Season 6 Episode 4

Weekend at Bobby's

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on The CW

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  • This season

    This season is getting better and better!I gotta say i was a bit worried after watching the first episode,it was so...different and i was worried about where the show is heading but it seems like spn is back!!It was a nice change for once to focus on a character other than the boys.I really like Bobbys character and this episode made me like him even more,it was great to see how his dealing with everything!I loved the scenes with the neighbor,they were just hilarious!Jensen did a really great job directing this,considering its his first time.Am still a bit bummed about the whole Sam -i dont know who got me out of hell- thing cause they ve done that already with Dean and it just doesnt make sense but we ll see how it goes.Looking forward for the next episodes.
  • I Am Bobby, Here Me Roar!!

    Weekend at Bobby's-Bobby turns to Sam and Dean for help when the demon Crowley refuses to return his soul as agreed.

    After watching this episode, I realized we haven't had yet one episode devoted completely to Bobby. Sure we had Bobby dealing with his handicap issues as well as the episode where his wife returns from the dead. But that was from Dean and Sam's perspective, but here, we get a whole new perpective from how Bobby functions from day to day and man, does he have it rough. Bobby's day to day life is not only ridiculously busy with him always covering everyone's a$$, but he can't even take a moment sit down and eat some pie (in a hilarious yet sad running rag). What makes matters worse is Bobby is trying to get himself out of his deal with Crowley and be stressed with balancing take care of his own agenda and trying to help everyone else as usual.

    Jim Beaver shows just how much the sometimes underrated father figure in Sam and Dean's life is a much more complew character than we realize. He gives a solid performance throughout from dealing Rufus and having to clean up one of his messes when he kills a monster the wrong way, tries to act as normal as possible toward his new neighbor but failing miserably when a monster goes after her,the relationship we see with Sheriff Jody, etc. These were great moments and gave up small, but insightful pieces are who Bobby is. Not to mention, I loved the scene where he goes off on Dean and Sam over the phone, it was a long time coming and the brothers have reallytaken advantage of Bobby. He's always there to listen to their brotherly issues but when it's his turn for support, they are no where to be found. It a truly awesome moment that sets up a stellar conclusion wheren Bobby confront Crowley.

    Mark Sheppard outdid himself with this one and for a moment, I really thought Crowley got the upper hand and Bobby. I loved how Bobby turned the tables on Crowley by using his son's hate as a way to find Crowley's bones. The twist was well played with Dean and Sam popping up in Scotland being quite the surprise.It's good to have Bobby's soul back, the man is a fighter and I'm glad after all he's been through, things are looking up for him. It's interesting to know that Crowley has becomg the unofficial new king of Hell, who obviously can't control the other demons. It mirrors the civial war that Heaven is having as well quite perfectly. This episode marked Jensen Ackles' first directorial debut and he did a pretty good job. I loved the shot of Scotland as I always wanted more episodes with the borthers in other countries hunting demons, but the budget probably won't always it. The demon torture scenes with Bobby were effective, with the special effects coming off pretty seamless. Of course, he has a lot more to learn, but I'ven seen worse debuts (looking at you Allison Mack!) Anyway, an episode that needed to showcase a sometimes unappreciated character, 'Weekend at Bobby's" made it's point very clear and is signature Supernatural!
  • Bobby's episode (he tries to get his soul back from Crowley)

    "Supernatural" focuses so much of its time on Sam and Dean that it's easy for me to understand why this episode felt so fun and different than the last couple of seasons. With so much angels vs. demons focus and "Sam and Dean being vessels," it's easy to remember that the show has great supporting characters, whether it's Castiel or Bobby. Bobby is the focus of this episode, and we get to see how stressed he is on a day to day basis, and how much people rely on him for tasks. In this case, he wants his soul back from Crowley, and Crowley is not playing fair. This plot mixes in with Sam and Dean trying to hunt a beast and with his friend Rufus attempting to hide a beast he killed.

    It's rare that an episode doesn't focus on Sam and Dean for the entire time.. in fact, I'm not sure we've ever had an episode like this. Bobby was the focus, with only a few scenes with Sam and Dean. The best parts of the episode came from the random tasks that he's required to do: help Rufus hide a monster that he killed, save the neighbor next door from said beast, help out Sam and Dean solve a problem and get his soul back. We had the typical Bobby humor, but with a lot more darkness to it. Crowley is one of my favorite demons on the show, so I'm glad he's still around. For a demon who does such awful things, he's pretty likable.

    I particularly liked the little hints that there are monsters appearing that haven't been around forever. It makes me wonder if it has any connection with the Alpha monster, the one who can take the form of anything and is considered the first monster that everything else came from.

    Either way, it was an entertaining episode that was a nice escape from the usual Sam and Dean drama. Bobby has always been a great character on the show and it's good to see him getting some nice airtime.
  • This is the best filler that this season has produced yet

    This episode din't particularly contribute to the main series, but it was nontheless important. It gives the viewer a new understanding of and appreciation for the job that Bobby performs for Sam and Dean. On the surface, it looks like all he really has to do is look stuff up on a laptop, but he really does do a lot. He breaks into libraries, helps move bodies and cover evidence, and provides the proper clearance from agencies that hunters often feign membership in. This episode also resolves the plot line from the previous episode concerning Bobby's soul, which now belongs to Crowley. I think that it was pretty cool how demons turn out to just be souls and can be killed by getting their bones burned just like ghosts can. I also liked the backstory about Crowley and the dedication that Bobby has to his hunters and his mission of finding his soul.
  • The world according to Bobby Singer

    If there is one benefit of show lasting much longer than anticipated, it's the opportunity for an episode like this. Bobby Singer has been an integral part of the series for quite some time, and given everything that has happened to him in the past season or so, the time was right to give him the limelight.

    There are those who have already expressed some displeasure in the heavy focus on Bobby and his side of the story, and the relative dearth of material for Sam and Dean. But in all fairness, there was a practical component to the direction taken with the script. It gave Jensen Ackles a more reasonable scenario for his directorial debut. And the results were effective and solid, so in my opinion, it was well worth the break in format.

    Jim Beaver should get some serious kudos for this episode. He knows how to hit the darkly comedic beats and turn up the fearsome intensity in equal measure. And he can do it on the drop of a dime, which is no mean feat. The script gave him plenty to do, and it was great to see how vital he really is to the rest of the hunting community. One has to wonder how all of his "clients" manage to stay alive and keep their cover when he's out in the field with the Brothers Winchester!

    Of course, had this been a snarky stand-alone episode with little or no connection to anything else in the series' continuity, then it probably wouldn't have worked as well. Using this opportunity to address and resolve Bobby's situation with Crowley was perfect timing, especially in terms of how it sets up plenty of future interaction with Crowley, given his role as current ruler of Hell. The implication, so far, is that neither the angels nor Crowley raised Sam and released Samuel, so it's really starting to become a rather pressing question.

    If there is one thing that might have been missing from this episode, it was some kind of insight into how Bobby found out about Sam, Samuel, and the Campbell situation, and why they weren't involved in his bid to take back his soul. They somewhat addressed the latter point, with the implication that he doesn't trust the Campbells enough to work with them. But while the first point was a bit removed from the narrative thrust of the episode, this was an opportune time to put it on the table.

    I'll be the first to admit that I was concerned about how the sixth season would pan out, especially with the move to Fridays and the changes, however slight, in the creative team. But so far, this is getting off to a better and more consistent start than the fifth season, and as this is still the introductory leg of the season arc, this season is going strong.
  • Weekend at Bobby's

    Weekend at Bobby's was a great episode of Supernatural. This episode really focused on Bobby, and his quest to reclaim his soul from Croweley. There was a lot character insight into Bobby and what he deals with on a daily basis. It was nice to see a little more about him, and what he is capable of. His neighbor was sweet, and his little adventure saving her was cool. The writers blended a few sub plots together perfectly well. This episode was entertaining with action, good stories, and a few new twists. We learned a little about the larger picture, regarding Croweley, as he is now King of Hell. Sam and Deans sub plot was funny, fighting a Lamia, and then Bobby's neighbor asking if he ever watched Drag Me To Hell. I love that this series is set in our own reallity.
  • wow supernatural is the best show ever tonights episode was awesome Jensen ackles did awesome directing this episode Jared and Jensen Jim beaver awesome as always love the way the fooled crowely cant wait for the next few episodes go supernatural you rock

    what an episode loved how bobby Sam and Dean fooled crowely. Jesnsen did a fantastic job directing it he was ready to try out directing he should feel proud and happy can't wait until the next few episodes maybe will find out what is up with sam soon why he's so withdrawn and too quiet he was too quiet tonight maybe something is bothering him and he isn't ready to talk about it and Dean shouldn't force the issue until sam is ready to talk he will eventually will see what will happen beteween the brothers go supernatural you rock Best show ever
  • Bobby = unsung hero. (possible spoilers)

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect. With Jensen Ackles directing this episode, it makes so much more sense to show a point of view from the usual Sam/Dean angle. Poor Bobby has so much to put up with this episode. Even with Dean calling impatiently for information or to discuss Sam's change. It was amazing. Bobby's monologue to the boys and the "you aint the centre of the universe!" made me literally laugh out loud, it felt like he was yelling right out to us viewers and fans. Hopefully someday he'll be able to finish that ginger peach cobbler.

    Crowley. I was expecting Crowley this season; how could Bobby's soul issue be left unresolved? Being made king of hell was an excellent twist - stepping into Lucifer's shoes must be quite a headache for Crowley, considering the lengths Crowley went to in helping to trap Lucifer in the first place.

    Torturing bones of demons was an exciting development, the thought of demon's bones had never even occurred to me and I'm intrigued about how this will be further used in season 6.

    All in all, a marvelous insight into Bobby and high hopes for next week's episode.
  • 604

    When I found out that this episode was solely focused on Bobby, I wasn't too excited about this episode. Even when I started watching this episode, I didn't think it would be great. But it was unpredictably good! Yes it was annoying with Bobby saying the word "Balls" every 10 seconds, but it was a good episode.

    I have to give props to Jensen Ackles and his directional debut, this episode really stood out from the rest and it was surprisingly eventful. I usually don't like when Bobby is shoved center stage, and I learned that from "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" from last season, but this episode proved that Bobby does have the potential to be a good stand alone character.

    Sera Gamble and the other writers have already confirmed that this season was going to be about monsters, I'm glad we're getting a story arc to go along with that premise. From monsters migrating to the US to the civil war up in heaven, this was a good episode, and it tied together perfectly in the end.

    Something I never thought I'd say about a Bobby-centric episode. Great job Jensen Ackles! Good episode.
  • More Bobby please

    Bobby's character is one of the main reasons why I watch this show. He's the Jonathan Kent of Superman. He's that person that cuts the crap and makes it real. And you just can't beat a good ole boy from Texas. I wish they did more episode's where he has a bigger part of the action. Jim Beaver is definitely unique. He's as much a part of what makes the show cool as the signature Chevy Impala. Very nicely done.

    And for some reason, man, young chicks are into him. Go Jim.
  • That's more like it

    supernatural continues to crawl back into it's former glory, though there's still something off in this episode just like the past 3, it's certainly getting there. This week's episode provided some great laughs, a rare look into bobby's life and sort of a glimpse of what might come in the future. SPOILER ALERT! Crowley being the king of hell makes a lot of sense, it explains his true intentions why he was trying to stop lucifer from succeeding, and this newly revealed role is interesting. i hope that returning bobby's soul wasn't the last we'll see of crowley. i want to see him killing an angel to show how badass he truly is. lol.
  • if you wanna know what the word FILLER means, just watch this episode.

    A Bobby centered episode is just as boring as it sounds. Sure, it wasn't as uneventful och bad as I thought it would but it was a long way from what a good Supernatural episode offers the viewers.

    This show is about Dean and Sam fighting monsters and as such, I don't really care what the supporting characters do on their spare time. Thus, having to endure 39 minutes of this (thank God it wasn't the usual 42-43 minutes) is really boring.

    So Bobby wants his soul back - fine. Having an episode about it wouldn't have been so bad, in fact it could be awesome. But this time, instead of making it awesome they filled the episode with lots of unnecessary events where we get to follow Bobby's everyday life.

    Usually when Supernatural has its filler episodes they tend to be funny but this one wasn't that funny and the premise of Bobby fighting to get his soul back from Crowley has huge potential to be a great episode. Unfortunately - this episode was pure filler and wasn't that good at all.
  • Where it all happens: The Bobby Singer Chapter

    In this side story directed by Supernatural's own Jensen Ackles we see Bobby focus on securing his soul back from Crowley who promised it back once they iced Lucifer last season but of course there's a loophole as always with demons. This episode really did show how hard Bobby works for not only Sam and Dean but for other hunters alike like Rufus who helps him out quite a bit. It's not easy being Bobby especially when he has to save a possible romantic interest and she's turned off by his killing of a creature in her wood chipper. But overall the whole focus of the episode was well done especially for our boy the first time director and it just shows that we have to appreciate Bobby even more now that we know more specifically what he brings to the table. And the whole Okami not in Japan and Lamia thing maybe something's up with the creatures of the night after the Apocalypse but that could just be me speculating. I do indeed love Crowley and hope to see the new King of Hell again this season.
  • Génialement bon, à voir et revoir !! (I'm french so forgive my mistakes !)

    That episode was great from the very beginning to the end.

    I've always liked Bobby's character, he's always been much more than just a surrogate daddy to Sam and Dean but I never realised he had so many things to do all day long. That was funny to see everything falling on him at the same time (unceasing phone calls, Rufus showing up with a body to hide, Sam and Dean's problems to deal with, Him trying to start something with her neighbour but ending bloody …) Poor Bobby can never catch a break !

    Crowley was amazing as always and I really did not see coming the new development with the demons' bones but I love it.

    Can't wait to see the next episode and the entire season !
  • Weekend at Bobby's is a dud.

    ************Spoiler Alert***********************

    I really wanted to like this episode but I didn't. It was very slow. Bobby is one of my favorite Supernatural characters but that still didn't help. I know why the episode was centered on Bobby because it was JA's directoral debut. It would have been hard to act and direct your first time being a director. There were things that I did like about this episode. I am glad that they touched on Bobby's deal with Crowley. I did like the interactions between Bobby and Crowley and Bobby and Rufus. I also found the next door neighbor scene with the pie cute but this episode just felt like a filler episode to me. It seemed like a chore I couldn't wait to get done with. I hope that next week's episode is better.
  • Bobby looks to get his soul from Crowley using a couple of alternative measures.

    An impressive directorial debut from Jensen. Maybe he should direct the whole season?

    This and the Castiel did my hope that all is not lost in this season. I am looking forward to next episodes.

    As for this it was pretty awesome. Finally some closure on Bobby's soul and Crowley for time being. I loved the whole bit with Bobby and woman:

    "I thought your woodchipper was broken?" -Bobby after killing creature

    (Woman covered in blood) "I just said that to get you over here."

    I also liked the bits with Bobby frying up the demon. Then the whole bit with Sam and Dean near the end. This and the Castiel episode make up a lot. Next ep looks pretty interesting. This episode had a lot of comedy that was well placed and well but also a lot of dark moments that were really cool.

    It was also an important episode because we had some closure for Bobby.
  • Congratulatcions ! jensen!

    Wonderful, undoubtedly jesen should direct more eps of the series! 48 hours with the bobby was incredible, never thought what a day in his life. The worst qu Bobby nearly got a crush hahahahhaha. I loved the involvement of rufu welcome to eke more times the supernatural. Crowly As always surprise us, nor his son escaped, but this story of burning the bones of demons hunan balcony was an incredible, until because ruby on the 3rd temp said td devil was once human. But the hilarious crolyw made a pact to have the private parts increased, not to mention that I love to see the dean flying to scotland haahahah.

    Waiting for the next.

    kiss cau
  • A funny frustrating look at a hunter's life from the other side of the mirror.

    First and foremost; Wonderful job on your directorial debut Jensen!

    Last year Bobby "Loaned" his soul to the crossroad demon Crowley in exchange for Death's location. Now the intent was good, I mean stop the apocalypse and we'll figure out how to fix the details later. Problem is, now Crowley won't give it back and Bobby's not about to go quietly into the night, I mean hey, it's Bobby y'know? So, on what we're to presume is a typical day in Bobby's life, it seems nothing can go quite right, except his new neighbor, a pretty woman who seems to have her eye on the cranky junk yard dog. Plying Bobby with cobbler may be a dirty trick but it's just the thing he needs to soothe his nerves after a long day of interrogating a demonic prisoner to find out dirt on his soul's captor. In the meantime of course Dean and Sam are lost fighting a Greek demon that doesn't typically leave Greece but for some reason chose to relocate to America (maybe it thought it was a good time for a land grab, who knows...) But of course Bobby drops everything to help those boys he loves like his own and just when you think he's got a moment to breathe and take in a slice of that delicious cobbler... Rufus calls and what's a friend to do when another friend says, 'hey I need help to bury a body' he digs out his back-hoe and helps. Now the deeper level of story here is that we're seeing more and more strange things from monsters of lore, irregular behaviors, unusual talents etc. All nicely layered in with what's supposed to be a little bit of a breather episode. Props to the writers on this one, when you've got good writing, it's easier to direct (ain't that right J?).

    Now in between moments here when he's either trying to find out dirt on Crowley or fending off FBI agents or counting his lucky stars that the body he just buried has disappeared from the hole he just put it in... he's got Dean whingeing (as Mal would say - different creator, I know... but would love to see a Whedon/Krip project!) about Sam and how he's different but Dean just can't put his finger on it. A little aside here, I really hope this isn't some kind of a red-herring and Dean just being suspicious of his brother. I hope they really DO something with Sam's state of being instead of just jerking us around by our pendants. Well Bobby tells Dean to sack-up, drop his ID and lend a hand for a change. Nice verbal cuff upside the head that brings both boys to Bobby's table. In spite of the bits of predictability there were some sweet little curves and hills in this week's road; the image of Bobby covered in blood, and his lovely little neighbor lady also bathed in bright red monsterjuice... when Bobby finally concedes to a possible dinner date with her... well yeah, I don't know if I could handle sitting down to dinner with a guy who just tossed a girl into a wood chipper either. She declines, politely of course. Yeah we get it Bobby, it's the story of your life and some days are just like that. Well, after digging up some dirt on Crowley (and a few of his bones courtesy of a now gone "International" pair of ghost hunting bro's) Bobby's soul is finally his own again. Makes me wonder why they couldn't have gotten Dean's back that easily, course then there wouldnt' have been the whole season 4 thing... so I'll pretend they learned a few things since then and simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Finally taking a moment to sit down with that hard earned piece of Cobbler a la mode Bobby can enjoy a couple moments reuniting with his soul. Until the phone rings again and Bobby's life goes on as usual. There were some nice dangling lines left from this ep, is something really wrong with Sam? (God I hope so! Esp since he stopped Dean from torching Crowley's bones just out of spite) and what's up with the monsters. Exactly the things we're supposed to be worrying about. Consider me considering them. I want to know, and as bad as I am at waiting, I can only hope that there are answers forthcoming. So, Kast, Krew... as always, excellent job. Jensen, Very well done. And also as always... special love to Jensen and Jared just for being Dean and Sam so well.
  • Refreshing look at Bobby's point of view!

    Thought it was an excellent casting, love the directing by Jensen! Really really refreshing, go Jensen! Bobby is such a great character and it was great to see things from his eyes. The cast was so good, Adam Groves played an excellent son to Crowley and Crowley is hilarious. Loved this episode. I normally find Supernatural really quite scary but this episode was a little more tame, which I enjoyed...always very visual though and that is one of the attributes to Supernatural which I greatly respect and love about the show! Just enough mix of your imagination mixed with visual. Great episode, again it was refreshing to see Jensen direct this one.
  • OK episode.

    This episode was the best of the season so far. Mainly because 3 reasons: Bobby, Crowley, Demons.

    It was great, don't get me wrong, but I feel like they close a chapter..the Demon chapter, and demons were awesome. They had an agenda, they know what were they doing, what was their goal, their mission. Monsters don't know nothing...they act by pure instinct, they don't have a secret agenda ( well, the big bad that let the monsters act weird does have an agenda ) and that sounds a little boring to me.

    Anyway, the episode was good, showing what Bobby does for the boys and every other hunter out there...I do think Bobby got his soul back "too easily". I was hoping one of the main arcs this season was getting bobby's soul back.

    I don't know...Let's hope Gamble know what she's doing and give us a great season full of episodes like this.
  • Nice to finally see things from Bobby's point of view! Warning, episode spoilers contained in this review.

    So Crowley went back on his deal. Doesn't surprise me really, but damn, that sucks. But an episode focusing more on Bobby and his life is very welcome. He is a beloved character whom we usually don't see much of other then when the boys need help, so it was nice to see more of what goes on when he is not with them. For a side story, this was a pretty good one, had a good purpose to it, and Bobby's troubles get partly dealt with, at least his soul is back. Still wonder about Sam though, but it looks like we might get some answers on that soon. I liked Bobby's speech on demons being nothing more then twisted spirits, with the whole bone burning thing, it gives us a different outlook on them, one that I welcome.