Season 8 Episode 1

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • And we`re off to a fresh start!

    Here's my list of awesome for the season 8 premiere. First of all, how awesome is it we made it to season 8!?

    -I love that the first shot is of Baby zooming by. Missed you , Baby! And points for setting the THEN montage to Jethro Tull.

    -Feral Dean!!! That is so freakin' cool.

    -Whoever chose Man in the Wilderness by Styx to show Dean's return from Purgatory deserves the Most Awesomely Fitting Song Award. Just get a load of these lyrics:

    Another year has passed me by

    I look at myself and cry

    What kind of man have I become

    All those years I searched for myself

    But I'm still lost in the dark

    I can't seem to find the light alone

    Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness

    A lonely man on the road

    Sent away to die without even knowing why

    It makes no sense, it makes no sense at all

    -"Hold on you bastard!" How cool is it that Dean acted as a mule to smuggle a vampire soul across the border between Purgatory and Earth.

    -I'm gonna just go ahead and declare Benny awesome right off the bat. I'm really looking forward to finding out what shenanigans Dean and Benny got up to in Purgatory. And bonus: Now we can strike Louisiana off the list of states they have never been to on the show.

    -Sam has a puppydog! He looks like a sweet pooch.

    -Ooooh! Did you guys see the shadowy figure in the right foreground as Sam is pulling out in the Impala? Awesome, something creepy is afoot.

    -Hahaha! Best reunion scene ever. Dean's all hellbent on getting all the safety precautions out of the way as quickly as humanly possible, throwing everything at Sam and then himself with manic speed. And Sam's all "Could we just skip the preliminaries and get to the hug already!?" Then finally Dean gets through his pre-flight checklist and goes "Let`s do this!" Cleared for hugging.

    -Dammit! Is Cas dead AGAIN!? They had only just resurrected him!

    -Okay. Sam not even looking for Dean is NOT awesome, it is totes the opposite of awesome. BUT I know Sam would NEVER not even look for Dean, so something fishy is going on. The shadowy dude outside Sam`s home would seem to confirm it: there is something rotten in Sam's "apple-pie life." I don't think the dog running out in front of his car was just a random accident, and I don't think Amelia is just some random vet. She went to extremes to guilt trip Sam into keeping the dog, going so far as to say "Maybe you're not an upstanding guy if you hit the dog" when he was clearly distraught about the accident. So I`m going to rest assured somebody put a whammy on Sammy. And I'm going to put it aside so it doesn't harsh my awesome.

    -Flashback of Awesome. So cool we're getting to see Purgatory. Dean called it "pure" and it is very primal, the wilderness, kill or be killed, the law of the jungle, the endless supply of evil creatures to gank. Hunting in its purest form.

    -Sam's flowing locks deserve their own bullet point on the List of Awesome.

    -The church set is just brilliant set design.

    -THANK YOU! I have been waiting for years for someone to use a supersoaker water gun!

    -"Cliff notes: I went to Purgatory, Sam hit a dog."

    -Haha, Kevin is awesome. First the supersoaker filled with Borax, then the old bucket trick above the door filled with holy water. Guess it took a clever teen to finally see the evil-fighting potential in juvenile pranks. Kevin Tran has come a long way since his Advanced Placement days. He even fooled Crowley. Twice. And you have to get up mighty early to fool Crowley. Like sometime back in the Pleistocene era.

    -Ha, love the goat shot.

    -"Moose! Still with the porkchops."

    -"There's a demon in you and you're going to your safety school." Hahaha! I love that there's still enough Kevin Tran of Advanced Placement left in him that he puts having to fall back to your safety school on the same level as being possessed by a demon.

    -After that phone call, I'm curiouser and curiouser to find out what Benny and Dean did in Purgatory. Can't wait to find out. Bring on Season 8!!!
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