Season 8 Episode 1

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2012 on The CW

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    Honestly, I was disappointed with the premiere. The acting felt stilted, the plot subpar, and the flashbacks stilted. We're really supposed to believe Sam just literally abandoned everything? That's just so against character. And not in a soulless way, but in a washed out way. What did Sam do while Dean was gone? I don't know....nothing? Let's give him a girlfriend--and a dog! Dean was marginally more believable, acting like a PTSD excombat soldier. Understandably. But for me, he either wasn't jumpy enough or dark enough for being in what looked to be a warzone for a year. I wish they'd showed more of Purgatory, and less of trying to find Kevin. The flashbacks actually made me laugh a couple of times, and not in a good way. The brother/Kevin stares off into the distance and then a short snippet of the past shows itself. Really, it shouldn't have been done in a backwards way. The show really didn't move forward at all and I would have been much happier if they merged three different timelines of Sam, Dean, and Kevin from the end of last season to this episode and they met up at the end or something.