Season 8 Episode 16

Remember the Titans


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The Winchesters investigate a case involving an amnesiac zombie and discover that he's the Greek Titan, Prometheus... and that the goddess Artemis wants him dead.

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Mar 24, 2013
just watched this on Demand..i'm all for fantasy and i haved watched this from the beginning,but "we're in luck, there are greek pagans just two towns away and they have a cemetary with an obit page".???? really...? the writers are getting lazy or i am beginning to demand the gods take human form AGAIN and torture the guest and our we have a sadist god and oh really daddy's little girl is screwing his enemy...and then we get to look into the eyes of a scared little kid while he is watching a man being tortured and while mr sadistic god tells him it's sleepy time again...and if all this was not bad enough our lazy writers did not even get the story right and prometheus has a bunch of stories to chose from. it is one of the most prolific and oft told mythology stories around and in a whole bunch of cultures...i think they bank on the fans being mostly stupid and it aggravates me...moreless

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