Season 8 Episode 1

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    Dean returns from Purgatory a year after he gets sucked in after having killed Dick. In a vast expanse of woods in the in Maine wilderness he happens across two campers and asks where he is. He steals one of their packs and hits the road to Louisiana where he digs up the grave of the person who helped him escape from Purgatory: Benny. Benny is a vamp who hid his soul in Dean's arm when he crossed over. Their dealings being done they go their separate ways and Dean reconnects with Sam after giving him the usual (ok you're not a demon or anything else we've ever encountered before type stuff). Sam explains that he gave up the hunting life after Dean disappeared like he promised he would and didn't even look for him. Dean tells a little about his time in Purgatory and when Sam asks about Castiel Dean simply says that he didn't make it which makes me curious about Dean's time there and what led the peace and love filled Cass possibly turn against Dean? Anyway Dean digs out a bunch of Sam's old phone that he hadn't used at all while he was away and finds messages from Kevin saying he had escaped Crowley's grasp and is in hiding. The two visit Kevin's old girlfriend at her college campus but she says that she doesn't know anything. Turns out the girlfriend was possessed by a demon and alerts Crowley to the Winchesters looking after Kevin and tells Crowley that Dean is surprisingly back on Earth. Sam's details about his life after having hit a dog and living with a woman were much more pleasant and uplifting than Dean's brutal encounters with several nasties in the woods of Purgatory. His edginess is very consistent with that of someone who had been fighting wall to wall for a year. The brothers find Kevin in a church and he tells them that the Word of God that Crowley was having him decipher before he killed the demons looking over him and escaped told of a way to close that gate of Hell forever. This is interesting dynamic-wise since the Winchesters have always been aided by lower level demons to take down much stronger or worse creatures than demons so for them to finally turn against the devils they know is a good plot point to open up rather than having to introduce another batch of baddies like the Leviathans. And when the demons were killed and Crowley was on the phone he asked, "Men?" who refers to their minions like that especially when you're only talking to one, didn't that demon have name? Crowley pays the brothers a visit with Kevin's girlfriend (possessed by a demon) showing and saying that he will release her if Kevin surrenders himself to Crowley. Crowley makes the demon inside of her let his girlfriend speak. I'm sorry but her acting of "Kevin is that you?" was crap and I hated her and her poor acting it was so on the nose. Anyway she gets ganked by Crowley and the brothers escape with Kevin in tow and the Word is still hidden somewhere by Kevin. Is this another year where Crowley is the big bad and is then replaced by another bigger baddie or is this is the year where he is well and true the only villain? That's my question, and will we ever see Misha again as Cass or are we destined to not find out what happened to him until season's end of something? Oh well, a decent opening to Season 8 that put the brothers at odds, as usual, in a way that we haven't quite seen before. That being said I hope that this is the last season. As much as I love this show how much longer can this go on for? Once the demons are banished from Hell forever, what then? I just don't see any other endgame here beyond this seeing as many (myself included) only watch the show for the characters now and everything after Season 5 is less than it was before quality wise. I do sincerely like this show but any genre show like this begins to show its stretches after 8 years and in a recent interview with Jeremy Carver he revealed that he had a plan to make the series go thru Season 10. Come on guys, as some who's been with this show since it started all the way back in 2005 we've had our good run and while I do still find this show fun and entertaining without a good solid season arc it feels too thinly plotted and "why should I care?" than it did before. But they're still keeping it floating. I just felt like that needed to be said that after this season I will most likely not be sticking around.