Season 6 Episode 4

Weekend at Bobby's

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on The CW
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Bobby turns to Sam and Dean for help when the demon Crowley refuses to return his soul as agreed.

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  • This season

    This season is getting better and better!I gotta say i was a bit worried after watching the first episode,it was so...different and i was worried about where the show is heading but it seems like spn is back!!It was a nice change for once to focus on a character other than the boys.I really like Bobbys character and this episode made me like him even more,it was great to see how his dealing with everything!I loved the scenes with the neighbor,they were just hilarious!Jensen did a really great job directing this,considering its his first time.Am still a bit bummed about the whole Sam -i dont know who got me out of hell- thing cause they ve done that already with Dean and it just doesnt make sense but we ll see how it goes.Looking forward for the next episodes.moreless
  • I Am Bobby, Here Me Roar!!

    Weekend at Bobby's-Bobby turns to Sam and Dean for help when the demon Crowley refuses to return his soul as agreed.

    After watching this episode, I realized we haven't had yet one episode devoted completely to Bobby. Sure we had Bobby dealing with his handicap issues as well as the episode where his wife returns from the dead. But that was from Dean and Sam's perspective, but here, we get a whole new perpective from how Bobby functions from day to day and man, does he have it rough. Bobby's day to day life is not only ridiculously busy with him always covering everyone's a$$, but he can't even take a moment sit down and eat some pie (in a hilarious yet sad running rag). What makes matters worse is Bobby is trying to get himself out of his deal with Crowley and be stressed with balancing take care of his own agenda and trying to help everyone else as usual.

    Jim Beaver shows just how much the sometimes underrated father figure in Sam and Dean's life is a much more complew character than we realize. He gives a solid performance throughout from dealing Rufus and having to clean up one of his messes when he kills a monster the wrong way, tries to act as normal as possible toward his new neighbor but failing miserably when a monster goes after her,the relationship we see with Sheriff Jody, etc. These were great moments and gave up small, but insightful pieces are who Bobby is. Not to mention, I loved the scene where he goes off on Dean and Sam over the phone, it was a long time coming and the brothers have reallytaken advantage of Bobby. He's always there to listen to their brotherly issues but when it's his turn for support, they are no where to be found. It a truly awesome moment that sets up a stellar conclusion wheren Bobby confront Crowley.

    Mark Sheppard outdid himself with this one and for a moment, I really thought Crowley got the upper hand and Bobby. I loved how Bobby turned the tables on Crowley by using his son's hate as a way to find Crowley's bones. The twist was well played with Dean and Sam popping up in Scotland being quite the surprise.It's good to have Bobby's soul back, the man is a fighter and I'm glad after all he's been through, things are looking up for him. It's interesting to know that Crowley has becomg the unofficial new king of Hell, who obviously can't control the other demons. It mirrors the civial war that Heaven is having as well quite perfectly. This episode marked Jensen Ackles' first directorial debut and he did a pretty good job. I loved the shot of Scotland as I always wanted more episodes with the borthers in other countries hunting demons, but the budget probably won't always it. The demon torture scenes with Bobby were effective, with the special effects coming off pretty seamless. Of course, he has a lot more to learn, but I'ven seen worse debuts (looking at you Allison Mack!) Anyway, an episode that needed to showcase a sometimes unappreciated character, 'Weekend at Bobby's" made it's point very clear and is signature Supernatural!moreless
  • Bobby's episode (he tries to get his soul back from Crowley)

    "Supernatural" focuses so much of its time on Sam and Dean that it's easy for me to understand why this episode felt so fun and different than the last couple of seasons. With so much angels vs. demons focus and "Sam and Dean being vessels," it's easy to remember that the show has great supporting characters, whether it's Castiel or Bobby. Bobby is the focus of this episode, and we get to see how stressed he is on a day to day basis, and how much people rely on him for tasks. In this case, he wants his soul back from Crowley, and Crowley is not playing fair. This plot mixes in with Sam and Dean trying to hunt a beast and with his friend Rufus attempting to hide a beast he killed.

    It's rare that an episode doesn't focus on Sam and Dean for the entire time.. in fact, I'm not sure we've ever had an episode like this. Bobby was the focus, with only a few scenes with Sam and Dean. The best parts of the episode came from the random tasks that he's required to do: help Rufus hide a monster that he killed, save the neighbor next door from said beast, help out Sam and Dean solve a problem and get his soul back. We had the typical Bobby humor, but with a lot more darkness to it. Crowley is one of my favorite demons on the show, so I'm glad he's still around. For a demon who does such awful things, he's pretty likable.

    I particularly liked the little hints that there are monsters appearing that haven't been around forever. It makes me wonder if it has any connection with the Alpha monster, the one who can take the form of anything and is considered the first monster that everything else came from.

    Either way, it was an entertaining episode that was a nice escape from the usual Sam and Dean drama. Bobby has always been a great character on the show and it's good to see him getting some nice airtime.moreless
  • This is the best filler that this season has produced yet

    This episode din't particularly contribute to the main series, but it was nontheless important. It gives the viewer a new understanding of and appreciation for the job that Bobby performs for Sam and Dean. On the surface, it looks like all he really has to do is look stuff up on a laptop, but he really does do a lot. He breaks into libraries, helps move bodies and cover evidence, and provides the proper clearance from agencies that hunters often feign membership in. This episode also resolves the plot line from the previous episode concerning Bobby's soul, which now belongs to Crowley. I think that it was pretty cool how demons turn out to just be souls and can be killed by getting their bones burned just like ghosts can. I also liked the backstory about Crowley and the dedication that Bobby has to his hunters and his mission of finding his soul.moreless
  • The world according to Bobby Singer

    If there is one benefit of show lasting much longer than anticipated, it's the opportunity for an episode like this. Bobby Singer has been an integral part of the series for quite some time, and given everything that has happened to him in the past season or so, the time was right to give him the limelight.

    There are those who have already expressed some displeasure in the heavy focus on Bobby and his side of the story, and the relative dearth of material for Sam and Dean. But in all fairness, there was a practical component to the direction taken with the script. It gave Jensen Ackles a more reasonable scenario for his directorial debut. And the results were effective and solid, so in my opinion, it was well worth the break in format.

    Jim Beaver should get some serious kudos for this episode. He knows how to hit the darkly comedic beats and turn up the fearsome intensity in equal measure. And he can do it on the drop of a dime, which is no mean feat. The script gave him plenty to do, and it was great to see how vital he really is to the rest of the hunting community. One has to wonder how all of his "clients" manage to stay alive and keep their cover when he's out in the field with the Brothers Winchester!

    Of course, had this been a snarky stand-alone episode with little or no connection to anything else in the series' continuity, then it probably wouldn't have worked as well. Using this opportunity to address and resolve Bobby's situation with Crowley was perfect timing, especially in terms of how it sets up plenty of future interaction with Crowley, given his role as current ruler of Hell. The implication, so far, is that neither the angels nor Crowley raised Sam and released Samuel, so it's really starting to become a rather pressing question.

    If there is one thing that might have been missing from this episode, it was some kind of insight into how Bobby found out about Sam, Samuel, and the Campbell situation, and why they weren't involved in his bid to take back his soul. They somewhat addressed the latter point, with the implication that he doesn't trust the Campbells enough to work with them. But while the first point was a bit removed from the narrative thrust of the episode, this was an opportune time to put it on the table.

    I'll be the first to admit that I was concerned about how the sixth season would pan out, especially with the move to Fridays and the changes, however slight, in the creative team. But so far, this is getting off to a better and more consistent start than the fifth season, and as this is still the introductory leg of the season arc, this season is going strong.moreless
Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen

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Sharon Taylor (II)

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Adam Groves

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Mark Sheppard


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Kim Rhodes

Kim Rhodes

Sheriff Jody Mills

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Jim Beaver

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the scene where Bobby and Sheriff Mills are talking on the bridge, the Sheriff's left collar alternates between being above/below the shoulder strap of her seat belt.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Crowley: Making merry, have we?
      Bobby: Bite me.
      Crowley: If that's your thing.

    • Agent Adams: I just want to take a look around.
      Bobby: You got a warrant, sonny?
      Agent Adams: Well, do I need one, sir?
      Sheriff Mills: Okay, fellas, put the rulers away, zip up.

    • Bobby: Why'd you send him outside?
      Sheriff Mills: Because I didn't think you'd want him in here.
      Bobby: I don't. I've got a body in the basement.
      Sheriff Mills: My point.
      Bobby: Yeah, but I've got another body buried in the yard.
      Sheriff Mills: Damn it!

    • Rufus: You're still alive, huh?
      Bobby: Don't act so surprised.
      Rufus: How about Godzilla?
      Bobby: Put her down.
      Rufus: So you just happened to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest laying around?
      Bobby: Wood chipper.
      Rufus: Oh. Okey-dokey, wood chipper. That pretty much trumps... everything.

    • Bobby: Sam, Dean, I love you like my own. I do. But sometimes... sometimes you two are the whiniest, most self-absorbed sons of bitches I ever met. I'm selfish? Me? I do everything for you. Everything! You need some lore scrounged up, you need your asses pulled out of the fire, you need someone to bitch to about each other. You call me, and I come through. Every damn time! And what do I get for it? Jack with a side of squat!
      Dean: Bobby...
      Bobby: Do I sound like I'm done? Now look, I know you got issues. God knows, I know. But I got a news flash for you. You ain't the center of the universe! Now it may have slipped your minds that Crowley owns my soul, and the meter is running. And I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around and be damned. So how about you two sack up and help me for once?

    • Crowley: I thought when I got the corner office, it was all going to be rainbows and two-headed puppies. But if I'm being honest, it's been hell.
      Bobby: I thought that was the point.
      Crowley: You know what the problem with demons is?
      Bobby: They're demons?
      Crowley: Exactly. Evil, lying prats, the whole lot of them. They're stupid. You try to show them a new way, a better way, and what do you get? Bugger all! You know, there's days that I think Lucifer's whole "spike anything with black eyes" plan wasn't half bad. Hpph. Feels good to get it off my chest. We should make this a thing.
      Bobby: Do I look like Dr. Phil to you?
      Crowley: A little.

    • Crowley: So on with it.
      Bobby: I want...
      Crowley: Uh, save me the recap. In fact, I'll do the shorthand for you. (as Bobby) "I want my soul back, idjit!" (as himself) Afraid not. (as Bobby) "But I'm surly and I got a beard. Gimme." (as himself) Blah blah blah. Homespun cornpone insult. Witty retort from yours truly. The bottom line is, you get bupkis. Are we done?

    • Bobby: Now, you may be king of the dirtbags here, but in life, you were nothing but a two-bit tailor who sold his soul in exchange for an extra three inches below the belt.
      Crowley: Just trying to hit double digits.

    • Dean: Did you really use to wear a skirt?
      Crowley: A kilt. I had very athletic calves.

    • Crowley: I believe those are mine.
      Dean: You know, now that I think about it, maybe I'll just napalm your ass anyhow.
      Sam: Dean. He's a dick, but a deal's a deal.
      Crowley: I don't need you to fight my battles for me, moose. Get bent.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Title:
      Referencing the 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie's, which features the exploits of two insurance executives who are forced to cover up the death of their boss by pretending that he's alive, and using his corpse to further the pretense so that the Mob won't come after them.

    • Marcy: Have you seen Drag Me to Hell?
      Referencing the 2009 movie by Sam Raimi. In it, a bank loan officer is the target of a Gypsy curse and has three days before she is dragged to Hell for her offense. During that period, she is haunted by a lamia, an evil spirit that bears little resemblance to the creature seen here.

    • Rufus: How about Godzilla?
      Referencing the most famous of giant Japanese monsters, who made his screen debut in Gojira (1954). Originally a parable on the dangers of nuclear war in the aftermath of the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Godzilla spawned three separate movie series where he battled aliens and other giant monsters, and appeared in two TV cartoon series, several comics, and an American remake in 1998.

    • Bobby: Do I look like Dr. Phil?
      Referencing the TV talk show hosted by Phil McGraw, spun off from a successful segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show. McGraw provides advice and counseling to guests with a wide range of problems.