loser" was perfect as well. So I held out judging for a moment and just enjoyed it as long as it would last. I must say that, even though I said before that I wanted to kill off Lisa and Ben, I am intrigued that it didn't happen. Now we see the same situation; two brothers trying to solve mysteries by monsters, but they have a much bigger entourage this time. Sam has his grandfather and the Evil Cousins, and Dean has Lisa and Ben. This episode did a good job of showing that he wanted to be with them, feeling guilty that because of him, they weren't safe. The way he is with Ben, is so strongly about not wanting to be his father. That is a major characterdevelopment for Dean, since we must start comparing six to one (as they go back to more of the format of one). He wanted so much to be like his dad, and his dad let him. Him not wanting to repeat that with Ben, is very interesting and I would like to see it develop some more. This is illustrated once more (there is very much character confirmance in the last two episodes) when the woman asked the name of the baby. Sam said John, Dean said Bobby. Later on, he calls the baby John as well - as in, coming to terms with the fact that he can't be his dad, won't be his dad, probably is just like his dad in his own way.

    Sam threatening Dean to work on this case, was fun to see. The humor came back, and I was relieved. Lisa is a woman that can hold her own, and that is something Dean isn't used to. He likes it though - he did with Jo, whom I once rooted for to end up with Dean.
    I do feel a bit skittish about the show not being dark enough. Ofcourse, it had become so dark by the end of five, everything looks good now. But there is something in the way that it's being filmed. I don't really like it. I could go much darker. The opening scene was strong, though. It had the feel of the monsters coming out to hunt again.
    The baby with Sam and Dean was funny, but I think it was a bit of an overstatement; yes, Dean is a family man now. It would have been funnier when this had happened in three, or somewhere around. The humor may be back, but I think it needs to get darker. Give it more of the Supernatural-feel. I kept flashing (inadvertedly) to the episode where they were stuck in the happy-sitcom. Not in terms of script, but in terms of shooting. And once again, we get the underlining with the talk about the baby and Ben, and being a family man, not wanting to be like their father. I think it is too much explaining. But, and that absolutely needs to be said, it was a good conversation. Sam pointing out that it was always "temporary" for their dad as well, that he had Lisa and Ben on lock down just like they were. It is true that you can't really escape it when you are in to that life again. This time around, I do hope he tries to keep Ben and Lisa. Going back to basics and season one is a great idea, but going back completely in terms of living conditions, would be watching one again. Now it has a bit more.

    And then the baby exploded. O My God. I did not see that coming, and how gross! Thanks, Sera! Sam shooting him in the back was marvellous, so badass! And the shapeshifter baby opened up the storyline for the season; how the hell can they reproduce? Well, we knew it wasn't impossible - remember the dad who started eating people when he got thirty? The baby would do that too. I have the feeling we will be easing into questioning the origins of different sorts of monsters.
    About the Evil Cousins; I think they are going to shed most of them. The only one who looked very promising is the one taunting Dean about "majoring" in torture. If they get rid of the others, and keep Samuel and the Sarcistic Cousin, Christian, I'd like to see that. Great juxtaposition for Dean, as well. The animosity is intrinsic, ofcourse, since Christian wouldn't object to raising a shapeshifter and Dean has always been more of a moralist, even way back when. (OMG, as I am writing it, one of them already drops off. I'm getting served very well. Now the other one).

    Sam is different this episode, and I like it. Last review I talked about him making no progress, and I think the writers agreed with that. Dean implicating that Sam used the baby as bate, and Sam not really denying that - I like it. I like Sam getting harder, because you see the difference between Sam and Dean much better. Dean has always tried to do the "right" thing, and Sam tries to do what is necessary. I like that that is a difference between the two of them, because it will clash.
    The talk between Dean and Lisa was very good, she pointing out how he's torn between both worlds, and her laying it down for him. I would like it better if he was based with them, but I guess that would be impractical. This way he gets to keep them.

    I do miss the music, though. Once I heard Dean humming classic rock, I realised that there is so little of it these days. But then I got served again when Dean hit the road to become a hunter once more. Before you know it, the hard classic rock track is back! Other than that and my wish for it to become darker (in terms of shooting, even), I liked this episode much and much more. There was more humor, the dialogue was good, the fighting and the baby-exploding was great, and overall I was relieved. I can see it coming together much better now. If they continue on like this, keep developing, it will be back at its old level in no time. They may not be there yet, but I am intrigued by what I see. I have the idea that they are purposely building up to it so we fans have no choice but to follow them back into the fray.
  • The new beging!

    now reviewing, I can say is slowly recovering his supernatural identity. The final was all, has ac / dc and impala in the background was emerging from the ashes and see tud dean dean be back!, But the best thing that has 7 senses the dean is pur so he knows that Samuel is not grandpa of dreams sam and one more time ta be misled. dude mosntors these are stronger than usual, not to mention who is the one that Samuli talk?

    PS: lisa is compeensiva is a mistake that woman wanted to see her man away? or one or two she took get out or else there is!

    Waiting for the prox they'll get back cas.

    kiss cau
  • Now, that was better ...

    After last week's ranting from my part, it felt only fair to do a review on this episode as well.

    Even though not perfect yet, it was so much better than the first one and I'm relieved, that after all the writers and producers of "new" Supernatural actually really might have it in them to not destroy the show. Some of Dean's great deadpan humour that had totally been missing last week is back and even some emotions (like when Sam reflected to Dean how he is turning into his father in his attempt to protect his family. It was interesting btw, how Dean would call the baby "Bobby", while Sam named him "John").

    Talking about the baby: How gross was it when he shifted and even changed his colour of skin? It was great to see Dean become what Sam would call "father material" (some of the time anyway ...). I still don't understand though, why he wouldn't fight more for the little fella, when Samuel decided to raise him as a hunter. Which brings me to Grandpa and the cousins ... I can't stand them ... at all. In German I'd say that I don't trust them further than I could throw them. Dean does good to not trust them either but the difficult part coming with the trust issues is, that he doesn't seem to fully trust Sam as well. It's "is Sam really the same Sam we knew before he came back from the dead?" reloaded all over again ... . I honestly wouldn't have needed that, but then again, guess we couldn't expect a simple going back to hunting ghosts and demons in "brotherly harmony" after we've had a storyline as heavy as fighting off Apocalypse ... and maybe (even though I'm still looking forward to things to come) that's the problem with season 6. There's nothing much that can be new anymore and what could possibly follow saving the earth and not be shallow in the end?

    One last thing: Dear writers of "Supernatural", could you please not bother us with ridiculous, pseudo funny episode titles like this one anymore?
  • Sam and Dean are on the trail of baby napping monsters... or are they?

    We knew it. He knew it. They knew it. Dean could never live a white picket fence life. He knows too much. He'd want to raise any kid free of the burden and danger of hunting, but he'd never be able to believe they could be safe if they didn't have the training he and Sam grew up with, and his moment with Ben in the garage of their new house (moving around anyone?)is just a hint of the proof. (Anyone else loving the kid who plays Ben?) It all begins when babies start disappearing as their parents wind up dead. Sam can't figure it out. Samuel can't figure it out, neither can Christian, 'silent billyjoejimbob', or Femme la Dean (all of whom think they're each all that and bags of chips to boot... uhm... so not... so far {though I am loving the intrigue they're adding to the show!]) So they lure Dean back into the mix. Loved seeing the baby-stuff shopping... really appreciated the close ups on the "packs of bottles" for some reason *cough* that just tickles me. When Samuel asks Dean to hand over the child (dubbed BobbyJohn by the Winchester brothers) and Dean refuses I can't help but side with the boys even as Dean hands the child over to Sam who then hands him off to Grandpa. Surprisingly Grandpa wants to raise the tyke, raise him as a hunter and is ready to hand him over to 'silent bjjbob'. But even this alternative doesn't sit well with Dean who doesn't want the kid to be raised like that. (Maybe he's remembering Jesse, the cambion child who was so brilliantly used and then casually discarded back in season 4... I mean why raise the child to hate its own existence... life alone does that to far too many people anyway!... ooh I digressed...)

    Well long and short of it, turns out the 'papa shifter' is actually presumed to be an Alpha (as in top dog), something both Sam and Samuel knew was and could be out there. Dean has a lot to be suspicious about, (as Samuel's mysterious phone call intimates) and he's obviously torn as he talks things over with Lisa. (Can I say that I am So Glad Lisa's in his life (Ben too) I like her. She's tough enough to stand on her own and gentle enough to give Dean the refuge he occasionally needs with no strings attached... hmm Just the kind of woman any true Dean lover would love to see him with.) and to see him realize he'd still have a place to be welcomed without having to shut down everything he is was a beautiful revelation beautifully played by Jensen! I can't wait to see more about how this season shapes up. So far I am almost ecstatic. Thanks Kast and Krew. And Yes boys, Jensen, Jared, thank you both as well!
  • Better than the Premiere, but we still have a long way to go folks!

    Okay...this episode was better. I liked the baby story line and the humorous grocery shopping incident with Sam and Dean trying to buy baby stuff, not knowing how to stop the wailing infant, and chasing down an old lady/shapshifter. I liked that Dean was struggling with his domestic new shiny life and the call to his old hunting days. I felt like Dean was more himself in this episode, trading barbs with the awful campbell clan.I liked the re-emergence of Dean the Protector, even though it wasn't Sam he was trying to protect. And I loved that the Impala got uncovered and is ready to rumble. But that is as far as it goes. There is something still missing. Sam is still a jerkwad, and I don't believe for one second that he is still being possessed by Lucifier. Dean came back and an entire field was leveled. A little light flickering from Sam is understandable. Grandpa Samuel is up to something no good and I don't like him. And I don't really care what he is up to. I just want him dead...again. And to stay that way. And why is everyone surprised that Dean knows how to deal with babies? Didn't we go through the whole Dean raised Sam bit? We've known since season 3 that Dean would be an excellent father. I did enjoy Dean with the baby though. All in all, a much better episode, but the show still doesn't feel the same. I am tryng to keep up hope and with Castiel reappearing, I am really looking forward to the next episode.
  • Better, but is it Supernatural?

    I desperately wanted this episode to be great for Sera's sake - and it was better, but there's something that's not quite right.

    I am convinced now that the writers are either a) going to stuff this show up completely or b) they still have that amazing genius that has made this show so great in the past.

    The episode was solid, but as with last week there still seems to be a real lack of emotion between the characters. This could have a lot to do with the returned Sam. They really are turning him into a great big d*#k. Shame because I like most really like him, but this could be part of the genius, so I am reserving judgement. I am looking forward to Cas being back next week.

    After the episode I was wondering if I was watching Supernatural or Torchwood or the X-Files. I liked the concept of an Alpha creature. But this 'collecting' baddies needs to go somewhere clever. It has the potential too and deep down I believe they will blow me away again. I think they could redeem themselves. It's possible that the worst ever first episode could belong to the best ever season, and that's saying a bit.
  • Dean is back!!!

    brilliant episode! bringing back shifters was great especially with the new twist of the alpha and his baby spawns. Definately didin't see that coming when the baby shifted, my surprise was similars to deans! One of the best things about supernatural is its ability to push the boundary and continue to shock us with their unexpected and original storylines.

    Deans interaction with the shifter baby was adorable does anybody but me think dean and lisa should have a baby?? i think it would be so cool. dean really does fit into the role af father easily.

    This is obvious from his need to look after lisa and ben, his refusal to leave them.

    My favourite scene was when lisa told dean they should break the rules. allowing dean to return to his life as a hunter and still have a family to return home to. the ending of the episode was fantastic!! finally the impala is back! dean is back!

    can't wait for more!
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