Season 8 Episode 10

Torn and Frayed


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Naomi informs Castiel that Crowley holds an angel captive and he must save him so that Crowley doesn't learn their secrets. Castiel asks for Dean's help. Sam meets with Amelia, who asks him to chose whether to stay with her or never contact her again.

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I'm wondering just why there is an Angel tablet out there? I mean, the Leviathan tablet showed how to kill them, the demon one shows how to seal the gates of hell - what will the angel one do? Surely God wouldn't have made it unless he had a good reason to..... right?
Lots of transitions/wrapping up minor plot threads this episode. I'm glad that those things are out of the way now, but I have to say I'm rather ticked they killed of Samandriel/Alfie. The poor guy was horribly tortured and then when he was finally rescued it was only to be stabbed in the back (stomach) by his rescuer. Grr...
why is everyone hating Sam? honestly its the opposite for me, im starting not like dean alot anymore. he just makes mad this season, especially when he sent that text. and the benny situation. i think Sam should go kill benny. not let dean go and let benny live when dean didn't let sam's friend amy live. its not fair. Sam should go kill benny, then dean wood know how he felt. and Sam he gave up a girl that loved him and that he loved too just for dean. he basically made him give her up, i really liked her. they better have her go find him and then she gets wrapped into this. They could use all the help they can get. because crowley just gets all the information and they cant stop him. and for castiel, i want to know what the Naomi woman did to him. what was that, that he saw in a vision? some kind of drill, but what? i have many questions and i may seem like a critic. but im not, im being rational here
This season is seriously making me HATE Sam. Hes become such as little sh*t. I keep just wanting to reach through the TV universe and kick him squire in the nuts.
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